thomigood morning.19:06
thomiwgrant: or cjwatson, I wonder if I could bug one of you to take a peek at https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/launchpad/devel-add-bug-header/+merge/245921 please?19:06
wgrantthomi: Morning.19:50
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thomihey wgrant21:18
thomiwgrant: I ran those tests, and I'm getting a lot of test failures, but most of them seem unrelated to my change: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9905467/22:18
thomithe first failure is clearly related (and fixed now)22:18
thomiwgrant: but "ProgrammingError: column sprint.is_physical does not exist" seems like some sort of sql schema mismatch?22:19
thomido I have to do something to keep the schema up to date?22:19
wgrantthomi: make schema22:19
thomihmnmm, ok22:20
thomiwgrant: there's no CI set up for launchpad branches?22:20
wgrantthomi: Not until landing.22:20
thomiahh ok22:20
wgrantThe test suite is very expensive to run.22:20
wgrantDoing it automatically over everything would require a lot of hardware.22:20
thomihardware is cheap :D22:21
wgrantTell that to my 7 year old DB servers :)22:24
blrwgrant: any more news om the SSDs?22:24
wgrantThe ticket for the new servers is in the queue.22:25
blris that analogous to "the cheque's in the mail"? :)22:26
wgrantPretty much, I think.22:27
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thomiwgrant: I'm still having issues getting a clean test run... the rocketfuel setup should have installed  all the build-deps, right? How do I make sure that's kept up to date in my lpdev lxc container?23:28
thomiFor example, I seem to be getting errors about Gtk...23:28
thomihmmm "RuntimeError: Gtk couldn't be initialized" - probably because it's running in an lxc container?23:30
wgrantthomi: Ah yes, the JS tests require DISPLAY to be set. Try it in xvfb-run23:37
wgrantBut you probably haven't broken those :)23:38
thomidown to one doctest failure23:39
thomihmmm, which may have been caused by my editor stripping whitespace23:39
thomihave I mentioned how much I dislike doctests?23:40
wgrantWe all loathe them :)23:40
wgrantThere is a universal authorisation to shoot them on sight.23:40
thomiyup... looks like the doctest fails due to a whitespace change...23:41
wgrantWhat sort of whitespace?23:41
thomican I get 'bzr diff' to print whitespace as tokens?23:42
wgrantNot sure the commandline diff can do that.23:42
wgrantPipe it through tr or use a graphical one?23:43
thomiwgrant: looks like a trailing space23:43
wgrantSounds easy enough.23:44
* wgrant lunches.23:44

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