katcowallyworld_: fyi: https://github.com/wallyworld/juju/pull/400:49
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wallyworld_katco: ta, looking, was talking to mr horatio01:08
katcowallyworld_: no rush01:08
wallyworld_axw: also ^^^^^^01:08
axwcool, will look after standup01:14
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axwwallyworld_: your latest push to storage-get appears to have lots of unrelated changes03:31
axwehh.. but it's submitted03:32
wallyworld_axw: i rebased and pushed and now the diff shows all the commits prior03:32
wallyworld_the commits it shows were those to master from the time i branched to now03:32
axwwallyworld_: are you reusing that because you're doing a PR to the feature branch?03:32
wallyworld_yeah, i wanted to commit to both master and feature branch. but i had to rebase because of the uniter facade changes03:33
wallyworld_both master and featuure branch now have storage get03:33
wallyworld_the diff is noisy, but the code is good03:33
wallyworld_without the rebase, there were conflicts03:34
wallyworld_and i wanted to resolves those now, early03:34
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axwwallyworld_: can you get quassel to highlight when there's unread notifications?04:09
axwI mean, when you have quassel minimised04:09
wallyworld_the little white arrow goes blue04:09
axwxchat overlays on the icon with the number of unread notifications04:09
wallyworld_on the unity launcher04:09
axwhuh, I don't see anything like that04:09
wallyworld_i don't *think* quassel has unity integration ootb04:10
wallyworld_so on my unity launcher icon04:10
wallyworld_there's a little white triangle to the left, representing how many open instances there are04:10
wallyworld_this is for any programme04:10
wallyworld_for quassell, that triangle goes blue04:10
wallyworld_when there's a notification04:10
axwwallyworld_: can you please mention my nick in 30s?04:11
wallyworld_maybe there's a unity plugin, not sure04:11
wallyworld_axw: you are awesome04:11
axwwallyworld_: ;p04:11
wallyworld_did it work?04:11
axwit's very difficult to see the difference on my monitor :(04:11
axwteeny weeny little arrow04:12
wallyworld_maybe you canuse unity tweak tool to change the colour04:12
axwwill take a look, thanks04:12
wallyworld_i would also love better integration04:12
anastasiamacaxw: wallyworld_: u r both awesome :D04:20
axwwallyworld_: https://github.com/wallyworld/juju/pull/704:26
axwwallyworld_: all tests pass locally04:26
axwwallyworld_: I think we should change storage-get to be a bit more like relation-get, and pass the storage instance ID in as a flag04:32
axwwallyworld_: which defaults to the hook.Info's StorageId04:32
katcoaxw: hey i have to get to bed pretty quick, but i wanted to get some clarification while you're on. got a sec?04:32
wallyworld_axw: sure, sounds reasonable04:33
axwkatco: certainly04:33
katcoaxw: ty :) if the devices aren't necessarily created in the same session, where should the volume id's be persisted?04:33
axwkatco: volume IDs will be stored in state. we need to map them back to the volumes without relying on in-process state. if you had to you could create a local file to persist state (since it's all bound to the one machine anyway), but I think we might be able to just get away with encoding information in the volume ID04:35
axwkatco: namely, the loop device name, /dev/loopN04:36
katcoaxw: ah i see. is that considered a temp. work-around, or can that really supplant storage in state?04:36
katco(i.e. what should i work towards?)04:37
wallyworld_axw: the  WatchStorageInstances api can be moved to the v2 uniter facade04:37
axwkatco: whatever you can do to make it stateless (process-wise) is fine. I'd prefer if we encode info in the volume ID if possible04:38
wallyworld_now that we have that facade04:38
axwwallyworld_: can I just do that when it comes to merging with trunk? there's going to be lots of changes anyway04:38
katcoaxw: okie doke, i'll try that. gives me something to go on for tomorrow04:38
axwkatco: cheers04:38
katcoaxw: wallyworld_ anastasiamac goodnight tanzanite. have a great rest of the day04:39
axwgood night04:39
katcoand good night to everyone else as well :)04:39
anastasiamackatco: u 2! c u soon :D04:39
wallyworld_axw: + StorageIds set.Strings `yaml:"storage-ids,omitempty"`  <- we were going with a single storage id per hook right?04:43
