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tsdgeosMacSlow: did you see the paste or that was when my interwebs died?12:00
MacSlowtsdgeos, if you talking about the jenkins failure due to the whitespace-error, then I saw that and already pushed a fix12:01
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dandradergreyback_, the fix for that bug that we discussed yesterday: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/focusFromSideToMainStage/+merge/24770212:30
greyback_dandrader: nice work, will test12:30
dandradergreyback_, jenkins doesn't like the ":native" thingy https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/qtmir-vivid-amd64-ci/51/console12:44
greyback_dandrader: hmm, I asked fginther to sort that12:45
greyback_will ask again12:45
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tsdgeosdandrader|bbl: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/unifyLightDMMocks/+merge/24459314:18
ChrisTownsendAny hints on how to find the problem when a whitespace test fails?14:55
SaviqChrisTownsend, make testWhitespace14:56
SaviqChrisTownsend, actually, wron14:57
ChrisTownsendSaviq: Hmm, ah, right, that didn't work.14:57
SaviqChrisTownsend, CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE=114:58
Saviqmake test14:58
ChrisTownsendSaviq: Ok, it now tells me the line.  But I don't see anything wrong with it.15:00
ChrisTownsendSaviq: Hmm, just deleting the empty line and re-adding it fixed it.   Some hidden character in there.15:02
ChrisTownsendSaviq: Thanks for the help.15:03
SaviqChrisTownsend, if you're using vim, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9899266/ in .vimrc helps15:03
ChrisTownsendSaviq: Yep, using vim and I'll add that.  Thanks!15:04
paulliuI cannot connect to the company IRC. :(15:13
kgunnSaviq: is it vimrc or .vimrc ? i found vimrc in /etc/vim...that the one ?15:13
Saviqkgunn, ~/.vimrc15:14
kgunnSaviq: so do i just add it if i don't have one ?15:15
Saviqkgunn, yeah15:15
* kgunn wonders what he's missing15:15
Saviqkgunn, here's my full vimrc, not too extensive http://paste.ubuntu.com/9899499/15:17
kgunnand ta15:19
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dandradertsdgeos, make up your mind! :)15:47
tsdgeosdandrader: about?15:47
dandradertsdgeos, that ninja build thing15:48
tsdgeosdandrader: well it should be fine15:48
tsdgeosit's the fix of the fix!15:48
dandraderSaviq, did we get bad tags again?15:51
Saviqdandrader, not that I can see15:51
Saviqoh wait15:52
Saviqa few15:52
dandraderSaviq, ^15:52
Saviq@unity, someone leaked tags again ↑15:52
* Saviq finds out who to blame15:54
Saviqhuh, interesting15:54
Saviqno idea who to blame, branches look clean15:54
kgunnjosharenson: hey...i think i may have found one interesting bug15:55
josharensonkgunn: go on15:55
kgunnlock the phone, on the lockscreen take a screen shot....then just monitor the phone for screen blanking15:55
kgunn...it never turns off15:55
kgunnjosharenson: actually...doesn't seem to need to be locked either...unless i got timers in a funny state15:58
dandradergreyback_, imagine I have a main stage app and then I launch a side stage one. focus in now on the side stage one. If I then tap on the main stage, focus will switch to it. If I then tap at the side stage, focus goes to the side stage15:59
dandradergreyback_, does that sound correct to you15:59
greyback_dandrader: yes15:59
kgunnme too15:59
dandradergreyback_, great, gonna implement that15:59
kgunnjosharenson: hmm...inconsitent16:00
josharensonkgunn: I saw this before on an older branch, let me look16:00
tedgSaviq, Can you talk to me about "Early work on menuing for Unity8 on the desktop experience" ?16:01
dandraderSaviq, are you putting https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/unifyLightDMMocks/+merge/244593 in the next silo?16:01
Saviqtedg, not really :) mzanetti, greyback_ ↑?16:02
greyback_tedg: hey, what do you want to know?16:02
mzanettitedg: menuing as in global app menu?16:02
