nagromltwho here likes ubuntu02:31
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pittiGood morning05:20
pittiinfinity: ah, ok; they don't have anything in particular in their status other than an obsolete error message, so I didn't dare and turn them to auto again05:21
pittiinfinity: oops, did you see that glibc fails to unpack now?05:23
pittiinfinity: I'm aware of debian bug 776257, could it be that?05:23
ubottuDebian bug 776257 in patch "Fails to apply patch with dangling symlink" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/77625705:23
pittiwould be weird if patch would have gotten broken in two different ways05:24
pittirbasak: did you see that mysql-5.5 is stuck in -proposed as it seems to make pinba-engine-mysql-5.5 uninstallable?05:31
infinitypitti: I saw the test failure, but I can't reproduce it, so I have no idea what autopkgtest is doing differently.06:18
infinitypitti: Downloading the source and running dpkg-source -x works fine.06:18
pittiinfinity: I can reproduce it easily here06:18
pittiinfinity: i. e. mere apt-get source glibc under vivid06:19
infinitypitti: Oh.  Maybe my patch isn't up to date.  Didn't see the bug was patch, not dpkg.06:19
pittiinfinity: do you have patch 2.7.3-1?06:19
infinitypitti: No, 2.7.1-7 ... Hence why I couldn't reproduce.06:19
infinitypitti: Anyhow, I *could* fix the git-updates patch, but really, patch needs fixing.06:19
pittiinfinity: in the systemd package I worked around that by changing my patch to not create a dangling symlink, but it was trivial there06:20
pittiinfinity: yes, indeed06:20
infinitypitti: Given that my git-updates patch is auto-generated, I don't really want to mangle it to work around bugs.06:20
pittianyway, I need to leave for the train station, bbl06:20
infinitypitti: Thanks for the bug pointer, though, I was stumped.06:20
pittiinfinity: yeah, me too when I saw the systemd bug report07:07
pittiinfinity: was that what you pinged me about last night?07:08
dholbachgood morning07:25
infinitypitti: It was, yeah.07:49
mlankhorstinfinity: that might be on purpose07:55
mlankhorstnot 100% sure07:56
mlankhorstin case other packages depend on it07:56
mlankhorstinfinity: /usr/share/bug/xserver-xorg-core/script is a symlink to ../xserver-xorg-core-lts-utopic/script07:57
mlankhorstoh you mean the specific packages, hmm..08:05
mlankhorstI'll fix that for the -vivid backprot08:06
pittijibel: did you see anything weird about the gmsh test? i. e. always failed on i386, always passed on amd64, but britney considers it a regression?09:07
jibelpitti, I didn't find why. And it is just for gmsh/mesa.09:11
jibelpitti, you can force the result in the history file09:11
pittijibel: ok, doing that then; I did the same for a similar case recently, but it's happending seldomly enough09:16
pittijibel: ok, doing that then; I did the same for a similar case recently, but it's happending seldomly enough09:21
Laney(echo in here)09:21
pittiI got disconnected after lagging for 5 mins, I wasn't sure if my last message went through :)09:22
pitti... through .... through09:22
pittimlankhorst: I forced gmsh, mesa should propagate now09:22
highvoltagewom 2109:27
highvoltageoh my09:27
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LocutusOfBorg1hi dear developers09:42
LocutusOfBorg1mdeslaur, how do you feel about getting openssl 1.0.2 into vivid? Just asking since you said that the merge was in hold until the next release09:43
LocutusOfBorg1of course I can do the merge and give it to you for review09:43
LocutusOfBorg1hi folks, why virtualbox/precise-proposed didn't migrate yet?09:55
LocutusOfBorg1in proposed since  2015-01-1609:55
rbasakpitti: no, I wasn't aware (it was a security upload). I'll look - thanks.10:05
rbasakLooks like pinba-engine-mysql just needs a no change rebuild every time there's a new microrelease of MySQL.10:13
rbasakI wonder if that means its uninstalling in stable releases as well.10:14
rbasakIndeed it does.10:23
rbasakmdeslaur: ^^ something to be aware of. Looks like a no change rebuild is required for every release for every mysql 5.5 microrelease if we don't want to break pinba-engine-mysql.10:23
rbasakI'd argue that the strict versioning is wrong, mind. There should not be any ABI breaks in microreleases.10:24
rbasakNobody has complained, either. There are no Launchpad bugs for the package.10:24
rbasakUbuntu popcon reports: 1 install, no votes.10:26
