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bryce__On Ubuntu Core, how can I find a listing of packages that are available for `snappy install`?04:40
bryce__Just guessing names hasn't gotten me very far04:41
bryce__Hmm, reading through the channel description, I might be in the wrong room...sorry! Is there a better room for these questions?04:44
RAOFbryce__: Not to my knowledge.05:05
bryce__Gotcha! Is there a syslog package available that you know of?05:06
RAOFNah, I'm pretty out of the loop vis-a-vis Ubuntu Core.05:06
RAOFSorry. :)05:06
bryce__cool -- thanks anyway :-)05:06
bryce__is there a better room or place to ask ubuntu core questions?05:07
bryce__it seems like an awesome project05:07
RAOFbryce__: Hm, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/ suggests “snappy search syslog” might be relevant to your interests.05:08
RAOFbryce__: Ah! #snappy on freenode is apparently your winning ticket.05:09
bryce__woot! thanks05:09
infinityslangasek: It's not an Ubuntu start page bug, it's because you upgraded firefox and didn't kill/restart it.05:22
infinityslangasek: The old running firefox has a hissy with the new language bits, ignores your en-us/en preference, and picks the first one in its internal list, which is Arabic.05:22
infinityslangasek: Old windows and tabs are fine, entire new processes are fine (since they're the new firefox), but new windows as children to the old firefox lose their mind.05:23
infinitychrisccoulson: ^05:23
StevenKGiven slangasek's language preferences, that make even be an excuse to learn Arabic? :-P05:24
infinityEvery time it happens to me, I'm reminded that I keep meaning to learn Arabic, yes.05:24
infinityBut man, right-to-left web browsing is confusing.05:24
StevenKI don't tend to see pages in Arabic. It tends to show up for me as some elements not rendering or the interface itself having issues05:25
infinityDifferent symptom, same bug.05:26
infinityIn your case, it's the old xulrunner and new xul disagreeing.05:26
infinityIn our case, old firefox and new firefox locales.05:26
infinityIn every case, "restart firefox" is the answer.05:27
infinityAfter killing it with fire.05:27
infinityOr just a reboot, for the "Adam's parents" demographic.05:27
pittiGood morning06:23
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dholbachgood morning08:06
seb128hey dholbach, happy friday!08:14
dholbachhi seb12808:15
dholbachand the same to you!08:15
seb128thanks :-)08:16
LocutusOfBorg1hi people!08:41
LocutusOfBorg1pitti, sorry did you receive the mail? ;)08:44
pittihey LocutusOfBorg108:44
pittiLocutusOfBorg1: yeah, fished it out of my spam filter this morning; I'll get to it ASAP08:44
LocutusOfBorg1this is why I asked :)08:48
brainwashdidrocks: hey, thanks for packaging xdg-utils. sadly it looks like something broke. one of the patches was created against another one which was dropped.09:53
brainwashif you follow the upstream link in the patch header, you will see that the applied upstream patch has a case for "xfce" and for "''". however, the patch in the ubuntu package replaces the "''" one with "xfce".09:55
brainwashoriginal author is gone for a week or so :/09:55
didrocksbrainwash: I didn't review the first commit as it was already approved by a core dev and discussed, I thought that this was intended09:56
didrocksbrainwash: ok, so, the fix is to have "xfce" and "''"?09:57
brainwashdidrocks: yes09:58
didrocksbrainwash: mind giving a debdiff? I will just sponsor it then :)09:59
brainwashdidrocks: ok, but it will take some time10:00
brainwashI'm not a packaging expert :)10:01
didrocksbrainwash: well, if there is no hurry as long as it's fixed for today, it's a good practice :)10:02
didrocksbrainwash: tell me if you need any help, sorry for the breakage :)10:02
brainwashdidrocks: alright. luckily we did not SRU it to trusty right away :D10:04
xnoxdidrocks: totally agree with you on http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2014-November/025288.html10:37
xnoxdidrocks: trying to have sane /etc and sane /usr is impossible.10:37
didrocksxnox: ah, you climbed that long thread! how long did it take you? :)10:38
didrocksxnox: I plan to bring back the topic at the hackfest, we need to settle on something10:38
xnoxdidrocks: well i'm eager to solve it as well.10:39
xnoxdidrocks: imho it's outright wrong that .wants/foo.service -> actually does not matter where it points.10:39
xnoxdidrocks: i raised same topic again yesterday on the mailing list "Unwants" and was pointed to your thread.10:40
didrocksxnox: yeah, I saw your unwants one, and thought "ah, this is actually how we started this thread" ;)10:41
xnoxdidrocks: right.10:41
didrocksxnox: I think you, pitti and I should meet before the hackfest and try to summarize (I have http://pad.ubuntu.com/systemd-enablement-handling and http://pad.ubuntu.com/systemd-usr-etc)10:41
didrocksso that we can think of all cases (I tried at least) and sum that up10:41
xnoxdidrocks: note that i'm only interested in the context of system-image updates, which themself have been compiled / assembled from packages.10:42
xnoxdidrocks: which i think is broadly the scope of the problem.10:42
xnoxdidrocks: i'm in brussels from thursday evening.10:43
didrocksxnox: I think that the 2 use cases should converge, basically, it's "we don't want cruft" :)10:44
didrocksan defaults in /usr10:44
didrocksxnox: I am as well, let's wait for pitti if he can be available?10:44
xnoxdidrocks: i hate pad and it's insistency on doing 2fa10:46
pittididrocks, xnox: what's up?10:46
ogra_pitti, did you test your systemd upload on a phone ? (stgraber: same question to you for lxc) ... seems we cant boot anymore in vivid ...10:46
