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mlankhorsthah, looks like I can use the drm EGL platform in standalone Xmir instead of the Mir EGL platform. :P11:03
mlankhorstat least that one cleans up correctly..11:05
mlankhorstRAOF: should I file a bug for eglTerminate not cleaing up correctly with Mir?11:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1414999 in mir (Ubuntu) "double free in mir when calling eglTerminate and gbm_device_destroy" [Undecided,New]11:18
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alan_galf_: you should mention your suspicions of cloud-worker-13 on #ubuntu-ci-eng14:02
alf_alan_g: Have we had an other strange failure? I think I want to wait for one more data point at least.14:19
alan_galf_: Ack. (I've not been counting.)14:20
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mptI’m working on the surface management spec, and I have a question about the minimized state15:49
mptDoes/Should an app know, and be able to change, whether each of its windows is minimized?15:49
mptIf it could, it could suspend decoding/display of video, pause games, etc, saving battery15:50
alan_gthe client API allows an app to query the state, get updates when the state changes and to request a state change.15:51
mptOk :-) thanks15:51
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kgunnAlbertA: you around?19:06
kgunnAlbertA: camako: so will mir permit clients to pass in a preference of positioning ?19:07
AlbertAkgunn: we don't have that in the api yet...but there's a question for base windows on19:09
AlbertAwhat would the coordinate system be19:09
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AlbertAbut I see it as an optional field in MirSurfaceSpec19:10
kgunnAlbertA: so was just chatting with mzanetti, and he was saying this is important for the "memory" aspect19:11
kgunnthat when you flip between mobile and desktop19:11
kgunndesktop just ends up with all the windows in the same spot...even if you previously spread them all out19:12
kgunnwhereas, the desire would be for it to recall where they were and put them back into position19:12
AlbertAkgunn: I would have thought this would be part of the "cookie" stuff19:12
AlbertAwhich would be used by a shell to save/restore window information on the server side...19:12
kgunnoh look...already a bug19:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 1415161 in Unity 8 "U8 application windows don't remember their location or size when switching between Windowed->Staged->Windowed" [Undecided,New]19:14
kgunnAlbertA: true, shell could do the tracking in the near term19:15
AlbertAkgunn: at first glance I put it in the same bucket as restoring window positions when an application starts again from scratch which is the19:16
greybackso I'm in 2 minds about Mir saving window state/position. Since we have 2 distinct view states (desktop/tablet) that would imply there's 2 separate state/position settings to track for each surface19:17
greybackshould Mir have to support that?19:17
AlbertAcookie thing racarr/chris have mentioned in the past19:17
AlbertAI would imagine something like19:18
AlbertAthe client requests a unique cookie from the server19:18
AlbertAand gets associated with session/surface maybe19:18
AlbertAthen a server side interface just asks a helper19:19
AlbertAto store/retrieve info, given that cookie - the shell implementation would then19:19
AlbertAsave whatever pertinent information it wants (like desktop/tablet mode, last known position etc...)19:19
AlbertAand likewise, mir server would ask the same helper, given that cookie to retrieve stored state...19:20
AlbertAthe alternative is the client specifying initial positions....19:22
AlbertAbut then we have to agree on what type of coordinate system to use...19:22
AlbertAit would probably have to be something normalized to the current view coordinate system19:23
kgunnAlbertA: right, and we want to avoid absolute positioning iirc19:24
greybackyeah that's fair, let the shell save what it needs19:27
kgunnAlbertA: client cookie only good for child surface tho right?19:30
kgunne.g. topmost parent isn't going to know it's position right ?19:31
kgunncamako: just wondering, looks like racarr addressed alan's comment, we can ta ?19:43
camakokgunn, done20:01
kgunncamako: no prob...was just askin' really20:01
kgunncamako: i'm kinda cross referencing backlog and branches....seeing where we're really at20:02
camakokgunn, need help?20:02
kgunncamako: i might ping you as i go...and you might wanna skim it after i finish20:02
camakokgunn, sure20:02
AlbertAkgunn: cookie is more anything I think, basically to persist data and give it a unique id20:27
kgunnAlbertA: thanks...i did find it in the backlog "MirCookie/MirReference support (focus grant, cross-session/client parenting/referencing)"20:28
AlbertAkgunn: oh...yeah that maybe a bit different, that's more about cross-process ids20:28
AlbertAkgunn: but could be related...I have not given it deep thought :)20:29
