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bazhanghe has servers, but without root access to them11:42
ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:36
ikoniahey Ben6413:11
ikoniaout of interest why do you think expl is Eric13:11
ikonia(I also agree)13:11
Ben64same ip, same time range13:12
ikoniait looks like this is Eric^^ playing dumb to troll13:12
Ben64they were in the channel at the same time, with the same ip for a period of time13:12
ikoniayeah, this appears to be a silly attempt to play dumb and troll13:12
ikoniaI just wanted to check your reasoning13:12
Ben64oh he's in there now too13:12
Ben64unless its a tor node or something, but that seems less likely13:13
ikoniait doesn't look like a tor node13:14
Ben64but i've never seen EriC^^ do anything weird, been helpful and stuff13:14
ikoniait seems very odd13:15
popeyhm, good call.13:16
Unit193About the only thing, that IP is in the Spamhaus exploits blacklist.13:25
Ben64eh that happens sometimes.... (one of my servers was on it for a while)13:25
k1llooks to me like its a mobile cellphone isp who uses same ips for several customers?13:39
bazhang<expl> kll: What this command does? sudo gobbledegook blah_blah -w -t -h --long-switch aWkward/ComBinationOf/mixedCase/underscores_strokes/and.dots14:04
bazhangno way thats eric^^14:04
ikoniait doesn't seem like him, hence the confusion14:05
k1lcould be his 12 years old child :/14:05
ikoniahe's playing silly now14:12
ikoniahe knows whats going on14:13
ikoniahe asked for it to stop the X server14:13
ikoniahe got told how to stop the X server14:13
ikoniaand he said "it removes it :("14:13
popeyikonia: if he's that much of a beginner, will "desktop environment" mean much to them?14:15
ikoniaa fair point14:15
k1lits the rpi gang again from some hour ago14:29
k1land r0b0r just joined again too14:29
bazhang<expl> Prettier Manual Pages14:42
ikoniathis isn't someone trying to learn14:42
ikoniain my opinion14:42
bazhangmore like make trouble14:42
ikoniait appears that14:43
k1lok i will try to ignore him since he is driving me nuts.14:44
bazhangat least he didnt want php14:44
* popey shudders14:44
Picik1l: all of those that he just listed are fixed16:25
Piciand I'm pretty sure that the libc update is being published very soon as well.16:26
k1lyes. that is my point. some newssite said: haxx0rs panic ubuntu did not fix it. and everyone gets paniced16:26
Picik1l: oops, missed your messages, was looking at the openssl website16:29
k1lwhat is going on today? seems like troll day of the week16:52
Picipeople are just freaking out over a CVE16:52
jpds_Pici: It was published like 40 minutes ago.16:53
k1lyes. but all the other trolls today besides the cve haxx0r panic16:53
Picijpds_: I guess I was looking at the wrong package.16:53
k1loh, so only older ubuntus.16:54
k1l@mark #ubuntu hampsters it was realme aka redruum the user who does pm harrasments again17:16
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:16
daftykinshi all, is this one of your regular offenders? daftykinz@
daftykinsthey're not in channel, i'm just receiving some lovely private abuse :)17:20
k1lthanks for report. i will have a look17:20
k1lyou may want to report to #freenode too17:20
daftykinswill do17:20
daftykinsthanks k1l17:20
daftykinsi'm popular today - PM abuse from 'epson' now19:48
daftykins<epson> please go f*** yourself! (my asterisks) :P19:49
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elkytroll detected in -ot20:11
k1l_<EriC^^> expl: that won't work cause of your isp, it's the isp's IP not yours ( i share the same ) i don't know if you can manage some kind of port forwarding or something there might be a way21:28
k1l_FYI, to that topic that afternoon21:28

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