wallyworldaxw: ah ffs, my connection dropped, did you see any of my stuff recently?04:45
axwwallyworld: I saw your message about storage-ids04:45
axwwallyworld: was about to reply :)04:45
wallyworldah good04:45
axwwallyworld: that is state for recording which storage instances have changed; we cycle through them firing off storage-X hooks for them individually04:46
wallyworldah right ok04:46
wallyworldmy uniter foo is not very good04:46
wallyworldaxw: pr looks ok to me (but william should really comment). question save me checking code - is the storage watcher implementation based on our standard patterns for watchers used previously?04:47
axwwallyworld: I think so? that's also going to change04:48
axwwallyworld: it's currently watching storage instances, it should be watching attachments04:48
axwwallyworld: this is not meant to be quality, just enough to work04:49
wallyworldyep :-)04:49
wallyworldmerge it i reckon04:49
axwwallyworld: thanks. you'll need to, I don't have write access04:49
wallyworldah balls, i'll see if i can change that04:50
axwwallyworld: it's your user, you probably don't want to do that04:50
wallyworldwell, i was going to trust you guys :-)04:50
wallyworldi thouh i could enable write acess to a branch only04:50
axwI wouldn't trust me not to break it :)04:50
wallyworldbut merged now anyway04:51
wallyworldi almost expect breakages atm04:51
menn0waigani: here's the apiserver change that is required avoid the panics I was seeing with multi-envs05:02
waiganimenn0: swap you: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/805/05:03
menn0waigani: looking05:04
menn0waigani: Ship It (just one non-issue comment)05:06
waiganimenn0: thanks, reading through yours. I haven't worked with connecting/closing an API connection before - so I may be learning more than reviewing05:08
menn0waigani: leave it if you were planning on finishing up, or if the review is too much of a distraction from what you're supposed to be doing05:09
menn0waigani: I'm about to finish up now anyway05:10
waiganimenn0: okay, can we talk over the presence watcher tomorrow?05:10
menn0waigani: and Tim's best placed to review that PR. it's changing some stuff he implemented.05:10
menn0waigani: sure05:10
waiganimenn0: I've started reading it, so I might just finish for my own benefit if no one elses05:11
menn0waigani: k thanks05:12
menn0waigani: well I'm off. see you tomorrow05:12
waiganimenn0: night05:12
wallyworldaxw: free for a chat?05:16
axwwallyworld: sorry, eating05:31
wallyworldsure, no hurry05:31
axwwallyworld: see you in 1:105:35
anastasiamacof course - feel very special :D05:42
wallyworldlol, anastasiamac typed into the wrong window :-)05:43
axwwallyworld_: so I'm quite close to getting the hooks working... then it just dawned on me that using the subordinate isn't going to work until we have dynamic storage working07:54
axwwallyworld_: subordinates don't get deployed until after the machine is started07:54
wallyworld_ah balls, yes07:54
wallyworld_axw: i just put up a pr https://github.com/wallyworld/juju/pull/807:55
wallyworld_we'll have to think of a different way to demo07:55
axwwallyworld_: looking07:55
axwwallyworld_: yep. I'll take a look at the cassandra charm, it looked pretty easily to modify too07:56
axwtho I think it might've wanted filesystems not block devices ..07:56
wallyworld_once this current work lands, we can hook up again to agree what needs doing next07:56
axwwallyworld_: reviewed08:04
axwyou've been busy :)08:04
wallyworld_axw: yeah, wish i was just focussed on storage08:05
wallyworld_thanks fr review08:05
axwwallyworld_: cassandra wants fs. I'm going to look how much is involved in changing ceph-osd, and how demonstrable it is08:07
jamfwereade: how goes?08:16
fwereadejam, hmm, not bad, I'm a bit blocked on How To Do Something Right at the moment, but I'll get there :) how about you?08:36
jamwallyworld_: are you seeing a lot of messages about be leaving and rejoining?09:03
jamI set up a proxy server, and I'm trying to figure out if it is spamming you guys, or just me. (my internet seems to kill SSL connections every 5-10 minutes for some reason.)09:03
axwjam: nope09:04
jamaxw: thanks. So the proxy is working as I had hoped.09:05
wallyworld_jam: there's a kernel bug that keeps killing my network card :-(09:08
