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dholbachgood morning07:25
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Chocolate Cake Day! :-D09:31
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dpmdavidcalle, guide looking great, added a bunch of comments10:04
davidcalledpm, awesome, thanks :)10:04
dpmpopey, http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/core-apps-sponsoring/ looking good, but there are quite a few old MPs. Perhaps they just need cleaning up? Some might even be obsolete10:08
popeydpm: yeah, there's a few I need to remove that are obsolete. will do10:09
popeydpm: the music app spanish translations (and probably other languages too) are too long for the various fields.10:23
popeySuspect many translators never test on device (they won't have krillin) and probably don't test in emulator either10:23
popeybut just assume translation being correct in launchpad = job done, which is entirely fair.10:23
dpmpopey, do you have an example of the translations that don't fit?10:24
popeysee http://i.imgur.com/EST0Ryo.png & http://i.imgur.com/GE1k6Un.png & http://i.imgur.com/2yb6OZT.png10:24
dpmpopey, yeah, but there is not much we can do in those cases. For Catalan I used abreviations for _some_ of those, but it's still not optimal10:25
dpmpopey, the best thing, short of testing, is to add translator comments10:25
dpmE.g on http://i.imgur.com/EST0Ryo.png10:25
popeygood point10:26
dpmthe code could say: "TRANSLATORS: this appears in a button that is only 12 characters wide on a Nexus 4"10:26
dpmor something along those lines10:26
popeyok, yes.10:26
dpmor if we want to keep it more generic, "TRANSLATORS: this appears in a button with limited space (ca. 10 characters)"10:27
mivoligomzanetti: hi10:30
mzanettimivoligo: hi10:30
mivoligomzanetti: you did the button the wrong way :D10:31
mivoligoit should show the action which happen after pressing it, like play/pause and 1x/2x10:32
mivoligomzanetti: might be because I the way named them :D10:33
mivoligo*the way I named them10:33
mzanettihmm...ok. will fix10:36
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, Ping! Did you manage to get some time to check it out, or has murphy's law swamped you with a critical bug? :)10:43
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AkivaAvrahamzbenjamin, ^10:53
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  i am here with you..10:59
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, anyways I'm happy to give you some more time; I understand your busy so just let me know11:00
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  The idea would be to move the tests to the run configurations11:00
AkivaAvrahamokay sec11:00
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  so when the project is loaded the AP tests get discovered and injected to the run configurations. the developer can simple select the test and hit the Run button to execute them11:01
AkivaAvrahamokay sec, I think I understand11:01
AkivaAvrahamcreating a screenie11:01
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, http://i.imgur.com/mdmL5o1.png  so...11:03
AkivaAvrahamare you talking about the run down on the bottom left? That pressing play would run all the tests from that menu11:03
AkivaAvrahamor the run in the project configuration, on the top highlight?11:04
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  neither :) the "run configuration" in the middle11:05
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, okay... but do you want the tests on that page that is shown in a list?11:05
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  yes... so the user can choose what run configration to use when the green triangle is pushed ... it could be the app run what runs the app or it can be the test_1 ap test of the app11:06
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, okay I am almost with you,11:07
AkivaAvrahamso its like this: You want to work on a test. So, you go to the run config, checkmark the test in question. Then, whenever run is executed, it runs that test.11:08
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, You effectively want something like this: http://i.imgur.com/r2AXfdj.png11:17
AkivaAvrahamExpanding that will give you a list of autopilot tests. You can select a bunch, and clicking run, will run the tests you selected. If you do not select any; no tests will run at all; just the app.11:18
AkivaAvrahamI think thats a pretty good idea11:18
bzoltanAkivaAvraham: as long you can select it from the Kit selector above the Run button11:22
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, okay, so you will have run regular, and run tests.11:23
AkivaAvrahamrun *selected tests.11:23
