sephHi, could anyone help me connect my kubuntu laptop to my win8 desktop?00:22
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keithzgseph: In which way?00:38
keithzg...nevermind, he's long gone. This is what I get for leaving joins/parts/quits all turned off I guess, but otherwise that's all I see, heh.00:39
keithzgStill, question asked, gave up, and left withing 25min? Kids these days and their lack of patience ;)00:40
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soeegood morning07:13
lordievaderGood morning.07:33
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dewarhello. anyone here know how to run thinkfan?12:08
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BluesKajHey folks13:03
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loveshHas anyone upgraded to the kde plasma 5.2 yet?14:05
loveshAnyone faced any problems?14:05
soeelovesh: yes, there were small issues but should be fixed today i think14:11
soeewhen updates to into Vivid all should be fine so just wait until packages are published ;)14:11
loveshI am on mint 17.1 and planning to install plasma 5.2. Would plasma 5.2 be available through the PPA?14:12
loveshI mean the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next14:13
soeefior 14.10 ?14:15
loveshsoee: No i have added the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next PPA to mint KDE and i will install from mint14:17
soeelovesh: but mint 17.1 uses ubuntu 14.10 right ?14:17
loveshsoee: i am not sure about that. So would'nt that work?14:18
soeelovesh: im not sure how kubnut packages will work with mint :)14:18
loveshsoee: The neon PPA is down so the only option i have is ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next14:18
soeebut yes Plasma 5.2 will be backported for Utopic and land in next ppa14:19
loveshsoee: Sorry i didnt understand "Plasma 5.2 will be backported for Utopic and land in next ppa"14:19
BluesKajthe ubuntu-next ppa14:20
loveshBluesKaj: ok14:20
loveshBluesKaj: Any idea on when the backporting will be done14:21
soeelovesh: probably similiar to Vivid release, packages are almost ready14:22
kriseHi, Does anybody controls hes mousepad with android phone. Can u please recomend me some easy to use and easy to set up app for that.Thanks14:22
loveshsoee: Ok. I really wanted to upgrade to plasma 5. It looks great and i have heard it faster too.14:23
soeelovesh: it is faster a lot for me. just wait :)14:24
BluesKajlovesh, if you want experiment with the latest desktops/GUIs, I recommend Kubuntu rather than mint ...a lot less confusion and potential problems14:24
soeeBluesKaj: +114:24
loveshBluesKaj: I dont experiment much because its my primary machine. I was looking for something stable. Isnt plasma stable now?14:25
BluesKajlovesh, not plasma 5.214:25
hateballkrise: there are VNC clients for android, and there seems to also be http://sourceforge.net/projects/synergyandroid/ and then you have KDE Connect which may be able to do what you want as well14:26
loveshBluesKaj: ok. I just saw that the final 5.2 was released and some people has told me that they didnt face any major issues with 5.2 beta so i thought it was stable14:27
kriseok hateball i look it up14:27
hateballkrise: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kde.kdeconnect_tp14:28
hateballJudging by screenshots you can control mouse now... I dont remember if it had that the last time I tried it14:29
loveshI just tried install plasma from mint by using the kubuntu/next ppa but it does not work. soee, you were right14:29
soeelovesh: why do you want to use mint not kubuntu ? :)14:29
BluesKajplasma 5 is still in development and will be until the whole KDE 5 desktop is fully developed and officailly released afaik14:29
loveshsoee: i want to use mint but with plasma 514:30
BluesKajlovesh, well, you're restricting your options with mint in that case14:31
hateball!mint | Wouldnt it make sense to ask for help here then14:31
ubottuWouldnt it make sense to ask for help here then: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:31
loveshsoee: The only reason i dont want to use kubuntu is that i already have mint and i dont want to do a fresh install of kubuntu and again set up my whole working environment14:31
soeelovesh: if you have home on a spearate partition the configuration shoudl stay14:33
BluesKajlovesh, do you have  / and /home partitions ?14:33
soeethough for a Plasam 5.2 i recommend fresh install as i had often proiblems when upgrading from previous version14:33
BluesKajI guess mint is the favourite flavour of the year where you work eh lovesh?14:35
loveshsoee: ok. I think i should stick to kde4 for some time. I'll wait for plasma 5 to be in ubuntu/next ppa14:36
loveshBluesKaj: I had some problems in the past with kubuntu so i switched to mint. Had read that its stable14:37
BluesKajdon't believe everything you read, in my experience Kubuntu 14.10 is as stable as it gets14:39
