pleia2Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 401 for the week January 19 - 25, 2015 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue40101:15
pleia2jose: think you can handle next weekend? I'll be at fosdem, trying to take it easy on trips because I always try to do too much :)01:24
josepleia2: sure thing!01:59
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pleia2aw, I didn't see this earlier https://twitter.com/silbs/status/55747218853910528021:59
pleia2yay us :)21:59
imnicholWoooo.  Swooped in to get some of the credit :D22:09
imnicholThat was the first issue that I helped with22:16
PaulW2UI got http://bit.ly/1CKGg7n after my first week. Nice.22:26
* wxl is sad his recent blogs didn't get in the news (despite being syndicated to planet)23:28
pleia2wxl: such as?23:30
pleia2and anyone can add to the google doc :)23:30
wxlyeah i've been busy23:30
wxli just figured they would automagically get picked up on23:30
wxlthis one http://polka.bike/blog/input-woes and this one http://polka.bike/blog/down-with-markup23:31
wxland maybe this one http://polka.bike/blog/reddit-sprite-css-magic/23:31
pleia2hm, they don't look like Ubuntu news23:31
pleia2we only include a small subset of planet posts that are Ubuntu news-y23:32
wxlwell they all relate to ubuntu in some way or another23:32
wxli see23:32
pleia2we can't include all planet posts (people who want them all just subscribe to planet directly), we go through them and select ones that are news and we believe are of interest to newsletter readers23:33
wxli've had some other ones that weren't news about ubuntu pop in there23:33
wxloh well, it's fine23:34
pleia2but please, add it and let us know if you feel it should be included, we're not perfect either ;)23:34
wxlokie dokie23:34
wxlthe one on input basically explained in an easy, readable way, how input works in linux through both the kernel and the gui23:34
wxli spent a long time trying to figure out this mystery and thought someone would appreciate it23:35
pleia2yeah, we don't typically include how-tos unless they're related to new tech (like IoT tech)23:35
wxlthe markup one is basically an explanation for why i hate moinmoin23:35
pleia2how-tos would expand the scope of the newsletter a lot23:35
wxland why it's not really appropriate for ubuntu23:35
wxlneither are howtos23:36
wxlthe reddit one is.23:36
wxlagain, i'm not mad. i understand better why now :)23:36
pleia2it's still not very clear to me that you are trying to argue for Ubuntu to get rid of the wiki :\ but reading it that way now I can interpret it that way23:37
pleia2I thought it was a more general musing about markup things23:37
wxlwell, it's more of an argument about getting rid of moinmoin's ridiculous markup23:38

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