diddledaninteresting - tesco/talktalk's blinkbox does ultraviolet now00:35
diddledanmight be worth switching my purchasing habbit to them rather than googleplaydoh00:35
diddledanspecifically because it will mean I have the same library for titles I may get physically as gifts e.g.00:36
shaunoI have no idea what that means00:37
diddledanblinkbox, ultraviolet or googleplaydoh?00:38
daftykinswhen you buy a film on BD/DVD ultraviolet is the streaming service attached00:38
daftykinsso you get both one or two physical copies plus x number of streams00:38
diddledanblinkbox: blinkbox.com; ultraviolet: uvvu.com; googleplaydoh: play.google.com00:39
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mappsstupid thunderbird00:45
mappsmaybe i should giveup with using an email app00:45
daftykinsthat is a bit 90s00:48
shaunoaye.  away to mutt with ya00:48
mappsi just like it00:54
mappsbut every time it decides to download ALL emails no matter what i do00:54
mappslike emails from years back:D00:54
diddledanmapps, I hear that. with an 8GB email archive it takes a while for thunderbird to sync when I set it up anew00:55
daftykinsi upgraded office version on the boss' old laptop before i left, yesterday00:57
daftykinsit's gonna pull down his 19GB worth of email :P00:57
daftykinsand that's only the stuff we leave on the hosted setup.00:57
diddledanooooooooooooohhhhh: simon "scotty" pegg is going to co-write the next startrek!00:58
daftykinshe keeps showing up in films that don't seem like they should be comedies, giving them a comedic vibe00:59
diddledanI love his scotty00:59
daftykinsnot seen either of those new films01:00
diddledanI loved "paul" too01:00
diddledanpaul is an awesome movie01:00
mapps]diddledan did you want it to dl them all?01:13
shaunohow to remove wp plugin without removing its data?01:23
diddledanshauno, just delete it01:23
diddledanshauno, don't deactivate it first01:23
shaunoI think I just broke someone else's site :)01:26
shaunoI have no idea what that was, I think I'm just going to leave it alone and see if anyone notices01:30
daftykinssounds like a fine approach to me01:35
shaunowell, I tend to update all her stuff whenever I'm in the area, because she avoids any button she doesn't understand01:35
shaunoso I updated jetpack, and it disappeared.  so I tried to reinstall it, but it said it was already installed.  and then it was installed but wouldn't activate01:36
shaunoI'm not entirely sure what happened next, but it appears to be back now?01:36
daftykinsthis firewall on my bigv.io still blocks wordpress cals01:36
mapps]got to get the bus at 6;40am01:54
shaunothen go to bed?01:56
mapps]i will in a bit01:56
mapps]tennis is on01:56
mapps]lol why?:D01:57
mapps]7gonna have to sleep in 2 shifts01:58
mapps]few hrs now few hours when i get back01:58
shaunowell, personally, tennis doesn't rank highly on the list of reasons I'm not in bed, that's all01:58
shauno(it's right up there with cricket & golf on my list of "things I can't imagine people watching unless they're high")01:59
shaunoit does seem like something a dog would happily watch, but a cat would squint at you and wonder what the punchline was02:02
diddledanhmm, I've only got 560GB of download in my sabnzb queue :-p07:31
diddledanI don't do illegal, obviously07:31
diddledanit's incrementing as we speak, because I went through my sickbeard listings and told it to research everything it had previously decided wasn't available07:32
diddledanup to 600GB07:33
diddledanluckily I still have 2.6 thousand spaces left07:35
diddledan"2685.90 GB Free Space"07:35
diddledansee, 2.6k-spaces07:35
knightwisemornin peeps08:11
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diddledanmorning knightwise08:37
zmoylan-pihappy friday08:40
* diddledan awaits the jamestait "what day is today?"08:46
diddledancorrolary - where is he?!08:46
diddledantabcomplete can't find him so I'm assuming he d/c'd08:47
Myrttihe always does08:58
arsenip_happy friday :)09:00
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diddledanI don't think disconnection should be allowed09:01
davmor2Morning all09:18
diddledanI wonder when MS will unleash the next build of windows10 (they said within the next week on wednesday)09:19
diddledanI'm getting antsy09:20
diddledanI want it NOW09:20
diddledanI'm an instant gratification nut09:21
