manchickenStupid wifi notification won't go away.01:16
manchickenI can't think of anything to do.02:07
valoriemanchicken: from earlier: 16:47] <sitter> [18:01:17] anyone with vivid who wants to test 5.2.0?02:58
valoriesitter is offline, Riddell is out, etc.02:58
manchickenI'm online02:59
manchickenI asked earlier but they were out then. I sent an email.02:59
valorieanyway, that one ask is all I saw in the backlog03:00
valorieand I've not upgraded to vivid yet03:00
manchickenI'm on vivid. It's got some weird issues still.03:02
manchickenWhich is - of course - expected.03:02
manchickenNo show stoppers, just major annoyances.03:02
manchickenNotifications for wifi are completely nuts. I've had this wifi notification popup on my screen since I first connected. It won't go away.03:03
valorieI sometimes know how to fix/get around issues, but am no expert03:03
valoriewhich is why I'm holding back03:03
manchickenWhere's your sense of adventure?03:03
valorieI have no backup machine right now03:03
valorieand actually, need to do a backup of /home on this one too03:04
valorienot enough hours in the day, really03:04
manchickenI'm backing up my mobile now so I can reset it. Lollipop really harmed performance for me, I'm going to see if resetting it will help.03:04
SonikkuAmericaClue me in: Is the "14.12.0" for the PPA that downgrades to KDE 4?05:37
valoriethere is a ppa that downgrades?05:40
valoriehow can that even be possible?05:41
SonikkuAmericaMaybe "downgrade" is the wrong word...05:42
valorieit's vivid, according to http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_14.12.0_vivid.html05:42
SonikkuAmericaI meant the KDE version, not Kubuntu itself05:42
valoriekeep in mind that "14.12.0" is the applications05:43
valorienothing to do with plasma 5 or frameworks 5 in the numbering05:43
SonikkuAmericaLol, clumsy me can't read the description. :P05:44
valoriethere is an email on release-team and K-c-d about it05:46
* valorie wouldn't touch it yet....05:46
valoriecalled "Apps 14.12 release aftermath / Running KF5 apps in KDE 4"05:46
valorieof course we're not shipping "kde4" in vivid05:47
SonikkuAmericaSo this is the PPA for Apps 14.12 ... feels a bit like Ubuntu GNOME where all the extra GNOME apps (that arguably give GNOME that, well, pure GNOME look and feel) get stuck in (at least) one PPA05:49
SonikkuAmericaWhoa! Why does whoopsie have a hard dependency on an old version of libwhoopsie0?05:52
SonikkuAmericadepends on 0.2.39 but installed version is 0.2.4405:53
valorieoooo, please file a bug report05:53
SonikkuAmericaWill do immediately.05:53
valoriesitter will want to know about that05:53
valorieninjas is very early stuff, SonikkuAmerica05:54
valoriewe're not even to beta with Vivid05:54
SonikkuAmericaWell, with this at least we can fix one problem with in-place upgrades05:55
SonikkuAmericaI could also check the daily-build contents as well05:56
SonikkuAmerica(I would assume the correct assertion would be in there)05:56
valorieI want to be able to upgrade, yeah05:56
valorienot brave enough to do it yet05:57
SonikkuAmericaWell I test in odd and weird situations, so I guess this is one for you guys at Kubuntu dev team to munch on.05:57
SonikkuAmericaI actually spotted where the mismatch originated. Apparently the version of whoopsie in vivid is still pointing to the version of libwhoopsie0 used in Utopic05:58
valoriethese guys are doing so incredibly much at the same time06:00
valoriethanks so much for reporting the bug06:00
SonikkuAmericaAlso I should mention that I already made the switch to systemd06:06
valorieworking well for you?06:08
SonikkuAmericaAbsolutely. (I had experience messing with it in ArchLinux with GNOME.) Learned the ins and outs of creating .service files too while I was at it06:08
* SonikkuAmerica is picking up a 15.04 Alpha 2 image for a clean install06:09
valoriebe sure to report your results to the qa tracker06:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1414899 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "whoopsie cannot be installed on upgrade to vivid (hard dependency on libwhoopsie0 0.2.39)" [Undecided,New]06:14
valoriethank you, SonikkuAmerica06:15
soeegood morning07:13
Riddellhi soee 07:14
Riddellwell my e-mail is back working today, I wonder how many I've missed and how many mailing lists I've unsubscribed from07:15
soeehihi, Riddell do you have yesterdays history ? I posted 2 paste.ubuntu.com links with Plasma 5.2 upgrades problems07:15
Riddellah libkwinxrenderutils5 -> libkwinxrenderutils6 transition07:19
Riddellok I'll tidy that up07:19
lordievaderGood morning.07:33
=== greyback__ is now known as greyback
sitterI always marvel at the ppa-build-status script09:42
Riddellsitter: so what to do with all these backports?09:47
Riddellsitter: are they ready for testing and moving to kubuntu-ppa/next-backports?09:47
sitterstaging utopic still09:48
sittershadeslayer didn't run the backport :@09:48
sitterRiddell: vivid is good for testing though09:49
sitterminus the not released bits, minus muon (deps still stuck in proposed), minus bludevil (bluez5 migration, when is that happening anyway?)09:49
Riddellsitter: bluez, rather like qt, seems to be stuck on unity crap09:52
Riddellhassle didrocks about it https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ubuntu/transitions/+packages09:52
sitterkubotu: order vodka09:52
* kubotu slides vodka down the bar to sitter09:52
Riddellnot until midday!09:53
sitterbluez - blocked; qt - blocked; packagekitqt - blocked; telepathy-qt - blocked;09:54
* sitter fails to read the build-status script09:55
Riddellwhich happens in a large project with lots of different dependencies, it just seems to happen a lot now, and it kindae predictable with canonical wanting to write their own desktop that they don't have the resources to look after all of it09:56