rbasakLooks like it's been blocked from jessie for almost a year for the same reason.10:28
LaneyDon't think Ubuntu popcon really works any more, so I wouldn't use that for data10:28
rbasakNo uploads in Debian in that time.10:28
rbasak(unrelated) How do I find reverse dependencies for a virtual package?10:32
rbasakapt-cache rdepends doesn't seem to know about these; nor "reverse-depends"10:32
rbasakDo I need to resort to grep-dctrl?10:32
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pittiLaney, cjwatson: hm, so I don't understand why systemd breaks libguestfs at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt10:51
pittisystemd in -proposed drops the obsolete libsystemd-{login,journal,daemon,id128-}0 libs, but there are no reverse dependencies any more10:52
pittiall of these binary packages install just fine in a vivid-proposed schroot10:52
pittiand libguestfs0 now depends on libsystemd0 only10:52
pitti(and that rebuild already propagated)10:52
pittiany idea what I can do to find out what britney is complaining about?10:53
pittithere's some NBS involved here, but I can't possibly remove the old libs from vivid before -6ubuntu1 gets promoted to vivid10:53
Unit193Laney: Re: popcon.  At least right now, it's broken (not updating the page correctly) again, but since it's opt-in anyway...  Normally rt needs poked to fix it, and it seems to break every few months.10:54
Unit193And indeed, congrats making it another year.10:54
pittididrocks: btw, I sorted out https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+source/systemd/+imports10:56
pittishould appear in the next langpacks10:56
sitterdidrocks: heya, I hear we are getting bluez5 in vivid? any ETA on that? ;)10:59
pittisitter: I think that's more a question for cyphermox?10:59
ogra_and i guess it really depends how fast the phone can get ported over11:01
brainwashcan someone please move xfdesktop4 from trusty-proposed to -updates? bug 136596511:02
ubottubug 1365965 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu Trusty) "[MRE] Please update xfdesktop4 to 4.11.8 in Trusty" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136596511:02
Laneypitti: hmm, let's see11:02
sitterogra_: that isn't even ported yet :O11:04
cjwatsonpitti: libguestfs0 still Depends: libsystemd-journal011:06
cjwatsonpitti: if you tried to rebuild to make shlibdeps go away, then I think perhaps it has a hardcoded dep in debian/control11:06
LaneyIt's put in there by a substvar which comes from some data in the source tree11:09
cjwatsonah yeah11:10
cjwatson./appliance/packagelist.in:81:  libsystemd-journal011:10
ari-tczewcyphermox: the merge for isdnutils from unstable is quite ready, but now came another problem. libcapi20-3 is now in separated package, which we need yet to sync.11:16
pittiLaney, cjwatson: no, I already checked that debian/control doesn't have a hardcoded dep (it did, but I fixed those)11:43
pittiI rebuilt it locally, and it only depends on libsystemd0; ubuntu4 now also does that11:43
pittiah, I'll try to update ./appliance/packagelist.in too, although I don't see how that affects the built debs11:44
cjwatsonIt's via a twisty chain of stuff11:45
cjwatsonI didn't bother to fully investigate but it's fairly clear from ${appliance:Depends}11:45
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didrockssitter: depends on the phonefundation team for Touch, blocked on their kernel and integration12:02
didrockssitter: I noticed that rsalveti put that on their list for the next few weeks12:02
sittergoody, thanks for the update :)12:03
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rbasakinfinity: around?12:07
mdeslaurrbasak: hrm, interesting, but also a PITA for something potentially nobody uses :)12:20
rbasakmdeslaur: yeah. I'm tempted to ignore it unless someone complains, given that it's not in jessie and appears unmaintained.12:28
mdeslaurrbasak: +112:29
rbasakmdeslaur: (except to no-change rebuild in vivid and future development releases which we need for proposed migration)12:29
mdeslauroh, vivid didn't migrate? sorry about that, I had not noticed12:29
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xnoxdidrocks: pitti: i'm starting to work on "/dev/null to remove wants" set of patches for systemd12:34
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xnoxat the moment only did a trivial: systemctl --system --global enable to generate symlinks in /lib12:34
