philip__Who wants to wear a badge or patch or something like that in memory maybe?00:08
philip__at SCALE00:09
nhainespleia2: thanks for doing the UWN this week.  :)01:13
nhainesAlso every week!  \o/01:13
pleia2it's a big one this week01:13
pleia2I think I'll farm it out to jose next week though, since fosdem01:13
nhainesHe's not doing anything important anyway.  Only studying for his driver's license.01:18
pleia2aw, eps' mother commented on my blog01:21
nhainesYou know, I know the story but I'm still sort of amazed you managed to get princessleia.com.01:25
pleia2heh :)01:25
rwwoh huh, pleia2's website looks different01:25
pleia2I have completed my all black phase01:26
rwwoh huh, pleia2 uses irssi01:26
pleia2except for irssi01:26
rwwpleia2: next time you feel like changing things, there's this thing called weechat...01:26
pleia2I've used irssi for like 40 years01:27
nhainesMe too!01:27
pleia2(actually, 13)01:27
nhainesOh, probably more like 10.01:27
pleia2I can tell because it's when I registered on freenode, my boyfriend at the time didn't want to show it to me until I got a real irc client, he didn't want to be embarrassed by my xchat and join/quitting all the time01:28
pleia2pro tip: he was not a keeper01:28
nhainespleia2: missed opportunity: http://gift4geeks.com/star-wars-wedding-rings.html01:29
darthrobot`Title: [Star Wars Wedding Rings — Gift4Geeks.Com]01:29
nhainesAlthough I guess the real URL is https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/116629031/his-and-hers-star-wars-ring-set-sterling01:29
darthrobot`Title: [His and Hers Star Wars Ring Set Sterling by SwankMetalsmithing]01:29
pleia2I snuck in Leia's theme down the aisle (it's very pretty and only geeks would identify it anyway) and the mickey-minnie/luke-leia cake topper01:30
nhainesI can name every moment associated with every leitmotif in the entire saga.01:30
pleia2well, clearly YOU are a keeper01:30
nhainesI think that speaks better about John Williams than it does about me though, lol.01:31
pleia2he is brilliant :)01:32
nhainesHe was just what those films needed.  But I'm super happy to have become acquainted with Howard Shore too!01:33
BoojeWookeMan___life jim?02:52
BoojeWookeMan___life jim???02:53
DonkeyHoteiphilipballew: i think that's a swell idea03:51
philipballewDonkeyHotei, It seems like it would be very easy to accomplish as well.03:52
philipballewI know how much he liked to come to SCALE  as well asnd with it being so soon.03:52
DonkeyHoteiand he very much looked forward to this year as well03:52
DonkeyHoteithis photo is one of the best http://www.boston-baden.com/hazel/Pix/p.cgi?5899-0903:53
darthrobot`Title: [Error reading title]03:53
nhainesI feel like I should set up a desktop file for my Ubuntu book virtual machine.04:03
philipballewnhaines, Seems maybe practical?04:51
nhainesphilipballew: I have VirtualBox pinned but then I have to double-click my virtual machine and close the main VB window.  Sooo much effort.04:55
philipballewMy only two virtual boxes are osx and windows 7 currently04:56
philipballewnhaines, seems like a pretty cool idea to have the shortcut for sure.04:56
* ianorlin uses kvm04:58
nhainesI have a handful, but I don't use the others often.  Mostly they're prebuilt for like live CDs and such.05:01
philipballewAh, my laptop does not have a cd drive05:02
nhainesI usually just use ISOs.05:03
nhainesBut prebuilt, multicore, 1 GB RAM, no hard drive, etc.05:03
philipballewnhaines, that seems pretty intense. I usually prefer a duel boot whenever I can, but I am old school maybe05:05
philipballewThen again, I usually do 99 percent of whatever I need to do in a web browser05:06
nhainesEvery couple of months I zsync an Ubuntu daily image and boot it, mouse around a bit, and shut it down.05:07
* ianorlin has done 9 in a day before05:09
nhainesIf I were still doing serious testing I'd just use KVM.05:12
philipballewnhaines, For testing I assume?05:15
DonkeyHoteithe more things you test, the less extensively you can test them05:15
philipballewthe guy at my local lug was talking to me last week I was there about how he has to use a vm to test things05:16
DonkeyHoteivm certainly simplifies testing05:17
nhainesYeah, and the Windows VM is just for when it's time to be furious at my Bluetooth headset for needing a firmware update.05:17
philipballewnhaines, I never update my firmware for anything.05:23
philipballewif it works, I dont change it.05:24
philipballewmaybe I am just basic05:24
nhainesThis headset doesn't work particularly well and every firmware update has made drastic improvements.05:32
philipballewnhaines, ah, seems like a necessary evil of sorts05:36
nhainesShame too, because all their others have worked great and now I'm not sure I'm going to stick with them next time.05:37
* philipballew uses his cell phone while driving.05:40
DonkeyHoteii stopped texting behind the wheel not because it got banned but because android made it impossible to do even remotely safely05:42
pleia2ftr, our server's on 14.04, so no icky eglibc bug17:15
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