darkxstoctoquad, some icons were shuffled around in the version uploaded to archive, compared to what was previously on the ppa00:49
darkxstNoskcaj, hows your internet? g-s-d needs user-share plugin enabled now that nm 0.9.10 is in proposed05:38
muppisAnyone familiar to make hdd not start during boot? It's a second hdd in my laptop and needed only when I need Windows -virtualmachine.11:36
muppisOf course one option is keep it removed as it's in ODD -replacement, but I still need it carry with me.11:36
mgedminmuppis, comment out the line that mounts it from /etc/fstab11:52
mgedminor do it from the GUI with Disks11:53
muppisIt isn't mounted at all. Directly directed to vm.11:53
mgedminwhat do you mean by "start during boot" then?11:54
mgedminyou could configure a spindown timeout for it11:58
mgedminhdparm --something11:58
mgedminautomating that would probably require adding a udev rule11:59
muppisArgh with Windows. :D Grabbed HDD from broken laptop and had WXP and Ubuntu installed on it. Ubuntu won't start in vm if PAE support not switched on and a WXP won't start if it switched on. :D12:03
muppisI think I'm cool with oob behaviour. HDD seems to spin down by itself if not in use.12:07
LinDolhi all12:39
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randymosshi there. real noob here. trying to figure out why im getting "system policy prevents changes" when trying to unlock a user account. the account has all access18:24
mephuxanyone else getting issues with adwaita-icon-theme?19:14
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Noskcaj_darkxst: Still n internet except at school, i'll ping you when i can do stuff again23:13
MrSavagewhy am i getting a question mark for my wireless internet at school?23:16
MrSavageI also had to provide how to connect to the wireless network, so i chose leap23:16
darkxstMrSavage, network manager 0.9.10 fixes that, it should land in vivid shortly23:24
darkxstand then we will backport it to utopic-staging23:25
darkxstNoskcaj_ ok23:25

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