sitterI totally fixed it at some point, why is it broken again -.-09:56
sitterRiddell: nm /minor/ release landed some 1.5 years after its upstream release :P09:56
sitteron the plus side I have been told nm 1.0 ought to land in vivid as well09:57
Riddellsitter: minor release of what?09:59
sitterwhich I reckon isn't really minor considering it is networkmanager xD10:00
Riddellkde-runtime uploaded with qapt depends removed, maybe that'll get muon into the archive10:07
Riddellsitter: for the trello, what is telepathy-qt blocked on again?10:07
* Riddell just puts "waiting on unity stuff"10:08
RiddellQuintasan: don't forget you're due to sort out ksnakeduel name10:09
sitterRiddell: canonical specific public API patches10:09
sitterI did not take a look since last time though, so maybe it can get unblocked but I distinctly remember that there was an API addition that didn't seem to map to any of the upstream changes10:10
Riddellmm yes10:10
sitterah ah ah10:10
* sitter blind10:10
sitterkfilemetadata and baloo are red because their versions are different10:11
Riddelld_ed: also said he'd look at upstreaming it but it's not like it's fun stuff to work on10:11
sittersuch smart script10:11
Riddellyes the script needs a fix there10:11
sitterI think this script needs more fixes than that10:11
Riddellwell yes10:11
sitterdoes python have a static global variable type?10:14
Riddellgoodness no10:15
Riddellbut that sounds mildly evil10:15
sitterwhat's wrong with having a variable that only is initialized once? :O10:16
Riddellglobal variables are usually frowned upon10:17
sitterRiddell: the important part is the staticness not the globalness :P10:18
sitterinterestingly I didn't need globalness anyway because the script is very efficient spagetthi holding everything in the main scope...10:18
Riddellkglobalaccel_5.6.0-1_amd64.changes is NEW  says Debian FTP masters10:26
sitterRiddell: when are you done with 5.2.0 release procedure?10:36
mitya57maxy uploaded lots of stuff in the last days10:36
Riddellsitter: wanting to tidy up the announce and make publish shortly10:40
Riddellsitter: why do you ask?10:40
sitterRiddell: I want to merge documentation fixes into releaseme10:40
sitterand then carry the entire thing into master10:40
Riddelloh go ahead10:40
Riddellbut I have a lot of plasma release crap in that branch so maybe make a plasma branch for me to keep that in?10:41
sitterRiddell: if you were to respond to my mail about plasma bits :P10:41
Riddellsitter: which one?10:41
sitterthe one were I said it should be rubeh :P10:42
sitterwell rubeh or yaml10:42
sitterI rather see the benefit in composing a meta release as a simple yaml config and have tarme deal with how to best get the things10:43
sitteranyway, before it goes to master I want to finish up manual configuration, the projects xml does not always scale as well as it should10:44
sitterRiddell: what goes into the next-backports ppa, I forgot10:56
Riddellsitter: utopic qt5/kf5/plasma5 backports11:00
Riddellwas my plan11:00
Riddelland applications too11:01
sitterwas there a reason not to put it into next?11:01
sitterah, qt54 possibly wouldn't be too good11:01
Riddellright, I'd worry that would break something11:01
sitterso we need update test from next to -> stage0+stage1+stage2+utopic-qt511:02
sitterapplications need to get split11:02
Riddelloh meh, faff11:02
sitterthe majority of them have nothing todo with next11:02
sitterRiddell: I don't get why muon doesn't migrate11:08
sittereverything is marked as valid candidate now11:08
sitteroh oh, driver-manager maybe11:09
sitterif britney output wasn't so atroxious11:10
sittermaybe even correctly spelled11:10
* sitter hungry11:10
shadeslayersitter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3otBjVZzT011:10
sitterRiddell: I think kde-runtime is blocking it11:15
sitterseems you uploaded a fix11:16
RiddellI did11:16
mitya57Hi shadeslayer, can you please quickly review http://mitya57.me/tmp/pkg-kde-tools_0.15.15ubuntu1_0.15.16ubuntu1.debdiff which I am going to upload?11:38
mitya57Most is trivial except maybe kf5.pm part11:38
mitya57Also qt-kde-team/1/policy.mk delta was mentioned in changelog, but was lost in previous uploads for some reason.11:39
Riddellsitter: tagme runs ruby at 100%cpu and doesn't seem to do much :(11:40
Riddellsitter: https://paste.kde.org/pcu7yfuay11:41
sitterRiddell: for how long?11:43
sitterit was still doing project resolution that can take a while11:43
sitterRiddell: you did not specify a name now did you?11:43
sitteroh with tagme you wouldn't11:43
sitterRiddell: are you sure your release_data is correct?11:44
sittercabbage juice was the worst idea ever11:46
=== kbroulik is now known as kbroulik-lunch
sitterRiddell: I think it is just really very slow11:47
sitterit does walk the entire xml document for each project11:48
Riddellsitter: yeah it's going now11:50
Riddellsorry for the noise11:50
sitterwell it is a bit of a problem11:52
sitteralas, not one that is necessarily easy to work out11:52
sitterthe problem is that release_data holds each invidiual project name, so where tarme would make one query "give me all workspace things", tagme needs to do "give me plasma-workspace, now give me plasma-desktop, now give me ksysguard..." and each of those need to traverse the entire xml because each of those identifiers could be either a component or a module or a project or a subproject of a project11:54
sitterit's why I raged about the projects xml when I redid the parser :P11:54
sitterthe probably best solution is to expand release_data, make it yaml or json and basically marshal the project class which encapsulates the information found in the xml11:55
sitterthat way nothing but tarme needs to even look at the xml11:55
sitteralternatively release_data could use the xml xpath thus making each of those queries an immediate hit through xpath lookup11:56