diddledanas soon as it's announced I want it09:21
popeyalso "meh"09:21
popeymy GameOS machine runs Windows 7.09:21
popeyI'd be tempted to upgrade to Windows 10 if it didn't break everything on the machine, just for the free upgrade09:22
diddledanfrom what I can tell windows 10 will get delivered as a windows-update patch09:22
diddledani.e. everyone who has windows update turned on will receive it09:22
popeyi doubt that09:22
ali1234maybe for people who have windows 809:22
popeyI suspect you'll have to buy it at zero cost09:23
diddledananyone who has 7sp1, 8 or 8.109:23
* bashrc refuses to support windows anymore09:23
popeyquite the delta from 7 to 1009:23
ali1234if they upgrade 7, a very large number of companies will go absolutely ape shit09:23
ali1234we are talking "switch to ubuntu" levels of rage09:24
diddledanthe windows site says: "We will offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year!*" with the smallprint stating: "*It is our intent that most of these devices will qualify, but some hardware/software requirements apply and feature availability may vary by device. Devices must be connected to the internet and have Windows Update enabled. ISP09:26
diddledanfees may apply. Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update required."09:26
popeythat doesnt mean they get it automagically09:26
popeyit'll be optional09:26
ali1234right, it will just be a popup box that says "click here to download windows 10"09:26
diddledanfair enough - I probably just read too much into the requirement for windows update to be enabled09:26
ali1234the key word here is "offer"09:27
diddledanmaybe they'll put it in the optional section which requires manual ticking of boxes09:27
ali1234i doubt windows is even capable of in-place upgrades like that09:27
ali1234you need install media09:27
diddledanwindows 8 upgrades to 8.1 without a dvd09:28
diddledanand windows 7 upgrades to 8 with just a small application download which then does the rest09:28
diddledani.e. no dvd again09:28
ali1234er, no it doesn't09:29
diddledanyes it does. I've done it09:29
ali1234that small application downloads the windows 8 ISO and then burns it to a disc09:29
ali1234then you install it like any other version of windows09:29
ali1234i've got a burned windows 8 disc here that i made using that procedure09:29
diddledanafair it was an in situ update without a dvd required09:30
diddledanyou _can_ make a dvd, but it's not needed if you're doing a like-for-like upgrade09:30
diddledani.e. updating 32bit 7 to 64bit 8 will require the dvd09:31
diddledanbut 32 to 32 can be done within the booted os09:31
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MooDoomorning all09:40
zmoylan-piwe can ship win10 to you on floppy...09:42
zmoylan-pii was thinking 8" single side floppies09:43
popeyi installed MSDOS 6.22 on a "modern" laptop the other day09:45
popeythat was fun :)09:45
popeyand fast!09:45
diddledanpopey, I bet you didn't need any drivers, either09:46
knightwisemorning peeps09:47
diddledanknightwise, you said that already09:47
popeywell, no, but things dont work09:47
popeylike sound09:47
diddledanpopey, who needs audio?!09:47
ali1234this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhPA_TpkzkA09:48
knightwisediddledan: you werent awake the first time09:48
popeyto play games09:48
popeywanted to play some dos games09:48
diddledandosbox ftw09:48
* knightwise is still trying to get his retropi install working09:49
diddledanblindfold speedrun?!09:50
popeynah, i want to run on real hardware, not emulated09:50
zmoylan-piprobably drivers in config.sys for uk keyboard09:52
zmoylan-piwell... country09:52
popeythat was all default right for me09:53
popeyi used the DOS setup.exe09:53
ali1234wait, dos has a setup.exe?09:53
zmoylan-piso still set up drivers so09:53
zmoylan-pidos 4 onwards had a setup iirc09:53
ali1234i never knew that09:54
popeyheh, DOS 4 was the Windows Me.09:54
zmoylan-pidos 3 when i started was just fdisk the drive, format the drive (assuming it was ide, could be very wierd otherwise) /s and copy over the floppy into directory called \dos09:55
ali1234DOS 4? I only has 6.2209:55
popeyyeah, I started with 3.309:55
popeyor maybe 3.109:55
zmoylan-pidos 4 was terrible, used too much memory, no one used it09:55
ali1234sys c:\ and then copy config.sys and autoexec.bat09:55