AkivaAvrahamdefault is to run all11:24
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, one question; where do you want stdout to be put? A QMessageBox, in "3 | Application Output" or "10 | Test Output"?11:26
AkivaAvrahamI do it in a QMessageBox atm, just because its the easiest.11:27
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  as it is a "run" output I would put it to the Application Output... definetly not to a dialog11:29
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, so keep it simple, and have it in the existing Application Output? Not in its own seperate "Test Output"?11:29
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  yes, the application output is fine...as it is in fact the output of the application what we run :)11:32
AkivaAvrahamokay well do. One last question, i'll ask in a minute11:33
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AkivaAvrahambzoltan, so essentially this: http://i.imgur.com/Z4TPN9o.png11:59
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  yes12:02
AkivaAvrahambzoltan, okay I know what I got to do then. Wish me luck :)12:02
bzoltanAkivaAvraham:  I wish you luck :)12:02
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AkivaAvrahamOkay I am getting tired of the hundreds of bug mail i'm receiving from the core apps that I'm not currently active in. How do I unsubscribe, because It does not say I am subscribed when I go to the lp page.13:11
AkivaAvrahammmmm sec13:12
AkivaAvrahamnope still can't figure it out.13:16
nikwenAkivaAvraham: Same problem here...13:18
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, ;_;13:18
nikwenIt seems like we can't unsubscribe because the teams which we are indirectly members of are subscribed to the project. There'd need to be the option not to receive the messages from a specific team...13:20
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, Yes, this is what I am seeing too13:20
AkivaAvrahamEmail: None, members emailed directly13:20
AkivaAvrahamand I am merely an inderect member of ubuntu clock devs13:21
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, maybe we need to file a bug13:21
nikwenAkivaAvraham: You're akiva on Launchpad, aren't you?13:22
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, indeed13:22
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, your not nik90  right?13:22
nikwenAkivaAvraham: No, I'm nikwen on Launchpad as well. Nekhelesh aka nik90 is someone else. ;)13:22
nikwenYou're an indirect member of a lot of teams via the Core Apps Test Writers team. (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-test-writers/+participation)13:23
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, any idea where launchpad's code is hosted?13:23
AkivaAvrahamyes :P13:23
nikwenhttps://launchpad.net/launchpad seems to work. ;)13:23
AkivaAvrahamoh god, 4799 bugs outstanding :o13:24
AkivaAvrahamseem to be active though;13:24
AkivaAvrahamokay i'm reporting a bug13:24
nikwenSeems so. There's a bug which is related (but not the same): https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/74102813:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 741028 in Launchpad itself "No way to retract indirect team memberships" [Low,Triaged]13:25
nikwenPlease post the link to the bug.13:25
AkivaAvrahamwill do13:25
nikwenThanks. :)13:25
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, http://i.imgur.com/OxnPr2m.png I believe that should explain it13:32
nikwenAkivaAvraham: Yes, it really should. My inbox looks similar.13:33
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, so if you don't want to receive spam; don't contribute to the core apps ever ! :P13:33
nikwenAkivaAvraham :D13:34
justCarakas1so I made a good choice there :D13:34
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/141503613:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 1415036 in Launchpad itself "Indirect team members can't unsubscribe to mail notifications" [Undecided,New]13:36
AkivaAvrahamjustCarakas1, lol :P13:36
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, please confirm ~13:36
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, make sure it says "this bug affects you" !13:40
nikwenAkivaAvraham: Done. Thanks for filing the bug. :)13:40
nikwenIt says so. ;)13:40
AkivaAvrahamty for confirming i'm not insane13:40
nikwenYou're welcome. ^^13:40
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, what are you working on these days btw?13:41
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justCarakas_lazyAkivaAvraham: is this a better nick ? :p13:43
AkivaAvrahamjustCarakas_lazy, ha you seem to be more busy than me13:44