xnoxinstead of /etc12:34
xnoxwhere shall i send this work in progress?12:34
xnoxand/or publish.12:34
didrocksxnox: maybe we should get some kind of upstream agreement?12:35
xnoxdidrocks: we do.12:35
didrockshum, I missed that message on the ML12:35
xnoxdidrocks:  in december archives lennart said that he will take patches that cleanly implement logic as specified to "unwant if symlink target is to /dev/null" I believe i've added links to the messages from lennart on the pad12:36
* xnox makes a git repository12:36
xnoxon github12:36
didrocksxnox: but not on the --global -> symlinks12:36
xnoxdidrocks: yeah, but it's kind of convenient to have whilst hacking on these things =)12:37
xnoxdidrocks: plus e.g. i imagine we would want packaging to use --system --global to genere symlinks at package built time or some/such.12:37
xnoxotherwise running --enable and iterating moving things from /etc to /lib is pain.12:37
didrocksxnox: well, I would really wait for the sprint, as there is no clear agreement, even with debian, on the finale decision12:41
xnoxdidrocks: i need this not for debian ;-)12:42
mitya57cjwatson: hi, can you please look at bug 1409433?12:43
ubottubug 1409433 in perlqt (Ubuntu) "Please demote perlqt to universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140943312:43
didrocksxnox: and not in ubuntu then ?12:43
xnoxdidrocks: elsewhere12:43
cjwatsonmitya57: Just the demotions?12:46
mitya57cjwatson: yes, not only perlqt, but the list in bug description12:50
cjwatsonYeah, I think you missed a couple from that even, but I'm checking component-mismatches12:50
cjwatsonqimageblitz and smokegen can go too12:51
ari-tczewcyphermox: I uploaded your ppp from -proposed, libcapi20-3 from unstable and merged isdnutils to my PPA.12:58
ari-tczewcyphermox: Every from those packages built fine. You can try to use it. (https://launchpad.net/~ari-tczew/+archive/ubuntu/testing/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=vivid)12:59
ari-tczewcyphermox: libcapi20-3 is already in NEW. (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=)13:00
cjwatsonI'd be wary of NEWing libcapi20-3 until the new isdnutils source is also on its way into the archive13:03
ari-tczewIf new libcapi goes to -release, we have to rebuild all reverse depends. (http://paste.ubuntu.com/9897689/)13:03
cjwatsonJust to avoid problems with the overwritten binary13:03
cjwatsonThe new libcapi won't go to the release pocket until all reverse-dependencies are rebuilt, I wouldn't expect?  proposed-migration should ensure that13:04
ari-tczewcjwatson: should do I to upload isdnutils right now?13:04
cjwatsonUnless the dependencies are wrong13:04
cjwatsonI don't know, I haven't reviewed it :)13:04
cjwatsonmitya57: .13:05
ari-tczewcjwatson: do you need to review? I thought I have permissions ;-)13:05
cjwatsonari-tczew: I don't, but you asked me a question to which I don't have the answer without reviewing it :)13:05
mitya57cjwatson: thanks a lot13:06
ari-tczewcjwatson: so if you'd be nice to answer it would be good, because we're staying in the place :)13:07
ari-tczewHowever, isdnutils needs ppp to get built.13:07
mitya57cjwatson: launchpad still thinks pyqt5 is in main: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyqt5/5.4+dfsg-1~ubuntu1/+publishinghistory13:07
ari-tczewppp is waiting in -proposed. :(13:07
cjwatsonari-tczew: I'm not blocking it13:07
cjwatsonIf you have the technical permission to upload it, you're taking responsibility for it, you think it's correct, and nobody's objecting, you should probably upload it :)13:08
cjwatsonI'm happy to accept the libcapi20-3 sync once there's an isdnutils dep-waiting on it13:08
ari-tczewcjwatson: ok, I'll upload it13:09
cjwatsonmitya57: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyqt5/+publishinghistory clarifies, there was a separate upload in release vs. -proposed13:10
cjwatsonmitya57: sorted now13:10
mitya57cjwatson: oh yes, I should have said that, thanks anyway13:12
dokourgh, everybody moves away from isdn ...13:12
ari-tczewcjwatson: ok, isdnutils is dep-waiting already13:32
dokopitti, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/195907605/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-ppc64el.openjdk-8_8u40~b22-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:48
dokough, and is there a way to tell oemstrip to leave some files untouched?13:49