zmoylan-pionly reason to use it was for partitions bigger than 32mb09:56
popeythats on a 32GB USB stick so I can use it on anyones PC :)09:57
zmoylan-pioh, kill the smartdrv, waste of memory :-)09:57
popeywell it is now, yeah09:57
popeythat was my default install09:57
zmoylan-pibut at least it's /x to kill the write behind feature that annoyed everyone09:57
popeyi liked the fact that its full screen, and not some odd window09:58
popeyso things it can't do.. sound, network...09:58
zmoylan-pidos 6.22 can link to another computer with serial/paralled cable, primitive network :-)09:58
ali1234refering the text mode VGA as "fullscreen"09:58
popeyhehe :)09:59
ali1234you sound like some hotshot 20 yr old node developer09:59
zmoylan-pii had been using laplink since dos 3 days so never used it.09:59
popeyahh, my three headed laplink cable09:59
popeythat was closely guarded10:00
zmoylan-piyeah, i wrote very rude labels and stuck them all over my one so no one would borrow it10:00
zmoylan-pimy first social engineering :'-)10:01
ali1234laplink was... bad10:01
zmoylan-pilaplink was excellent10:01
popeyactually i wonder if the sound card in the thinkpad might just work10:01
ali1234luckily i was using an amiga at the time when it was popular10:01
popeyneed to find some dos game with audio10:01
popeyJamesTait: slacker10:01
bashrcI think it was just a null modem cable10:01
zmoylan-pithere is an external parallel sound card that might do it iirc10:01
ali1234ethernet was common by the time i was forced to switch to PC10:01
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Handwriting Day! :-D10:02
zmoylan-piwe've already done happy friday JamesTait, friday trumps handwriting day :-)10:02
popey\o/ just found some old CDs I burned from 1998 with games on10:02
popeyhaha, has loads of dos utilities10:02
popeylike arj, rar200, pkarc10:03
zmoylan-pii think i might have a zip file on my phone with a backup of all my games from then...10:03
zmoylan-picommander keen...10:03
popeyi put the cd in my windows pc, microsoft security essentials found a virus on it :)10:03
bashrcdon't copy that floppy10:04
zmoylan-piunless you're the government...10:04
popeyhaha, there's a linux install guide from 1997 on it10:05
awilkinsOoh, null modem cables10:05
awilkinsUsed to string our Amigas together with those and play Populous 210:05
zmoylan-piis that the one that warns about making your monitor explode getting x to work? :-)10:06
diddledanI went to college with a guy who had coax lan - I think it was ethernet, but it mighta been token I guess10:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:07
zmoylan-pimy first network was a novell network on ne2000 boards connected via coax10:07
* bashrc didn't know anything about linux until 1999/200010:07
zmoylan-pithen we discovered cheap ne2000 clones... the original ne2000 boards cost as much as a cheap laptop now10:08
bashrcI had a coax lan. coax was unreliable10:08
diddledanI remember asking the college it guys about their server because it was showing a non-graphical terminal - I said something like "is that linux?" and they replied "no, it's a real netware server"10:08
diddledanbecause netware > linux, right?10:09
zmoylan-picoax worked fine as long as the cable was kept away from people kicking it and the terminators/connectors were good. at work we'd have a cable problem every 2-3 months.10:09
ali1234coax was bad but it was still miles better than laplink10:09
popeyat the time netware was better10:09
ali1234and netware 4 was much better than linux was at the time yes10:09
zmoylan-pinetware software was a rock.  it just kept running10:09
diddledanthis was circa 99/0010:09
popeyoh i got out of netware in ~199610:10
bashrchumidity could cause strange behavior of the coax networks10:10
diddledanso linux was about 6 years old. a regular bubby10:10
zmoylan-pithere's a famous story of a novell netware server walled up for a couple of years accidently and still kept running.10:10
ali1234netware was probably still better than linux in 1999 but it was crippled due to using IPX not TCP/IP10:10
popeyi think there are still fat ethernet cables laid at my local college that I put in 20 years ago.10:10
JamesTaitGTA over IPX over coax made up far too much of my final year at uni.10:10
zmoylan-pithey are kept to punish the bad pupils :-)10:10