nikwenAkivaAvraham: I'm working on a couple of patches. I have branches to be merged into the Ubuntu SDK, into the UI Toolkit and into the webbrowser. And I have a working branch for supporting compressed tars in the filemanager app.13:44
nikwenAkivaAvraham: What's about you?13:44
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AkivaAvrahamnikwen, oh neat; you are working on the ubuntu sdk too!13:44
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IAmNotIAmand this one AkivaAvraham13:44
AkivaAvrahamI'm working on a sdk plugin for autopilot3. Its already integrated into the hud, i'm now working towards this http://i.imgur.com/Z4TPN9o.png13:45
nikwenAkivaAvraham: Well, it's the first contribution. I found it annoying that the "Build translations" menu entry doesn't work...13:45
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, oh I might be able to help you with that...13:45
nikwenAkivaAvraham: The fix is ready, I'm just waiting for it to get merged. ;)13:46
AkivaAvrahamI'm sort of groping with the plugin system too.13:46
nikwenAkivaAvraham: Thanks for the offer though. ;)13:46
nikwenThe screenshot you sent looks nice by the way.13:46
AkivaAvrahamlol not really ~ but anyways if you run autopilot, you may find my plugin useful already. https://launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-autopilot13:47
AkivaAvrahamnikwen, the filemanager app is a fun app to work on too. That tar feature will be much appreciated13:48
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, I think the coffee is getting to me ~13:49
nikwenAkivaAvraham: I've lately added support for tars and zips, now it's about adding tar.gz and tar.bzip2 support. The only thing I need to fix is the test case.13:49
AkivaAvrahamsomeone bought me a coffee without asking me, and put a bunch of sugar in it. I dislike coffee, especially sugary coffee, but I feel bad for not drinking it. Now my chest hurts and I'm awake when I shouldnt be.13:50
IAmNotIAmIf it is a comfort AkivaAvraham I have that a lot without coffee :) I avoid coffee and suger for that reason because it makes it worse :p13:51
IAmNotIAmAkivaAvraham: drink a lot of water :) that might get it out of your system13:52
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, in Canada, we have steeped tea, and its delicious. that is my choice of caffeine.13:52
AkivaAvrahamhmmm good idea13:52
IAmNotIAmI actually like this nick :D13:52
IAmNotIAmwhen something goes wrong I can say well I am not I am :D13:53
AkivaAvrahamthis coffee though literally feels like a drug...13:53
IAmNotIAmwow, maybe it was drugged13:53
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, with caffeine!13:53
IAmNotIAmmaybe extra caffeine ? :p13:54
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, its the sugar in it I think. I don't know how people can drink this regularly.13:55
AkivaAvrahamanyways I should finish my work and call it a night13:55
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IAmNotIAmwell, your body gets used to it, and they get addicted13:57
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, do you eat a lot of sugar?13:58
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AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, I find I have a low tolerance for it these days13:58
AkivaAvrahamafter cutting down on it, I crave it way less.13:58
IAmNotIAmwell, I had an extremely low tolerance, but thats why I slowely increased my suger input so I react less on it when I get too much sugar :)13:59
AkivaAvrahamwow; never heard anyone do that intentionally.14:00
IAmNotIAmwell I had it realy bad :)14:00
AkivaAvrahamFrankly, I am scared stiff of diabetes. People who get it... its like an internal leprosy14:00
AkivaAvrahamit just destroys every part of your body14:01
AkivaAvrahamyou won't be able to walk eventually14:01
IAmNotIAmtrue, but its not like you get it that easely :)14:01
IAmNotIAmand it is treatable :)14:01
AkivaAvrahamI think you can get it easier than you think14:01
AkivaAvrahamand treatable... its putting a needle inside you every day and constantly monitoring your sugar input. It sucks14:02
AkivaAvrahamand I know many who got it without much of a warning14:02
IAmNotIAmyea, it sucks indeed, wow, I don't14:02
IAmNotIAmmaybe it also depends on the region where you live and the sugar in the products14:02
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AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, don't take it lightly. I thought initially that diabetes was just about having to give yourself insulin, but it actually will destroy your ability to walk, write, and eventually will shut down your entire body.14:09
IAmNotIAmbut it won't if you take your insuline14:10
IAmNotIAmbut it is indeed not nice14:10