jamwallyworld_: ouch09:08
wallyworld_only solution is to reboot09:08
wallyworld_happens randomly and sometimes a lot, sometime a little09:08
wallyworld_atm, it's a lot :-(09:08
jamapparently it is scaring waigani and dimitern as well :)09:09
dimiternjam, wow what's that? :)09:11
jamdimitern: just that alot of people are bouncing on IRC09:11
dimiternjam, ah, well I haven't noticed affecting me as much09:13
dimiternwallyworld_, there's no useful info about bug 1413910 btw09:33
mupBug #1413910: 1.21-rc1: Ambiguous resolution of private-address <network> <openstack-provider> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1413910>09:33
wallyworld_oh, that's sad. i didn't look too closely09:33
dimiternwallyworld_, no logs etc. who should I ask for more details?09:33
dimiternjamespage, can you provide more info about that bug please? ^^09:34
wallyworld_ask on the bug, or ping james directly09:34
dimiternwallyworld_, cheers, sorry for the grumpiness - i've just had my coffee09:35
wallyworld_dimitern: what? i didn't notice anything wrong :-)09:35
wallyworld_i just appreciated that look looked at it09:35
dimiternwallyworld_, :) ok, np - will try to figure out what's wrong09:36
wallyworld_thanks :-) i can get involved a bit tomorrow or next day if needed09:36
dimiternok, cool09:38
wallyworld_axw: i updated the pr to add pool validation in the constraints validation method, plus unified the pool creation09:40
wallyworld_also unexposed the config translation09:41
axwwallyworld_: cool, thanks09:41
jamespagedimitern, sure09:42
jamespageI can repro that easily09:42
jamespagedimitern, in the specific case, the instance has multiple network interfaces onto the same openstack network09:44
jamespagedimitern, juju appears to switch which ip address is the one associated with 'unit-get private-address'09:44
jamespagedimitern, ok - so how do I get a 1.21 environment running now?09:50
jamespageI can do 1.20 and 1.22-beta109:51
wallyworld_jamespage: 1.21 should be in trusty proposed09:53
jamespagewallyworld_, ta09:59
dimiternjamespage, thanks for the update, however I'd appreciate to look at some logs if possible10:02
jamespagedimitern, working on that for you now10:04
axwwallyworld_: cool, thanks10:11
axwignore :)10:11
axwwallyworld_: I've had to fix a bunch of stuff to do with the uniter, get the Location set on storage instances, and have made some more tweaks to storage-get10:12
axwslow going, but nearly there I think10:12
wallyworld_great, i can review when done10:13
wallyworld_i was pondering the dirty hack to get loop devices provisioned10:13
jamespagedimitern, now I can't reproduce...10:18
wallyworld_axw: the spec says each env provider has a default block device source, and cites EBS volumes for AWS. that still needs to be done. and even if there's a default block device source registered, if that fails to provision, i wonder if loop on rootfs should be used in an emergency10:19
axwwallyworld_: I'd rather defer any plans around fallback, it gets messy very quickly10:20
axwwe should be retrying if it fails10:20
wallyworld_ok, but i can reasonably implement default block device sources10:21
axwwallyworld_: yes, that would be great10:21
wallyworld_so EBS for AWS, loop for local10:21
wallyworld_that will do for now for the demo10:21
axwwallyworld_: yup. magnetic ebs specifically10:21
wallyworld_well, the "ebs" pool doesn't specify volume type10:22
wallyworld_"ebs-ssd" does10:22
wallyworld_perhaps i should add explicit volume type10:22
wallyworld_to the "ebs" pool10:22
axwwallyworld_: maybe, though the default is magnetic if unspecified.10:23
wallyworld_that will do10:23
dimiternjamespage, ok, please let me know if you manage to repro it10:26
jamespagedimitern, marked the bug invalid - I've tried three different ways with no luck10:27
dimiternjamespage, cheers!10:28
wallyworld_axw: here's the default pool implementation https://github.com/wallyworld/juju/pull/911:37
voidspacedimitern: https://github.com/dimitern/juju/pull/611:52
axwwallyworld_: having dinner, will bbl to take a look12:06
wallyworld_axw: no hurry at all12:07
wallyworld_just letting you know12:07
axwwallyworld_: LGTM12:20
wallyworld_ty, will look12:21
axwwallyworld_: I hit a snag with Ceph earlier :/  it wants me to reboot the server before the disks can be used12:21