bashrca company I was at used netware until about 200310:11
zmoylan-pidon't forget share.exe if you want file locking :-)10:11
diddledanis that spelt right?10:11
bashrcsomething like that10:11
awilkinsUgh, had blocked all that horrible networking stuff from my mind10:12
awilkinsHooray for TCP/IP10:12
MooDooone of my first certification was for Novell Netware....10:13
MooDooblast from the past10:13
diddledancrazy that MS still clings to netbios names10:15
zmoylan-pimy boss while at a wedding saw the hotels server sitting behind reception desk leaned over and downed their server while drunk for a giggle.10:15
MooDoobit of a T**t then10:16
diddledanzmoylan-pi, well you would, wouldn't you!10:16
zmoylan-piwaking up the next morning at checkout he saw the technical staff frantically at the server wondering what was wrong.  he 'fixed' it for them and slunk out so embarrassed.10:16
MooDoowhat a kn*b10:17
zmoylan-pidrunk, very drunk...10:17
JamesTaitMy first job out of uni involved preparing for Y2K by migrating our Novell Netware 4 network to a Windows NT domain (to also integrate our small office network with the group network over ISDN).10:18
zmoylan-pibut he'd tell that story to customers as to why they shouldn't put servers in publically accessible places so some good came of it10:18
diddledano_O the gadget show website is reporting that the iwatch will have a battery life of 2.5hours10:18
awilkinsIs that in Dick Tracy videophone mode?10:18
JamesTaitWhiskey Tango Foxtrot?10:18
zmoylan-pi2.5 hours... does that count as battery life?10:18
zmoylan-pior a demo10:19
knightwise so much for 'worlds most innovative company'10:19
zmoylan-pii see argos are now selling pebble10:19
zmoylan-pisome people when they move house don't kid around... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B7-pnOmCMAA72mv.jpg:large10:22
diploThey seem to do that a fair bit in the states i think zmoylan-pi , there is a TV series about it10:23
zmoylan-piwouldn't it be cheaper to take a copy of the plans and you know just make a second copy?10:24
diploBut this is 'Merica!10:27
awilkinsYou could even knock down the old house and call it a "teleport"10:27
zmoylan-piyou could leave the old house and call it a teleport accident...10:27
awilkinsAnyone see that article about the Chinese buildings made with a ginormous 3D printer?10:27
awilkinsThey're kinda weird inside, look like the excretions of some giant termits10:28
zmoylan-pihaven't we been using giant 3d printers since we started pouring concrete into moulds onsite?10:28
awilkinsMoulds not the same10:28
awilkinsThose blocks look quite light10:30
diddledanwhy do reporters insist on calling the material that 3d printers extrude "ink"?!10:33
zmoylan-pibecause reporters are dumb and their general audience dumber10:34
zmoylan-pithey go for the cliche rather than educate these days it seems10:34
awilkinsAlso quite like the houses made of expanded polystyrene bricks like LEGO that you then fill with concrete10:37
zmoylan-pii liked the carlsberg bottle that was designed to be used as a housebrick when it was empty10:38
diddledanthe other thing that annoys me about news reports is that the reporter usually insists on putting a pun or many into it10:38
knightwisewasnt that a heineken one10:38
knightwiseI'm thinking of styrofoam bricks and wood when we do our home reno10:38
zmoylan-picould be some other booze, i don't drink sorry10:38
knightwisewe have been thinking about putting in an addition10:38
knightwiseextention i mean10:38
zmoylan-piheineken, yup http://inhabitat.com/heineken-wobo-the-brick-that-holds-beer/10:39
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awilkinsThat Heineken story makes my browser choke10:52
zmoylan-pisome good would come from all the empty bottles10:53
awilkinsUgh, whatever it is on that page totally locks up Firefox10:54
awilkinsThis seems to be a trend I've noticed recently10:54
awilkinsNewspaper websites do it too10:54
zmoylan-piworks fine on my firefox, i use ghostery though so that might be stopping the nasty10:54
awilkinsClosed all my Firefox windows. Process is still caning a CPI10:55
* awilkins kill -9s it10:55
diddledanawilkins, it might be a rogue flash ad10:55
awilkinsNot the plugin hosting process (has a separate process name, no?)10:56
diddledanit might do10:57
awilkinsThe website of The Independent does something similar10:57