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cjwatsonari-tczew: libcapi20-3 accepted14:11
ari-tczewcjwatson: cool, thanks. I'll rebuilt all reverse-depends.14:12
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pittidoko: hm, is that a timeout or something? I don't see an error message14:35
pittiah yes, I see it at the end14:36
dokopitti, yes, but a timeout during stripping? and how can I tell oemstrip not to touch libjvm.so?14:36
pitti(it's pkgstriptranslations)14:38
pittidoko: could it be that this is just a large build tree, and finding/taring the *.po files is slow on that builder?14:38
dokothere are no .po files14:39
dokoand ppc64el should be one of the fastest14:39
pittidoko: as for your question, debian/rules can export NO_PKG_MANGLE=114:39
dokopitti, that would be all or nothing14:40
cyphermoxari-tczew: thanks for looking into isdnutils14:44
cyphermoxI had started but couldn't make sense of the new libcapi20-3, I didn't think to look in new14:44
cyphermoxwhat's the source package for it?14:44
ari-tczewcyphermox: you're welcome,14:46
ari-tczewcyphermox: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libcapi20-3/1:3.27-114:46
ari-tczewcyphermox: these two binaries were shipped in isdnutils, but they have been splitted out to separate source libcapi20-3 (link above)14:47
cyphermoxyeah, I saw14:48
ari-tczewcyphermox: I saw you've merged nm-applet. have you been dreaming about that?14:48
cyphermoxwhat do you mean?14:48
cyphermoxit's not quite a merged14:48
ari-tczewcyphermox: I guess you've spent a half of night :P14:48
cyphermoxI've taken it a few steps closer to being mergeable14:48
cyphermoxnah, actually it took far less time than I had expected14:49
cyphermoxI had more trouble with an accessibility patch than with the indicator patch14:49
ari-tczewnot bad14:49
ari-tczewcyphermox: what are the next steps to do?14:50
ari-tczewplugins from universe?14:50
cyphermoxnetwork-manager-pptp, which I had already started14:50
cyphermoxthat will unblock things14:50
cyphermoxafter that yes, the other plugins14:51
cyphermoxalso, whatever libcapi reverse-depends.14:51
pittidoko: hm, if it doesn't have any desktop files, gnome help, or translation files, then it's basically just a bunch of "find" commands; I can't see from the log where it's stuck :/ we'd need a set -x output, or just retry the build and see whether it gets further/hangs at a different place, and maybe inspect dmesg to see if it has a stuck process?14:52
ari-tczewcyphermox: I'm on it in the evening14:53
ari-tczewtill all libcapi20-3 builds are ready14:53
ari-tczewarm64 is still waiting14:54
cyphermoxari-tczew: ok, in that care let me know when you have time, because I'll start on them14:54
pittihallyn, stgraber: ah, systemd with the user lxc cgroup permission fix finally went in14:54
ari-tczewcyphermox: ok. I hope in a few hours rebuilds are ready.14:55
* ari-tczew is going away. exams @school this weekend.14:55
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stgraberpitti: yay!14:59
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taihsianghi, I tried the latest vivid-server-amd64.iso  today http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/20150127/15:27
taihsiangand found an issue: Jan 27 14:39:30 in-target: The following packages have unmet dependencies:15:27
taihsiangJan 27 14:39:30 in-target:  perl : Depends: perl-base (= 5.20.1-4) but 5.20.1-5 is to be installed15:28
taihsiangbut I am not sure where is the best place to report this bug.15:28
taihsiangMay someone tell me where to report this issue? Thanks.15:28
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cjwatsontaihsiang: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-cdimage since that's an image build problem15:38
caribou_I would need some help from some AA to remove makedumpfile from the sync-blacklist so I can sync it from experimental15:41
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taihsiangcjwatson, thanks15:42
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taihsiangcjwatson, if I remember correct, it is very usual issue when playing around with a daily image. This kind of issues (package dependency, especially perl-*) happened to me several times.15:43
cjwatsontaihsiang: This one is because the image build system's mirror didn't get properly updated when that image was being built, possibly a locking issue that we've run into before.15:44