shadeslayermitya57: -DECM_MKSPECS_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/lib/12:09
shadeslayermitya57: that should really be in kf5flags12:09
shadeslayermitya57: I read that wrong12:09
shadeslayermitya57: so what happens to ECM_MKSPECS_INSTALL_DIR ?12:10
shadeslayeror not required?12:11
shadeslayermitya57: and FWIW we can keep the maintainer checking, the maintainers are combined now12:12
shadeslayerso it's Debian and Kubuntu Qt/KDE team12:12
shadeslayermorning sgclark :)12:14
yofelit's a mix of "Debian and Kubuntu" and "Debian and Ubuntu" and "Debian/Ubuntu" and maybe something else and sometimes there's a X-Ubuntu-Maintainer tag12:22
sitteron utopic something seems to drag in qt5.3 still12:25
Riddell!newversion choqok 1.512:26
ubottuRiddell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:26
Riddellkubotu: newversion choqok 1.512:26
mitya57shadeslayer: it was you who dropped ECM_MKSPECS_INSTALL_DIR option: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/pkg-kde-tools.git/commit/?id=1387e463e59a9bef12:36
shadeslayeraha cool12:37
mitya57(sorry, was afk)12:37
shadeslayerI'm awesome12:37
shadeslayermitya57: ship it12:37
mitya57shadeslayer: can I add back maintainer checking everywhere? (1,2,3)12:37
shadeslayermitya57: only in 312:37
shadeslayerI don't think our older packages have co maintainer ship with the Debian team12:38
shadeslayerso that'll fail there12:38
=== kbroulik-lunch is now known as kbroulik
sitterRiddell: utopic seems good for copy unless you want more testering?12:46
Riddellsitter: how about kate?12:48
sitterthat's applications12:49
Riddellsitter: what are you proposing to move?12:49
Riddellwhy not applications?12:49
sitterbecause I have not tested them12:50
sitteralso they need splitting IMO, no point in putting the kde4 apps into next12:50
RiddellI think apps should have all go into next-backports and kde4 ones into backports12:51
Riddellif you're ready to go with plasma-frameworks-qt then ok12:51
Riddelland we can fight over who gets to finish off applications12:52
sitterUnpacking kate5-data (4:14.12.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa1) ...12:52
sitterdpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kate5-data_4%3a14.12.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa1_all.deb (--unpack):12:52
sitter trying to overwrite '/usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/kate.png', which is also in package kate-data 4:4.14.1-0ubuntu112:52
sitterdpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)12:52
sitterI am not sure how that backport is supposed to work anyway12:52
sitterinstalling that will break dolphin and kdevelop and whatnot12:52
Riddellthe icon should be removed from kata-data is all12:52
sitterthat doesn't solve anything :P12:52
Riddellwell anyway that needs more testing and tidying as I say12:53
Riddellplasma 5.2 on vivid has the issue soee reported earlier with overlapping kwin libs http://paste.ubuntu.com/9885905/12:53
sitterif you install kate (kf5) it replaces kate (kdelibs4) and all things that use kpart(4) depend on kate so they'll be satisfied by the kf5 version but that has an incompatibru with kdelibs4 apps, so they have no katepart12:54
sittersame for konsole12:54
sitterRiddell: I blame that on you12:54
sitterfixed in git12:58
sitter  Uploading kwin_5.2.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa2_source.changes: done.12:59
sitterSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:59
Riddelltime to log out and see what breaks12:59
Riddellyay it works!13:01
Riddellsitter: let's coordinate on a plan?  plasma 5.2 needs uploaded to vivid? plasma-frameworks-qt backports copied over? apps backports need copied over?  who's doing what?13:02
BluesKajHey folks13:03
yofelRiddell: doesn't the app backport need testing first? (looking at what sitter posted above it doesn't seem to work?)13:10
sitterRiddell: apps needs fixing13:10
sitterplasma-framework-qt backport I am on13:10
* sitter writes script :O13:10
yofelalso, please only copy full PPA's so no packages get missed (like with the 4.14 precise backport)13:11
yofelif you copy subsets copy that somewhere else first and re-test that13:11
yofel(or at the very least, re-test *after* the copy has been done)13:12
sitterhence why I made 3 stages :P13:14
sitterRiddell: qtquick1 backport is still missing it appears :P13:14
sittershadeslayer: oauth gem is not threadsafe xd13:16
sittersuch bastard13:16
sittermutex all the things \o/13:16
shadeslayerMy mozilla CI scripts are becoming awesomer by the minute13:16
yofelis that "awesome" or "monkey awesome" ?13:17
sittermonkey patch all the things \o/13:17
shadeslayernot monkey patching13:17
shadeslayerI found this thing called filterdiff13:17
shadeslayerit is the most magical thing ever13:17
sitterfilterdiff used to be big in the days when people still used debdiff13:18
shadeslayerpeople still use debdiff13:18
sitteryeah, there's no need for filtering tho13:19
shadeslayersitter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9897989/13:20
shadeslayerso far13:20
shadeslayernot that it'll make any sense :P13:21
* sitter has threaded ppa copy \o/13:22
sitterall hail the mutex13:22
Riddellsitter: ok shall I upload plasma 5.2 to vivid?13:26
soeeyes :)13:26
sitterRiddell: all goody from my side13:32
sitterRiddell: while you are at it, maybe make muon migrate :P13:32
shadeslayersitter:  rewrite dci/mozilla.rb (91%)13:32
sitterit has no classes13:33
sitterI find this highly suspicous13:33
Riddellsitter: I'm trying! (on muon)13:33
shadeslayerdon't need no classes13:33
shadeslayersitter: though it feels like I'm writing C code now xD13:33
sitterbuild_* suggests otherwise13:33
shadeslayersitter: build_* ?13:33
sitterthe methods13:33
shadeslayersitter: what would you recommend13:34
sitterI see a buildthing prototype and specifics of the kind firefox and thunderbird, so there should at least be 2 classes and a module or 2 classes and one base13:34