IAmNotIAmto have14:10
IAmNotIAmbut there are a lot of things you can get, and if you constantly live in fear of that you also loose somethign14:11
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, it will if you take your insuline, just not as quickly14:11
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, true fair enough.14:12
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IAmNotIAmI'm not going crazy with sugar :) don't worry :D and I still have a good BMI :)14:13
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, \o/14:14
IAmNotIAmI maybe work at sumo coders but I'm not over weight :D14:14
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, if I sound paranoid, its the coffee, seriously. I have never felt this wired.14:14
IAmNotIAm\o\ |o| /o/14:14
IAmNotIAmI know what it feels like :) I once was like that for 24 hours :)14:15
IAmNotIAmI hope it is soon out of your system :)14:18
IAmNotIAmmore water AkivaAvraham14:18
AkivaAvrahamI surprisingly don't have access to water atm14:19
AkivaAvrahamexcept for warm bathroom tap water14:19
AkivaAvrahamdarn auto sinks14:19
IAmNotIAmow, can't you buy a bottle of water ?14:22
AkivaAvrahamIAmNotIAm, Iamnot made of money!14:23
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IAmNotIAmlook for someone who buys you water ? :D akiva-thinkpad or ask the one who gave the coffee:p14:27
akiva-thinkpadshes sleeping atm14:27
akiva-thinkpadI don't want to wake her14:27
akiva-thinkpadIAmNotIAm, okay time to go. See you around :D14:28
IAmNotIAmcya :)14:28
akiva-thinkpadI will be less wired next time14:28
IAmNotIAmhaha :D14:28
IAmNotIAmand Ill be justCarakas again :p14:29
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dholbachdbarth_, do we have the "new header" available in HTML5 too?14:54
dakerdholbach: no yet :/14:55
dholbachok, it's not bug 129477914:56
ubot5bug 1294779 in Ubuntu HTML5 UI SDK "Header font not consistent with QML" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129477914:56
dholbach^ I guess this one can be closed, right?14:56
dbarth_daker: the one you had in malta; it was looking awesome14:58
dbarth_it's not the right one?14:58
dakerdbarth_: yes14:58
dholbachdbarth_, bug 1292109 can be closed too, right?14:58
ubot5bug 1292109 in Ubuntu HTML5 UI SDK "UbuntuUI API docs example of toolbar incorrect" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129210914:58
dakerdbarth_: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-html5-theme-devs/ubuntu-html5-theme/new-header/+merge/24661814:58
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justCarakasdaker, is the new header finished ?15:00
dbarth_let's land this baby!15:00
dakerdbarth_: i just need some API feedback from Alex15:01
justCarakasso I'll finally be able to upgrade my app ?15:02
justCarakaswill this be backported to rtm ?15:02
dholbachmhall119, what needs to be done to update the html5 api docs from trunk? (I'm asking because of bug 1315228)15:03
ubot5bug 1315228 in Ubuntu HTML5 UI SDK "UbuntuUI Toolbar API - Incorrect HTML" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131522815:03
dholbachdaker, I'm going to use your rss reader example for some html5 workshop materials, so we can add it to http://developer.ubuntu.com/community/training - I'll let you know if I'm going to make any changes or anything15:23
sverzegnassiHi all! I need to load several images from a single QQuickImageProvider at the same time. Sadly, this is not possible since all the provider requests run in the single thread. Is this a good workaround, while waiting for QTBUG-37998 to be fixed? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9899358/15:24
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dakerdholbach: sure15:35
dholbachdaker, it's a really nice example15:36
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dakerdholbach: thanks :)16:17
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bzoltandholbach:  do you know how to update a click packag inthe stpore what have longer name than 20 chars? If I rename my package to a shorter one then it fails...18:27
dholbachbeuno: ^ can you help?18:27
beunothat is... unexpected18:28
beunobzoltan, you have an existing app, longer than 20 chars18:28
beunoand it won't let you upload a new version?18:28
bzoltanbeuno:  yes, the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery18:29
beunobzoltan, that is a bug18:29
dholbachbeuno, come on - don't be so mean to bzoltan - let his app into the store!18:29
beunoso, two options18:29
bzoltanbeuno: We can call it a bug too :)18:29
beunoyou upload it as a new ap completely18:29
bzoltanbeuno:  that would silly imho18:30
dholbachall right guys - I leave you to it - it's dinner time over here18:30