xnoxpitti: we want a secret kabahl within the systemd kabahl.10:46
* pitti reads backscroll; sorry, snappy day today..10:46
ogra_(and systemd as well as lxc look most suspicious on http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/74.changes)10:47
pittiogra_: no, I didn't test it there; what fails?10:48
pittithe container? early boot?10:48
ogra_dunno, i only have an unsupported phone with vivid atm, but it doesnt even seem to get to mount a rootfs here10:48
rsalvetishould show up on the emulator10:48
ogra_which points to udev perhaps ...10:48
rsalvetibut it seems mako is not even starting lightdm/system-compositor10:48
pittiyeah, I'm currently building an emulator image10:49
ogra_(wildly guessing here)10:49
sil2100rsalveti, ogra_: checking logs on my bricked device, but yeah it's either udev, lightdm, lxc or systemd10:49
sil2100This image had all of them10:49
* xnox cannot boot any ubuntu emulator with vivid, ever. can't find rootfs - either on trusty or vivid, with distro goget tools or compiled trunk (from launchpad)10:49
rsalvetixnox: that was fixed with latest goget-ubuntu-touch10:49
ogra_sil2100, oh, so yours gets far enough to adb shell in ?10:50
xnoxrsalveti: where is that - in vivid distro, some ppa, bzr launchpad upstream?10:50
rsalvetibug 141249510:50
ubottubug 1412495 in goget-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-emulator fails to start on Vivid" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141249510:50
rsalvetivivid distro10:50
sil2100ogra_: no... it stays on the ubuntu logo10:50
sil2100(I mean, manufacturer logo)10:50
sil2100But I booted up into recovery and try to see what's up10:51
rsalvetiyeah, ubuntu logo would mean lightdm is up10:51
ogra_sil2100, ok, i see the same here10:52
* ogra_ rolls back to 7310:52
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pittimount: mounting /dev/mtdblock2 on /root/android//cache failed: Invalid argument10:57
pittiogra_: ^ is that something to worry about, or normal?10:57
pittiit still seems to be stuck in initramfs10:57
ogra_if it is actually not mounted thats something to worry about indeed10:58
ogra_thouh /cache is not essential for the boot10:58
rsalvetifor emulator that is fine10:58
pittiok, thanks10:59
ogra_i was only thinking about /init running set -e10:59
ogra_(i wasnt sure if we shouled mount failures)10:59
rsalvetiBegin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... done.11:00
rsalveti[    1.418683] init: ureadahead-touch main process (462) terminated with status 511:00
rsalveti[    2.180823] init: no-cpu-hotplug main process (610) terminated with status 111:00
rsalvetithat's all I get here11:00
ogra_not gettin out of initrd means it is likely neither lightdm or lxc11:00
pittiright, so most likely udev11:00
pitti[    1.025651] initrd: starting adbd for USB debugging11:00
pitti[    1.026668] adbd[283]: segfault at c ip 0804cb29 sp bf9aa4b8 error 4 in adbd[8048000+20000]11:00
rsalvetipitti: did you remove that other rule I had a while ago?11:00
pittimeh, no adb, and busybox doesn't really work either (no prompt)11:01
rsalvetiyeah, it seems adb is busted11:01
pittirsalveti: no, that's still there11:01
pittibut adb crashed before too, that's nothing new (it doesn't seem to work that early)11:01
pittirsalveti: it's now in /lib/udev/rules.d/61-persistant-storage-android.rules11:01
ogra_right, we dont have any adbd binary that works in initrd anymore currently11:02
pittirsalveti: which is easier to maintain than an eternal patch11:02
pittioh, perhaps that needs to go into initramfs?11:02
ogra_needs a special build11:02
pittirsalveti: if the initramfs need the PARTNAME symlink to boot, that sounds like a very plausible candidate11:03
pittiogra_, rsalveti: ok, I'll see to hack the .img files to include that rule and try again; it's system.img that I want, right?11:04
rsalvetiyeah, we're looking for the partname userdata when mounting things around11:05
rsalvetiso that might indeed be it11:05
rsalvetiyup, the ubuntu one11:06
xnoxdidrocks: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2014-November/025296.html -> are good semantics that I like. Didn't check the pad yet (need to fetch phone for 2fa)11:06
pittirsalveti: hm, system.img doesn't look like the one I want11:06
ogra_no, you want the initrd11:07
* pitti looks through them all11:07
pittiok, not ramdisk11:08
didrocksxnox: they are some corner cases with that one (explained later in the thread I guess), but yeah, it's the closest to the best solution11:08
pittinot boot.img11:08
pittiogra_, rsalveti: oh, it's system.img, that contains a system.img, which finally seems to be the fs that I need :)11:09
ogra_most likely boot.img11:09
pittimeh no -- that boot/ is empty11:10
pittiwhere is that darn initramfs?11:10
xnoxdidrocks: so reading this thread - i want to start shouting at people "there is no way to upgrade preset" - I hope that comes up in the thread. Ie. if one had "enable sshd.service, disable sshd@.socket" and wants to move to reverse "disable sshd.service, enable sshd@.socket" it cannot be done at upgrade time with preset.11:10
xnoxsure the preset changes, but one cannot run "preset-all" without trumping local user configuration.11:10
xnoxin fact there is no way to specify for the admin, as the "old state" is assumed to be "distro/preset state" when in fact it's a mix of "admin & distro/preset"11:11
pittirsalveti: /boot/android-ramdisk.img  on system.img?11:11
pittinope, that's really android11:12
rsalvetipitti: for emulator that is available in your host side11:12
pittirsalveti: so boot.img and ramdisk.img don't contain anything, system.img is android, and sdcard.img doesn't contain an ubuntu initramfs; /me confused11:12
pittirsalveti: oh, ramdisk.img isn't a qemu img, Isee11:13