sitter*base class13:34
shadeslayersitter: I'll spend some more time architechting it better I guess13:35
shadeslayerwhen I have time13:35
shadeslayerfor now this will do13:35
sitterlisten to robucop :P13:35
shadeslayerI did13:35
sitterif you have more than 10 lines of code in a method you are most likely cheating13:35
shadeslayerI feel that's stupid tbh13:36
shadeslayerthe 10 line limit13:36
sittersometimes it is13:36
sittermost of the times it actually isn't13:36
shadeslayersitter: so something like : MozBase, which does pull-lp-source, install build deps and what not, and then specific hacks go into firefox and tb classes?13:39
QuintasanRiddell: Sure.13:41
sitterRiddell: plasma-frameworks-qt copied, pending publication13:42
* sitter is tempted to say that we should continue using 3 stages moving forward13:43
sittermakes for much easier isolated testing, unfortunately dependency management on PPAs is a bit of a drag13:43
Riddellsitter: you didn't package plasma 5.2 bluedevil?13:44
sitterRiddell: bluez13:44
Riddellsitter: right but it can be backported and the vivid packages uploaded to transition ppa13:45
sitterRiddell: I feel a bit uneasy about that, should bluez5 not get landed we are in a world of trouble13:46
Riddellshrug, bluedevil for kdelibs4 doesn't do much on plasma 513:46
sittertrue enough, but if we backport we need to backport bluez5 which means if a next user then upgrades to vivid they still have bluez5 with potential screwery13:47
sitterRiddell: maybe assert bluez5 as a hard requirement for us?13:49
Riddellsitter: how do you mean?13:50
sitterRiddell: get foundations to commit to bluez5 landing in vivid, or did they do that anyway?13:51
sitterI understand only mobile is holding up the landing13:51
sitter14.10 libbluedevil uploading to staging13:51
shadeslayersitter: my linter doesn't seem to pick up variables that aren't defined13:52
shadeslayerany idea what I can use?13:52
sitterthere no such thing I think13:53
sittervariables can come from outofscope due to the non-finalized state of all objects, so until actual runtime there is no way to accurately tell whether a variable is defined13:54
sitterruby -w might tell you at runtime though13:54
shadeslayersitter: but then I have stupid shite like http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ci-tooling.git/commit/?id=8c69f9b885ec98ef389dc5c79acdb96ba6f5a3c513:55
sitterwhich plays back into the fact that you should unittest everything :P13:55
sittershadeslayer: write tests :P13:55
shadeslayercan't, tests would need root etc13:55
sitternot a good test wouldn't13:56
shadeslayercode needs root13:56
shadeslayerin certain parts13:56
shadeslayerlike apt-get update and stuff13:56
sitterI doubt that is ever going to change btw, new_changelog in that case could be a variable defined in the super scope, a module that you mixin, a class deriving from this context etc. etc. all of which can be different files13:56
sittershadeslayer: make it testable then?13:57
shadeslayernot sure how to do that, but I'll try13:58
sitteroverload Kernel::system in the test and make it noop for example13:58
sitterwould be naughty but that's one option for example13:58
sitterI think we'll eventually need a class/module wrapping around Apt anyway. for testing purposes you could then open up the class in the test case and make system noop, that way the noopness is limited to apt and doesn't interfer with anything else14:00
* sitter scratches head14:10
sitterstatus page script list for utopic is incomplete14:11
sitterRiddell: what do we do with kcm-touchpad and usermanager?14:14
sittershould I fetch new snapshots?14:15
shadeslayersitter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9898643/14:20
shadeslayersitter: makes me not want to use overlayfs14:20
Riddellsitter: leave them at beta for now14:22
Riddellkcm-touchpad will need an update but it needs testing and ktouchpadenabler removing14:22
sitterthere are no beta backports14:23
shadeslayerI broke a thing14:23
shadeslayeroh noes14:23
SonikkuAmericaSo I've got good news and bad news14:28
Riddellgood news is good14:28
SonikkuAmericaThe good news is, I have Plasma 5. The bad news is, I have a mixed system. I filed a bug as to the reason why already. But the other bad news is, the daily build threw me "invalid magic number" errors.14:30
SonikkuAmericaSo bug 1414899 , by the way14:31
ubottubug 1414899 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "whoopsie cannot be installed on upgrade to vivid (hard dependency on libwhoopsie0 0.2.39)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141489914:31
Riddell5.2.0 is uploaded to vivid14:36
Riddellincluding kwin
Riddellwhich we can ignore for utopic because utopic already has qt 5.4 which fixes the issue too14:37
shadeslayermitya57: re Qt 5.4 fixes for 5.3.2, I don't think it's worth the effort14:40
shadeslayermitya57: because we also want things like better high dpi support and what not14:40
shadeslayerwhich you can probably not backport14:41
sittershadeslayer: releaseme's upcoming logable module in case you want something reusable btw : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9898985/14:43
sittercan be mixed into other modules and classes alike14:43
shadeslayerjust put it in ci-tooling/lib ?14:47
sittershadeslayer: yeah14:48
sitterthis version has slightlyb etter output when used from class methods14:48
sitterthis one supports prepending properly xD14:49
sitternow I am done14:49
sitterRiddell: any reason not to pull a snapshot of user-manager/kcm-toucpad?14:51
shadeslayersitter: all that seems magic to me at the moment14:56
Riddellsitter: any reason to do so?14:57
Riddellsitter: ooh ooh [ubuntu/vivid] libqapt 3.0.0-0ubuntu2 (Accepted)14:58
mitya57shadeslayer: ok14:58
mitya57shadeslayer: in any case the patches needed for tray icons are already in vivid14:59
