cmaloneyGood morning14:39
jrwrenis otou the opposite of woot?14:58
cmaloneyOf course.15:15
rick_h_mmmmm so yummy https://flic.kr/p/qXsksL15:45
widoxrick_h_: oooo15:47
rick_h_non fubar keyboard!15:47
widoxhow you liking the 14"?15:47
rick_h_jcastro: ^15:47
rick_h_widox: so far I've just completed a usb install while on a standup meeting so no idea yet :)15:48
widoxyay mouse buttons15:48
rick_h_but big res15:48
jcastroman dude15:48
rick_h_so hopefully nice15:48
jcastrowhat's the rez?15:48
jcastro! nice15:48
jcastroI have one on my desktop15:48
jcastrothat rez screen I mean15:48
rick_h_moar pixels!15:49
rick_h_but yea, 14" seems so big after 12" for so long, then 13"15:49
rick_h_feel like i'm that benjamin button living life in reverse15:49
rick_h_went 15->14->12 and now back15:49
jcastroI am resisting the move back up15:49
rick_h_jcastro: will show in cape town15:50
rick_h_bringing two laptops, one setup for private demo stuff and the new one as the workhorse15:50
jcastroI want to type on it for a while15:50
jcastrothe thing is15:50
rick_h_sure, I'll have two :)15:50
brouschwhat model is that?15:50
rick_h_borrow it for an afternoon lol15:50
rick_h_brousch: x1 carbon15:50
jcastroI am really seeing the benefits of the ramm ideal15:50
jcastrothrowaway chromebook for travel15:50
rick_h_yea, tis true15:50
rick_h_though I really need to be able to do demos/etc that gets hard across servers15:51
rick_h_I have to bring the demo notebook for SSO/login from the cli15:51
rick_h_for example, doign it on a remote server fails15:51
brouschVery nice. Very expensive16:06
cmaloneyrick_h_: Ooooooh. :)16:47
mrgoodcatafternoon :)18:00
mrgoodcatmy data structures class is at least partially graded by integration testing18:01
DrDaemonEyeafternoon mrgoodcat :)  Data Structures sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon18:03
rick_h_sounds like fun :)18:03
* DrDaemonEye needs to work on understanding data structures better18:04
mrgoodcatit is pretty cool18:05
mrgoodcatextra credit for fastest implementation each week18:05
mrgoodcatthats fun :)18:05
mrgoodcatEC for first working implementation too18:06
DrDaemonEyeI bet.  May I ask where you are taking this class at?18:06
DrDaemonEyeahh okay.  I took one at WCC when I was doing their c++ program18:06
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Which campus?18:17
cmaloneyYou're not taking an astronomy class there are you?18:17
mrgoodcatno lol18:17
mrgoodcatsounds fun tho18:17
mrgoodcati <3 the natural sciences18:17
cmaloneyThursday nights18:17
cmaloneyMy wife teaches it. :)18:17
mrgoodcatoh cool18:17
mrgoodcati think i remember hearing something about that at a CHC18:18
mrgoodcatmight have to take it sometime18:18
cmaloneyYeah, if you need some science credits she'd be a good instructor18:18
cmaloneythough any of the instructors in Astronomy would be good18:18
mrgoodcat+110pts extra credit for knowing craig :)18:18
cmaloneyYeah, not so much18:18
cmaloneyYou will work, but if you pay attention and do the work you'll be fine18:19
brouschI would take that class just to heckle her18:19
mrgoodcatmy brother might have taken it18:19
mrgoodcathe took astronomy but idk who his prof was18:19
cmaloneybrousch: You should know better. :)18:20
cmaloneyOne does not heckle JoDee in her natural habitat.18:20
brouschIt is fun because I don't have to live with her. All of the repercussions fall on you18:20
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Was it Thursday night?18:20
brouschSo by heckling her I am annoying you18:20
cmaloneyBecause that's the only time she's taught18:21
mrgoodcatnot sure18:21
cmaloneyjcastro: That Robert T. Skype call is awesome.18:35
cmaloneyHave to watch the video18:35
jcastroit's awesome18:56
rick_h_one for cmaloney https://twitter.com/FromAnEgg/status/56011201726921933020:57
cmaloneyWow. Not sure. Likely spreadsheets and a three-ring binder. :)20:58
rick_h_cmaloney: hah, I figured you'd have some gaming know-how on that one20:58
cmaloneyThat's pretty much what I used when I GMed for JoDee on occasion20:59
cmaloneyfile-folders and paper20:59
cmaloneyI think there's some special software that you can use, but that's the quickest / most flexible.20:59
cmaloneyThough I hadn't thought to use mindmaps20:59
cmaloneySeems that could get ugly21:00
rick_h_jcastro: any help/love finding answers appreciated http://askubuntu.com/questions/578600/getting-2015-x1-carbon-trackpiont-buttnos-to-work23:47
rick_h_damn thing is in the bios turned off the trackpad and it still worked. :/23:48

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