kgunncamako: this feels like we should approve, fixes a bug as well...21:23
kgunnaltho if you want to review first, i'd understand21:24
camakokgunn, I looked at it.. yeah it looks reasonable21:24
camakowas going to take a deeper look21:24
kgunncamako: and is jenkins still being a punk ?21:27
kgunnah...nope seems he's gotta conflict21:28
camakokgunn, alf noticed some failures but thought they were contained or due to one specific server21:28
camakokgunn, yes that particular one need TLC from RAOF21:29
kgunnRAOF: you on?22:12
RAOFkgunn: Indeed I am22:12
kgunnso i was trying to help :)22:12
kgunnRAOF: and i goofed, but already figured out how to do it right...but22:13
kgunndon't know how to undo one particular thing22:13
kgunnso i was addressign the conflict on22:13
kgunnand thot i addressed the right --take but i didn't22:14
kgunnshoulda done by hand22:14
kgunn...and pushed, only to realize the goof22:14
kgunnso how does one "revert" the push22:14
RAOFEither by adding an extra commit, or by push --overwrite.22:15
kgunncause if you uncommit/revert...then push, it says "you've diverged you fool"22:15
kgunnso opportunity to learn for me as well22:15
kgunnRAOF: what's the penalty if any of --overwrite ?22:15
RAOFYeah, “push --overwrite” is what you want in that circumstance.22:15
kgunnor does it simply obliterate that last commit22:16
RAOFIt obliterates what's currently in the branch and replaces it with what you push.22:16
kgunn(e.g. does it negate your approve votes or do some weird history loss thing)22:16
kgunnok...will do that22:16
RAOFNo, nothing like that.22:16
RAOFSome tools can get a bit confused because they expect the contents of a revision to be immutable (ie: rev 2278 has one contents now and will have a different contents after --overwrite)22:17
RAOFBut it's all fairly harmless.22:17
kgunnRAOF: ok, that seemed to work...took a while to make sure i did it correct...of course, i only touch ./tests/CMakeLists.txt22:41
kgunnbut after...now it's complaining about others22:41
kgunnis that common ?22:41
RAOFNo. That would suggest that there are other conflicts introduced.22:43
kgunnRAOF:  i suppose i should have done merge lp:mir ...vs lp:mir/tests/CMakeLists.txt22:44
RAOFI'm not sure what lp:mir/tests/CMakeLists.txt would do?22:44
kgunnit only merges that file22:44
RAOFI didn't know you could do that :)22:44
RAOFI'd probably just do “bzr merge lp:mir” and check that everything's ok.22:45
kgunnok...merging the entire tree22:45
kgunnwoa... 5 conflicts encountered22:45
kgunnand lots of stuff moved about22:46
RAOFYeah, the ABI things now conflict.22:46
kgunnText conflict in common-ABI-sha1sums22:46
kgunnText conflict in platform-ABI-sha1sums22:46
kgunnText conflict in server-ABI-sha1sums22:46
kgunnText conflict in src/common/symbols.map22:46
kgunnText conflict in tests/CMakeLists.txt22:46
kgunnRAOF: i assume the map gets taken care as part of the sha1sum updates22:46
RAOFsymbols.map? No, that needs manual merging.22:47
kgunnRAOF: how does one resolve the sha1sums ? script ?22:48
RAOFYou need to manually edit it to resolve the conflict.22:48
kgunnRAOF: ok...doing the symbols.map last, and it looks like an hour ago robert added a 3.223:09
kgunndoes that mean23:09
kgunni need to mannually add a 3.3 for your adds ? ...or just merge them under 3.2 since we haven't release yet ?23:10
RAOFCan probably merge them under 3.223:11
kgunnRAOF: does order matter ?23:11
kgunnRAOF: one last one... on your add of 3.2 your close brace has MIR_COMMON_3.1; whereas sir robert's has MIR_COMMON_3;23:15
kgunni see 3.1 closed with MIR_COMMON_3 as well...23:16
kgunnwhat would be the correct convention23:16
RAOFIt doesn't _really_ matter; 3.1 would be slightly more correcct.23:16
RAOFIndeed, you can leave out the base-revision entirely. It's basically just saying “These symbols comprise MIR_COMMON_3.2, and require MIR_COMMON_3.1”23:17
kgunnthat was my guess23:19
kgunnRAOF: thanks for letting me do, learned a little....pushed23:20
kgunngonna kick jenkins, if it passes we should top approve23:20
RAOFAnd I'll merge that through all the dependent branches. Thanks!23:26
RAOFFor those playing at home, Grim Fandango remastered is available on Linux.23:27
racarrOn by default the last timeI used it23:33
racarrup + enter mishap23:33
racarrqtmir -> event 2.0 port finished...of coursemuch manual testing required23:36
RAOFracarr: Remember to buy Grim Fandango for the plane trip to Brussels :)23:37
racarrI've never played it actually...23:38
RAOFYeah, that's what I though.23:39
RAOFIt might have been a bit before your time :P23:39
RAOFWhich is why you should buy it, silly!23:39
kgunnwho doesn't love mexican skull art really23:41
kgunnin a video game no less23:41
racarroh that is kind of my jam23:41
kgunnnever heard of this...but now i am totally intrigued23:41
RAOFYou're a travel agent in the land of the dead!23:41
RAOFStarting on the day of the dead!23:43
RAOFIntrigue! Mystery! Skeletal pigeon eggs!23:44

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