shadeslayermitya57: roger, thanks for that! :)14:59
SonikkuAmericaUm... is the MD5 checksum listed on cdimage.u.c correct for vivid Alpha 2?14:59
shadeslayerRiddell: btw I'll need your notes from Spanish class when I get back :P14:59
RiddellSonikkuAmerica: should be15:00
Riddellshadeslayer: que pasa, is all you need to know :)15:01
SonikkuAmericaRiddell: Then I should be very afraid - the image I just downloaded gave me a completely different MD5 sum15:01
RiddellSonikkuAmerica: which one?15:01
SonikkuAmericaVivid Alpha 215:01
* SonikkuAmerica is DL'ing a 2nd image into another dir to double-check15:01
Riddell>sha256sum vivid-desktop-amd64.iso15:02
Riddellc309ef229f2ddfa59a7db5f3a346b269e51054192be3246bf0407c4d2b5ff35d  vivid-desktop-amd64.iso15:02
Riddellsame as http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/15.04/alpha-2/SHA256SUMS15:02
sittershadeslayer: mh, the prepend and included functions are builtins called when one uses the include or prepend keywords on a thing, extend and include respectively then pull ClassMethods into the thing that includes or presend, and extend basically adds all the rubbish into class scope and include into instance scope15:02
sittersevere meta programming that is :P15:03
SonikkuAmericaI also got something different with the SHA256 sum. Probably a fluke then. The 2nd image should tell all now. > Riddell15:03
shadeslayersitter: don't try to explain it, I've only had 4 hours of sleep15:04
shadeslayerCards against humanity and the drinking went on for too long15:04
sitterlong story short: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9899270/15:04
sitteryou include the logable feature into any other thing and that other thing can then use the ClassMethods defined in the Logable15:04
sitteralas, the name there is right now misleading because the methods get imported into class and instance scope, as seen in the class B example there you can call log_warn from an instance method and a class method15:05
serverhamsterWill plasma 5.2 come to 14.10 too?15:05
sittershadeslayer, Riddell: whatever is this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/muon/4:5.2.0-0ubuntu1/+build/6754738/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-i386.muon_4%3A5.2.0-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:10
shadeslayersitter: aha15:10
shadeslayeroho 15:10
shadeslayersitter: mitya uploaded new pkg-kde-tools with policy check15:11
Riddell"debian_qt_kde.mk usage denied by policy..  Stop." gosh, harsh15:11
shadeslayermaybe you want to make muon shared between Debian and Kubuntu15:11
Riddellwaa, so everything is going to fail to compile?15:11
shadeslayerRiddell: no, unless you changed the maintainers15:11
Riddellit is isn't it?15:11
shadeslayerfrom Debian Qt/KDE team to whatever15:11
Riddelloh that does need fixed15:12
shadeslayerwhat needs fixed?15:12
sitterwe use Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE or something15:12
Riddellmaintainer is still jontheechidna for some reason15:13
Riddellhi manchicken!15:13
Riddellhow's life?15:13
manchickenI'll chat you.15:13
sitterRiddell: ah well, that's wrong to begin with then xD15:14
manchickenDoes anybody know how to get the wifi notifications to stop reappearing on vivid?15:18
manchickenOkay, Riddell, I'm on the server15:27
Riddellmanchicken: groovy, this is an ec2 cloud computer and we're sharing a screen, can you see it installing stuff?15:27
manchickenRunning that command now.15:27
Riddellyep, boybu is a nice setup for GNU Screen15:28
Riddellmanchicken: what would you like to package today?15:28
manchickenWhat's the ^A?15:28
Riddellchoqok seems to have a new release15:28
RiddellI see no ^A15:28
manchickenThe control key15:28
Riddellshould be set to go to beginning of line15:29
Riddellthis Screen escape key is F12 i think15:29
Riddellmanchicken: make a new directory and download the current choqok with apt-get source15:29
manchicken K15:31
Riddellmanchicken: so a source "package" is the .orig upstream tar, the debian tar and a description file .dsc with meta data15:31
Riddellmanchicken: cd into the source15:31
Riddellyou'll see the source code15:31
Riddelland a debian/ directory15:31
Riddellmanchicken: this is the packaging take a look in each file and ask me what you don't understand15:32
Riddellmanchicken: you picked the most complex one15:33
Riddelldebian/rules is a makefile15:33
Riddellwhich has a build: target that runs the make; make install15:33
Riddellthere's a few different ways to abstract the makefiles so they just do the right thing15:34
Riddellthis seems to use an old system called cdbs which is pretty complex15:34
manchickenSo it does that implicitly?\15:36
manchickenFor the build/choqok:: rule I only see docbook stuff.15:37
Riddellit'll magically know to run cmake and install it (into debian/tmp)15:37
Riddellall the rules file is adding is the manpage which Debian likes to add for everything15:37
Riddelldon't spend too long trying to understand cdbs style debian/rules files, they're not much used any more15:38
Riddellmanchicken: really, get out of there before it eats your mind, almost all packages use debhelper 9 now which is much nicer15:39
manchickenI'm just trying to understand the build ^_^15:39
manchickenSo debuild?15:40
Riddellmanchicken: no, this is the old package, we want to update to the new one15:40
manchickenOh, no, I need to pull the new version. Right.15:40
Riddellmanchicken: in a new directory grab the new one from http://choqok.gnufolks.org/download/15:40
manchickenIs that on the KDE git repo then?15:40
RiddellI think it is but just grab the tar from the website15:41
Riddellmanchicken: the tar also needs renamed for the name format packages need15:42
manchickenIs xz okay still or should I change it to be a .tar.bz2?15:43
Riddellxz is good yes15:43
manchickenLike that?15:43