axwwhich I don't think will go down well with EC212:21
wallyworld_oh joy12:21
wallyworld_sounds pretty dumb12:21
axwwallyworld_: I haven't finished looking into it, it may be something I can work around12:22
axwwallyworld_: otherwise I can try to hack the FS mounting code tomorrow12:22
wallyworld_let's hope so12:22
axwso we can use Cassandra or something else12:23
wallyworld_FS would be great, as then we could look at the transcode charm12:23
wallyworld_well, shared is needed12:23
axwno, that needs shared...12:23
axwshared needs a model change12:23
wallyworld_might be able to hack something up though12:23
axwmaybe, I'll ponder12:23
wallyworld_even if it's not properly modelled as shared and the charms are just given a different mount point12:24
wallyworld_anyways, got to get the basics working first12:24
anastasiamacperrito666: o/12:56
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hazmatany mess folks around?15:07
hazmatlooks like its still pretty raw.. getting panics calling out to create15:15
* hazmat moves on15:15
hazmatare people still working on the action specs?16:24
* hazmat scans prs and finds one16:25
rick_h_hazmat: they've been landing/etc and have a demo charm setup https://github.com/binary132/actions-demo16:39
hazmatrick_h_, cool, just concerned with the api oddities on it16:40
rick_h_hazmat: yea, raise hell now as it's in feature frozen 1.22 I believe that had a beta go out today? /me had too much email today16:41
hazmattype: object .. wierd nesting of parameters16:42
ahasenackhi githubbers, is it possible to attach a file to a github issue? Or just images?16:42
rick_h_ahasenack: drag/drop it and see? I think it does but can't recall16:42
ahasenackrick_h_: " Unfortunately, we don't support that file type. Try again with a PNG, GIF, or JPG. "16:43
hazmatahasenack, not really. images.. or typically link to gist link for text16:43
rick_h_ahasenack: :(16:43
ahasenackhazmat: thanks16:44
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rogpeppei'd appreciate it if someone could review this godeps change (and preferably QA it), because it runs some risk of killing all the CI bots... https://codereview.appspot.com/19711004318:00
rogpeppewallyworld_: perhaps you might want to take look?18:01
rogpeppesinzui, mgz: you also, i suspect, use godeps a fair amount. i'd be interested in your take on it18:02
sinzuirogpeppe, interesting. I just wrote something like that for testing18:02
rogpeppesinzui: i've been looking for some solution in this space for a while, as we've got a bunch of projects with different dependencies files18:03
rogpeppesinzui: please have a play with it and see if it this feature can meet your needs in this area18:04
sinzuiyour rules look similar to mine. including the warning on conflict18:04
rogpeppesinzui: that's a good sign :)18:07
rogpeppesinzui: i'm considering a rule (perhaps optionally enabled) to consider also the version of the project in which each dependency file lives as a dependency18:13
rogpeppesinzui: i *think* that might make intuitive sense18:15
sinzuirogpeppe, yes, that is challenging. I was thinking the same to ensure we aren't errantly mixing versions18:15
sinzuiI am writing up my use case in my thanks for your changes.18:15
rogpeppesinzui: the way i was considering doing it was to implicitly insert a dependencies.tsv file after each one explicitly specified, holding the project info for the previous dependencies.tsv18:16
rogpeppesinzui: that sounds useful, thanks18:16
jw4hazmat: about actions API - can you tell us more about your concerns?18:19
jw4hazmat: I know it looks ugly, but what you've pasted is an example of an action specification, which is essentially arbitrary - at the charmers discretion18:21
hazmatjw4, the presentation is completely inane and that's not charmers, thats the api18:24
jw4hazmat: don't beat around the bush; how do you really feel?18:24
jw4hazmat: ;)18:24
natefinchperrito666: you have an OSX machine, right?18:25
hazmatjw4, why are properties nested under params.. everything else next to properties is effectively api garbage.18:25
hazmatjw4, at a sibling level.. type: object, description duplicated, title, etc.18:25
jw4hazmat: what that result is depicting is a specification of the kinds of actions and associated parameters that the charm can perform18:26
hazmatjw4, i know i'm in good company ;-)18:26