pittirsalveti: ok, that explains the confusion; thanks!11:13
rsalvetithe previous persistent storage rule is there11:13
pittiyeah, I'll just add my new one11:14
pittiphone, brb11:14
didrocksxnox: I mentioned it multiple times in the thread :)11:14
didrocksxnox: just be patient :p11:14
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xnoxdidrocks: and "copy the unit to /etc/ modify Install section to change wants" does not work -> that is .wants/* symlink in /usr/ is still honoured. thus as far as i can tell there is never a way to unwant.11:18
xnoxdidrocks: my alternative idea was to make "systemctl enable/disable/mask/unmask" to write out a user preset file in /etc/systemd/system-preset11:21
xnoxnot have any symlinks11:21
xnoxmake systemd actually load the preset files and parse them in memory, rather than on the filesystem level.11:21
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xnox"but I would have thought that presets should only be applied on install-time, and not on upgrade." -> and what should you do on upgrade?! +) and imho he is confusing package install/upgrade with OS install/upgrade.11:24
LocutusOfBorg1dear developers, I would like to have your opinion on bug 141394711:27
ubottubug 1413947 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "Official kernel.org 3.18.3 (custom config) : virtualbox-dkms 4.3.10-dfsg-1ubuntu1: virtualbox kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141394711:27
didrocksxnox: keep reading, I don't think we would go to not having symlinks, but yeah ;)11:30
xnoxdidrocks: i would be happy if symlinks are user generated only. And system presets are applied in memory without any symlinks anywhere - neither in /usr/ nor /etc nor /run11:31
didrocksxnox: that would be a nice solution11:32
didrocksxnox: we still need the unwants: with this11:32
didrocksor the /dev/null11:32
xnox"There should be no need to "stick" some of the services as distro choices are only applied at install time, and never on upgrade." -> because RPM upgrade choices are encoded in systemd upstream.11:32
didrocksxnox: well, it's more because they don't enable any service by default11:33
didrocksso you install openssh-server11:33
xnoxdidrocks: imho unwants is foo.service.wants/undesired.service -> /dev/null (symlink)11:33
didrocksxnox: agreed11:33
didrocksyou don't have it started on install or next reboot11:33
xnoxyes, presets are optimized for fedora/rpm pagadim of upgrades.11:33
didrocksxnox: not sure if you read that yet, but I also talk about the alternatives issue with that (and aliases)11:34
didrocksxnox: like lightdm, kdm, and so on…11:34
didrocksand various flavors11:34
rbasakinfinity: could you look at this mysql apt upgrade thing for me please? My test packages are in ppa:mysql-ubuntu/collab. Easy to reproduce - just install mysql-server from vivid, then add the ppa and dist-upgrade.11:38
xnoxdidrocks: no matter how one looks at this - current status is optimised for "disabled by default" policy. Since unit file by itself, is never considered to be enabled unless symlinks are generated. If symlinks are in /usr it's a "should not disable" unit, if in /etc -> "it's user enabled, or most-users-enable-this-distro-enabled-it-at-first-installation"11:41
didrocksxnox: yeah, I guess debian/ubuntu are the first distros who wanted enabled by default11:43
pittiogra_, rsalveti: so diffing the previous and current udev debs, this is the only significant change, so I uploaded -5ubuntu2 with that fix11:43
didrocksfor most of the things11:43
ogra_pitti, cool11:44
ogra_i'll do a vivid re-build once it is in the archive then11:44
pittiogra_, rsalveti: I seem to be unable to munge the initramfs manually though, it still fails; I'll keep debugging, but if that's indeed the problem (likely) then we'll at least have a fixed package ASAP11:44
pittiand if it's something else still, well it's still a valid and necessary bug fix11:44
xnoxdidrocks: despite upstream implicit "enable *" without any preset policy11:44
rsalvetipitti: yeah, failed for me here as well11:44
rsalvetibut cool, thanks for that11:44
pittirsalveti: the rule said it's also necessary for flash-kernel, so maybe something else depended on that during image build, which I didn't catch with the initramfs tampering?11:45
rsalvetiogra_: guess we need to bump initrd and android after that, right?11:45
ogra_oh, right11:45
didrocksxnox: I think they are not in the "we can upgrade defaults to your users" mindset11:45
pittiwas it bumped for -5ubuntu1?11:45
ogra_we didnt bump it between 73 and 7411:45
pittiI mean, the upload broke it automatically, it shoudl fix itself automatically?11:46
didrocksxnox: despite my numerous examples in the thread (and I can add more of what we needed to do in ubuntu), they just don't see that as desirable :p11:46
ogra_yes, it should11:46
rsalvetinothing in the initrd changed, so it would indeed still be able to boot11:46
pittirsalveti, ogra_: anyway, sorry about that! I'll see to it this afternoon if things still go haywire with this11:46
rsalvetinot sure why it silently fails though11:46
didrocksxnox: the only point I'm unsure is "if you enable manually an unit that is already enabled by default, and then, we disable the unit as per new distro default, should that unit still be enabled?"11:46
ogra_probably because the inird ships an olde udevd ?11:46
didrocksxnox: they are prons and cons to both, if the answer is "yes", then, we need a reset command…11:47
pittirsalveti: unpackign ramdisk.img shows that this was built with the updated udev rules (i. e. droping the PARTNAME rule), but was missing the new 61-persistent-android file11:47