Riddellmanchicken: yep15:43
Riddellmanchicken: copy over the debian/ directory from the old package15:44
Riddellmanchicken: in the sources run  dch  and add a new changelog15:44
Riddellset the version to 1.5-0ubuntu115:44
manchickenSo go into the toplevel package directory choqok-1.5?15:45
Riddellyep, or in debian/ probably works too15:45
Riddellyes lower case15:46
manchickenOr Is there an LP ticket for this?15:46
manchickenI can't remember if package updates get tickets.15:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1415022 in choqok (Ubuntu) "Please update choqok to 1.5" [Undecided,New]15:47
Riddellyep, that one15:47
RiddellLP: #1415022  is the syntax15:47
Riddellgive it a text desciption too15:47
Riddelloh groovy15:47
manchickenLike that?15:48
manchicken(I like that this helps reduce my likelihood of screwing up since you can verify)15:48
manchickenOkay, and written.15:48
Riddellnow debuild15:49
manchickenOne second, I want to take notes.15:49
Riddellgosh it's communitymanagerappreciationday.com, I wonder when distro packager appreciation day is15:54
manchickenI'm going to share this note with you so that you can help edit it.15:54
manchickenIt's on evernote, do you have an evernote email?15:54
Riddellmm nope15:55
Riddellnotes.kde.org has etherpad, google docs works15:55
manchickenEvernote seemed to know you. heh15:56
manchickenAnyway, debuilg.15:56
manchickendebuild even15:57
Riddellapt install those15:57
manchickenIsn't there an debhelper to install deps?15:57
manchickenI guess not15:58
Riddellcan work if it's installed15:58
manchickenDo I have sudo?15:59
Riddellalso apt instead of apt-get15:59
Riddellthose 4 character are stealing precious keyboard lifetime15:59
manchickenLike that?15:59
manchickenI type fast15:59
manchickenGotta love those dependencies.16:00
* Riddell also aliases apt="sudo apt"16:00
Riddellgo go debuild16:03
Riddelluh oh16:03
manchickenMissed one16:04
Riddelland it doesn't like something on line 5 of changelog16:05
Riddellmaybe the comma16:05
Riddellmanchicken: oh I know16:06
Riddellmanchicken: it wants two spaces after the e-mail16:06
manchickenI wouldn't have gotten that16:07
manchickenI never noticed that Star Trek TNG had sonic screwdrivers, too.16:10
Riddellhave a cup of tea I guess, it's a slow ec216:10
Riddellit does?16:10
Riddellaren't they called phasers and are actually quite violent?16:10
manchickenIn engineeringthey were using a sonic driver. Watching season 1 episode 2.16:11
Riddellisn't that still the pilot?16:12
manchickenThe pilot was split, but on Netflix it's still one episode.16:13
Riddelldoes it explain why the captain claims to be french but has an english accent?16:14
Riddellmanchicken: anyway stuff we've simplified here, often packaging is in bzr or debian git so it's best to get it from there rather than apt-get source the old one16:15
Riddelland update the git after16:15
Riddellit'll be listed in debian/control if it is16:15
manchickenOkay, so maybe we can do one like that right after this one?16:15
Riddelland actually debian do keep this in git at http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/choqok.git16:16
Riddellbut we don't16:16
Riddellthis package only makes one .deb so there's no files that need to be split up into separate .debs, if so there would be multiple foo.install and bar.install files in debian/ to say which file goes where16:17
Riddellthis package was taken from debian (as most packages in ubuntu are) and looking at the git they don't have any new versions since we took theirs16:18
Riddellbut if they did it would be good to merge them back together16:18
Riddellor just start with the debian package and drop any change ubuntu had if it's not needed16:18
manchickenMakes sense.16:19
Riddelland as I say this is with cdbs which is old and crap so it might be an idea to convert to debhelper 9 (but then it would be a divertion from debian so you'd need to try to get whoever looks after it in debian to take the change or have a large difference with no gain)16:20
manchickenFor a microblogging client this thing takes a while to build.16:20
Riddellslow ec2 as I say16:21
manchickenDo we package CPAN modules ourselves?16:24
Riddellubuntu typically doesn't do much with perl, ubuntu perfers python (unless it's sitter in which case it prefers ruby)16:25
Riddellcpan modules in debian are usually only packaged if something else needs them16:25
manchickenWe do have some modules in the repos.16:25
manchickenRighto. I've been doing a bunch of C for the Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ module.16:25
Riddellyeah popular ones will be there and ones used by other packages16:25
Riddellmanchicken: it's finished compiling and installing16:27
Riddellmanchicken: now it runs all the debhelper script dh_foo which do lots of bits to turn the installed files into the .deb16:27
Riddellooh exciting, it's running lintian16:27
Riddellwhich is a tool to check for common problems in packages16:28
Riddellmanchicken: all done!16:28
manchickenSo, should I download and sign that package?16:29
Riddellmanchicken: take a look in the directory above you should see the .deb16:30
Riddellmanchicken: I don't suppose you're running i386?16:30
Riddellmanchicken: run the .deb through lesspipe to check the contents are sane16:30
Riddellmanchicken: and  dpkg --install it to check it actually installs16:30
manchickenI'm amd6416:30
Riddellmm me too16:31
manchickenConnection is going silly16:31
Riddelllooks good16:32
manchickenThat seems reasonable.16:32
Riddellapt -f install to fix it16:33
Riddellno filename with it16:34
Riddell-f is "something is half installed, please fix it apt"16:34
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Riddellsudo apt -f install16:34
manchickenI keep having connection issues.16:36
manchickenComcast is not cool.16:37
manchickenWow, episode 3 of season 1 is super racist...16:39
