balloonsahoneybun, that's no good. I'm mailing you the nexus 7 tomorrow00:27
ahoneybunawesome cool00:27
ahoneybunballoons, it is blinking red while charging00:27
ahoneybunsome are saying it is because the battery is so low and I just need to charge it for a few hours (8-10)00:28
balloonsahoneybun, ahh yes.. Some of those fun things. You might need to let it sit in the charger forever, or alternatively, have it completely discharge first, then charge it00:28
ahoneybunwell it seems it is completely discharged balloons as that is why the light comes on00:29
ahoneybunwhat happened was I flashed a custom CM rom on it and it was booting so I just left it there and then it shutdown00:29
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