pittiogra_: the udev binary didn't change at all, just the PARTNAME rule moved to a separate file11:47
rsalvetihm, we didn't rebuilt the initrd11:47
ogra_ah, k11:47
pitti(it should eventually live in some touch specific package, not udev, but I kept it there for now)11:48
ogra_rsalveti, does the emulator rebuild it on image creation ?11:48
rsalvetishouldn't, and I thought I still had that rule here11:48
rsalvetilet me extract it again11:48
pittirsalveti: oh, you are  right11:48
rsalvetiso the init logic, until it boots upstart, is the same11:49
xnoxdidrocks: the answer is yes. At the moment there is no way to tell systemd "i know better" since .wants symlinks / wants dependencies are honoured from lower level directories even if the unit is outright overriden.11:49
pittiit already is in the original ramdisk.img, which explains why my hand-editing didn't make a difference11:49
ogra_<rsalveti> [    1.418683] init: ureadahead-touch main process (462) terminated with status 511:50
ogra_<rsalveti> [    2.180823] init: no-cpu-hotplug main process (610) terminated with status 111:50
ogra_<rsalveti> that's all I get here11:50
ogra_these messages are not from /init11:50
pittiyeah, same11:50
didrocksxnox: right, there is no way to support that case for now, I'm unsure about the "should", I tend to answer yes as well, but I can accept counter-arguments :)11:50
ogra_but already from /sbin/init11:50
ogra_so we are past the initrd here11:50
rsalvetiyeah, already in upstart11:51
pittiogra_: oh, we are? ok11:51
pittiso the PARTNAME thing woudl probably have hit us as soon as we did update the initramfs11:51
pittiso good that we found it, but it's not that one11:51
ogra_right, unlikely to be the actual issue we see here11:51
ogra_do we put the partnames into fstab at fstab creation ?11:52
pittiso, ironically it does boot further with systemd; that at least proves that it does get out of the initramfs11:53
pittiit fails to start the container, though11:53
ogra_aha !11:53
pitti         Starting ifup for lxcbr0...11:53
pitti[FAILED] Failed to start ifup for lxcbr0.11:53
pittiwell, at least the brige, not sure how crucial that is11:53
ogra_oops, i thought we had that disabled11:53
pittior if it's a red herring11:53
pittibut it doesn't start lightdm either11:53
ogra_right, lightdm only starts after the container is up11:54
rsalvetihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9833781/ upstart with debug11:54
ogra_the container initialized the graphics drivers atm11:54
pittirsalveti: oh nice, how do you do that on the kernel cmd line? I tried "debug", but that's not it11:54
ogra_[    2.235346] init: lxc-android-boot state changed from waiting to starting11:54
ogra_never gets out of the starting state11:55
rsalvetipitti: yeah, adding --debug11:55
ogra_hm, buut thats only the boot jobs11:55
pittirsalveti: where?11:56
rsalvetipitti: in the kernel cmdline11:56
pittioh, how unusual; thanks11:56
pitti*nnng* want shell11:56
rsalvetiubuntu-emulator run test_x86 --memory=1024 --kernel-cmdline="--debug"11:57
ogra_[    2.003008] init: lxc-android-config state changed from post-starting to post-start11:57
ogra_there we go11:57
ogra_it never gets to "started"11:57
pittiogra_: you mean "running"?11:57
ogra_(it never emits the started event, so lightdm doesnt fire)11:58
ogra_(or adb)11:58
ogra_there should be some lxc log11:58
pittiI had a regression with user containers, filed as bug 1413927; maybe that somehow affects that too11:58
ubottubug 1413927 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc_cgmanager_enter: 694 call to cgmanager_move_pid_sync failed: invalid requestUser container fails to start: " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141392711:58
ogra_ot at least the upstart log for the job11:58
pittiogra_: well, they should be written to /var/log/upstart/ in system.img?11:59
pittion the sdcard.img qemu?11:59
ogra_in the wriable equivalent, yeah11:59
rsalvetiyeah, better trying to find the lxc logs11:59
rsalvetishould be there11:59
pittiuserdata.img is zero bytes, /me looks in sdcard.img12:03
rsalvetihm, log for lxc android is 0 bytes12:06
rsalveticat lxc-monitord.log12:07
rsalveti   lxc-monitord 1422014624.322 NOTICE   lxc_monitord - lxc_monitord.c:main:416 - pid:585 monitoring lxcpath /var/lib/lxc12:07
rsalvetinothing useful12:07
pittihm, I killed my workstation, I think mount /dev/nbd0 hanging forever12:07
pittican't reboot, running a snappy test for mvo..12:07
rsalvetipitti: ogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9833964/12:11
rsalvetilxc android with debug12:11
ogra_the kernel misses the network namespace ?12:11
ogra_i'm pretty sure we had switched all networking off for the container in the past12:12
pittimeh, no upstart log for the lxc container start?12:13
ogra_there should be an lxc-android-config log12:13
pitticgmanager: Could not look up /run/cgmanager/fs/freezer/freezer.state12:13
pitticgmanager:get_value_main: Pid 506 may not access /run/cgmanager/fs/freezer/freezer.state12:13
pittinot sure if that's relevant12:13
rsalvetibecause what seems to be failing is lxc itself12:13
pittiogra_: no, there isn't; that's what I meant12:13
ogra_only for apps perhaps :)12:13
rsalveti      lxc-start 1422015012.041 WARN     lxc_confile - confile.c:config_personality:1021 - unsupported personality 'armhf'12:14
rsalvetialso weird, this is the x86 emulator12:14
rsalvetibut well, basically the container failed to start12:14
pittiJan 23 10:56:11 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    5.028352] init: lxc-android-config post-start process (574) terminated with status 112:15
pittiok, so definitively that, yes12:15
pittilxc-start[717]: lxc: cgmanager.c: lxc_cgmanager_escape: 32912:17