Riddellmanchicken: so groovy it built and installs16:39
Riddellmanchicken: you can run  debuild -S  in the sources to build the source package16:39
manchickenThey encounter an alien race which reinforces a racist african tribal trope.16:40
Riddellwhich is just making the debian tar and a couple of meta data files .dsc and .changes16:40
manchickenAll good?16:41
Riddelllet me sign it16:42
Riddellmanchicken: ok I signed the .changes file using..16:44
Riddelldebsign -r ubuntu@ec2-54-242-81-84.compute-1.amazonaws.com:choqok-manchicken-build/choqok_1.5-0ubuntu1_source.changes16:44
Riddellit'll normally do that as part of the debuild if the debian/changelog e-mail matches a gpg key on your system16:44
Riddellmanchicken: right let's upload16:45
Riddelllook into choqok_1.5-0ubuntu1_source.changes and check it's going to the right release16:45
Riddellthen  dput ubuntu choqok_1.5-0ubuntu1_source.changes16:45
Riddellyou'll need to read the manpage to work out how to get it to not moan about no gpg key on the server16:45
Riddellignore the i386 changes16:46
Riddellthat was made when you built the .deb package16:46
Riddellbut ubuntu forbits uploading a .deb package16:47
Riddell(unlike debian who i think still require it for some reason)16:47
manchickenLike that?16:48
Riddellso now you can watch it build at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/choqok/1.5-0ubuntu116:48
Riddellit'll build in vivid-proposed16:48
Riddellif it builds and doesn't cause anything to break it'll get moved to vivid-release16:49
Riddelland life is good16:49
Riddellyou should join https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas-yellow-belts16:49
Riddellpackaging takes an hour or two to learn but there's loads of finer details we've missed out so there's a never ending learning process16:51
Riddellif you want another challenge digikam could do with being packaged I think16:51
SonikkuAmericaFinally a good test case16:52
SonikkuAmericaBut not without some difficulty.16:53
SonikkuAmerica(To the QA Tracker!)16:53
manchickenI think that may have been the first package I've ever uploaded. hah16:53
manchickenMore than eight years in, and I finally got one uploaded... with much hand holding. hah16:54
SonikkuAmericaSo, anyway, I was dumb and re-downloaded the whole Alpha 2 ISO because of a checksum mismatch16:54
manchickenOkay, so I'll try this one by myself ten16:55
SonikkuAmericaWhen I could've just installed zsync and fixed it.16:55
SonikkuAmericaThen came the 2 test cases.16:55
SonikkuAmericaThe independent variable this time was the init daemon.16:55
manchickenIs there a master list of the tickets?16:58
SonikkuAmericamanchicken: Tickets as in bugs or the QA tracker?16:59
manchickenLP bugs17:00
SonikkuAmericamanchicken: Generally a master list can be found per package or work item17:00
manchickenRiddell: This ticket then? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/digikam/+bug/137941017:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1379410 in digikam (Ubuntu) "Please update digikam to 4.6.0" [Undecided,New]17:04
Riddellmanchicken: yep17:08
Riddellmanchicken: I need to leave, let me know when I can turn off the ec217:08
manchickenShould I assign these tickets to myself?17:10
manchickenOkay, my ticket is to upgrade to 4.5.0, but the attachment is for 4.6.017:11
Riddelluse your common sense on what the right thing to do is17:12
manchickenOkay, so my ticket is 4.5.0, not
Riddelldo the latest version17:15
SonikkuAmericaInstaller dies, no reason given.17:20
SonikkuAmerica(This was trying to inject an install into an unformatted partition.)17:22
manchickenSo I should pull this from the bzr repo, yes?17:24
manchickenHow do people ususally brin their SSH key to the ec2?17:26
_Groo_any news on the 14.12 backports to utopic?17:44
manchickenVery slow ec2...18:11
manchickenMan, trying to get digikam out of bzr so that I can get the latest patches.18:29
soeeRiddell: ping18:30
manchickenHe runnoft.18:31
manchickensoee: You ever work with packaging where a patch was out of date?18:32
soeemanchicken: nope sorry18:32
manchickenAnybody else?18:32
Riddellquilt is what you need18:33
Riddellquilt pop and push18:33
Riddellquilt push -f18:33
Riddellquilt refresh18:33
* manchicken googles.18:34
manchickenI was checking the bzr repo to see if there was a later and greater revision.18:34
soeeRiddell: updates in Vivid, this one is going to be removed right: libmuonprivate2 ?18:35
manchickenRiddell: How do we change the screen window in this screen session?18:36
Riddellsoee fine18:36
Riddellf12 218:36
soeewhy since i rememebr this message is produced often during updates: Unknown media type in type 'all/all' etc.18:49
soeecan't we get rid of thise media types ?18:49
Riddellmanchicken: on my computer now if you need help18:49
Riddellsoee: dunno it's been a warning for years,worth investigating but not very important18:50
soeeRiddell: yes harmless but so annoying :)18:50
manchickenOkay, so I think I can just manually fix this patch.18:51
manchickenBut I'm curious as to whether or not we have another version of this updated patch already lying around somewhere.18:51
manchickenThe bzr branch is even more out of date.18:53
Riddellsoee: something kde will be using that mimetype which doesn't really exist in the xdg mimetype list, it could be added though18:58
Riddellmanchicken: check debian git18:59
Riddellbut I don't think so18:59
yofelmanchicken: bzr for digikam? I think a gsoc student was working on it a bit but his work supposedly got lost. Then I did some changes in bzr but never had time to actually work on the update18:59
Riddellmanchicken: remove that one19:06
manchickenJust rm thefile?19:06
Riddellmanchicken: it's called "upstream_." so it comes from digikam git anyway19:06
Riddellmanchicken: yes and edit it out of debian/patches/series19:06
