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diddledanhum te tum05:03
zmoylan-pidoobie doobie doo05:06
diddledanhttp://www.fanpup.me/uploads/2/3/5/9/23592480/bsg_personality_test.png <-- I'm either caprica-six or cally henderson05:11
diddledanit's based on the MTBI test which you can do: https://www.mbticomplete.com/en/index.aspx05:13
diddledanok they want money05:13
diddledancinemas project jpg images? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Cinema_Package05:19
diddledanfair enough it's a newer standard than normal jpg in jpg2000, but it's a series of independant images rather than an mpeg-like stream05:19
diddledanI guess that's done so that individual frame corruption doesn't impact the video until the next keyframe05:20
diddledanin essence each frame is a keyframe05:20
diddledanwe've probably all seen a corruption in an mpeg stream cause artifacts for several seconds of movie05:21
diddledanthat's one of the issues of keyframe based compression though05:21
diddledan"let's throw out everything except changes between each frame - add-in some motion-dectecting for good measure"05:22
mapplooks like05:57
mappim in gib perm now hm05:58
mappi just hope summer is as good as they say05:58
diddledanis that good or bad, mapp ?06:13
diddledanor just "a thing"? :-p06:13
mappwho knows how it will be06:14
mappbut il be staying in gib for the forseeable future06:15
mappmin 2 years06:15
mappbetter weather - cheaper cigs and spirits (so i can drink and smoke myself to death) but some downsides06:15
mappcant go to any spurs games anymore really06:16
mapptoo much effort06:16
diddledanthe facebook is down!!!!!!!!06:40
diddledanarmageddon is happening right now!06:40
mappoh no06:41
knightwi1eGood lord06:48
knightwi1eand tinder too ?06:48
diddledanI wonder if facebook are going to write an article about what caused this outage - it's world-wide06:48
knightwi1eand instagram ?06:48
diddledanknightwi1e, certainly instagram is too06:48
knightwi1eso we are going to have a bunch of desperate, vain, a-social people who are going to have to go outside and play ? ? ? ?06:48
diddledanI don't know about tinder06:48
knightwi1ewhat EVER will we do !06:48
knightwi1eIts worse06:49
diddledanknightwi1e, they might move to g+ for a while06:49
knightwi1eSlashdot.org is slow too06:49
diddledanmaybe it's northkorea?06:49
mappand twitter? its witter ok?06:50
mappwhat would the teenies do06:50
diddledanit was the twits that told me06:50
diddledansomeone twatted about it, and then everyone else did06:51
diddledan#facebookdown is trending06:51
diddledanwell done thunderbird - "downloading 1821 of 465 in Dixter"06:54
* knightwi1e wonders if comparing a Thule Bumpercase to a Thong-for-your-laptop is inappropriate (in a review)06:54
diddledanknightwi1e, nah06:54
diddledanknightwi1e, everyone knows what a mankini is06:54
mappi feel so out of touch with this generationn06:55
mappand im only 3006:55
diddledanI'm binary this year (32)06:55
mappi cant be bothered with twitter or facebook or instagram06:55
knightwi1eadd 10 years + a social life centered around dealing with UK and US geeks while living in Belgium ..06:55
knightwi1etalk about cultural drift06:55
mappi have a twitter..but i tweet friends from betfair forum and thats it06:55
mappand i still dont get it how do people keep up with all the tweets and that06:56
zmoylan-1iyou don't keep up, you just keep an eye as it streams past06:58
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mapphang on06:59
mappbut then06:59
mappi might miss stuff from someone i follow|?06:59
zmoylan-pii have a list of friends that i keep separate and that is a slow list that i keep a closer eye on06:59
zmoylan-pitry something like tweetdeck where you can split groups up into multiple lists.  tech, personal, scifi, gaming etc. and you can quickly scrollback as far as you want07:00
mappbut what if i didnt look for a week07:01
mappi miss them all?07:01
mappso how do people on twitter reply to tweets so quicly and have 10000s of tweets?07:02
mappthey have to be sitting there waiting?07:02
mappjust seems rubbish to me07:02
zmoylan-piunless they mention you in which case you can set up email notifications07:02