soeei agree with BluesKaj, even Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 2 is pretty stable for me14:40
BluesKajsoee, yes, same here , finally14:42
loveshsoee: Are you using 15.04 for development too?14:43
soeelovesh: development ?14:43
BluesKajok soo lovesh is crossposting in kde looking for help there as it should be14:43
loveshsoee: and BluesKaj: I dont mean development of KDE per se, i mean like day-to-day programming stuff14:44
soeelovesh: for example now @work :D im a web developer14:44
loveshsoee: so you are able to use your IDEs and databases without any trouble14:45
BluesKajplasma 5 is under development lovesh , by definition it's not stable14:45
loveshBluesKaj: Ok.14:46
serverhamsterIs Kubuntu actually a supported derivate of Ubuntu? I thought Canonical dropped support?14:50
serverhamsterIs the plasma5 version in the Vivd alpha more recent than plasma5 in 14.10?14:51
serverhamster14.10 has Plasma 5.1.114:51
bigbhi m814:53
serverhamsterUbotto doesn't know. Ok, Blue Systems sponsers Kubuntu, but they sponser Netrunner and Mint as well.14:54
BluesKajserverhamster, kubuntu is supported by Blue Systems now, since Canonical dropped support 2 yrs ago14:54
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serverhamsterI'm thinking about upgrading to 15.04 alpha. It's still an Alpha of course.14:56
BluesKajserverhamster, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/15:00
BluesKajserverhamster, official support is still in #ubuntu+115:00
serverhamsterOh, right. I only wanted to know if plasma 5.1.1 will be upgraded to 5.2 in the current 14.10 version15:01
BluesKajserverhamster, good question, ask in #kubuntu-devel15:05
aruni need some help15:08
arunAny body here to help me15:09
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arunplz help me15:10
arunhelp me!15:11
arunhelp me15:14
h4ml3thi all, is there any shortcut for "show desktop"?15:42
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dewarhi can anyone help, my screen resolution in kde is wrong after an aplication crash, how can i set it right?16:19
dewarah ok found it16:23
Captain_HaddockI have a HDMI->VGA adapter that is detected on my Linux laptop, but is not detected on a new desktop. What could be the reason?16:24
Captain_HaddockBoth are running Kubuntu 14.10; The HDMI port on the desktop works fine.16:24
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jubo2Hello. Hello and thanks for the greates FLGOSS OS16:45
jubo2How can I into unzip a .tar.xz ?16:46
rberg_from the cli? 'tar Jxf' from the gui ark16:46
rberg_if none of that works you probably need to install xz-utils16:47
jubo2rberg_: gives "tar: Cannot use multi-volume compressed archives"16:47
jubo2there is only one volume16:47
rberg_hmm I use xz all the time and never seen that one16:48
jubo2AAARGGGHH!! The black-on-white irc is hurting my eyes16:48
jubo2and besides everyone know that stuff written in white type is funnier then other type colors16:49
jubo2( busted power supply on the machine I irc with usually16:49
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dc__Greetings everyone, i have a question, my /var/log/kern.log is being flooded with lines like "Jan 27 18:37:28 HOSTNAME kernel: [ 8546.271853] UDP: bad checksum. From to MYIP:PORT ulen 47" from different IPs all over the place. Can anyone give a hint on what can it be? Thank you.18:52
soeedc__: try asking on #ubuntu18:54
soeemore people there and you might get better help18:54
dc__ok mister, thank you18:55
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phoenixzMy KDE connect functionality stopped working.. I checked for the kdeconnect process and I cannot find it running.. How do I start it?19:04
phoenixzI have no firewall running19:05
phoenixzBoth devices are on the same router as well19:05
BluesKaj_phoenixz, your "kde connect functionality" is also called network manager if you use the gui19:13
phoenixzBluesKaj_: Alright, but my network functionality is working just fine.. I need my mobile phone to connect because I use the shared copy paste a lot, rignt now I'm "copy pasting" by sending emails....  I don't get it, yesterday it worked, today it doesn't. What changed? Nothing.. I see no errrors, no problems, nothing, they simply cannot find eachother anymore..19:15
BluesKaj_does you phone connect thru the router to the internet then ?19:18
BluesKaj_your phone19:18
BluesKaj_hey jubo219:22
jubo2hiya BluesKaj19:23
BluesKaj_ok , stuff to do for 20 mins or so...bbl19:26
mokushare plasma 5.2 packages going to be available for utopic? or should we upgrade to vivid alpha?19:51
soeemokush: yes they wil, through plasma-next ppa19:51
phoenixzBluesKaj_: Sorry, had to step out for a minute..19:54
phoenixzBluesKaj_: Yeah, both my phone and laptop are on the same router in the same IP range19:54
BluesKaj_can you ssh into each device from the other, phoenixz?19:55