awilkinsPage scrolls really slowly, eats CPU10:57
zmoylan-pinewspapers do seem to be guilty of most addons sucking cpu at the same time10:58
zmoylan-pii think it's to punish us for not buying a paper copy10:58
awilkinsOr possibly to mine BitCoin for Rupert Murdoch10:58
zmoylan-pior mine secrets for rupert murdoch, he got away with hacking once...10:59
* awilkins wonders if there are any distributed mining things that work by farming workunits out to js in peoples browsers10:59
awilkinsOf course there is : http://www.bitcoinplus.com/miner/embeddable11:00
awilkinsBitcoin mining plugin for WordPress11:00
awilkinsThe dude only wants a 19%  cut!11:01
MooDooi'll install it to my WP sites, would me I get 0.000000000000001 of a BC in about 20 years11:01
awilkinsThere's a WP site at my old work that has about 100 plugins in it11:02
zmoylan-pitbh, i'd prefer my doddery relatives computers were mining bitcoins than sending spam11:02
awilkinsDon't think they'd notice another one...11:02
andrewebdevI'm wondering, since the announcement of LXD I've not really seen much documentation and/or tutorials on it. Does anyone know where I can find docs on using it?11:02
knightwiseThat is the name of a mountain in africa11:03
awilkinsNice coverup11:03
awilkinsAll we saw was11:03
knightwisenice one awilkins11:04
zmoylan-pidibs on his paypal :-P11:04
awilkinsThat bitcoin miner plugin thing seems to be a Java applet11:05
awilkins+1 for speed -1 for getting people to run it11:05
zmoylan-piif you sell it right you could need a 20 page list of instructions and some people would install it :-)11:06
awilkinsOne that's pure js and has WebGL support : https://github.com/derjanb/hamiyoca11:10
popeyseems my thinkpad doesn't want to be a soundblaster 16 or awe3211:10
awilkinsAWE32 was a great card11:11
zmoylan-pidon't thinkpads also have an awful awful modem pretending to be a sound card driver?11:11
MooDoodma=1 irq=5 iirc :D11:11
zmoylan-pisame irq as our network cards...11:11
zmoylan-pibase 320h11:12
popeyyeah, says it cant find the card11:12
davmor2popey: is this for dosbox by anychance?11:13
zmoylan-pimaybe some mad genius wrote a driver to make it think an ac'97 is a soundblaster in dos? :-)11:13
popeydavmor2: no, real hardware11:14
davmor2popey: ah :)  try soundblaster pro11:15
popeynot an option11:15
knightwisempsyt :)11:15
davmor2popey: pc speaker11:16
knightwiseBetter then Spotify11:16
popeygravis, sb, sound man 16, pro audio spectrum, awe 32, soundscape, disney sound source, tandy sound source11:16
popey(duke 3d)11:16
zmoylan-piad lib11:16
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:19
diddledannot for much longer11:19
davmor2bigcalm: hello11:19
MooDoogoogle also released 3 zero days for apple osx too11:23
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knightwisequick question12:20
knightwisesuppose I ssh into a machine from the command line and would like to launch an app12:20
knightwisehow do i put that in one command line command12:20
knightwisessh me@server:command or ssh me@server / command ?12:20
Laneylaney@iota:~$ ssh vivid.local echo hello knightwise from \$\(hostname\)12:25
Laneyhello knightwise from vivid12:25
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awilkinsknightwise, GUI app?12:28
awilkinsssh -X user@server 'command line'12:28
knightwisecommmand line app12:33
knightwisethe error i'm getting wehn i do it your way is : "the term environment variable is unset"12:34
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mappsback y'all13:21
mappsback in the sun13:21
zmoylan-pinatural light, get it off me!!13:24
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awilkinsknightwise, That sounds like an app-specific error13:34
knightwisemc ? doesnt strike me as an exotic app13:34
awilkinstry  ssh user@server 'TERM=xterm mc'13:35
awilkinsmc is ncurses13:35
awilkinssince you're shelling straight in and just running it you're not starting a terminal on the server13:35
awilkinshence no TERM env var13:35
awilkinsSince it can't predict terminal behaviour it's throwing a spaz13:36
awilkinsset it to whatever your local term env says (gnome-terminal says xterm for me here)13:36
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knightwisei"ll try13:56
knightwiseIT WORKS :)13:56