pitti call to cgmanager_move_pid_abs_sync(blkio) failed: A proxy is required12:17
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pittithat's the closest error I can fine12:18
pitticgproxy failed due to12:18
pitticgproxy:get_value_main: Failed reading string from cgmanager: No child processes12:19
pittiand cgmanager failed due to the above freezer.state thingy12:19
rsalvetiwe should be able to get adb if you change the adb upstart job to not depend on lightdm I guess12:19
pittiso, no cgmanager -> no cgproxy -> no lxc -> boom12:19
ogra_but cgmanager didnt change12:20
ogra_nor did the kernel12:20
pittiah, maybe the new lxc makes a new type of request to cgmanager which it hadn't before?12:21
ogra_might be, but then i would have expected stgraber to update them together12:24
rsalvetiogra_: pitti: yeah, got rev 74, updated lxc, rebooted, boom12:26
ogra_so i guess we need stgraber12:27
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rbasakxnox: are you planning on merging php5? Or do you want me to take it over again?12:46
xnoxrbasak: there was something rather upstart job about it. let me check.12:53
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xnoxdidrocks: posted my summary of that thread.13:18
didrocksxnox: reading13:20
xnoxdidrocks: talking in multiple channels is fun -> i love how nobody replied to your alternatives question.13:24
didrocksxnox: :p yeah… as you can see the thread was going to be not ending, that's why I decided that the hackfest would be better to restart the discussion13:25
xnoxas far as i can tell, rpm distros hate supporting alternatives and the way it's done essentially is that last one wins on packaging level similar to how in debian everything does "conflicts/provides: only-one-service"13:25
didrocksxnox: lennart answered on the alternatives + preset though13:25
xnoxdidrocks: where?13:26
* xnox can't see13:26
didrocksxnox: let me try to fetch it13:26
rbasakxnox: did you find out about php5?13:30
didrocksxnox: starting with http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2014-December/026008.html13:31
xnoxrbasak: yes, please merge php5 there is nothing crazy about it.13:47
rbasakxnox: OK will do, thanks.13:53
xnoxpitti: did lazr.restfulclient fix the bug you saw with python3 launchpadlib?14:01
xnoxpitti: and do you have more bugs? =)14:01
pittixnox: ah, I didn't get back to that yet, sorry; too much snappy :)14:05
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xnoxpitti: snap louder...?!14:06
* xnox is not sure of an appropriate cheer up and a pun at the same time14:07
cyphermoxgood morning!14:10
pittixnox: hmm, staging doesn't let me log in, seems its 2FA got out of sync14:21
pitti(I tried the "enter three codes" after "having problems", but it doesn't re-sync)14:22
xnoxpitti: staging has differen 2fa tokens...14:22
pittioh, right14:22
xnoxpitti: or rather you should have a different 2fa token for staging.14:22
xnoxpitti: alternative is fake account, or leave 2fa-demo-group14:23
pittixnox: I actually do *blush*, just looked at the wrong one in google auth :(14:23
xnoxbut i guess you can't leave 2fa-demo-group due to other memberships that include that one.14:23
pittiso with py2 I saw the "The authorization page:..." message, which doesn't happen with py314:23
pittixnox: so with py3 and unauth'ed, I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/9835355/14:28
pittixnox: with py2, this leads me to the LP login page, where I login14:28
pittionce auth'ed, py2 works, and with py3 I now seem to get a py3 incompat in my own code, so that looks promising!14:28
pittixnox: but yes, the original bug is definitively fixed, thanks!14:29
xnoxpitti: keep them comming. i cannot run the full test-suite =/ as i've only ported the critical path to runtime, rather than all test-suite deps.14:31
xnoxall test-suite deps dig deep into lazr.* stack and pretty much a lot of launchpad.14:31
pittixnox: right, I'll file a proper bug report soon14:31
pittixnox: if this works while already being authenticated, that's a huge leap already14:32
stgraberogra_: do you have version 0.35 of cgmanager on that device?14:55
stgraberogra_: I've got a meeting in 5min but I'll go grab my nexus4 and see if I can reproduce this14:56
ogra_stgraber, whatever is current in vivid14:56
ogra_its today image build14:57
stgraberoh and my nexus4 is on RTM and with my custom debug kernel, so I guess my test wasn't terribly good since it was older cgmanager and a kernel which doesn't require cgproxy14:58
ogra_ah, yeah :)15:01
stgrabernow that we have reasonably recent kernels for touch, I should really get the kernel team to include those, it'd be one less daemon running on it and one less source of problems15:01
pittistgraber: it reproduces just fine in the emulator, might be easier than bricking your n415:22
pittistgraber: sudo ubuntu-emulator create --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed dprop15:22
stgraberpitti: well, I don't use my nexus4 so I don't mind :)15:23
stgraberand it's faster than the emulator15:24
pittistgraber: really?15:25
pittistgraber: I find the emulator delightfully fast, and one has a serial console for free :)15:25
stgraberogra_: what's the bug# ?15:31
ogra_i dont think anyone has opened one ... sil2100 ?15:32
slangasekinfinity: ok well it went away on its own regardless, without restarting the browser.15:34
sil2100ogra_: I didn't hear about any, sadly15:35
stgraberok, anyway, I'm about done downloading the rootfs here, so should have a phone with the bug in about 30min15:36
sil2100stgraber: thanks :)15:36
stgraberI'll then work with hallyn to figure out what's going on exactly15:36
stgrabersince it looks like it's some odd lxc talking to cgmanager through cgproxy problem15:37