Riddell(I expect there's a quilt command to do that but I've never bothered to learn)19:07
Riddellmanchicken: also this will take days to build, you might be better doing it on your own computer or asking for a better ec219:08
manchickenThat's a good point.19:08
Riddellmanchicken: are you running vivid?19:09
yofelalso don't forget to bzr rm the patch later19:09
manchickenyofel: The bzr repo for digikam seems rather out of date.19:09
manchickenIt may have been a while since it was refreshed from upstream.19:09
=== greyback__ is now known as greyback
Riddellmanchicken: this may well be the case, we're also moving our branches over to debian git so for bonus points you can get an account on alioth and see if there's a place to put it there19:10
yofelIIRC digikam is in debian SVN19:10
manchickenRiddell: What would you recommend for building?19:10
manchickenI'm worried about getting caught up in build hell.19:11
yofelmanchicken: bzr looks like it's in sync with the archive to me19:11
manchicken(because I've never been derailed by a build environment problem before, and I don't know how to use our build virtualization pieces)19:11
manchickenyofel: The one patch for the mysqld seems like it's pointing at a super old version.19:11
Riddellmanchicken: how do you mean?19:11
manchickenWell the version of the package directory referenced in the diff itself was 2.0, but also, it had the exact same diff.19:12
yofelmanchicken: the path prefix is stripped by patch, so that doesn't matter19:12
Riddellmanchicken: if I was me I'd make a chroot on my local machine to build it19:12
yofelotherwise we would have to refresh the patch each time we update the version19:12
soeewoho new webbrowser :o19:12
yofelor well, *all* patches each time19:13
manchickenRiddell: Can you RTFM me on that?19:13
manchickenRiddell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebootstrapChroot ?19:14
Riddelldeboostrap vivid vivid  will make one19:15
Riddellthen   chroot vivid  to get into it19:15
Riddellinstant vivid build environment, all clean19:15
soeedo you also liek 0.5 second freeze when opening new app ?19:16
soee*do you also have19:16
Riddellpbuilder is another tool which sets up a chroot, builds it and then removes the chroot.  I only like to use it for a final check as it makes you build it all from scratch even if you only change a small thing19:16
manchickenI'm out of that session then.19:18
manchickenI'll do this locally.19:18
Riddellmanchicken: copied your files over?19:18
manchickenI only had the one, really.19:19
manchickenEverything else was generated :)19:19
Riddellkilled it19:19
Riddell"3h59m" just before we got charged for another hour :)19:19
manchickenSorry I took so long.19:28
Riddellno no, it's there to be used19:28
Riddelland you're a pleasure to tutor compared to the google code-in students we had :)19:28
manchickenRiddell: That package we worked on earlier is accepted for several archs now.19:35
Riddellarm64 being slow as usual19:35
Riddelldo download and test the amd64 one19:36
Riddellhmm, I can't actually add an account19:37
Riddellok working now19:44
manchickenOkay, so, it says I'm missing schroot.conf19:50
Riddellmanchicken: what says that?19:52
Riddellhey @kubuntu , an installer asking for the crypt-password before choosing the keyboard layout is not nice. shot myself in the foot right now19:52
manchickenhah, I just touched the file.19:52
Riddellsays twitter, a fair point19:52
Riddelloh I've not used schroot, it's like pbuilder isn't it?19:52
manchickenGot it.19:52
manchickendigikam is huge.20:23
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manchickenRiddell: So I should start with the apt-get source, add in the latest stable package, commit the souce directory to the bzr repo with the updated patch?20:25
Riddellmanchicken: if apt-get source has a newer version sure20:28
manchickenCool, but do we want to merge the stable version from the tarball into he bazaar repo/20:30
yofelshouldn't be a merge if you got the vivid source20:31
yofeljust copy your debian dir over and commit20:31
manchickenyofel: I think I understand what you just said, but I'm not sure. Could you repeat it worded differently?20:32
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
yofelcheckout what we have in bzr, copy the debian folder you just worked on in there, bzr rm whatever you had to delete, then bzr commit your changes20:32
manchickendigikam is coming in from upstream though, yeah?20:33
manchickenSo should I just unpack the stable tarball into the base of the bzr repo?20:33
yofelno, *just* the debian folder. We don't keep the upstream source in the VCS again20:33
yofelyou can then make a package from bzr with 'bzr builddeb' which will pick up the orig tarball by itself20:34
yofelhm, debian actually has 4:4.4.0-1.120:35
yofelnvm for now20:35
manchickenSo if there's source in the bzr, ignore it?20:36
yofelthere isn't ;)20:36
yofelif you copy more than you intended, bzr will ignore anything it doesn't actually track20:37
manchickenIt seems like digikam's bzr repo does have source.20:37
yofellp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/digikam/ doesn't20:37
manchickenlp:ubuntu/digikam <-- That's the repo I have.20:37
manchickenOkay, that's my problem then.20:38
yofelsee "Vcs-Bzr" in the control file for the correct URL20:38
manchickenRemember, I'm pretty new to the packaging.20:39
yofelno problem, apt will also point you to it when you run apt-get source20:40
ovidiu-florinIn case you haven't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z2u1pM8PeY21:57
=== Drangue is now known as alket
soeeovidiu-florin: nice ill share on g+ :)22:00
Riddellovidiu-florin: where did you see that linked?22:08
soeeok folks on #plasma know about the freeze bug i mentioned earlier: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-4020722:11

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