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dholbachgood morning07:33
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govinda_is it possible to install ubuntu on micromax hd11609:28
govinda_is it possible to install ubuntu on micromax hd A11609:28
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Chocolate Cake Day! :-D09:31
* ogra_ goes to whip some cream09:33
sergiusensogra_: coffee and cream... yum... shops are still closed here though to get some cream :-P09:35
ogra_yeah, you need something to dip the chocolate cake in :)09:35
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JamesTaitGood plan, ogra_.  I'll nip out at lunch. ;)09:44
nerochiarodoes anyone know where to submit a bug if something is wrong in the infographics in the greeter ?09:59
popeynerochiaro: i believe that's part of unity8 now.10:01
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nerochiaropopey: thanks10:07
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mardycan please someone confirm whether on latest devel images (I'm on r79) every app can access camera and mic without prompting the user?11:20
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mardysil2100: it seems to me that any app can access the camera or the mic, without prompting the user; is it correct, or is it a bug?13:05
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mardyseb128: do you happen to know? ^13:08
mardymmm... I guess it's bug 123036613:13
ubot5bug 1230366 in qtubuntu-camera (Ubuntu) "Please provide Ubuntu camera service that integrates with trust-store" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123036613:13
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mardydbarth_: I didn't find a bug for the mic, but I guess it's the same13:18
dbarth_mardy: ok, i see13:18
sil2100mardy: that might need fixing, yeah...13:25
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mhall119mzanetti: is com.canonical.Unity8 schema only available in vivid?14:39
mzanettimhall119: yes14:40
mhall119I tried setting the windows mode, but it says No such schema14:40
mhall119ah, ok14:40
* mhall119 is going to reflash to vivid, so many new goodies there14:40
mzanettilet me update the post... you're the second one asking this now14:40
mhall119thanks :)14:40
mzanettimhall119: seems it also didn't propagate to the "vivid" channel, works with devel-proposed14:41
mhall119ah, not devel promoted14:42
mzanettiupdated the blog14:43
dobeymardy: so are we going to do the thing with the p2p socket and apparmor?14:47
mardydobey: I think so, but don't expect it overnight :-)14:49
dobeymardy: sure. not like we can land anything in rtm right now anyway. but getting a fix in vivid to test would be nice :)14:52
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kenvandinemandel, any luck with the check_hash bug?15:15
mandelkenvandine, yes, I have to clean the branch and that will be done as soon as I land a fix for sd formatting15:18
mandelkenvandine, can you fwd the bug number?15:18
kenvandinemandel, oh, you found the problem?15:18
kenvandinemandel, bug 133077015:18
ubot5bug 1330770 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "click packages rely upon tls for integrity and authenticity" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133077015:18
mandelkenvandine, thx, will do the mr asap15:20
kenvandinebfiller, bug 138533115:24
ubot5bug 1385331 in Canonical System Image "Notification LED stays on when no messages in notification center" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138533115:24
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jgdxkenvandine, did you see bug 1415023? Seems like an sdk issue to me?15:30
ubot5bug 1415023 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "sim unlock/lock confirmation button dismisses keybaord but doesn't confirm till pressed again" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141502315:30
kenvandinejgdx, that does sound like an sdk bug15:33
jgdxkenvandine, I'm going to confirm that15:33
bzoltankenvandine:  how is that sdk bug?15:34
kenvandinebzoltan, i doubt we're doing anything to cause it, and our code hasn't changed15:35
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jgdxbzoltan, seems to be reproducible only in Dialogs /cc kenvandine15:42
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xerf_i'm sure you get this a lot but how is the current state of Ubuntu on touch devices (say the nexus 7 or 10)?15:50
jgdx!devices | xerf_15:51
ubot5xerf_: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:51
kenvandinejgdx, bzoltan: i'll create a simple test case to verify15:52
nhainesxerf_: it's usable but rough.  All focus right now is on the phone, although the tablet interface is usable.15:56
jgdxkenvandine, I added some code to that bug that I used to verify it with15:57
xerf_nhaines: ah ok, i was curious...I'd love to have it on my phone.  I've got a kindle first gen which I see I can get an installer for so I might check it out15:58
xerf_and rock out with my 512mb ram15:58
kenvandinejgdx, great!15:59