hazmatjw4, i know what its describing18:26
hazmatjw4, but the structure of that output is nonsensical18:26
hazmatjw4, see how under ie. drop params, and bring properties up a level18:27
jw4hazmat: I see - I would love some help on improving it18:27
hazmatjw4, everything else there under params besides properties is basically a leaky implementation or duplicate info18:27
perrito666natefinch: I sort of do, my wife has18:27
hazmatjw4, also default around most apis is capital 'Results'18:27
hazmatthere's massive api consistency.. but fixing each bit helps18:28
jw4hazmat: sure.. I know this is a bit of a big ask, but would you be willing to mock up an example of how you think it should look?18:28
jw4hazmat: I know we've already simplified bits of this by getting rid of duplicate or redundant info18:29
jw4hazmat: but an example of what you'd like to see would help if you have a bit of time18:29
natefinchperrito666: ok, no big deal. There's a bug about OSX, but it honestly probably doesn't require OSX to fix....  https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/1.21/+bug/141480018:30
mupBug #1414800: OSX versionpanic: osVersion reported an error: unknown series <osx> <regression> <juju-core 1.21:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1414800>18:30
jw4hazmat: fwiw, the actual spec is pretty light on these kinds of details18:30
hazmatjw4, re example18:31
hazmatjw4, drop the existing params, bring propeties up and rename as params or config.18:32
jw4hazmat: +1 (I think we did that elsewhere already)18:32
hazmatjw4, couldn't say i'm just running trunk from today.18:32
rogpeppesinzui: i'm done for the day now. thanks in advance for your comments on the review.18:33
jw4hazmat: when you mentioned capitalized Results are you referring to: {u'results': [  becoming {u'Results': [18:33
hazmatjw4, yes .. that's more consistent with the rest of the api if its capitalized 'Results'18:34
jw4hazmat: +118:34
jw4hazmat: I'll add a card to our kanban to fix this and bring it up with our team18:35
hazmatjw4, cool, thanks18:35
jw4hazmat: I appreciate the feedback - please feel free to bring up anything else that looks inane :)18:36
hazmatjw4, np, ... oh.. more thing.. client watch for actions completions.. polling is a bit silly, but that's additive not transformative.18:37
hazmatideally just injected into allwatcher which is what most clients use18:38
jw4hazmat: I see - we do have a card outstanding for updating the allwatcher18:38
jw4hazmat: thanks18:38
hazmatjw4, thank you.. cheers18:39
jw4hazmat: cheers18:39
bachi sinzui19:13
sinzuihi back19:14
natefinchok, well, time to go rake the roof while it's still light out.19:35
natefinchbackport of a fix for yosemite to 1.21 is here if anyone has time: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/809/19:35
natefinchanastasiamac: ^^19:35
natefinch(super simple, luckily)19:36
perrito666did he say rake the roof?19:45
jw4perrito666: lol19:46
natefinchheh... when you get 3 feet of snow, it's best to get some of it off the roof (just about to go do it).  There's a thing called a roof rake for this job... probably not necessary in your neck of the woods, perrito666 ;)  Looks like this: http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/1000/66/6657ac9f-d400-4469-9f64-1d5957d8b873_1000.jpg19:47
natefinchok, going now :)19:47
perrito666natefinch: nope, half of the roofs here are not even inclined19:48
perrito666I am a bit surprised there is no electrical gizmo to prevent that19:48
jw4anastasiamac: I noticed your 'laconic' comment yesterday, but didn't realize it was on my PR :)19:54
jw4anastasiamac: thanks for the review; I'll update19:55
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sinzuinatefinch, I commented on your PR. I am not a reviewer so I don't mind if you ignore me19:58
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jw4OCR PTAL : http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/801/20:13
jw4^^ Add 'running' status and start time to Actions20:13
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bodie_hazmat, not sure if you got an explanation, but the top-level values under the 'actions' key (Params and Description) are keys for Juju's usage, belonging to Juju's action schema type; the values under "Params" are a one-for-one JSON-Schema mapping which is used by the schema lib verbatim to enforce param typing20:57
