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barryharlowja: when's the last time the test suite was actually run on py26? ;)00:14
harlowjahmmm, whenever i ran it, lol00:14
barryyeah, i think you'd be surprised.  but hey, i think i can get it working for you00:15
harlowjaif u want me to; thats fine also00:15
barry(essentially, lots are not py26 compatible right now)00:15
barryharlowja: let me see how far i can get00:15
harlowjahmmm, lots not?00:15
barrye.g. '...{}...'.format(blah)00:16
harlowjaah, ya00:16
harlowjadon't use that, ha00:16
barryright.  it's all over the place.  easy fix00:16
barryprobably just harder getting a working 2.6 env ;)00:16
harlowjacompile 2.6 shove it somewhere?00:17
harlowjamake alt-install i think usually works00:17
harlowjaor is it altinstall, can't remember00:17
harlowjathats what i'd do00:18
barryyep, but then i had to create a 2.7 virtualenv, install the upstream virtualenv in that, and then create *another* virtualenv w/2.6.  ubuntu's virtualenv doesn't work with 2.6 even altinstalled00:18
barrywhich i suppose isn't surprising given how long ago ubuntu even supported 2.600:18
harlowjaya; probably i'd then tell the made python2.6 to execute https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py and then get 2.6 virtualenv and then go from there00:19
harlowjabut whatever works for u00:19
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smoserhm.. wrt 2.6, barry i saw (and it "seemed to work") http://askubuntu.com/questions/125342/how-can-i-install-python-2-6-on-12-0402:13
smoserthe 'deadsnakes' ppa has 2.3 -> 3.4 02:14
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barrysmoser: i guess harlowja isn't online atm.  my porting branch is done.  let me know if there's anything else you need from me.  i'd love to get it landed!15:51
smoserbarry, di you port oauth ?15:51
smoserand THANK YOU!.15:51
barrysmoser: i did indeed :)15:51
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harlowjabarry added some review comments on that big-one18:49
barryharlowja: looking18:49
harlowjaalright, bb, heading over to vmware for nova-mid-cycle meetup stuffs18:52
harlowjaok backs19:28
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harlowjabarry thx; looks pretty good to me23:49
barryharlowja: \o/23:49
harlowjalets see if anyone else wants to look it over :-P23:49
barrymaybe smoser?23:49
harlowjaya, likely, ha23:57

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