hyperairgar. monitor hotplugging is broken with compiz on xorg-edgers with i915 on an ivb01:51
Sarvattnew regression?02:27
Sarvatti just updated -intel for the first time in a month yesterday02:27
hyperairnot sure, i just switched to xorg-edgers just the other day after i upgraded my kernel02:28
hyperair3.17.x was having issues with tf202:28
hyperairit lagged like hell02:28
hyperair3.16 was gold, but that was with trusty's stack, not utopic02:28
* Sarvatt updates it again, craploads of commits02:28
hyperairalso i'm getting the hpet hangs with 3.1802:29
hyperairthat odd one where the kernel locks up and doesn't respond to any sysrq key but alt+sysrq+b02:29
hyperairand it seems that running any sort of 3d activity reliably causes the issue to appear02:29
Sarvattstill on your gen4 intel?02:30
Sarvattoh ivb nevermind, hmm02:30
hyperairer gen302:30
Sarvattthought you had a gm45 for some reason02:30
Sarvattwas gonna say i just saw a fix for hangs on that on 3.18+ recently02:30
hyperairoh you did?02:31
hyperairSarvatt: where's the fix?02:32
hyperairis it after 3.18.2?02:32
Sarvattjust for old gpus, not ivb, i'm on ivb and not seeing any problems02:32
hyperairaw damn.02:33
hyperairhave you tried any heavy 3d activity recently?02:33
hyperairand which kernel are you running?02:33
Sarvatt3.13 with 3.19-rc6 drm in a dkms02:33
hyperairthat's an old kernel02:34
hyperairdoesn't count02:34
[4-tea-2]Greetings, using the xorg-edgers PPA on a system with a GTX980, I've been seeing major performance issues for the past few days. Not complaining, just wondering if anybody else can confirm whether it's caused by xorg-edgers?14:48
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Sarvatt[4-tea-2]: the blobs were updated 10 days ago or so, that should be all thats affecting you. might want to try another series of them21:25
Sarvatt340 instead of 346 or the reverse21:25
[4-tea-2]Sarvatt: thanks for the advice, I'll try that21:27
Sarvatterr, 340 doesn't even support the 980 :(21:31
[4-tea-2]I wasn't aware the 980 is too new. :\21:32

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