bodie_basically, the JSON-Schema may be used by the frontend, and Go clients, the worker, etc, can use the Juju type's values without having to dig into the JSON-Schema or check whether it has nested keys present, etc20:59
hazmatbodie_, ah.. that helps explain type: object syntax, though not the redundancy exposed to users. Params would logically correspond to the params defined in actions.yaml..20:59
hazmatexcept they don't20:59
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bodie_right; that's a request from fwereade due to the fact that requiring it to be verbatim JSON-Schema causes the simplest (single depth) schemas to be overly complicated to write21:00
bodie_the transform is specified on the docs site.  I'm not a huge fan, but it does make the writing of simple actions cleaner21:00
hazmatbodie_, while jsonschema has some value (i'd love vocabs etc in charms).. as a one off its not clear because its different then everything else that defines configuration schemas in juju atm.21:01
hazmatbodie_, interesting so actions allow for complex value outputs?21:02
jw4hazmat: fwiw, the requirement for using jsonschema was from sabdfl directly21:02
bodie_yeah.... I think we were hoping to roll more things (config at least) over to use the same technique, but we definitely want refinement and clarification brought to bear on it21:02
hazmatjw4, i recall21:02
hazmatjw4, well now i do.. looking at the api output.. i was .. well unclear would be nice ;-)21:03
hazmatbodie_, thanks21:04
bodie_I think the ideal way to handle it in clients is actually to use the service JSON-Schema to define the UI21:04
hazmatrick_h_, ^ this on your radar?21:04
rick_h_hazmat: reading backlog, otp sec21:05
bodie_the other keys (Description at the moment) could be fleshed out to include other things, like revision, or whatever might be needed by Juju specifically21:05
bodie_not sure if that helps clarify intent21:05
bodie_and yeah, not totally certain those need to be exposed to the user, the redundancy is confusing21:06
hazmatbodie_, it does.. but it only really works.. if the uis  do adopt it on top of maintaining their existing interfaces ontop of config schemas, else its unclear21:06
jw4hazmat: yeah - the UI team has been somewhat involved and should be acquainted with the plans to use the JSON-Schema to build the UI21:07
jw4hazmat: we'll see if rick_h_ concurs ;-p21:07
bodie_there's a JS lib that makes UIs out of JSON-Schemas21:07
bodie_s/UIs/UI elements/21:08
rick_h_jw4: bodie_ hazmat we had instruction to use https://github.com/jdorn/json-editor to build the actions UX from json-schema per sabdfl suggestion which we thought was good21:08
rick_h_anything that could be expressed in jsonschema we could build a UI around21:08
hazmatrick_h_, did the subject come of up of retrofitting charm and env config with the same?21:08
rick_h_and it's a push for a standards based approach to data types across juju with the spearhead being actions as greenfield work21:09
hazmatcool, yeah.. this was capetown last year..21:09
rick_h_the goal was to test and push through with actions with juju charm config being updated as a follow up21:09
rick_h_it's been a requirement from the start and we've been down this road a few times of trying to ditch it, but it fails to take the longer term idea into practice21:09
rick_h_if it's not there, it needs super reasons and sabdfl sign-off imo21:10
anastasiamacjw4: natefinch: u've pingd me at 5am. still 7am here -m taking kids to school. will look l8r :)21:13
jw4anastasiamac: nothing important - cheers21:15
anastasiamacjw4: thnx :D21:15
bodie_hazmat, just to make sure you saw, the basic transform here might help make more sense of what happens to actions.yaml21:16
bodie_hazmat, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-charm-actions.html#simple-yaml-transform-example21:16
hazmatbodie_, noted.. although the other confusing bit is renaming parameters to properties and reusing params for something else.. maybe rename the top level params to schema21:22
bodie_hazmat, yeah, I think that would likely more sense.  TLDR: use the value of the "Params" key to interact with libs that use json-schema.21:23
hazmatbodie_, ie the top level object under params is actually not a param its the action itself21:23