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popeyChunkzZ: has your internet connection improved since moving wifi channel?15:43
Azelphurmuhahah, victory is mine, finally bypassed threes new tethering detection.17:29
Azelphurset up a SSH Server on the phone to socks proxy and am using tsocks for applications that don't support socks.17:31
Myrttioh, they've got a tethering detection? bother.17:46
AzelphurMyrtti, yea, they always have, but up until the past couple months it had just been layer 717:51
AzelphurMyrtti, now they are doing something new, I dunno what it is, at first I thought it was TTL but ping -t 65 doesn't get through.17:51
Azelphurwhatever it is, it's clever I'll give themt hat17:51
Azelphurjust realised I typed ^ in ubuntu-uk and not my channel, sorry >.>17:55
Azelphurnot the place for that.17:55
Azelphuron a train, tunnels keep disconnecting my internet, first world problems :(17:55
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zmoylan-pibut if you have no tunnels where would you run your trains?? :-)19:50
shaunobridges :)19:50
zmoylan-pinah, proper trains have tunnels19:52
SuperEngineerbut surley - trains should be using clouds - everybody using clouds - why not trains? Let's see how clever you are nowcloud users! [hurumph]19:53
* zmoylan-pi doesn't want to see a load bearing cloud as the weather might be nasty19:53
zmoylan-pii mean in ireland we run rail lines across bogs and those are fun19:54
SuperEngineer...& as to the phrase " proper trains have tunnels".. anybody told Euro Tunnel that?  they seem to prefer the M2019:56
zmoylan-piwell if you build a rail line on a bog it eventually provides it's own tunnel as it sinks and closes over the train :-)19:56
shaunogotta admit, not so impressed with the trains in Ireland20:00
shaunoI mean - they all go to dublin?  Who in their right mind ..20:00
SuperEngineerglug glug... "the expected arrival for dublin will be a bit late. We apologise for the delay"20:00
SuperEngineerI bog therefore I'm late20:01
zmoylan-pitrains in ireland are ok, cheaper often to get a flight from one end of country to the other, and quicker.  but trains are still popular20:01
diddledanshauno, to be fair pretty much every train in england ends up at "bristol temple-meads"20:01
zmoylan-pithere's a causeway in tipperary i think that seems to sink every 50-70 years.  eventually the next causeway will have been built on enough rubble to not sink20:02
shaunoI'd quite like a line that heads south, so I can get to shannon instead of relying on dublin airport :/20:02
diddledanzmoylan-pi, it's a long way to tipperary20:02
SuperEngineerooooooooohh no!20:02
zmoylan-piespecially when you have to disembark, walk with luggage through a few feet of bog and then a few miles to next town to catch the linking bus20:03
* SuperEngineer stops clock on waiting for that 1!20:03
diddledanyeah, that's every commuter's nightmare phrase: rail replacement service20:03
zmoylan-piwell dublin airport is really just named dublin airport to confuse invading forces... :-P20:03
zmoylan-piit's so remote from dublin that ryan air flies into it and calls it dublin airport20:04
SuperEngineerGot stuck there once.. was using ticket from manager who got ill...20:06
SuperEngineer...plane went20:06
SuperEngineeri went to #business lounge ;)20:06
SuperEngineer...free food... oh, & free booze20:06
SuperEngineerme likey Dublin airport :D20:07
zmoylan-pifree booze... in ireland... i wonder what that costs them :-)20:07
SuperEngineerI wondered that at the time!20:07
zmoylan-piwell... till the free booze kicked in20:07
SuperEngineer..but then had another freebie & forgot about it!  ;D20:08
SuperEngineerMy main gripe with Dublin airport... they fixed the darned plane - no fair!20:09
SuperEngineerno free booze or food on plane20:09
SuperEngineer[except a muffin - no comment]20:10
zmoylan-pia bran muffin... and then they charge to use the loo!  the fiends!!20:10
shaunoI've spent so much time on ryanair, I was quite confused when Austrian fed us20:10
SuperEngineerdefinite lol20:11
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi, ^20:11
SuperEngineerHere's a good one; man from BT apparently arrived this morning, declared telegraph pole unsafe & cut all lines without warning anybody so he could remove the pole!20:15
* SuperEngineer is back to using 3g dongle atm20:15