pmcgowankenvandine, jgdx might not be the toolkit, its whatever is handling focus, could be the shell?15:59
nhainesxerf_: On the phone it's pretty nice.  Needs more apps, but it's not out yet.  And with the scopes it's clear to see why someone would want to use it all the time.  :)15:59
nhainesA lot of the ports are really out of date.  If the apps background is purple, that's a sign that you're 2 years out of date.  :)16:00
jgdxpmcgowan, why would it be different in a Dialog, though16:01
xerf_nhaines: that's cool @ background.  I've got an HTC One right now which is supported but looks to be quite buggy right now :(16:01
pmcgowanjgdx, its a different window? dont know16:01
pmcgowanSaviq, ^^?16:02
Saviqpmcgowan, jgdx, only a different window if it's a trusted prompt, a simple UITK Dialog is the same window16:02
nhainesxerf_: hopefully when the retail units hit Europe in three weeks, that'll spur more porting excitement.16:03
Saviqso any focus handling happens within a single QML scene16:03
xerf_nhaines: that'd be nice.  It'd be nice to have a solid third option.16:05
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sturmflut-workWellark_, pete-woods: As promised to Wellark_ last week I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/connectivity-api/+bug/1415098 against connectivity-api . I'm working on two other proposals, exposing information about Bluetooth and Mobile networks, could you please have a look at the current bug and tell me if I should file the others the same way?16:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1415098 in connectivity-api "Extend the connectivity-api for WiFi scanning" [Undecided,New]16:44
pete-woodssturmflut-work: the request sounds pretty reasonable to me16:52
sturmflut-workpete-woods: It should be a good start. The other two proposals are basically the same, but for Bluetooth and Mobile networks. Bluetooth scanning should not be an issue. Mobile networks are a different thing, I don't know how much information the Baseband is willing to reveal, but if it is enough, it could open the door for some very interesting applications.16:56
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Masternoobhello, can someone explain to my why there is no promotion für the bq phone anywhere although it will be released next month? Will they start making promotion after it launched? This is so strange...19:42
dobeynot sure what kind of other promotion you're looking for, but there are plenty of things in there19:47
Masternoobyeah there was the initial "we will release a phone", but since then it has gotten pretty silent, there isn't evenen anything on the bq homepage19:50
dobeythe initial "there will be a phone" was a year ago19:51
dobeythere has been a lot since then19:51
Masternoobyeah i know there was talk but its so strange that the phone will come out in ~4-5 weeks and the homepage ob the manufacturer doesn't mention it anywhere19:53
dobeywhy? new iphones or google phones don't show up on their respective sites until they actually come out, either.19:58
Masternoobyeah i guess your right...i think i am just inpatient i hobe the announce a release date soon :)20:00
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Letozaf_hi, I have inserted too many APN's in my Nexus 4 settings trying to fix a wrong one, is there a way to cancel them, I cannot find a way to cancel APN's inserted in carrier settings20:29
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pmcgowanLetozaf_, using command line tools?20:46
pmcgowanthats how you added them?20:46
Letozaf_pmcgowan, no I added them from System settings20:47
pmcgowanLetozaf_, it should only configure one custom apn at a time20:48
Letozaf_pmcgowan, yeah but by mistake I inserted a wrong one and could not delete it :(20:48
Letozaf_pmcgowan, if needed I can  delete them using command line if you tell me how to20:48
pmcgowanLetozaf_, you can re-edit the custom one or select one of the ones in the original list20:49
pmcgowanLetozaf_, there is a way to delete the file and have it reinitialize20:49
Letozaf_pmcgowan, that would be great, I meat to initialize the file20:49
pmcgowanLetozaf_, let me remember where it is or find someone who knows20:49
pmcgowanawe_, you about?20:50
awe_yea, whatsup?20:50
Letozaf_pmcgowan, thanks a lot20:50
pmcgowanLetozaf_, /usr/share/scripts/ofono/remove-contexts20:52
Letozaf_pmcgowan, thanks20:52
pmcgowanLetozaf_, see the other contexts related scripts there20:52
awe_pmcgowan, I can't offer much additional help besides what you've said.  If you the Inet and MMS APNs can't be fixed from system settings, and they were added that way, then we have a bug in system settings20:55
Letozaf_awe_, yes I was unable to delete a wrong APN inserted20:55
awe_as I was over-ruled over inclusion of a delete function, the only way to clean them up is manually by rm -rf /var/lib/ofono/<IMSI>/gprs and then restarting20:55
awe_Letozaf_, by editing the gprs file, or via system-settings?20:56
Letozaf_awafaa, via system settings20:56
awe_so it's working now?20:56
Letozaf_awe_, I am rebooting ...20:57
