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lordievaderGood morning.07:33
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marty_axelHy. How do i copy 1 file to stick?08:29
lordievadermarty_axel: cp?08:30
lordievadermarty_axel: man cp08:30
marty_axelyes but how do i access stick from ubuntu ? that `s all i need to know :D08:31
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jamespagecoreycb, please could you do the verification for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/141246510:24
jamespage(prefer not to test my own work :-))10:24
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tinocojamespage: I verified bug 1368737 and i moved user complains (seg faults) to other bug11:47
tinocojamespage: providing fix to bug 1412962 (for sponsorship) now.11:47
tinocoboth related to pacemaker11:47
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coreycbjamespage, sure, I'll run the jenkins deploy tests against trusty-kilo and trusty-kilo-proposed12:37
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jamespagecoreycb, it really just needs a manual check to make sure that add-apt-repository cloud-archive:kilo works as intended12:50
coreycbjamespage, ok12:50
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^rcaskeyhey all, is there any way I can netboot the desktop iso and then have it issue a few commands on boot? I've got a bunch of machines I want to take an inventory and benchmark of without installing anythign on them14:48
rbasak^rcaskey: maybe not with the desktop iso, but you can arrange that by setting up your own initramfs and then netbooting into that. Or look into MAAS - it's designed to inventory and supports custom commissioning scripts, so might do exactly what you want.14:51
rbasak^rcaskey: just check carefully that commissioning won't actually overwrite anything on each machine though. I don't recall the exact behaviour, and it's not exactly intended for your case. It will overwrite IPMI auth, for example, so you might need to disable that first.14:52
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^rcaskeythanks, i'll put that google juice to use15:02
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metric_good morning, if someone has a few minutes to spare I could use some help adding my xubuntu box to a windows domain15:07
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metric_I have installed the recommended kerberos packages (per ubuntu) but I am still unable to add it to my work domain15:10
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jamespagerbasak, I had a quick poke at tomcat8 - the problem dependency only impacts a single test case which we can just disable17:25
rbasakjamespage: OK. I haven't had the bandwidth to think about it at all yet.17:33
jamespagerbasak, ack17:33
jamespagerbasak, mysql is priority imho17:34
rbasakjamespage: agreed, although I'm taking care of bug 1412830 first. It's straightforward; shouldn't take too long.17:35
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jetsaredimis there a way to install the graphics driver without all the desktop crap on a server install?18:05
jetsaredimI realize that may sound like an odd request but I want to use headless virtualbox but give my VMs that ability to use hardware acceleration18:05
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sarnoldjetsaredim: it's not at all surprising; amazon sells those as a class of machine in AWS, afterall :)19:04
sarnoldjetsaredim: I'd just start with apt-get install nvidia-... whatever and see what happens. probably it'll just intsall the bits you need. maybe you'll need some opencl stuff too..19:04
rberg_Hello all, is there anyway to avoid a reboot to patch CVE-2015-0235 ?19:14
sarnoldrberg_: you can restart whichever services you're worried about being exploited -- knowing that whatever isn't restarted is still using the old libc..19:15
rberg_cool, thanks!19:15
thor77what does this block in the mail.log mean? http://paste.crapwa.re/pvgr3e2mf/meifsr did someone get access to my mail-server?19:21
thor77im very scared about this19:22
thor77no "<meinRICHTIGESdbpasswort>" is not my database-pw, it means smth like "my right password"19:22
sarnoldthor77: I don't know postfix well, but that feels like a debug-level logging was configured somewhere19:24
thor77but i never saw that before19:24
thor77it's there every 2 hours since 3 days19:24
sarnoldthor77: .. interesting. check crontabs?19:26
thor77sarnold: no crontabs19:28
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lamontsarnold: that's normally -v in master.cf19:40
lamontfor debug, that is19:41
sarnoldlamont: wow, so easy to get such huge dumps of data :)19:41
sarnoldlamont: thanks19:41
lamontyou get to pick per-daemon which ones spew at you like there's no tomorrow19:41
sarnoldlamont: hehe :) debugging email, when all the debug data is still not enough...19:42
thor77lamont: and why does it start randomly?19:42
thor77what can trigger that?19:43
lamontthor77: pretty sure it's just -v for the specific entry in master.cf19:44
lamontotoh, daemons don't all die immediately when they get idle, so it scales in and out over time19:45
pmatulisoh boy, squid is in universe.  is there a proxy server in main?19:51
jrwrenuse it from universe?19:52
jrwrenpmatulis: if you only need proxy, not caching, apache or nginx both work.19:52
sarnoldpmatulis: heh, squid-deb-proxy was in main for two releases :)19:53
pmatulissarnold: yeah, weird19:54
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pmatulisjrwren: will look thanks but looking for caching19:54
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axisysI don't have libc6 2.15-0ubuntu10.10 on my 12.04 lts .. should I manually install it?22:31
axisysmine is .922:31
tewardaxisys: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade22:35
tewardaxisys: should update things that way, rather than manual, but to each their own.22:35
axisysteward: update was the trick .. thank you22:36
tewardaxisys: you're welcome.  when in doubt, run `sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade -s` and see if the update shows in that list22:42
axisysnever used that -s22:48
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grendal_primei got an issue23:39
grendal_primei really want to run an ubuntu vm and have my crew log into it via their android tables.23:40
grendal_primebut i cannot seem to find a distro that will not start doing really bad screen artifacts when the connection gets slow.23:40
sarnoldgrendal_prime: mosh is awesome23:40
grendal_primewhats mosh?23:41
sarnoldgrendal_prime: it's an awesome terminal emulator / predictive type-ahead / screen-diff-sending protocol -- and it can survive suspend/resume and network address changes, which makes it awesome for mobile use.23:41
sarnoldgrendal_prime: the best part is mosh uses ssh to set up the initial connection, so there's practically nothing new needed to do... of course, I don't know if there are mosh builds for android :/ but it'd be worth looking for it.23:42
grendal_primeright...umm let me explain though. We have an app that we run, needs a desktop (java app that will not run on these android devices). I need them to be able to vnc, rdp, spice, whatever protocol into a desktop that is running as a vm and use that desktop to run this app.23:43
sarnoldohhhhh. sorry :)23:45
grendal_primeevery time i think i have something worked out...bandwidth gets chocked, and text on the linux vm gets...really werid.  big characters, werid oh...characters...bizar23:46
grendal_primeneed my tablet working on this..brb23:47

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