zmoylan-piirony would be if after he cut the wires the pole fell...20:15
diddledanSuperEngineer, I believe if it's off for more than 4 hours you're allowed to claim compensation20:15
SuperEngineeralready underway20:16
diddledanwell done :-)20:16
ali1234i just found the stupidest bug ever20:16
SuperEngineer[though not sure re 4 hourd bit - but no hope till Monday is out of any time limit!]20:17
ali1234how do i report bugs against the upgrade tool?20:17
SuperEngineera stupid bug, that's a bit technocratist!20:17
ali1234it's really stupid though20:18
ali12341. install 13.1020:18
ali12342. upgrade to 14.0420:18
ali12343. enable partner repo20:18
ali12344. install skype20:18
SuperEngineersurely you mean a bug of impaired mentality :D20:18
ali1234it doesn't work, because you get the version for 13.1020:18
ali1234developer of impaired mentality perhaps, but the bug is just plain stupid20:18
SuperEngineerok - agreed20:19
SuperEngineerwhy not just install 14.04 first?20:20
ali1234yes, let me just get in my time machine and do that20:20
zmoylan-pidon't forget the lotto numbers20:21
SuperEngineerstill waiting for those lotto numbers... that time machine must have a faulty starter motor20:22
zmoylan-piyou're waiting for someone to give you a delorean to install it20:22
ali1234it's funny how whenever i have to do anything computer related for anyone else i always hit a bug20:23
ali1234but i hardly ever do20:23
zmoylan-pianytime i have to touch someones windows computer i usually have to wait a sizeable chunk of a gigabyte of updates to install20:24
ali1234bug 141415020:26
lubotu3bug 1414150 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "release upgrader doesn't update partner repo URL if it isn't enabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141415020:26
mappstaken  eh21:56
mappsa 3rd one now..prob same as 1/2 no doubt21:57
ali1234what's a good OS image for raspberry pi that will work with 4GB card and allow me to test the audio and camera module?22:12
ali1234oh and wifi22:12
zmoylan-pithough a 4gb card is on the small side these days22:14
brobostigonyes, my both, runs on 16gb sd cards, and they got filled very quickly.22:15
zmoylan-piyou think to yourself i'll only keep a tiny amount of data on them and the next thing you know you're connecting a 1tb drive... :-)22:16
brobostigonyep, :)22:16
mappsmy pesky vpn isnt working grr22:19
mappscan connect but not access net..grmpf ive set ipforwarding on and the iptables rules22:19
daftykinsdiagnose it22:22
daftykinsping by IP, check routes...22:22
daftykinsall the usual22:22
mappsyea going to22:23
mappsjust a pain22:23
mappsespecially because i forgot my charger for my big laptop LOL..double checked my bags before i left and somehow didnt consider charger22:23
mappsunpacked realised i dont have it so have to use my netbook for everything22:23
daftykinsa fate worse than death22:27
daftykinsmapps: hey the windows 10 image got updated - http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=52210222:28
mappswonder how diff it is22:31
mappslets see22:31
daftykinswell it's definitely different to the first image they put out :>22:33
mappsapparently ws like -7  in heathrow last night22:35
mappsdid feel cold when i got there heh22:35
mappsmustve been -2 or so at 6am22:35
mappstethered my phone to laptop and watched old GOAT22:36
mappsBUT he lost22:37
daftykinsno idea what that is22:37
mappsfed express22:38
mappsold greatest of all time22:38
daftykinswe have a mate that looks exactly like him22:39
daftykinswhen we see him, we ask how the ol' tennis is going22:39
diddledandoes anyone in the uk here have win10 installed?22:40
diddledanseems cortana doesn't like me :-(22:40
mappsdaftykins,  does i thought22:40
daftykinsdiddledan: i'll have it up in a VM shortly22:40
daftykinsdownloading right now22:40
* daftykins goes back to making a sandwich22:40
diddledandaftykins, I'm getting cortana say that she's "unavailable to help in your location"22:40
mappsthought you already did22:41
mappsyou deld old win1022:41
daftykinsdiddledan: did you download the UK ISO?22:41
daftykinsmapps: yeah the old build doesn't update to the new22:42
diddledandaftykins, I upgraded in-place from an already installed 1022:42
daftykinsmeh i only have a VM with nothing on it, i'll just nuke it22:42
daftykinsgot on on my laptop here under vbox and one on the desktop with vmware ws22:42