taihsiangcjwatson, understood. thanks for the clear explanation.15:46
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cjwatsoncaribou: done15:48
cariboucjwatson: many thanks sir15:49
alexbligh1rbasak, any news on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/apache2/+bug/1366174 ?16:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1366174 in apache2 (Ubuntu Trusty) "apache2 SEGV with multiple SSL sites" [High,Triaged]16:21
pittijibel: bah, so who broke php :)16:21
rbasakpitti: o/16:21
pittirbasak: I got a gazillion test regressions as php seems uninstallable now16:22
rbasakpitti: yeah, that's expected. I needed to rebuild a new php-json after uploading php5. That's done now.16:22
pittiright, that's one of the first items in the pkgProblemResolver output16:22
pittirbasak: ah, so we only need to rebuild few packages, not all of them?16:23
* pitti restarts a random one to see16:23
rbasakpitti: need to rebuild everything that depended on the old ABI. About 50. I just uploaded the rebuilds a few minutes ago.16:23
rbasakI'm not sure how that maps to the dep8 tests exactly.16:24
rbasakSo I wasn't going to ask for retests until those builds had finished.16:24
pittirbasak: ah nice; so every package which did get an upload will at least trigger its own test and thus auto-fix itself16:24
pittirbasak: and the rest we just retry tomorrow morning then16:24
pittirbasak: thanks for the heads-up16:24
rbasakpitti: ack. Sorry I didn't warn in advance. I don't know how else I could have approached this, but I'll warn next time.16:25
* cjwatson re-enables adare and ross for now16:25
pittirbasak: no problem at all -- the smiley was deliberate :)16:25
cjwatsonThough not totally sure they're going to manage openjdk-6 in finite time.  Oh well16:26
pittirbasak: we have -proposed exactly for this; I was just a bit surprised when I looked in my mailbox16:26
kirklandpitti: howdy, systemd question for you....16:31
kirklandpitti: does /usr/sbin/service need any additional logic to start/stop/status systemd services?16:32
kirklandpitti: it does a good job of being a layer of abstraction between sysvinit and upstart services16:32
kirklandpitti: it crosses my mind that perhaps some new logic might be needed for systemd services...16:33
pittikirkland: what do you mean wrt. "new logic"?16:33
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pittikirkland: btw, if you want to write anything which is portable between init systems, don't use systemctl, but invoke-rc.d (for package maintainer scripts) or "service" (for programs)16:34
pittithese get alogn with sysv, upstart, and systemd16:34
pittilike "service foo start"16:35
kirklandpitti: exactly :-)  (fwiw, I wrote /usr/sbin/service many moons ago)16:35
pittikirkland: oh, that was you? didn't know that :)16:35
kirklandpitti: indeed :-)16:35
pitti#   * August 2008 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@canonical.com>16:35
kirklandpitti: the earliest code was a port from RH, but it grew far beyond that, with upstartedness16:36
kirklandpitti: anyway, I was just wondering if it needed anything else to support upstart, and I was checking if you guys were already on top of it16:36
pittikirkland: as far as I'm aware, invoke-rc.d and service fully support all three now16:37
pittikirkland: utopic's still had some bugs, though, so I'm talking "vivid" here16:37
kirklandpitti: fantastic, I should have known you were on top of it :-)16:37
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kirklandpitti: ah, look at that (I just opened the code, which I should have done BEFORE opening my mouth) :-)16:38
pittikirkland: no worries at all :)16:38
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)16:40
ivoksubottu: thanks, that was fast :)16:40
ubottuivoks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:40
rbasakalexbligh1: sorry, I haven't forgotten. I'm asking around to see if anybody else can take it on. Otherwise it'll probably after I've got mysql 5.6 done, which is taking longer than I expected.16:52
alexbligh1rbasak, no problem. If there's anything I can do to speed things up do drop me a line.16:52
pfsmorigohi, I'm setting a preseed. What's the diff between d-i apt-setup and apt-mirror-setup?16:55
pfsmorigohmm.. maybe that's not the channel for this doubt, sorry16:56