bodie_brb a sec21:24
hazmatjust a repost of previous for context21:24
hazmatyeah.. meetings over here.21:24
natefinchperrito666, wwitzel3, ericsnow: any of you guys have nothing to do tonight and happen to be free at 8:30pm eastern?  There's a meeting with cloudbase, totally not mandatory, but if you happened to be available, it would be cool to have someone there, otherwise alexis will do it on her own (which she said is fine).21:50
ericsnownatefinch: unfortunately not21:50
natefinchericsnow: no problem... I wouldn't expect you to be free at 6:30 your time :)21:50
natefinchericsnow: I'm skipping out too, just figured I'd ask in case someone had a boring night in planned... pretty much never applicable for homes with kids.21:51
natefinchperrito666: not the best picture, but here's the results of me "raking the roof": https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t35.0-12/10951050_10152991996797348_1941075273_o.jpg?oh=820150bca86087f75043727217b74699&oe=54CA916F&__gda__=1422491522_a043b88ea0ceb52a051d1f3f2aa89eba22:04
menn0thumper: quick review please: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/808/22:19
* thumper looks22:19
menn0this is the apiserver state cleanup change we discussed yesterday22:20
menn0thumper: I just added some tests at anastasiamac's suggestion22:20
menn0thumper: the thing that really slowed me down is that I didn't realise that sometimes the server is serving an apiRoot and other times it is serving an apiHandler. Kill and Clean had to be implemented on both.22:22
thumpernit: Clean vs CleanUp ?22:22
thumpermenn0: thoughts?22:22
menn0thumper: I was trying to stick with the Go convention of *er interfaces22:23
menn0and Cleanuper sounds bad22:23
thumperfine with Cleaner and CleanUp22:23
thumperI don't like the 'er' always22:23
thumperit doesn't always fit22:23
menn0thumper: I thought you'd pick up on that :)22:23
menn0thumper: I'll change it22:24
thumperalthough I agree that Cleanuper is dumb22:24
menn0thumper: CleanUp or Cleanup?22:24
* thumper thinks22:24
thumpermost our existing code uses Cleanup22:25
thumperso probably go with consistency22:26
menn0thumper: apparently "cleanup" is a word in American and Canadian English22:26
menn0thumper: so I think it's fine22:26
menn0I prefer Cleanup22:26
thumpergo with that22:26
thumperlove this: Australian and New Zealand publications are inconsistent on the matter.22:27
menn0thumper: basically we can't decide who we're better friends with :)22:29
menn0thumper: fixed. pushing and merging now.22:33
perrito666well here I was mockig nate because he has to rake his roof and here I am now trying to stop wather from entering my kitchen22:41
perrito666gotta love subtropical summer, the only thing stopping a heat wave is a flooding rain :p22:42
menn0perrito666: ha :)22:46
wallyworld_perrito666: has the rain washed away the present you were going to leave under my tree?22:46
perrito666wallyworld_: nope, but still working on it, albeit interrupted by things like a new hole I just saw in my roof22:47
wallyworld_oh no22:47
perrito666back, hole fixed by correct placement of kitchen hardware22:48
perrito666man i really want to fix that but i need to wait for the summer to end22:48
wallyworld_buy a bigger bucket to put under it22:49
perrito666wallyworld_: I think I want to replace the house instead22:50
perrito666I need to put epoxi paint on the roof, but that requires a given amount of days without rain, which cannot be granted in summer22:50
wallyworld_always an issue22:51
perrito666wallyworld_: well, I will eventually fix it summer gotta end eventually22:51
wallyworld_unless global warming changes things22:51
perrito666wallyworld_: oh, its changing things, but that does not include rain cycle so far22:52
perrito666I wish there was a way to emulate rains on my roof to discover these issues in winter22:52
wallyworld_it's called a hose22:54
perrito666wallyworld_: trust me, you need a bit more than a hose to make these rains up22:54
wallyworld_i figured, was being facetious :-)22:55
thumperwwitzel3: ping23:08
=== kadams54 is now known as kadams54-away
anastasiamacmenn0: thnx for the test :D23:12
anastasiamacmenn0: the more the merrier23:12
menn0anastasiamac: usually :)23:13
=== kadams54-away is now known as kadams54

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