zmoylan-pipeople use twitter in different ways. i use it to follow friends closely, gaming a little, tech a little, and a few other subjects a little.07:03
zmoylan-piseparating the wheat from the chaff07:03
zmoylan-piothers use it as stream of consciousness as to what's happening right now07:04
zmoylan-pimain problem is that twitter seems intent on changing something that works into something that is more profitable to them and less useful to users07:05
mappjust seems too much for me07:07
mappso much flowing around07:07
mappid miss it all unlss they directly tweet me?07:07
mapphow do people see things then if people dont mention them in te tweet..simply by checking?07:07
zmoylan-pithen follow fewer people07:08
mappbut some people follow 10000s of people and tweet 10000s of times?07:11
mappseems too time intensiv07:11
mappyou use it much?07:11
diddledanrory cellan-jones says that facebook is down by what "looks like some kind of attack"07:13
diddledan(he's the bbc tech wonk)07:13
diddledanlizard squad are claiming responsibility: https://twitter.com/LizardMafia07:14
knightwi1eThere , review of the Thule Vectro case going up now07:24
mappwhat new series to start hmmm07:32
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diplomapps, ref tweeting, I move stuff into lists to be able to keep on top of it08:43
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Chocolate Cake Day! :-D09:30
diddledanJamesTait, good idea09:31
JamesTaitdiddledan, I certainly thought so.09:32
msm__JamesTait: Totally my favourite day!09:34
JamesTaitmsm__, I saw it and I thought of you! :-P09:34
msm__of course you did :)09:35
JamesTaitTwo peas in a pod. ;)09:35
diddledanchocolate peas09:35
JamesTaitI'm sure such a thing exists.09:36
msm__JamesTait: if it doesn't we should invent it09:36
diddledanello czajkows1i09:36
* JamesTait pokes czajkows1i 09:36
diddledanapparently the ONS says the UK economy grew 2.6% this year09:37
JamesTaitmsm__, there are those balls with biscuit in the middle and chocolate on the outside. I think they'd do.09:37
diddledanpretty impressive statsw09:37
diddledanJamesTait, malteasers?09:38
msm__JamesTait: They will do very nicely :)09:38
JamesTaitdiddledan, no! Maltesers don't have biscuit in the middle! :-P09:38
diddledanwhat do they have then?09:38
diddledanit's biscuitish09:38
diddledani.e. crunchy09:39
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JamesTaitI don't know exactly what it is, but it's like Horlicks when you've left the lid off and it's got a bit damp and solidified. :-P09:39
JamesTaitIt's malty (hence the name).09:40
davmor2Morning all09:45
davmor2JamesTait: You disappoint me with your lack of happy holocaust day, but then I saw chocolate cake and forgot all about it ;)09:46
JamesTaitI know, davmor2, I know. I was just trying to start the day on a happy note. ;)09:48
davmor2JamesTait: Jaffa Cakes wtf09:48
* JamesTait likes Jaffa Cakes.09:48
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czajkowskiahem that's beter09:54
popey:( no replies to my UGJ mail10:01
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:09
diddledanpopey, I'd like to pop along if I can get transport somehow (means checking train times or convincing my driver - dad - to ferry me)10:11
diploAnyone here use *nix with Exchange at all ? Via thunderbird or Evolution or anything ? If so any recommendations10:13
diploWe sell rebranded nuc's for some of our customers and up till now they've all used our mail server, got a new customer running Exchange ( I've not got one to play with currently )10:14
SuperMattEvolution in the path of reast resistance, especially if you have outlook web access10:16
SuperMatthowever, I've just gone with outlook web access10:16
diploSuperMatt, that's what I have suggested already :)10:17
diploFrom what I can remember if you enable imap on exchange it disables their MAPI option10:17
diploBeen a few years since I've had to touch Exchange10:17
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davmor2msm__: you are just poping up everywhere :)10:43
msm__davmor2: I sure am :)10:43
Laneykeeping an eye on you10:46
