pleia2balloons: actually, the Jam page looks great as is :) thank you03:24
dholbachgood morning08:06
balloonshey dholbach , I tried to act on the concerns for ugj and testing. I hope things are much better now15:39
dholbachballoons, ummmm... did folks agree on what's the best option?15:39
balloonsI would ask for your thoughts on something else however. I have an issue, which might be best explained by me just letting you read the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/141047715:40
dholbachballoons, I think elfy tested "disks" on all relevant releases and it seemed to work - it was also what the desktop team hippies recommended15:40
balloonsdholbach, yes, we'll point to startup disk creator, but also have the 1 alternative of disks mentioned15:40
balloonssdc still needs to be fixed; it's the official way to do it15:40
dholbachok... I was just wondering if we wanted to make disks official15:41
dholbachbut that's probably a discussion for some time in the future15:41
dholbachI'm not sure I understand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1410477 - python-sphinx is in main... no?15:41
balloonsdholbach, no, it's not. and that's the problem15:42
dholbachdaniel@daydream:~$ apt-cache showsrc python-sphinx | grep ^Dir15:42
dholbachDirectory: pool/main/s/sphinx15:42
balloonsdholbach, so what I did was try and add it to the -documentation page instead15:42
dholbachboth the python2 and the python3 variant are in main unless I'm missing something15:43
balloonswhen did that happen?!15:43
balloonswow.. when I restarted this I just looked at it, and it was still in universe15:43
dholbachlike since we have bzr15:43
dholbachor somtehing15:43
dholbachthey used sphinx too15:43
balloonsit's quite clear since didrocks removed it, it was a main exception15:44
dholbachmaybe something else is missing?15:44
balloonsanyways, for sake of my knowledge. I tried to move the documentation build from ubuntu-ui-toolkit to ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot, since the latter is in universe15:44
balloonsthat didn't see to work.. and maybe it's not possible15:45
balloonsbut that was my real question to you.15:45
balloonsas far as fixing it, I assume me just adding sphinx back as a depends on ubuntu-ui-toolkit will make it all work, like before15:45
* balloons really wonders why it was gutted then?!15:46
dholbachso if your source package is in main (no matter where each of its binary packages goes), all your build-depends need to be in main too15:46
dholbachas a build-depends, not depends15:46
dholbachlet me take a look at the MP15:46
balloonsright, so I can add it back and it should work. and apparently since it's in main, no packager will yell at me for it ;-)15:47
balloonsbut that's good to know I can't get around the main issue like I thought15:47
dholbachballoons, running a test build now15:58
dholbachballoons, I can reproduce the issue - will look into it now16:10
* balloons hugs dholbach 16:12
dholbachballoons, ahhh... in the initial branch (before the docs were ripped out) was there a sphinx-build in the directory?16:13
dholbachor is it a file you maybe forgot to 'bzr add'?16:13
dholbachbecause in ./documentation/autopilot-helpers - there's no sphinx-build16:13
balloonsthe original version used sphinx-build.. this new one uses make16:13
dholbachit's a script that's usually copied into the tree16:13
dholbachthere's no Makefile in there either16:13
knomedholbach, you got a new MP as requested; just to be clear, the MP wasn't created automatically, only the list of nicks in the config who aren't members (based on the LP API)16:14
* balloons looks16:14
dholbachhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9836695/ is what I see16:14
dholbachknome, ah ok, thanks16:14
knomedholbach, once you've have this MP in the main config, you can reuse the script as often as you want (it's set up for you on lyz's server)16:14
dholbachballoons, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-packaging-guide-team/ubuntu-packaging-guide/trunk/files for example has a Makefile in there16:14
dholbachknome, you = CC in this case :)16:15
knomedholbach, yes, the plural you ;)16:15
balloonswow, lookey there16:15
knomedholbach, yw16:15
balloonsdholbach, ahh, the makefile is under documentation/autopilot-helpers16:15
* balloons knew he wasn't crazy16:16
dholbachballoons, not in my tree16:16
balloonsoh, lol16:16
dholbachI was looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/aphelperdocs-staging/+merge/24643916:16
balloonsbzr status shows nothing16:16
dholbachbzr unknowns?16:16
balloonsonly _build16:17
balloonsam I in the proper branch.. hmm16:17
balloonsI didn't re-pull it16:17
balloonsohh I see and remember16:18
balloonsbzr branch lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/aphelperdocs.. but I had to propose against staging, so I re-did the branch16:18
dholbachso something's missing there?16:18
balloonsit would seem so16:18
balloonslet me try and fix things up16:19
dholbachgo go go!16:19
knomedholbach, same for you on the planet config review ;)=16:21
balloonsdholbach, I pulled lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/aphelperdocs-staging and I see a Makefile.. I'm confused16:22
knomeget back to work you slacker!16:22
dholbachand here I was - twiddling thumbs for months - nobody noticed16:22
dholbachknome, https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/config/planet-ubuntu/+merge/247366 still has conflicts16:23
dholbachballoons, no - I can't see it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9836773/16:23
dholbachballoons, it's a fresh checkout16:24
balloonsfind aphelperdocs-staging/ -name Makefile16:24
dholbachI just checked out the branch in a fresh location, from scratch16:24
balloonsyes, same.. so . . .16:25
balloonsI agree with you it's not there, but16:25
dholbachah, so it's not there for you either?16:25
balloonsno, it is..16:25
knomeugh, bzr16:25
balloonsI'm just agreeing it's not, despite the fact it appears for me. that's because launchpad is siding with you16:26
* balloons re-adds16:26
balloonsbzr pull does magic now?16:27
balloonsindeed, and lp sees it16:27
dholbachrevno: 138216:28
dholbachcommitter: nskaggs <nicholas.skaggs@canonical.com>16:28
dholbachbranch nick: aphelperdocs-staging16:28
dholbachtimestamp: Fri 2015-01-23 11:26:50 -050016:28
dholbach  add makefile16:28
dholbachso, yes :)16:28
dholbachrunning a test build16:28
* dholbach crosses fingers16:29
balloonsI just pushed 1383, which moves sphinx back16:29
balloonsI believe 1382 will fail16:29
balloonsbut then, I'm not the debian packaging guru :-)16:29
* dholbach build r138316:29
dholbachI'll let you know how it goes :)16:30
balloonsty dholbach16:30
balloonsI'm really curious about the missing makefile.. that's bazaar!16:30
balloonszomg the puns16:31
dholbachpoor bazaar hackers :)16:32
knomeballoons, UH OH!16:33
elfytime to leave channel I think before the pun really starts16:34
knomedholbach, new MP in, should have resolved all the bzr conflicts16:35
dholbachthanks, that looks better16:36
dholbachI just requested a review from the cc team16:36
knomein wonder when they set up a BCC team16:37
* knome hides16:37
dholbachok, time to leave16:38
elfyI should :)16:38
knomeelfy, noo, that pun wasn't *so* bad...16:40
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - have a great weekend everyone!16:49

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