u_glideHello guys!10:43
u_glideIs it possible to use autopilot with python-behave?10:43
u_glideand another question10:48
u_glideDoes autopilot able to introspect QQuickWidget (http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qquickwidget.html) ?10:53
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balloonsu_glide, python-behave? but yes you can introspect qt apps15:35
u_glideballoons, 1. yes, I want to use autopilot to implement steps in python-behave15:36
u_glide2. I know, that autopilot can introspect qt apps, but QQuickWidget is special case, when qt app uses qtwidgets and QML15:37
balloonsu_glide, have you tried it?15:37
balloonslaunch the application and try using vis with it15:37
u_glideyes, I have. autopilot vis doesn't show childs of QQuickWidget.15:38
u_glideI will try to add support of QQuickWidget.15:41
balloonsdo you have some code that could show this? perhaps a branch with the app and a test to launch it and print_tree the root?15:41
u_glidelook at Qt 5.3+ : examples/quickwidgets/quickwidget/15:45
u_glideI think adding support of this will not be so hard, because it's very similar to QML-only apps.15:48
u_glideballoons, Have anyone tried to run autopilot-qt on OSX?15:51
balloonsu_glide, yes folks have tried in the past15:53
u_glideSuccessful ? :)15:53
balloonsu_glide, if you could put the example in a branch that is easy to run, it should make for a nice bug report. something that could be solved15:53
balloonssuccessful? heh, well I'm not quite sure. No one I know of actively uses it on osx, and it would certainly take some work15:54
u_glideI will put example.15:55
u_glideI understand, that autopilot is ubuntu project, but It's easily can be cross-platform solution for qt apps.15:56
balloonsu_glide, yes I agree, and I'd love to see it be used in that way15:56
balloonsu_glide, awesome15:56
u_glideballoons, thanks for help15:57
balloonsu_glide, you are most welcome anytime. I'm curious to see this bug. If you need any help or support with trying it on mac osx, I'm sure the devs would be happy to answer questions if needed15:59
u_glideI appreciate your help! I will try to do some research to run autopilot-qt on OSX and Windows.16:00

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