dholbachgood morning07:25
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dholbachbrb, relocating to the office12:39
dholbachpopey, dpm: are you going to take care of the Q&A today?15:09
dpmdholbach, sure15:10
dholbachcool, in that case I can safely go back to more html5 goodness :)15:10
dpmpopey, do you want to announce on the +Ubuntu account and I do FB? Or the other way around, I don't mind15:10
popeyam on a hangout ...15:11
dpmok, done15:21
dpmpopey, all set for the team Q&A?15:52
dpmpopey, can you start spreading the word?15:53
popeyHm, I dont have access to the FB account.. :(15:57
dpmnp, I'll do it and add you15:59
popeyhave never had access15:59
popeycan you invite me to the hangout too :)15:59
dpmyeah, once I can figure out how I lost the hangout...16:01
knomehow's the wiki.ubuntu.com CSS maintained?16:41
joseprobably a LP branch16:44
joseit's IS hosted16:45
knomei'd love to know the branch name :)16:53
knomei'd really love to push some of my personal modifications to production as well as write some additional styles16:54
knomelike allowing tables to have certain styles based on the table class instead of having to add a huge amount of markup to each table cell to make them look not stupid :)16:55
josehmm probably #canonical-sysadmin is a good place to ask if there's someone on vanguard16:56
knomeactually i'm pretty sure it's not managed in a way that allows merge requests to be done easily... and hoping that mhall119 (or anybody) looked at my message and picked up the task to work on that like planet.ubuntu.com ;)16:57
knomedone the first MP's for the planet CSS, hungry for more sensible fixed16:58
knomeor tbe, insanity-avoiding ones :P16:58
czajkowskiknome: #canonical-sysadmin best place to start17:18
czajkowskiand vanguard on duty17:18
knomethe vanguards won't deal with questions/additions for CSS files... they'll tell to file an IS ticket, and then it'll rot in the queue for a few years, and then it'll be unassigned17:19
knomethis will need action/attention from a canonical employed community person17:20
knomethat said, i'm happy that we're where we are with the planet CSS currently17:20
knomejust hoping the same direction for other community-facing sites17:20
pleia2it's still easier if you have a ticket number mhall119 or someone can chase down with IS :)17:24
* elfy has a list of those :(17:24
pleia2I know it's annoying, but ticket queues are how they manage their workload, important to use the system17:25
czajkowskiwithout some sort of reference number it makes following up hard17:27
czajkowskifor all involved17:27
* knome breathes out heavily17:27
knomei guess i don't mind that the wiki looks bad then17:27
pleia2figuring out where this branch is/whether it's public can go on popey's list!17:28
knomei don't mind filing IS tickets, but i don't feel like doing that if the response is what i've seen so far17:28
knomethanks popey17:28
czajkowskiknome: what do you mean ?17:29
pleia2I think their queue is quite long right now, tricky things are staying in it for a while (I have a few out there too)17:30
elfyI've got stuff in the queue from the beginning of last year and things in it from 201317:30
pleia2I have one that's quite old, cruft from the launchpad to Ubuntu SSO transition that's still making it near impossible for new contributors to figure out how to log on to help.ubuntu.com/community themselves17:31
pleia2so I know it's terribly frustrating17:31
elfymost of the frustration from me comes from being ignored - even a - we'll look at this in the next 6 months is better than being ignored17:33
pleia2fair enough, I usually do get at least a response (though the one I just mentioned hasn't gotten response in a while)17:33
popeyif they closed the gates now, and didnt allow any more tickets, I think they have enough tickets in the queue for 10 years or so17:34
czajkowskielfy: it is very hard, small team manging multile RTs covering wiki website servers in house and community stuff17:34
elfypopey: I don't doubt it - and I'm certainly not blaming them - when we do really really need them - they're exceptionally helpful17:34
czajkowskinot an easy task and I also can see it frustrating people to not file a RT also17:34
elfyczajkowski: yea - I know :)17:34
elfyI'm just saying what it's like for people17:35
czajkowskiI agree17:35
czajkowskibut also know how small the team is that deals with the RT17:35
knomeczajkowski, what i mean is that i've had many discussions with the IS team since 2008, provided patches and promised that things will move forward "sooner than later"17:35
knomeczajkowski, and a lot of that never happened...17:36
czajkowskinods I kn ow17:36
elfyczajkowski: I'm not sure what it was like previously with IS and the FC - but after the upgrade, and close contact with 3 or 4 of them during that time, we've got a good working relationship for the most part17:36
czajkowskias sometimes things get super seeded17:36
elfyanyway ...17:36
pleia2mmm super seeds17:37
czajkowskisuperseded even17:38
czajkowski<--- lack of sleep17:38
elfyor lack of super seeds17:38
elfysome super seeds for czajkowski http://bit.ly/15JzHVj17:40
jcastroit should be noted that the IS team has had the same # of people since about ... 2008, while the rest of the project and Canonical continue to grow much faster17:40
knomejcastro, that's understandable, but that doesn't make any of the community contributors feel better about their contributions going basically to /dev/null17:41
knomehere's an example17:41
knome Anthony Dillon (ya-bo-ng) wrote on 2011-11-09:17:41
knomeI have updated the wiki stylesheet with a fix for this and escalated it to IS to be deployed.17:41
knome Anthony Dillon (ya-bo-ng) on 2015-01-1517:41
knomeassignee: Anthony Dillon (ya-bo-ng) → nobody17:41
knomeand the fix is still not deployed17:42
czajkowskielfy: evil17:42
jcastrooh, the webteam isn't IS, not that that's an excuse17:42
elfyczajkowski: :)17:42
knomejcastro, exactly. furthermore, if they told me to "do/contact X to get it deployed" in 2011, and that would have gotten it deployed, i wouldn't have cared about the extra work that i had to do17:43
knomejcastro, community volunteers willing to put time and effort into getting something fixed is not the problem17:44
jcastroI sympathize, getting fixes in can be frustrating17:44
knomejcastro, s/can be frustrating/is impossible/  from my point of view17:44
knomewhich is why i've stopped contributing and caring.17:44
jcastroyou can try pinging robbie if you'd like17:44
knomewho's loss is this?17:44
jcastromaybe he can help?17:44
knometbh, after 4 years...17:45
knomedon't point me to another person that is "maybe" able to help17:45
czajkowskiknome: ok we are trying to hepl17:45
jcastrowell he kind of runs everything, if there's one guy who can help you17:45
czajkowskiand we all know the frustrations17:45
knome4 years isn't frustration. it is "we don't care enough"17:46
knomebut i shall go away until more of this grumpyness comes out.17:46
knomeuummm, s/until/before/17:47
knomehave a nice day17:47
dholbachdinner time - see you tomorrow!18:30
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