davmor2Laney: she doesn't need to do that, msm__ knows I have a Sue, She's more than capable of keeping me in check, that's why I married her :)10:47
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msm__davmor2: Indeed :)10:49
popeyLaney: happy birthday!11:12
davmor2Laney: 'appy birthday11:16
Laneycheers mi ducks11:17
bashrc_happy birthday11:17
* Laney gets old11:17
Laneyless than one year with the '2' at the start of my age now11:18
davmor2Laney: I'll have a 2 in my birthday this year too, unfortunately mine starts with a 411:19
Laneylife begins at 42, everyone knows that!11:19
diddledanLaney, and ends at 42+364days11:20
diddledanyou're only 42 once11:21
Laneyit's a precious gift11:21
foobarryi turn 40 at end of feb11:23
foobarryneed to think of a present. any ideas?11:23
diddledanfoobarry, I'm not sure you're supposed to buy your own presents?11:24
foobarryi can choose for others11:24
foobarryor ask for munneh to buy a bigger one11:24
diddledanalways go for a big one11:25
foobarrymy tablet sucks, but i suspect a hudl2 has shelf life of 1yr11:25
foobarryis there a current nexus?11:25
foobarry7 inch ish?11:25
* Laney got http://www.plaidhatgames.com/games/dead-of-winter11:25
awilkinsThe 6 is costlier than the 9!11:26
awilkinsWell, it is a phone11:26
diddledanthat seems a bit back asswards11:26
awilkinsThe 9 is not11:26
diddledanit has a cellular modem tho11:27
awilkinsThe 9 only has LTE if you pay £46011:27
awilkinsSo yeah, the 6 is still more expensive11:27
awilkins6 is £500 or £550 for the 64GB one11:28
awilkinsMaking the 9 a viable phone, I suppose, if you have a BT headset11:28
davmor2foobarry: the lego deathstar?11:28
awilkinsThe main problem being that you'd have to carry your hipster manbag everywhere11:29
awilkinsThe 6 is already stretching the credibility of one's pocket11:29
awilkinsNot had my hands on one though11:30
foobarryis it a fully operational deathstar?11:39
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davmor2foobarry: http://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Death-Star-10188?HQS=lego+deathstar12:06
awilkinsWHERE'S THE CANTEEN12:09
awilkinsNowhere serving a nice Pasta Arrabiata!12:09
daftykinsjust watched the presentation on that thunderstrike attack on mac boot ROMs12:25
daftykinsthat was neat :D12:26
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daftykinsrather more trolltastic day in #ubuntu than usual it would seem12:59
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ujjainIs there a good site, not google shopping, to compare prices for electornics?13:16
ujjainI want to buy a Dell U2515H, just new, but hard to find sellers, in Netherlands seems more available, but I live in the UK now and they dont ship13:17
diddledanI'm assuming it's the sequence
knightwi1eyou are now admitted to a higher level of secret geekery13:23
diddledantime to forage13:28
popeyujjain: i used to use pricerunner, dunno if it still exists13:28
popeyujjain: also a browser extension called "Invisible hand" which does that for you13:28
ujjainah smart13:28
diddledanoh my. babylon 5 is 21 today13:34
popeynever seen a single episode13:34
ujjainme neither13:34
ujjaini watched Star Trek13:34
ujjainBabylon 5 is an American space opera television series - figarooooooo, figaroooooo13:35
diddledanI saw a few eps in it's first run but didn't work out the schedule until I'd missed loads - I have since watched it properly and fully in box-set binge mode via downloaded video13:36
diddledanit is pretty epic13:36
ujjainyeah, people talk good about it, but I dont know if I'd enjoy something so old13:37
davmor2diddledan: man it's old enough to drink and America wow13:38
diddledandavmor2, aye13:38
diddledandavmor2, and do n0rtybusiness too13:38
ujjainI read yesterday on the internet that you can have a credit card before 18 in the US.13:38
daftykinsi think i saw a little bit of Babylon5 on TV, but yeah broadcast ruins most things13:40
daftykinsespecially when a sci-fi is on during the day13:40
diddledanthe proliferation of cheap rerun channels in the uk has meant that they're airing multiple seasons in different slots so you think "ooh, I've been watching X, and it's just about to come on" only to realise you've either already seen it or it's two seasons ahead of where you were last13:42