ogra_stgraber, you will need to hack the adb upstart job to get in15:37
stgraber(as we're not seeing the problem at all when talking straight to cgmanager on recent kernels)15:37
ogra_from recovery or so15:37
stgraberogra_: yeah, I'm pretty used to doing that :)15:37
ogra_(it nowadays waits for container and lightdm to be up)15:37
stgraber(since the only times I use that phone is to debug lxc on it)15:37
hallynstgraber: do we have an ysort of logs?15:47
stgraberhallyn: I should have some very soon15:47
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pittixnox: filed bug 141405515:55
ubottubug 1414055 in lazr.restfulclient (Ubuntu) "urllib.unquote() does not exist in Python 3, causes crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141405515:55
hallynlooks like pitti and jodh are running into the same bug (which i think stgraber noticed yesterday?)15:59
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9836490/15:59
pittiright, that's what I saw on the emulator15:59
pittiI suppose upstart is trying to restart it, so it appears several times15:59
pitticgproxy fails on that, and lxc fails on not having a cgproxy16:00
jodhhallyn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/1413922 ?16:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1413922 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc unprivileged containers broken" [Undecided,New]16:00
hallynjodh: yup16:02
stgraberso those are two separates bugs. Touch runs privileged containers.16:02
stgraberso touch is the first priority, then we can look into the other one16:02
stgraberogra_: ok, so I'm apparently failing to get adbd to start even when changing its start on condition...16:03
hallynstgraber: yeah pitti also reported failing unpriv containers, that's all16:03
pittijodh: ah, sounds like my bug 1413927 indeed, dupes?16:04
ubottubug 1413927 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc_cgmanager_enter: 694 call to cgmanager_move_pid_sync failed: invalid requestUser container fails to start: " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141392716:04
ogra_stgraber, well, ssh then ?16:04
pittijodh: we must have read stgraber's g+ post at the same time, we are only 5 bug IDs apart :)16:04
stgraberogra_: yeah, I'll try to set that up16:04
ogra_android-gadget-service enable ssh16:05
ogra_in the terminal app16:05
hallynstgraber: so this sounds like touch may be trying to do something not allowed.  Any way of getting the /proc/$$/cgroup of the proxy ?16:08
hallyniow it sounds like the security bug fixed by 6a30adc22cc05b5f9e138b8756408c64946452bc was being exploited by touch16:08
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pittixnox: I'm afraid I do keep them coming :/ -- bug 141406316:16
ubottubug 1414063 in lazr.restfulclient (Ubuntu) "bug.addAttachment() causes UnicodeEncodeError with binary data" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141406316:16
xnoxpitti: tah.16:17
stgraberogra_: doesn't NM and wifi depend on android?16:21
stgraberdid we find a way to get the nexus4 wifi firmware loading to happen from Ubuntu now?16:22
ogra_oh, N4 might inded be special16:23
* ogra_ hasnt touched an N4 in months 16:23
stgraberogra_: 73 was working and 74 is broken, correct?16:25
ogra_stgraber, yep16:25
stgraberok, reflashing on 73 then, will get adbd working from there and then upgrade to 7416:26
stgraberhallyn, pitti, jodh: what's odd about that unprivileged containers failing bug is that I'm running current cgmanager, current lxc and current lxcfs but on trusty and I'm not running into that problem at all16:27
pittistgraber: note that I'm currently under systemd; I haven't tried running under upstart yet, but I suppose jodh is?16:28
pittistgraber: maybe different cgroupfs layout or so?16:28
pittistgraber: btw, once that works again I'm happy to test Lennart's upstream patch for the /dev/urandom segfault16:28
stgraberpitti: testing on vivid with upstart now16:29
stgraber(while my phone is flashing)16:29
stgraberpitti: starts fine under upstart16:29
stgraberrebooting with systemd now16:30
jodhstgraber: pitti: actually, running systemd on this box :)16:31
stgrabergood, so I didn't break default vivid :)16:31
bdmurraypitti: Did you see my question the other day about package hooks on devices?16:32
pittistgraber: indeed, under vivid/upstart it starts up fine16:33
pittistgraber: so maybe jodh is also running systemd16:34
stgraberpitti: he just said he did :)16:34
pittibdmurray: no, it seems I missed that completely16:34
pittistgraber: ah, missed his reply then while I was rebooting16:34
bdmurraypitti: are package hooks not run because whoopsie wouldn't send all data or for performance reasons?16:35
pittibdmurray: for the former case mostly16:35
pittibdmurray: also, apport-noui doesn't provide - surprise - an UI, so everything which expects interactivity will just crash16:36
pitti(but that's ok, we'll just skip those hooks)16:36
bdmurraypitti: skip how?16:36
pittibdmurray: if a hook crashes, apport just goes on and calls the next one, i. e. that's not fatal for the whole bug16:36
bdmurraypitti: alright, thanks16:37
stgraberogra_: starting to wonder if the nexus4 doesn't need android to setup usb or something...16:45
ogra_but adbd needs a password set16:45
ogra_else it will refuse to start16:45
stgraberwell, I got adbd working fine pre-upgrade including the modified start on condition16:46
stgraberthen I upgraded to 74 and now it won't start16:46
pittixnox: ... and bug 1414075; I attach reproducers for all of them16:50
ubottubug 1414075 in lazr.restfulclient (Ubuntu) "[py3] bug.lp_save() crashes with TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141407516:50
xnoxpitti: thanks a lot!16:50