Letozaf_awe_, :( the APN's are still there21:04
Letozaf_awe_, the device is in developer mode21:04
pmcgowanLetozaf_, you deleted the file and rebooted? it will reinitialize the original set21:05
pmcgowanbut not the one you added21:05
Letozaf_pmcgowan, oh, so it's not what I need21:05
awe_the best way to unwind at this point is21:05
awe_1) stop ofono21:06
awe_2) backup the existing gprs file from /var/lib/ofono/<IMSI>/21:06
awe_remove the gprs file, or edit it, and remove the offending apns21:06
awe_3) reboot21:06
Letozaf_awe_, let me try21:06
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Letozaf_awe_, it worked thanks a lot :-D21:14
awe_Letozaf_, great!21:15
Letozaf_awe_, do you think I need to report a bug on this ?21:16
awe_Letozaf_, if you can reproduce it and report the actual steps, that'd be super helpful21:16
awe_I would report it against ubuntu-system-settings21:16
Letozaf_awe_, ok thanks21:17
awe_Letozaf_, and ping me with the bug #/URL when you do so, and I'll follow-up on it21:17
Letozaf_awe_, ok I will21:17
awe_great, thanks!21:17
Letozaf_awe_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/141521521:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1415215 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Once added a custom internet APN cannot be removed" [Undecided,New]21:24
awe_Letozaf_, so...by design, you're not supposed to be able to remove it.  Did you try to fix the attributes using system-settings and that failed?  If so, that's the real bug...21:24
* awe_ not that I agree with the design21:25
Letozaf_awe_, you cannot edit the APN entry, you can only select it21:25
Letozaf_awe_, do you want me to change the bug description ?21:26
awe_could you please?  AFAIK, you're supposed to be able to edit it...21:26
awe_or at least add additional info to the description21:26
Letozaf_awe_, ok I will fix it21:27
pmcgowanLetozaf_, you can edit the custom one but  not the default ones21:27
pmcgowanyeah we realize the UI is not perfect21:27
Letozaf_pmcgowan, awe_ I am unable to edit both21:28
pmcgowanhmm let me see21:28
Letozaf_pmcgowan, awe_ I can only select the APN items, but not edit or delete them21:28
pmcgowanLetozaf_, what hapens when you selected "Custom Internet APN..."21:29
Letozaf_pmcgowan, I am presented with three fields to fill in for a custom APN21:29
pmcgowanLetozaf_, ok21:29
Letozaf_pmcgowan, when cliking Activate, I go back to the APN page21:30
Letozaf_pmcgowan, but from the APN page I cannot edit or remove the added APN21:30
Letozaf_pmcgowan, so if I make a mistake I cannot fix it21:30
pmcgowanLetozaf_, you can select the same button again21:30
pmcgowanoh my21:31
Letozaf_pmcgowan, the "Custom internet APN" one ?21:31
pmcgowanLetozaf_, yes, it brings you back and you can edit the fields again21:31
pmcgowanbut if its a bad apn it should fail activation as well21:32
Letozaf_pmcgowan, no, I am presented with a new empty one21:32
pmcgowanLetozaf_, I see so thats the thing we need to reproduce if you have more info21:32
pmcgowanhere I can edit it repeatedly21:33
Letozaf_pmcgowan, ok, I tried, so if I enter rubbis it does not acitvate it21:33
Letozaf_pmcgowan, so probaly I thought it was wrong and I actually activated a valid APN, but anyway I am unable to edit ti21:34
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Letozaf_pmcgowan, or delete it21:34
Letozaf_pmcgowan, is that ok ?21:34
pmcgowanLetozaf_, right so delete is not supported for better or worse, but you should always be able to edit the custom settings21:35
Letozaf_pmcgowan, every time I click on "Custom internet APN" I insert a new one even if it's the same as the previous one21:35
pmcgowanLetozaf_, do you see new entries in the list?21:36
Letozaf_pmcgowan, yes, right now I have like 1021:36
pmcgowanwow on the settigns page? can you add a screenshot to the bug21:36
Letozaf_pmcgowan, I kept on trying, and I kept on inserting the same APN21:36
Letozaf_pmcgowan, sure I will21:36
pmcgowanLetozaf_, also please look in about and put your device info/build numbers in there21:37
Letozaf_pmcgowan, OS build number 7921:39
pmcgowanLetozaf_, thats a nexus 4 right, you mean 179?21:40
Letozaf_pmcgowan, yes it's a nexus4 but I am running developer proposed21:41
pmcgowanLetozaf_,oh from vivd ok21:41
pmcgowanthat screenshot is bizarre21:41
Letozaf_pmcgowan, if you look at bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1415215 I put a screenshot21:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1415215 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Once added a custom internet APN cannot be edited" [Undecided,New]21:41
pmcgowanyep can check it from here21:41
Letozaf_pmcgowan, of the build and APN page21:42
pmcgowanLetozaf_, yep thats all we need now thanks21:42
Letozaf_pmcgowan, yw21:42
ThatEpicTragedySo, does anyone know what happened to ubuntu touch being available from OEM last year? was looking forward to being able to get one without having to find a phone that is supported and flash it22:53

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