phoenixzBluesKaj_: My phone doesn't have SSH AFAIK, but yeah, they can ping eachother w/o problem19:56
BluesKaj_phoenixz, and the phone should show up in dolphin network as a mtp device ?19:58
phoenixzBluesKaj_: Haven't tried that.. What URL should I use?19:58
BluesKaj_phoenixz, the router assigns a url, can you access the firmware host page in your broeeser20:00
BluesKaj_werr browser20:00
monkeyjuiceweb ;) fat finger there BluesKaj_20:00
BluesKaj_no kidding :)20:00
monkeyjuiceare you trying to share internet connetion with the cell phone?20:01
phoenixzBluesKaj_: Not sure where to find that.. But I have the device's IP, should that not suffice?20:02
BluesKaj_yup, that should work , your router ip can be found with ip add in the terminal, it's usually the first IP beside the inet string20:05
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phoenixzBluesKaj_: Well, I know my router IP, though I'm not sure why that is needed.. I have the IP of the phone, and my laptop... I have no firewall running on my laptop or phone.. Should there be a kdeconnect process running on my laptop?20:08
phoenixzAnd for the mtp device URL, can't I just use the IP of my phone?20:09
BluesKaj_having access to your router web page can help you set the device ip addresses as permanent on your lan, solidiies your device connections etc20:11
BluesKaj_soldifies even20:12
BluesKaj_that's just one of mny options one can set20:12
BluesKaj_ok bbl ...20:14
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mokushcan anybody using plasma 5.2 and icon-tasks tell me if you can now set the behavior for the middle-click-action?20:49
phoenixzAlright, I know all of that but... I still don't see how that is relevant to kde-connect all of the sudden not working.. It worked every day until today, all of the sudden..20:54
BluesKaj_phoenixz, do you have indicator-kdeconnect installed?20:59
BluesKaj_phoenixz, kde-connect also depends on correct ip to the router , just like any other device ...I was making sure your devices are properly recognized before tackling the kde-connect issue21:03
phoenixzBluesKaj_: indicator-kdeconnect as a package name? Doesn't exist.. What does it do?21:03
phoenixzBluesKaj_: Ah, well, that's the issue, both devices, again, are on the same router, phone has, the laptop
BluesKaj_phoenixz, my mistake, indicator-kdeconnect is for desktops other than kde21:08
phoenixzBluesKaj_: I have a KDE desktop... And again, it has been working since the first day I installed it, until today..21:09
BluesKaj_phoenixz, yes, has dolphin shown the phone as a device when it was connected?21:10
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phoenixzBluesKaj_: Connected by USB you mean?21:16
BluesKaj_phoenixz, both, either by wifi or usb21:18
Dragnslcrphoenixz: it isn't just you. kdeconnect hasn't been working for me for at least few days21:18
phoenixzBluesKaj_: I don't know how my phone would connect over WiFi other than by KDE connect, which does nothing21:19
phoenixzBluesKaj_: if I connect it by USB cable, yeah, it shows up right away in the device notifier21:19
BluesKaj_did you guys using this ppa to install from, https://code.launchpad.net/~vikoadi/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/21:20
DragnslcrSorry, never mind. Forgot I had turned off wifi when my Internet connection was flakey a few days ago.21:20
DragnslcrThanks for the reminder though21:21
BluesKaj_Dragnslcr, is kde-connect working for you now?21:21
DragnslcrSo I can check my setup to try to help21:22
BluesKaj_kubuntu 14.10?21:22
BluesKaj_please do21:22
phoenixzBluesKaj_: IIRC, I installed this 14.10 and it came with kdeconnect21:22
Dragnslcrapt-cache is showing two different packages. I think I have 0.7.1-0ubuntu3 installed21:24
DragnslcrThe other is 0.7.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10.121:24
DragnslcrYeah, looks like 0.7.3 is in utopic-backports21:27
BluesKaj_I have to leave21:27
DragnslcrWhich is odd, because backports isn't commented out in sources.list21:29
veqzcan anyone tell me approximately when the kubuntu-ppa/next repository will be updated with plasma 5.2?21:43
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soeeveqz: when packages are ready :)21:44
soeeseems like most of them are in stagin, but not sure if they are ready to be used: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next-staging?field.series_filter=utopic21:45
veqzhmm.. alright :)21:46
alketmy keyboard is out of controll21:51
alketit types by itself21:52
soeethis is called "smart keyboard" :)21:52
soeealket: did you trie to reboot, unplug and plugin it again ?21:54
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mariorossi5739salve genteeeee22:05
mariorossi5739come funziona?22:05
alketdon't panic, it was my keyboard, it was dying :p22:07
valorieeh, kdeconnect isn't working for me either right now22:37
valorieI miss it22:37
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