dholbachgood morning07:25
Dethosshey all07:29
Dethoss<h7>good afternoon</h7>07:29
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utopiahello, i am a new person in ubuntu, i let my windows etape behind, and i am so happy!!14:48
utopiai want to thank everybody to make this part of life possible14:48
utopiagreetings and love to everyone everywhere14:49
belkinsao/ utopia (that means hey utopia)14:49
utopiayes..utopia! always trying to happen14:49
belkinsautopia, are you thinking about being a part of our wonderful Community?14:50
utopiai am trying to learn the use and the basics of this wonderful alternative system14:51
utopiaand of course i am interested14:52
belkinsaDo you need any mentoring?14:52
belkinsautopia, I invited you to #linuxpadawan, a mentoring system for Linux users.14:52
utopia_today i solve the issue with my printer... using the information gived by the kind people on the comunnity fron the net14:52
utopia_and after some time14:53
utopia_i got my printer working14:53
utopia_is just amazing14:53
utopia_now i am trying to learn the commands14:53
utopia_and the language14:53
utopia_and how it works14:53
belkinsaIt is amazing what a open source community can do for support14:53
belkinsaAnd other thinsg14:53
utopia_my knowledge was so shorthanded by using windows14:54
utopia_cause it give you not possibilitie to manage your own computer14:54
belkinsaIt's once was for me.14:54
utopia_your own environment14:54
belkinsautopia_, I can PM you?14:55
belkinsaNo QA today?15:03
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justCarakasno countdown today ?15:55
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popeyhello all16:03
* nhaines waves at everyone.16:04
imnicholQUESTION if there's one thing that we could do to help the commmunity, what would it be?16:04
DarkrebelHello :)16:04
nhainesCan hear you right now.16:05
belkinsaQUESTION: Is there a way to make Unity 8 semi-transparent like how Unity 7 is?16:05
OmarHey everyone16:05
MS_Titanic[QUESTION] Will the BQ Phone will an Ubuntu logo on it?16:05
OrnI can hear you clearly with my ear organ holes16:05
dpmhi everyone!16:05
nhainesQUESTION: What is the next form factor for Ubuntu and why is it a smart watch?16:05
justCarakasQUESTION will machines vs machines ship by default ? I think it should16:05
Darkrebelcant you wait a little with the questions ? let em talk first.16:06
belkinsaDarkrebel, there is a lag between the stream and IRC and also it helps them to have questions to answer rather than waiting.16:07
Darkrebela oki sry :)16:07
belkinsaAlso, they have been doing this for a year now.16:07
belkinsaDarkrebel, it's cool.16:07
Darkrebelwell im new so guess ill have to follow up.16:08
nhainesDarkrebel: there's usually a 2 minute lag.  But it's okay, they queue them up.  That's why the all caps "question" at the beginning is important.  :)16:08
belkinsaAh, I see.16:08
dpmDarkrebel, no worries, feel free to ask any time, we go through all the questions16:08
Darkrebelthx a lot16:08
nhainesAlso when I'm on air I usually just have someone else track the questions.  ;)16:08
dpmthere goes popey's cat!16:08
dpmopening the doos, not bad!16:09
dpmAnd in particular translations for the phone: http://projects.davidplanella.org/stats/utopic16:16
justCarakasQUESTION why all the mirrors popey :D16:17
belkinsaCute cat.16:17
Darkrebelsaw that also got aspergers so my concentration span is like 016:17
nhainesI feel like I should install the calculator reboot.16:17
mhall119on no, popey has a ghost in the room16:17
justCarakasDarkrebel: join the club ;)16:17
OrnMeaning the default terminal on ubuntu is getting some yoloswag bling bling?16:17
nhainesI feel like terminal tabs aren't at all important on the phone because of the application lifecycle.16:17
Ornso yoloswag bling bling indeed16:17
justCarakasQUESTION why can't you copy past in the terminal I also tried nano but I couldn't use it because I couldn't save or exit because the keyboard wouldn't allow it16:17
dor_catyor door is opened16:17
nhainesBut the display is far nicer than the other one.16:17
Ornyou can copy paste via ctrl + shift + v / ctrl + shift + c16:17
nhainesOrn: no you can't.  There are no control or meta keys on the keyboard.16:17
OmarWhat will happen with the already released Ubuntu IVI (cars) ?16:17
DarkrebelI got a server running winserv, think my next projekt will be put an unbuntu on that one, would really like to try it again to c how far you have come, been 4 years since i played with it-16:17
zeflovenhaines just tested on 14.10, working. i always rightcliked till now, thanks Orn :)16:17
nhainesDarkrebel: you should definitely try it out!  A live CD or a virtual machine are both really easy ways to try out Ubuntu!16:17
Darkrebelhow about gfx drivers ?16:17
nhaineszeflove: I thought you were talking about the Ubuntu Terminal app for phone.  :)16:17
belkinsaAnd https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam16:17
Darkrebellast time i had to use a beta one that did not work well16:17
nhainesDarkrebel: you'll have to try it and see.  The Free drivers are fantastic, but the proprietary drivers are out of our hands.16:17
OmarIs there any VOIP app in ubuntu touch store?16:17
nhainesOmar: I'm not seeing any.16:17
DarkrebelThe gui ?16:17
DarkrebelIm not social16:17
Darkrebelgonna down the server then gonna play with it tonight just woke up :) c ya all later ill try and help where i can.16:19
rpadovani(I love when my blog is quoted on IRC :D)16:20
nhainesrpadovani: :D16:20
MS_Titanic@popey: thanks for the link16:20
OmarIs there any plan for ubuntu tablet launch innear future?16:23
we_want_ubuntu_pQUESTION No global jam in Portugal...16:24
nhaineswe_want_ubuntu_p: that's not a question.  :)16:24
nhaineswe_want_ubuntu_p: contact your friends and your LoCo team and run an Ubuntu Global Jam event yourself!  It's fun and easy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam16:25
we_want_ubuntu_pQUESTION Bq phone will have the same translations that exist in launchpad?16:37
popeywe_want_ubuntu_p: yes. if they're done before the image is built16:38
kapandaHow do I fix a problem with lubuntu. I made a startup flash and it gave me an error something like gfx boot.c3216:38
we_want_ubuntu_pQUESTION It's possible to translate the ubuntu webpage?16:40
justCarakasQUESTION would it be posible to install a snappy package for a LAMP server on your phone ?16:41
justCarakasQUESTION what is the difference between a .snappy and a .click16:44
we_want_ubuntu_pUbuntu is growing in Portugal. And i think is important to have an friendly interface :p16:44
justCarakasQUESTION: here comes an other one :p => why not just 1 package extention?16:45
justCarakasjust trying to imprint my name into your minds :D16:46
we_want_ubuntu_pQUESTION Is not to risk to make unity8 default only in 16.04LTS?16:47
mich_linux_guyQuestion: Is original BeagleBone (not black)?16:48
mich_linux_guyCORRECTION: Is original BeagleBone (not black) supported?16:48
justCarakasQUESTION: what type of tea do you like popey16:50
popeywet tea16:51
popeyhot and wet16:51
dpmthanks everyone!16:51
nhainesThanks dpm and popey.  :)16:51
popeythanks everyone!16:52
justCarakasthanks for your time dpm and popey16:52
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snydoxHello everybody... Are we about to start?21:05
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