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pittistgraber: oh, and if you could confirm that your machine with the bond interface is booting/working correctly now, I'd appreciated17:05
pittistgraber: I made some guesses about reproducing it (do you use ifenslave?)17:06
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=== jsalisbury is now known as apw
stgraberpitti: that machine uses ifenslave, yes and I'll check in about two weeks17:06
stgraberbeing 7000km away from it, not feeling like taking the chance :)17:06
pittistgraber: ok; using ifenslave is the most important bit of it (I don't know if there's another way)17:06
pittistgraber: with ifenslave, the reason for the hang was quite clear17:07
stgraberah yeah, ifup bond0 waits for ifup of ethX (or the other way around depending on the order they're brought up)17:08
pittistgraber: so, should be all good now17:08
ogra_stgraber, tks ... 7000km ... just strech your arm a bit17:11
dokopitti, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/195961040/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-ppc64el.openjdk-8_8u40~b22-1ubuntu1_UPLOADING.txt.gz  so no processes hanging, now just building with PKG_NO_MANGLE17:21
semiosisDktrKranz: ping?17:33
semiosisDktrKranz: regarding https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34337617:33
ubottuKDE bug 343376 in VNC "KRDC crashes when connecting to Mac server" [Grave,Unconfirmed]17:33
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infinityrbasak: I was not around, it was 5am.17:48
* cyphermox -> lunch17:50
jamespagedoko, apologies its taken me a while to find time but component-mismatches is now alot cleaner - less maven explosion17:54
rbasakinfinity: I never know what timezone you're in :)17:57
rbasakinfinity: I'm EOD now. Can we chat tomorrow?17:57
infinityrbasak: I never know what timezone I'm in either, and sure.17:58
dokojamespage, much appreciated18:00
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alexbligh1I have made a cockup on some software which has been deployed to some of our customers. In essence, when Ubuntu was at 12.04, I shipped package A with a version number of X (which was our internal s/w version and nothing to do with package A's version). Trusty now ships a more modern version of package A (let's say version Y), but unfortunately X>Y. This means apt-get upgrade doesn't upgrade the packages. Apart21:52
alexbligh1 from apologising for being an idiot, what is the safest way to remedy the situation without the customer having to type specific incantations? Package A is brought in by a package we ship.21:52
semiosisalexbligh1: i think you can make your package depend on a specific version (or range of versions, less than X) so that apt will pull in the trusty universe package21:56
alexbligh1semiosis, mmm. OK. So if I depend on 'foo<N' and foo 0.01 is in one repo, and foo 9.00 is in another, that will automatically take foo 0.01 rather than ignore foo 0.01 because it's outdated?21:58
semiosisseems worth a try21:59
alexbligh1semiosis, this is all a bit of a mess as (to my shame) I actually cocked up three of four packages which depend on eachother22:00
* alexbligh1 buries head in hands22:00
nijopaAfternoon everyone22:14
nijopaIs this the appropriate channel to ask a quick question about getting debug symbols for the GCC toolchain under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?22:15
nijopaIf not, can you suggest an appropriate one?22:15
RAOFnijopa: #ubuntu would also be appropriate. In general, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Installing_debug_symbols_manually22:24
RAOFnijopa: (The gcc tools have a bunch of -dbgsym packages with the stripped symbols)22:25
nijopaRAOF - thanks22:40
nijopaI've found the debug packages, and I know about how to do the install22:41
nijopaI'm actually having trouble installing them (getting dependency errors) and also, the contents don't appear to be what I'd expect.22:42
nijopaFor example, what appears to be the top level debug symbol package only contains a handful of files22:42
nijopawhen I'd expect it to contain more, or install a bunch of dependencies.22:43
nijopaIt's not a big deal - I can build the toolchain from scratch easily enough22:43
RAOFnijopa: Yeah, you'd need to install all the individual debug packages; we don't do a “install all the symbols for the whole stack” metapackage.22:47

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