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elfyif there's someone here with access to the -irc mailing list - there's a mail from me to it that needs moderating please :)20:23
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Picielfy: I waved my magic wand at it20:38
elfyPici: thanks :)20:39
elfyI assume you read it as well :D20:39
PiciI did indeed.20:40
PiciThanks for the help :)20:42
elfywelcome - I've done changes to the LP group, I've assumed that IRCC would want to do a community wide announcement to Fridge or something20:43
PiciWill do.  Doing some maintenance on the IRC side of things first though... also I suppose I'll need to update the mailing list as well.20:47
elfyhave fun with that then :)20:47
elkyholy crap i won outright how in hell lol20:48
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elfyelky: :)20:49
elkyFuchs: irc council20:50
Fuchsmy deepest sympathies :(20:50
k1l_too much el*y nicks for me in here ;p20:53
elfywell - congratulations to all concerned - you all got votes20:53
elfyk1l_: ha ha - I'm just going to take that as cue ...20:53
elfyto come back as hobgoblin next time :D20:53
elfynight all :)20:53
elkyhehe goodnight and thanks20:53
k1l_congrats elky, and Flannel20:54
Fuchswe're doomed. DOOMED.20:55
elkywe were already doomed. now it's _comically_ doomed20:55
Fuchsoh, okay. who's the third poor soul,20:56
Fuchsand why didn't I get a mail to vote as an irc member? *scratches head*20:56
Fuchsyeah, doomed it is.20:56
elkyyou're not an irc member i guess. i forget how one gets there too20:56
elkyyou probably need to be an ubuntu member first20:57
FuchsI was pretty sure I was an IRC member, let me check20:57
PiciTrying to remember how to update the mailing list... for some reason this is always confusing to me.20:57
k1l_iirc you need to reactivate yourself once a year or so. if you forget to do that you get dropped20:58
FuchsUbuntu IRC members 2012-05-31 Member —20:58
Fuchsaccording to lolpad20:58
elkyk1l_: yeah that happened to me. i didn't even get to vote for me20:59
Fuchsand I remember voting in the past as well20:59
k1l_you are in the list. maybe some old email or spam filters?21:01
elkyit only gives you a week to renew. probably dropped while you were at bootcamp21:01
Fuchselky: if it was dropped I wouldn't be listed as a member21:01
elkymine dropped while i was sick last year21:02
Fuchslet me check the e-mail, because it definitely wasn't spam filters21:02
Fuchse-mail is correct as well21:02
Fuchswho should I bug about this to get it fixed?21:10
elkyin this case, probably elfy21:14
elkyis your email public on launchpad?21:14
elkythe script can't get it if it's not21:15
Fuchsnope, but I can pm it to her if that helps21:15
Fuchsthat explains it, then. Hm. Not terribly happy with making my e-mail public, but I can use the membership one, can't I?  (the @ubuntu.com thingie)21:15
elkyyeah, it should just point at your regular email21:16
Fuchsright, shall put that on and make that one public. Thanks :)21:16
Fuchssounds like something that should be addressed to me though, I'm pretty sure not everybody feels good about putting an e-mail address up in public21:19
elkythe "get the voters emails" script is not a function of launchpad. it uses the public api. launchpad would otherwise have to provide a method to certain people to access private information, which would be exactly as hilarious as it sounds21:21
Fuchsor just have a method to send e-mails to people of a certain group21:22
elkyexcept you need to feed the emails to condorcet which canonical doesn't run21:22
elkyit's a cobbled situation and i have no idea why it's preferred21:23
Fuchsso lolpad would need an own, decent voting solution?21:23
Fuchswould probably cover a couple of use cases. Hm.21:23
elkywhich it doesn't because there's no financial gain for putting the resources on it21:23
elkyas with most defects and feature requests in launchpad21:24
Fuchs*sigh* ah well.21:24
elkyand try as i may to contribute to launchpad, i never got a functional dev environment set up, and nor has anyone i know21:24
Fuchsrest assured I would have voted for you. And your hubs, just for hilarity21:24
elky(who doesn't work for canonical)21:24
Fuchswell, thanks for the information :)21:24
elkyin the future, sending a "hi, we just initiated voting, if you missed out, let us know" to the lp[ group would probably be nice though.21:25
FuchsYeah. As said, I do remember voting in the past  (and I don't remember ever making my e-mail address public, I am slightly worried about spam), so at one point they probably had something like that21:26
elkynot sure how that works with subgroups, but this one in particular doesn' thave that many of those21:26
phunyguywait, what?21:32
phunyguywhat just happened?21:32
phunyguyI was highlighted21:32
Fuchsgo back to sleep21:32
phunyguyoh, I see21:33
* phunyguy sighs in relief.21:33
phunyguycongrats to elky and Flannel.  Muahahahaahaha21:37
rwwFuchs: I'm only skimming, but setting your @ubuntu.com email as your primary LP email account if you did that is a Very Bad Idea23:07
rwwsince Canonical uses the primary LP email address as the target for your @ubuntu.com email, so... yeah23:08
Fuchsrww: no, I just recently did that, as in: today, after I was being told that the e-mail has to be public23:08
Fuchsrww: any better suggestions that don't involve giving an actual e-mail address of me to the public?23:08
rwwiirc "public" is "public to logged in LP users", for a start23:09
rwwfor a second, people running CIVS elections in Ubuntu should provide an option for people to request a ballot. i think this is a Do Better Next Time thing23:09
rww("I sent out ballots to everyone whose email address I could find. If you didn't get one, email me" type message, as discussed above)23:10
Fuchsrww: I still dislike that, since creating a lolpad account (and using that to harvest) is trivial and can be mostly automatized23:10
rwwI know23:10
Fuchsrww: so I agree with your and your better half's analyse of the situation, and probably re-set my old e-mail, but not public23:10
rwwI note that were I going to spam Launchpad accounts I'd grab GPG keys too, and yours has your email address publicly available23:11
rwwthe usual script for snarfing emails from LP used to do that, in fact. i gather this broke at some point.23:11
Fuchsrww: not one bound to that, mind23:12
Fuchsalso thank you lolpad for sending out two e-mails when I add a new address, I'm sure that's very much needed  (probably even a third after confirmation)23:13
rwwENOPARSE on your first reply23:13
Fuchsyeah, I should probably head to bed before I start writing gibberish only23:14
Unit193I do that, the gibberish part.  Sleep well!23:14
Fuchsindeed, bed it is. Nighty night all :)23:15

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