teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, hamsters and everything else13:02
=== lazyPower is now known as lazyPower|Travel
pleia2ftr, our server's on 14.04, so no icky eglibc bug17:15
lazyPower|TravelPleia2: starting the travel rave now. Sitting in Pitt Intl waiting on the first connection. Brussels here I come!17:55
pleia2lazyPower|Travel: woo :)17:55
pleia2glad the storm didn't actually turn out to be so bad17:55
lazyPower|TravelI had my doubt's. I'm rerouted away from NY regardless so I'm happy camper17:57
pleia2I'm connecting through philly, but not until thursday anyway17:59
pleia2brussels itself is looking to be kind of yucky though18:00
waltmanthe forecast only looks moderately yucky to me, all things considered... :)18:13
lazyPower|Traveli've got my hat and my jackets, i'm ready to rock europe like a true tourist18:33
lazyPower|Traveli didn't grab my DSLR however, so it's going to be a phone only picture venture sadly18:33

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