tedggreyback_, I guess, how are you doing it? Are you guys using indicator-appmenu?16:03
* tedg would be surprised by that.16:03
mzanettidednick is working on it.16:03
mzanettiI don't know the details how he's doing it16:03
tedgYeah, I'm thinking about global app menu.16:03
tedgI'd love to see any designs there as well.16:03
mzanettiyep, so dednick is the one16:04
greyback_tedg: yep. Other side of it is supporting menus light on right-click, which is mir/unity8 stuff16:04
tedgOr are we just doing a "make it like Unity 7"16:04
mzanettiyes, that's the current order ^16:04
Saviqdandrader, whatever's going to be top-ACKed, I will add16:04
Saviqbut not today16:04
* greyback_ hates how one part of his brain mishears the other part16:04
mzanettitedg: although John said we will probably move to the one in the window title bar16:04
tedgUhg, okay. I really dislike that one. But okay.16:05
mzanettitedg: so our plan was to support both, yes16:05
tedgThat's John's pet design.16:05
* Saviq likes locally integrated menus much more than globals :P16:06
* tedg likes hud more than any menus :-)16:06
tedgSo then are we going to do a "unity 7 hud" in desktop mode?16:07
mzanettithis is a very good question.16:08
mzanettiI'm afraid one there's no answer for yet16:08
mzanettitedg: so I've been told do "make it like unity7" but don't spend efforts on the dash and alt+tab stuff yet16:17
tedgOkay, makes sense.16:17
tedgThe reason I'm concerned is that indicator-appmenu and indicator-application both haven't been ported to the new indicator architecture.16:17
tedgSo I don't think they'll work well in Unity 8.16:17
tedg(at least as is)16:17
mzanettiok. I'll watch out for dednick and clarify16:17
tedgThe porting task is a resourcing/management issue.16:17
tedgIf nothing else, I want to make sure people know that so they don't end up blocking themselves.16:17
Saviqtedg, I think the most pressing task is design (any)16:17
mzanettiack, thanks for that.16:17
tedgSaviq, Expecting design, that's crazy talk ;-)16:17
belkinsa Is there a way to make Unity 8 semi-transparent like how Unity 7 is?16:19
Saviqbelkinsa, what part of unity7 do you have in mind?16:23
belkinsaYou know how dash opens, and it's clouded glass-like and also the launcher.16:23
Saviqbelkinsa, it's relatively simple to do in QML, but nothing we'd support yet, we're working on the overall UX and design16:25
belkinsaAh, I see.  Thank you for your answer.16:25
kgunnjosharenson1: ok, seems to be if i hold the power button down a bit long before hitting the vol down...best guess is screenshot_ended_timeout competing with the long_press_notification()16:30
kgunnbut don't quite see how it'd make it fail16:30
kgunnto turn the screen off after inactivity16:30
josharenson1kgunn: saviq has a better idea, working on it after I eat something16:30
josharenson1kgunn: disable the power button released if vol has been pressed, essentially16:31
josharenson1kgunn: https://code.launchpad.net/~josharenson/unity-system-compositor/handle_screenshot_button17:12
josharenson1kgunn: my initial testing looks good17:12
josharenson1kgunn:  hold up, bzr being weird17:13
josharenson1ok good17:14
tedgDoes anyone know if dednick is using silo 3 for the trusted session splash work?17:16
tedgI can give it back if it's not useful.17:16
kgunntedg: no idea17:24
kgunnhe's back tomorrow, moving flats today17:24
tedgkgunn, Okay, not a big deal. Just don't want to hold on to resources that aren't being used.17:25
tedgI don't think silos are highly contented for right now.17:25
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kgunnjosharenson1: i think i got it to not blank again...23:22
kgunnunplugging from usb just to make sure...23:22
kgunnjosharenson1: actually...i'm gonna reflash too just in case...i did an based on a previous citrain upgrade-device23:23
kgunni mean that should work...but just in case23:23
josharenson1kgunn: ok cool , let me know... I hammered on it pretty good, but I have biased fingers23:23

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