mappsi almost lost £2500 on fed..my 3g saved me22:45
mappsif i hadnt have been able to put the match on wouldnt have been able to switch:)22:45
daftykinsor you could just not gamble :>22:48
mappsi was trading like a pro on betfair i prefer to say22:50
mappslayed United at 1/5 for £1000 (200 quid risk) lay the short odds back the big odds122:50
mappsfiinished 0-0..meanwhile my mug friend lost like 400 on it ..tsk22:51
mappscrazy how much yen is bet on stuff..5.8 million on the federer match 4.5 on united22:56
mappsimagine all that moey in 20 pound notes22:56
daftykinsmy mate was working nuclear research in Tokyo, getting paid all in yen in cash. foreigners can't hold accounts or something he said, so he brings it all back to England22:57
daftykinsnext thing, the Japanese PM is doing some thing which drops the value so it's all worth way less, doh!22:57
daftykinsah i cannot cut this cathedral city cheddar for sandwiches without wanting a piece22:57
mappslike suitcases full of cash23:00
mappscant he get paid into a uk bank23:00
diddledandaftykins, cathedral city is nummy23:02
ali1234so anyway as i was saying23:03
ali1234i just want to test the hardware and i only hav a 4GB card23:03
daftykinsmapps: i think the language barrier might've had something to do with his reluctance23:04
daftykinsgogo virtualbox, give me something other than a blank screen for win10 :P23:05
ali1234bringing a suitcase full of cash through customs tho...23:09
ali1234i can't imagine that being easy23:09
mapps07827 668566wow23:25
mappswow android is diff to ios23:25
mappsi cant even figure out how to edit a contact23:25
zmoylan-piyou're supposed to fire up chrome and log into google and change it there like a good little user :-)23:26
mappsyou cant do it on the phone?!23:26
zmoylan-piyou can but it can be annoying23:26
mappsalso its a PITA23:27
mappsif i ring a UK number it says call ended23:27
mappshave to add +44 to every contact23:27
mappson my iphone if i call 079 xxx abroad it still works23:27
daftykinspfft it's easy23:27
zmoylan-pishouldn't have to do that. i didn't when i used android phone23:27
mappswhat about the second issue>23:27
mappshonestly 01483 47xxx call ended23:27
daftykinsnow that you travel a lot you should enter all numbers longhand23:27
mappstype +44 483 and it works23:28
daftykinsthat's quite funny, 01481 is the Guernsey area code23:28
zmoylan-pii just stopped the contacts sync and used the sim for storing numbers23:28
daftykinsi only needed to remember 5 digits to call home when i was a kid over at friends ;_;23:28
mappsid rather force it to just work and call uk numbers like normal23:28
daftykinszmoylan-pi: negating the wonderful backup that is cloud data? tsk tsk23:29
daftykinsi love not having to deal with that SIM junk anymore23:29
zmoylan-piif it's important it wouldn't be in the cloud for every one to see23:29
diddledanI love cloud sync23:31
diddledanI'd be lost without it23:31
zmoylan-pii liked sync on palm, i liked sync on psion, i don't like backing up personal data via internet.23:31
diddledanit just annoys me that each company needs their own silo23:32
zmoylan-pipsion had vcf, palm talked with that23:32
daftykinsi had a series 3c with PsiWin :>23:32
zmoylan-pisimple, elegant, worked.  then wince came along and it all went wrong23:32
zmoylan-pipsiwin, the most complex vb app i ever locked horns with :-)23:33
daftykinsdiddledan: ugh what have they done to WIndows Update =|23:33
zmoylan-piwhen it worked it was fantastic, when it didn't you'd swear a bit and get it working again23:33
zmoylan-pivb and serial communications were never 100%23:33
diddledandaftykins, ?23:33
daftykinsin win1023:33
diddledanI can't say I've noticed any diff?23:34
daftykinsit ran a metro'y app which brought up a huge settings cog to be the windows update app now23:34
daftykinsseems to be joined with backup and restore23:35
diddledanit's part of the new control panel23:35
diddledanthe settings app and control panel are almost the same thing (supposedly) now23:35
diddledanor rather more is done via the settings app than the evilness that is the win32 control panel23:36
daftykinshmm WU is gone from the Control Panel, that's all i spy23:38
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away

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