xnoxwill fix.16:50
pittixnox: heh, thanks to you! :-)16:50
xnoxit "works" for "some" api calls =)16:51
pittixnox: but that's an useful exercise still, I got apport's lplib backend half-ported to py3 now, too16:51
pittistr vs. bytes yay16:51
pittiand .next()  vs. __next__(), makes the code really ugly16:52
* pitti waves good bye, enjoy the weekend!16:54
LocutusOfBorg1bye pitti17:00
LocutusOfBorg1you too17:00
stgraberogra_: ok, so I can't get a shell on the nexus4 and I can't get a shell in the emulator either, so I really don't know how I can help you with that stuff...17:06
hallynstgraber: to be clear, it's not hta tyou can't get a shell bc of cgmangaer bug right?17:07
hallyn(just making sure, else i'll really panick)17:07
stgraberhallyn: well, it kinda is, cgmanager is preventing the lxc container from starting and it's that lxc container which sets up the display, network, ...17:08
hallynogra_: can you tell me what fails with that bug?  is it just an error msg on login?  failure to login?  apps failing to start?17:08
hallynstgraber: but cgproxy would be in the container, and cgproxy is having the problem, so the container must be *starting*17:08
stgraberhallyn: so basically all we get is a blank screen and no way to connect to it... I can pull logs from recovery or straight from the partition but that's about it17:08
stgraberhallyn: no, cgproxy runs on the host17:08
ogra_hallyn, stgraber i dont really work much on the phone atm, i just jumped in to help debugging17:08
stgraberhallyn: it's a very old kernel17:08
hallynok well that's messed up - cgproxy on the host should be running in cgroup /17:09
hallynso, hm.17:09
stgraberwell, I guess we could force cgproxy to start on a recent kernel and see if the problem happens there too17:09
stgrabermight be simpler than trying to get a working shell on that bloody phone17:10
hallynogra_: how can i deliver a cgmanager package to you to help debugging?  basically i'd like to print out the relevant cgroups at line 583 of cgmanager.c17:10
ogra_i dont even have a phone with vivid atm17:10
hallynok, let's do as stgraber suggested then17:11
* ogra_ has been fully working on snappy the last two weeks, sorry 17:11
gnuoy`pitti, zul, I'm planning to look at merging python-flake8 2.1.0-1ubuntu2 -> 2.2.2-1 unless you have any objections?17:11
stgraberhallyn: I've got an x86 emulator here, so if you get me an i386 build of a test cgmanager, I can install it and get you the upstart log afterwards17:11
stgraberwhat I can't get is any kind of interactive debugging...17:12
zulgnuoy`:  you know what...i dont :)17:12
hallynstgraber: ok17:12
stgraberhallyn: can't reproduce the issue here by just spawning cgproxy and starting a conainer17:15
hallynstgraber: drat.  well, maybe it's a good thing...17:16
stgraberwell, it shows that cgproxy isn't completely busted :)17:16
hallynstgraber: i386 build of cgmanager on vivid?17:17
stgraberI'm doing a test run now with --debug passed to cgmanager and cgproxy and -l debug -o debug to lxc17:18
xnoxcjwatson: are you ssh upstream? and do you have weight in https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1585 ?17:21
ubottubugzilla.mindrot.org bug 1585 in ssh "Allow an `Include' option which reads another config file in place and does not error out when `Include' file not readable" [Enhancement,New]17:21
stgraberhallyn: I think I may have found the problem17:21
stgraberwell, we have two problems. 1) lxc's debugging sucks 2) android doesn't work with lxc.autodev17:22
stgraberI just set lxc.autodev = 0 in the container config and everything works now17:22
stgraberogra_: I'll upload a new lxc-android-config now which should fix the issue (it did in the emulator anyway)17:23
hallynstgraber: well then it may be the same problem that pitti and jodh are seeing17:23
ogra_stgraber, awesome !17:23
hallyntime to rewrite lxc17:23
stgraberhallyn: I doubt it, seeing how I tested lxc.autodev = 1 for all supported Ubuntu releases, both privileged and unprivileged17:24
stgraberhallyn: for Android, I think the problem is that we're passing it a pre-populated /dev usually and now with autodev, that gets masked17:24
stgraberso not something I'd fix upstream since our default behavior still makes sense. I just should have though of setting autodev to 0 in lxc-android-config ...17:25
stgraberogra_: uploaded. I'll kick a new image as soon as it's published, and test on my nexus417:25
stgrabersorry about that, I should really make sure to test on a clean device, rather than my hacked up one :)17:26
hallyni suppose we *could* have lxc look for any devices which we don't normally created in the rootfs /dev,17:27
hallynand not do autodev if we find anything17:28
hallyn(or even more work - bind-mount the old /dev to /tmpdev, bind mount devices from there to /a new tmpfs mounted on /dev, and then drop /tmp/dev17:28
cjwatsonxnox: no, and my track record with getting openssh upstream to do config things I want is not noticeably better than others :)17:32
xnoxcjwatson: will you be at fosdem in brussels next week?17:33
cjwatsonxnox: afraid not.  one of these years I will make it17:33
bdmurrayxnox: could you have a look at bug 1412624?17:33
ubottubug 1412624 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "Fix from bug 1271591 breaks uses of ssh-agent" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141262417:33
xnoxbdmurray: is this another dupe of the bug that is fixed in vivid?17:34
bdmurrayxnox: I don't know what bug that is.17:34
xnoxbug 138730317:34
ubottubug 1387303 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu Utopic) "regression: gnome-keyring components can't be disabled anymore" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138730317:34