diddledananywho, brb13:43
shaunoor it's the same episode you watched 4 hours ago13:43
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diddledanit's an old one but funny14:17
daftykinsstar wars related *close* :D14:20
ali1234the comments on that video14:20
ali1234i can't tell if they are trolling or they are really that dumb14:21
daftykinsi still need to get that add-on that hides all youtube comments14:21
daftykinsfar better for sanity14:22
shaunoI have 'alientube'.  it's .. well sanity may be false advertising14:24
zmoylan-pithey're a great reminder that you're surrounded by eejits14:24
shaunoI don't need to be reminded, we have middle-management14:25
daftykinsoff to Boots for some vitamins, this shingles pain when my clothes rub the area is intolerable14:26
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daftykinskinda funny having to pull out the phone in Boots to convert units on packs :D15:39
daftykinsdiddledan: y'read about this one? really neat if you haven't :) "thunderstrike" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BrdX7VdOr016:00
daftykinsdiddledan: time to turn the lights on! :)17:27
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DJonesHeh, I thought IRC was quiet, I blame the reported earthquake in Winchester19:45
KrimZonan earthquake? what time?19:47
diddledandaftykins, I'm just about to watch that thunderstrike vid - I heard about there being an issue but haven't read anything into it19:55
daftykinsit is ace!19:55
m0nkey_diddledan, check other channel19:55
diddledanDJones, earthquake in winchester? I felt nothin in badingstoke19:55
DJonesKrimZon: About 6:30 pm19:59
diddledandaftykins, wow, option rom from ISA 8088 days20:23
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daftykinsoriginal IBM \o/20:24
diddledanoh golly, replacing the rsa key in the firmware. this really is epic20:28
diddledanlol @ picture of pre-thunderbolt devices20:30
diddledaneep - it can be viral too20:31
daftykinsgonna nip off to the TV for some more Sopranos goodness, bbl o/20:33
diddledanhint: don't share dongles20:33
shaunomeh, I'm patched :)20:37
zmoylan-pipatched for the backdoors we know about...20:38
shaunothat's true of everything20:39
diddledanshauno, how'd you get patched?20:39
shaunothe appstore just magically delivers stuff20:39
diddledanI've not received any firmware updates in ages20:40
diddledanooh, 10.10.2 has been released20:40
diddledanshauno, http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT1222 no mention of the firmware in recent patches20:44
diddledanlinux glibc: https://community.qualys.com/blogs/laws-of-vulnerabilities/2015/01/27/the-ghost-vulnerability20:50
shaunothat kbase article doesn't look like it's been updated yet, it doesn't have anything more recent than dec2220:54
shaunohttp://lists.apple.com/archives/security-announce/2015/Jan/msg00003.html  ^F Thunderbolt20:55
diddledanis the security update 2015-001 for non-10.10 installs?20:56
ali1234is it generally possible to transfer windows recovery partitions to a new (larger) hard drive?20:56
diddledanis this the manifestation of the bond girl : https://twitter.com/EmrgencyKittens/status/560161609843499009/photo/121:03
shauno2015-001 is 10.8 & 10.921:11
foobarryglibc vulnerability in some OS21:40
foobarryIn particular, we discovered that it was fixed on May 21, 2013 (between the releases of glibc-2.17 and glibc-2.18). Unfortunately, it was not recognized as a security threat; as a result, most stable and long-term-support distributions were left exposed (and still are): Debian 7 (wheezy), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & 7, CentOS 6 & 7, Ubuntu 12.04, for example.21:40
diddledanfoobarry, I mentioned that an hour ago21:49
diddledanfoobarry, keep up :-p21:49
diddledanwhat are people's thoughts on plex vs mediabrowser?22:10
bashrcanother security panic?22:17
m0nkey_plex for me22:20
diddledanaye, plex has always served me well22:24
mappshey all22:48
mappsso tired22:57
* jussi hands mapps the toothbrush and toothpaste... off to bed with you!22:58

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