dholbachbig hugs!18:30
beunobzoltan, right, we'll fix the bug, but it'll take a day or two18:30
bzoltanbeuno:  I would suggest to roll back the policy what is enforces this _non_ backward compatble restriction18:30
beunobzoltan, yeah, of course18:31
bzoltanbeuno:  I am not in hurry :) I can wait few days18:31
beunobzoltan, cool, leave it with me18:31
beunosorry about that18:31
bzoltanbeuno:  thank you, no worres...18:31
beunobzoltan, so18:52
beunoI think this is because you're changing the namespace18:52
beunoyou have to uplaod with the old namespace18:52
beunousing the new namespace makes it a new package18:52
beunowhich means, new rules apply18:53
bzoltanbeuno: is not there a new name space policy?18:53
beunobzoltan, yes, but there is no rename support18:53
beunoexisting packges use existing namespaces18:53
bzoltanbzoltan:  OK... and it will not complain about the length of the package name18:54
bzoltanbeuno: ^18:54
beunobzoltan, correct18:54
t1mpbzoltan: so new package for components gallery --> new t-shirt? ;)18:54
bzoltant1mp: that campaign is over I guess :)18:54
bzoltanbeuno:  is there a way to download to my desktop my app from the store... just a simple download18:57
t1mpI wish they had this one for men :) http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=115918:57
beunobzoltan, you can from the app's page in myapps18:57
bzoltanbeuno: how? I do not find the way18:58
beunobzoltan, what URL are you on?18:59
bzoltanbeuno: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/18:59
beunobzoltan, so click on your app19:00
bzoltanbeuno: did that19:00
beunobzoltan, what URL is that?19:00
bzoltanbeuno: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/ubuntu/1095/19:00
beunobzoltan, so there's a "Download" fiald19:01
bzoltanbeuno:  nopez19:01
beuno    com.ubuntu.developer.bzoltan/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery/com.ubuntu.developer.bzoltan.ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery_0.1_all.click19:02
bzoltanbeuno: thanks for the direct link... but there is no "Download" anywhere... dude :) you must have a special interface19:03
JamesTaitIn the Technical Details section.19:03
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dubstar_04has this page been replaced: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/current/Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts.manifest-files/ ?19:47
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rickspencer3hey all, I noticed some apps have a sort of menu in the top right, you click on it and get a menu of actions21:16
rickspencer3anyone know what component that is?21:16
rickspencer3mhall119 ?21:16
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brendandrickspencer3, should the ubuntu-ui-toolkit21:39
rickspencer3brendand, ?21:40
rickspencer3brendand, I'm looking for the name of the component to make those menus21:40
brendandrickspencer3, ah - me too :)21:41
brendandrickspencer3, for a second i thought you wanted to report a  bug21:41
mhall119rickspencer3: pong?21:44
rickspencer3hey mhall11921:44
rickspencer3I thought that you might be able to answer my questions due to your encycolpedic knowledge of the ubuntu components and your time zone :)21:45
rickspencer3I noticed some apps have a sort of menu in the top right, you click on it and get a menu of actions21:45
mhall119top right?21:45
mhall119from clicking on the hamburger icon in the Header?21:46
mhall119rickspencer3: like the one shown here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5svcj9qtukkt8o6/uReadIt-user.png?dl=0 /21:49
rickspencer3mhall119, hamburger icon - yeah :)21:49
rickspencer3mhall119, yup, that's it21:49
mhall119that's done by the UITK for you if you have a page with more action that it can show in the Header at the same time21:50
mhall119so on a phone, if you have more than 2 actions in your header, you'll get that21:50
rickspencer3mhall119, my issue is really that the options I have are hard to explain without text21:51
rickspencer3so I'd like it just always be a menu21:51
rickspencer3I guess that's nor part of the API21:51
mhall119I don't think so, no21:53
mhall119maybe in a future version the 'preset' property can be used to force all actions into a menu21:54
mhall119zsombi: ^^ ?21:54
mhall119rickspencer3: you can set head.preset:"select" and it will show your action label below the icon, but it will also hide the page title component22:02
* rickspencer3 tries22:03
mhall119rickspencer3: did that get you any closer to what you wanted?23:14
rickspencer3hi mhall119 thanks for asking23:14
rickspencer3not really closer, no23:14
rickspencer3I'll figure something out23:15

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