xnoxbdmurray: needs cherry pick of the fix from vivid.17:35
xnoxi guess i should do it. or anyone else can pick it up17:35
xnoxi guess people are not finding that bug because, default search excludes bugs fixed in latest devel series....17:35
bdmurrayxnox: if you do it, then I could review them for you.17:36
xnoxbdmurray: that is true.... =)17:37
xnoxand i should have finished work 7 minutes ago.17:37
bdmurrayI'm sure it would only take another 7 minutes. ;-)17:37
xnoxbdmurray: as in, i can stop working and start volunteering.17:41
bdmurrayxnox: ah-ha, great! I always feel bad adding more things to the SRU queue anyway, since I'm on the team that has to review them.17:42
bdmurrayxnox: not that it stops, I just feel like for everything I add I should take one thing away. ;-)17:43
xnoxi thought you used your timedelay two pairs of eyeballs review strategy17:44
* xnox was reading complex bug on waitid failures the other day, only to see that the post was authored by myself year and a half ago17:44
bdmurrayxnox: well, yes that does happen eventually17:47
smoserinfinity: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/slof/+bug/137456817:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1374568 in slof (Ubuntu Trusty) "network boot doesn't work (need newer slof.bin)" [Medium,Confirmed]17:52
smoserif you're interested.17:52
stgraberpitti: btw, I've got a pretty simple network config  which completely hangs systemd at boot time17:53
smoserthat is easy reproduce failure case.17:53
stgraberhallyn: reproduced the issue here17:53
infinitysmoser: Ta.17:54
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9837914/17:55
stgraberhallyn: looking at the cgroup setup, it looks like this may be because /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd/user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-1.scope/ doesn't actually belong to the user17:57
infinityhallyn: How do you feel about backporting that "qemu-kvm on all arches" change to trusty and utopic as SRUs?17:57
hallyninfinity: well, as i recall we said months ago we intended to do that18:03
hallyninfinity: i'll ad dit to my list o fthings to sru18:04
hallyninfinity: next 1.5 weeks i need to focus on lxc/lxd, then i need to quickly merge qemu 2.2 into v18:04
hallyn(it's working fine in a ppa)18:04
hallynstgraber: that's with systemd-ssyv on the host?18:04
infinityhallyn: Kay.  I'm also going to backport SLOF from U to T as an SRU and promote the version in updates to main, so you could fix that dep as well while you're in there.18:08
stgraberhallyn: no, just booted with init=/lib/systemd/systemd18:08
hallynstgraber: indeed, the name=systemd cgroup is not owned by the user18:09
hallyn(when i'm logged in with systemd as pid1)18:10
hallynso we need systemd to fix that18:10
stgraberwhy did that ever work? was that because of the cgmanager bug?18:10
hallynbc the /user/user-1000.slice/session-whatever used to get created owned by the user18:14
hallyni thin kit' sbc cgmanager used to handle name=systemd when passed controller=all and now it does not18:15
hallynhm, no, we didn't change that18:15
hallynso looks like a systemdlogind change?18:15
hallynbut systemd on host gives me far worse errors than that18:15
hallyni.e. if i chown the name=systemd cgroup so tha ti can start the container, al lhell breaks loose.18:16
stgraberhallyn: ah?18:18
stgraberhallyn: here the chown does the trick and the container starts fine18:18
hallynstgraber: then run 'top'18:20
hallynthen exit and look around on the host.  /proc should be the container's proc, shutdown fails;18:20
stgraberhallyn: ah yeah, that one was reported upstream a few days ago18:22
stgraberhallyn: looks like an OMG-critical kernel bug to me18:22
hallynunless it's something we're doing wrong,18:22
stgraberwell, even if it's us doing it wrong, we're doing it as an unpriv user18:22
hallynhaha good point18:23
hallynis apw still around? :)18:23
stgraberunpriv user can destroy /proc, sounds kinda bad to me :)18:23
apwhallyn, vaguly, s'up18:23
hallynapw: unpriv user on vivid with systemd can hose the host18:23
hallyn("why would anyone be doing that?"  wrong q)18:23
stgraberhallyn: so looking at /proc on the host, it looks like the /proc mount in the container propagated back to the host18:23
apwhallyn, well its a good job system isn't the default18:23
hallynstgraber: yes18:24
apwhallyn, how are they able to do that18:24
hallynapw: yeah but i assume systemd isn't the cause18:24
apwsystemd is always the cause :)18:24
hallyni suspect that making / r-shared on upstart may do the same thing18:24
* stgraber boots that box on his trusted 3.13 kernel to see exactly how screwed we are18:25
stgraber(might be worth taking this somewhere slightly more private)18:25
apwstgraber, concur ...18:25
stgrabersil2100, ogra_: new touch image building18:57
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sil2100stgraber: oh, thanks!19:34
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=== roadmr is now known as roadmr_afk
stgrabersil2100, ogra_: new image works fine here20:59
ogra_stgraber, great news ! thanks a lot for fixing it21:00
Laneyxnox: fosdem> see you there!21:02
xnox\o/ good21:02
xnoxLaney: and thank you for testing my desktop notifications in circ irc client21:03
Laneyhere to help21:03
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Bluefoxicyshit, that wasn't the OOM sysctl key22:08
BluefoxicyAgain:  Page cache is essential; if you don't OOM at low page cache, the system will lock up.  That means having 16GB RAM and 15.75GB used is a disk thrashing condition, and the only two ways out of it are OOM or powering the machine off.22:10
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