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apwDiziet, as i think you have noticed the timeout has been upped for k.u.c10:52
apwjibel, hey ... seems that DKMS testing didn't kick for vivid CKT (3.19.0-3.3) last night12:50
apwtseliot, hey ... we have v3.19 getting close to release now, i see that some of your dkms packages are unhappy (as always)12:57
jibelapw, I'll have a look13:20
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tseliotapw: I've been working on a new upstream release (that I had pulled from -proposed twice) that includes a fix for 3.18 but I haven't tested 3.19 yet. Is there a PPA for that?14:02
apwtseliot, it is in the CKT PPA vivid pocket14:02
tseliotapw: ok, I'll give it a try then14:03
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smoserbjf, i just opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/e2fsprogs/+bug/141507715:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1415077 in e2fsprogs (Ubuntu) "resize2fs behavior differs greatly between trusty and utopic and vivid" [Medium,Confirmed]15:22
smoserarges, ^ is the bug for that resize2fs behavior.15:25
bjfsmoser, that needs to be fixed to fix the arm64 image issue?15:31
argessmoser: thanks15:32
smoserwell... its complicated.15:32
smoserwe're building the maas images on utopic vms. 15:32
smoseri could put a work aoround in place... to not do the resize you're seeing or just ignore it . 15:32
smoserwe're using utopic because (to my memory) qemu-static on trusty was failing, but i'm not able to reproduce that failure.15:33
argessmoser: did you try trusty e2fsprogs on utopic yet? 15:41
argesfor that bug15:41
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smoseri'll try that 15:45
argessmoser: i highly suspect its a userspace thing. trusty vm with lts-utopic kernel also shows the same size as 'trusty/3.13'15:48
smoserarges, posted info on bug. 15:50
smoserit is userspace, its purely a regression in the e2fsprogs15:50
smoserhopefully ted will see this.15:51
smoserhe has been extremely responsive to my e2fsprogs bugs before.15:51
Dizietapw: git timeout> Still does just the same thing for me.  Did someone forget to reload inetd ?15:52
apwDiziet, hmmm, now thats a question15:52
apwDiziet, they did not ... damn15:53
DizietJust tried it again and it still fails after almost exactly 2 minutes.15:57
apwDiziet, yep, damn, poking the appropriate people15:58
smoserbjf, so we would hope to have vivid images available in daily in the next ~30 minutes.16:04
bjfsmoser, cool16:04
jsalisbury## Kernel team meeting today @ 17:00 UTC16:18
apwDiziet, ok, it looks to have been restart appropriatly now16:19
argessmoser: check bug 1415077, I found the first 'bad' commit16:53
ubot5bug 1415077 in e2fsprogs (Ubuntu) "resize2fs behavior differs greatly between trusty and utopic and vivid" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141507716:53
smoserarges, does 'flex_bg' mean something for you?16:55
argessmoser: so hopefully ted can comment on this, cause yea I don't know : )16:55
jsalisbury## Kernel team meeting in 5 minutes16:56
apwisn't flex_bg the thing that lets you populate block groups as they are needed, rather than having to clean them all during mkfs time16:56
jsalisbury## Meeting starting now17:00
argesppisati: wrong channel17:00
arges : )17:00
ppisatio/\o <- high five17:00
bjfsmoser, do i have an image yet? 17:02
apwjsalisbury, have you gone pop ?17:02
kamal... 'cuz this kteam meeting is dragging on and on and on . . .   ;-)17:03
kamal... longest kteam meeting evaaaar17:03
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smoserno. it failed. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9900803/17:10
smoserso i'm going to allow the arm64 to fail resizing down.17:10
=== jsalisbury changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues February 3rd, 2015 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer! If the question is should I file a bug for something, likely you can assume yes.
smoserarges, googling flex_bg and resize2fs seems like this is not the first time.17:56
ubot5Debian bug 696746 in e2fsprogs "resize2fs: The combination of flex_bg and !resize_inode features is not supported by resize2fs" [Normal,Fixed]17:56
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smoserbjf, 20150127 build of vivid available.18:14
bjfsmoser, if i force my maas to update images will it pull that ?18:15
bjfsmoser, trying18:16
bjfsmoser, i don't think my maas sees anything new18:17
smoserbjf, you point your maas at daily ?18:20
smoseralso there is a reverse proxy in the way, so... that can be annoying sometimes.18:20
bjfsmoser, yes, daily18:20
Dizietapw: Thanks!  That clone works now.18:24
apwDiziet, awsome, thanks for the feedback, i am working getting git fixed too18:26
DizietGood luck.18:26
bjfsmoser, i was too quick off the blocks. i just updated and it found a new image. trying to install18:33
bjfsmoser, it works!18:35
smoserhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1411294 18:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 1411294 in cloud-initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "kernel panic during MAAS fastpath install of Vivid images" [High,Fix released]18:36
smoser^ that is fixed ?18:36
argessmoser: so is this related ot the resize2fs issue? or different?18:36
bjfsmoser, yes, that bug is fixed18:36
smoserbjf, that bug there is overlayroot had a bug that i fixed but no full test.18:37
smoserso horay18:37
bjfsmoser, are daily image builds still busted or are they fixed as well? (was this a one off to verify that bug is fixed?)18:39
smoserbjf, well, mostly should be fixed, but right now there is a transient failure in arm64 builds.18:40
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alias_neoHi guys, anyone willing to answer a few (hopefully) simple questions to help me educate myself?22:34
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alias_neoI'm trying to figure out how I know which modules third party tools might have created/added/installed that i might have to rebuild after a kernel upgrade. I ask because recently, after updating the kernel on my kvm host I had to dpkg-reconfigure libvirt before it would work22:40
alias_neoOk, am i really unlucky or does this happen regularly? When i built my kernel with grsec earlier today, the version was 3.14.29, now kernel.org has 3.14.30 but grsec patch doesn't have a 3.14.30 yet23:40

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