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TelendrithI just installed ubuntu server on a Dell PowerEdge 2950, and it won't boot or get to the boot loader. I think it's because the server dosn't support UEFI, how can I change it to BIOS? or do you think it's a miss diagnosis06:40
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dorotheusI have an ubuntu VPS that I rebooted and now I cannot connect to. Before rebooting its disk was full but I cleared a few gbs and then rebooted. I emailed the support and they gave me this image: http://s17.postimg.org/59cqhng3j/Untitled.png. How can I tell them to proceed?07:10
sarnolddorotheus: first, get a good magnifying lens. The stronger the better.07:20
sarnolddorotheus: does your vps provider have a "console" mechanism set up in their management interface?07:21
dorotheussarnold yes they do.07:21
sarnolddorotheus: ah, good. that might let you get some information to fix it..07:22
dorotheussarnold, oh that's great. Well I knew that...07:24
Anteaci fucked up nano /etc/apt/sources.list07:27
TzunamiiAnteac: Hindsight is 20/20, but please make backups of files you're going to edit/replace before fiddling08:21
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Anteacany site which offers vbox images preconfigured with php,mysql,etc?09:05
lordievaderGood morning.09:28
ganeyAnteac:I dunno if vagrant boxes work? there's loads of preconfigured boxes.09:29
Anteaci think i can just select lamp server with ubuntu setup09:29
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Azarilmy preseed.cfg doesnt seem to be working11:38
Azarilis there a way i can work out why11:38
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zertyuihello there13:54
zertyuii try to mount nfs filesystem13:54
zertyuithis is the message i got :13:54
zertyuiis that normal ?13:54
tewardzertyui: what command did you run14:02
zertyui mount fas2:/vol/home  /mnt/14:05
zertyui mount server2:/vol/home  /mnt/14:05
SchrodingersScathey, haven't used incron in a while :[14:21
hroiim having some problems with incron14:21
SchrodingersScatdo you think it's a problem with that? or whatever you're trying to run? this 'foo'14:21
hroiI've only used it on debian before, but dont recall having issues14:21
hroiSchrodingersScat,   on my ubuntu 14  it actually runs14:22
hroibut I dont get why there are no /var/log/cron files14:22
hroifor me to dig up errors14:22
hroiSchrodingersScat,   it completely refuses to do anython on  the amazon aws ubuntu14:23
hroiyet I think it is a vanilla ubuntu14:23
SchrodingersScatis there a /var/log/incron ?14:23
hroi#63-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 3 21:30:07 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:23
hroion amazon14:24
hroiSchrodingersScat, no, none such14:24
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tewardi have an ubuntu server in a VM - it has two connections: one NAT'd, and one host-only.  When the host-only is connected, it fails to be able to reach out to the internet.  Is there a way to define a "Internet Accessible" connection and another that isn't the route to the internet?14:36
Azarilmy preseed.cfg doesnt seem to be working, is there a way to find out why?14:37
hroiahh got it to work...14:42
hroiit was my bad  ... only allowd one " " white space between items in the tab list14:42
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foolhardyI'm finding that the ntp daemon is dying nightly, probably during the vm suspended backup. How can I automate 'service ntp restart' every morning at 0600?15:02
foolhardyrunnign ubu server 12.0415:02
jpdsfoolhardy: Have a tool like puppet ensure that the service is you.15:03
jpdsis running for*15:03
foolhardygood idea, I'll do that. Thanks15:04
zertyuianyone ?15:19
SchrodingersScatis it me you're looking for?15:19
zertyuii got this error :http://paste.ubuntu.com/9834994/15:19
Slingzertyui: after what command?15:19
zertyuimount server2:/vol/home /mnt/15:19
zertyuii got this error :http://paste.ubuntu.com/9834994/15:19
Slingyes you just said that15:20
Slingand this /vol/home is a NFS mountpoint on server2?15:20
Slingtake a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo15:20
Slingor https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/network-file-system.html15:21
Slingif you still have issues, tell us that is in syslog and dmesg15:21
Slingalso, can you mount it from other clients?15:21
zertyuii can able to mount the same nfs mountpoint on a ohter freebsd server15:23
zertyuibut using with ubuntu i can't at all15:23
Slingdid you install nfs-common on the client?15:23
Slingdpkg -l | grep nfs-common15:24
Slingif there is no output, do sudo apt-get install nfs-common15:24
Sling(as explained in the URL's I gave)15:24
TelendrithI just installed ubuntu server on a Dell PowerEdge 2950. After reboot, I don't even make it to the boot loader. Any ideas?15:27
patdk-wkI have a few thousand ideas15:28
patdk-wkwhat one would you be interested in?15:28
pmatulisfriday lulz15:29
TelendrithHa, the best idea you have :]15:32
TelendrithI started my raid 1 from scratch and reinitalized, did the install .. and Nothing :o15:33
henkjanTelendrith: hardraid?15:35
henkjanTelendrith: maybe need to set that array bootable in de raid controller bios?15:35
zertyuisimply that's the problem15:36
zertyuinfs-commun not installed15:36
TelendrithI'm using the built in raid controler.15:36
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zertyuinow i the nfs filesystem is mounted15:40
zertyuii would like to see mountpoint as a device15:41
zertyuipossible ?15:41
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zertyuihello anyone ?16:20
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tewardzertyui: patience is a virtue :P17:35
pmatuliszertyui: why do you want a directory to be a device?17:55
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tewardanyone ever seen a problem where `curl -1` will occasionally *NOT* use TLS18:44
JanCteward: IIUC -1 only forces the type of SSL/TLS it uses, but it doen't force SSL/TLS itself?18:54
JanCyou can use --ssl-reqd to force SSL/TLS18:55
tewardJanC: well, it was forcing TLSv1, wireshark confirmed18:55
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SpyrosHello guys, i received credentials for an ubuntu server system that had a website running, the goal was to add a second one (virtualhost). After fiddleing arround the server is discovered it was running ubuntu 12.04. Will i break everything if i update it to 12.04.5 ?23:40
tewardSpyros: 12.04 and 12.04.5 are synonymous23:41
tewardSpyros: there's no difference between 12.04 installed and you keep updating via apt-get update and upgrade, vs. installing 12.04.5 and installing additional updates23:41
tewardSpyros: the only difference are what HWE stacks are on the image, really, and the kernel version on the image, but you can install those without reinstalling the server23:42
tewardso long as you're installing updates on the server from the repos23:42
Spyrosteward, yes i will simple update from the official repos. I mean i heard apache 2.4 breaks the virtualhosts of apache 2.2 for instance. Do i keep apache 2.2 or does it update to 2.4 ?23:43
sarnold12.04.5 is still apache 2.223:43
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sarnold14.04 is on apache 2.4, so you'll want to plan that transition for when you've got some time23:43
tewardSpyros: what sarnold said23:44
tewardsarnold: thank you for chiming in, i'm nginx, not apache :)23:44
SpyrosWhen does 12.04 support end?23:44
sarnoldSpyros: april 201723:44
sarnoldSpyros: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases23:44

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