bdukMorning everyone04:29
Kiloshi bduk  and others04:31
* Kilos bows to inetpro04:31
Kiloshi Tonberry_  04:39
Kiloshi mazal  04:45
mazalMore oom05:10
Kilossjoe hulle maak my hard werk die mense man05:15
bdukHoekom so oom Kilos 05:17
Kilosnuwe mission is om all die linux gebruikers in afrika te lienk met ons05:17
bdukish is daar 'n manier om te help?05:19
Kilosnet kontacte kry orals05:20
Kilosek het nairobi en die congo05:22
superflyKilos: it doesn't have to happen right now, don't rush 05:33
Kiloshi superfly  it helps keep my mind off the membership thing05:34
superflyYou don't have to get everyone on board immediately 05:34
Kilosyip 2 is good for now i think05:35
* stickyboy grumbles.06:21
stickyboyMy ISP is filtering TCP 1337 on my server.06:21
Kilosmorning stickyboy  06:22
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:22
Kilosyou fixed it06:22
Kiloswell done06:22
ThatGraemeGuyyay me06:22
ThatGraemeGuyno idea what i fixed but i'll take the credit06:22
Kilosone login and cloaked already06:23
ThatGraemeGuyi'll give you my ip, who cares? :P06:23
Kilosna i wouldnt know what to do with it06:24
ThatGraemeGuythat's why i don't care :)06:24
Kilosit just uses 2 or three less lines here so less to scrollback when looking for something06:25
Kiloshi gremble  06:26
grembleGood morning Kilos 06:27
stickyboyMorning, Kilos.06:29
stickyboyAnyone like reading about OPSEC / COMSEC?06:29
grembleComsec should be interesting06:29
stickyboygrugq's slides are awesome and hilarious: https://grugq.github.io/presentations/COMSEC%20beyond%20encryption.pdf06:30
gremble"Run slowly and learn to speak bear"06:38
grembleI like that06:38
stickyboyAlso, someone should compile Pond and post a howto.06:49
grembleWhy not you?06:49
stickyboygremble: I'm just throwing ideas out there.06:50
stickyboyI post the most stuff of anyone I know. :)06:50
stickyboyhttps://mjanja.ch/ <--- blogging all teh time, yo.06:51
ThatGraemeGuyanyone running good deals on UPS'?07:37
ThatGraemeGuytime to get a little one just for my pc07:38
Kiloshi Kerbero  07:38
Kerberomore oom kilos07:38
KilosEATON 600VA LINE INTERACTIVE R489 + vat07:40
Kilos2 year warranty07:45
ThatGraemeGuyso my pc has a 90W power brick, how do i know what VA rating I need to keep that running for up to 4 hours or so?07:49
Kilosinetpro  weet jy hoe om dit uit te werk07:50
KilosThatGraemeGuy  whats a power brick?07:51
ThatGraemeGuyA/C adapter thing like you have with a laptop07:51
ThatGraemeGuyit doesn't have a normal pc PSU, just the power brick which feeds 12V directly onto the board07:52
Kilosmethinks its not the 12v needs that drain ups but the screen07:53
ThatGraemeGuyi don't need the ups for that07:53
Kilosshould run long without screen working07:53
ThatGraemeGuyi just want the pc staying on because frequent unexpected reboots are bad for it07:53
Kilosyou want to supply 220 to the brick?07:53
ThatGraemeGuythis shouldn't be such a hard thing to find out o_O07:54
Kiloshehe i would measure the current drain on the mains when pc working then work it out from there07:55
Kilosbecause thats the darian you are going to put on the ups07:55
=== SilverCode_ is now known as SilverCode
ThatGraemeGuyyeah not doing that07:56
Kilosso, your pc only gets 12v07:57
Kilosthen its easier to check out07:58
Kilosconnect pc to car battery and see how long it takes to drop to 11v07:59
ThatGraemeGuylook, I'm not an electrical engineer and I don't intend to become one, I'm just trying to find out what to look for to power a 90W device for at least 4 hours07:59
Kilosthere was a formula08:00
ThatGraemeGuywhen I buy a car I don't need to learn the finer technical detail of how its engine and transmission work, i just want to say to the guy "hey give me a car that can drive at highway speed and maybe tow up to 500KG from time to time"08:01
Kilosand whats is volts x amps08:01
ThatGraemeGuynever mind you are not listening as usual08:01
Kilosgood luck then08:01
ThatGraemeGuyah ok, so VA rating has to do with instantaneous power load capability, nothing to do with how long it will run08:04
ThatGraemeGuyso its not possible to make a runtime calculator because it varies with each model08:05
ThatGraemeGuyyou can have 2 1kVA UPS', but different runtime because of larger capacity batteries08:05
Kilosyes but then you can see when you divide that watts needed into the watts available08:05
Kilosyip the battery is the heart08:06
SilverCodeis anyone else having issues with sasl authentication when connecting to freenode?08:06
Kilosi cant login using it SilverCode  08:06
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: i don't understand what you just said, sorry :-/08:06
Kilosneed to turn it off08:06
Kiloslemme think a bit08:07
Kilosthese memories go back 40 years08:07
Kilosyou draw 90w08:07
Kilosi think the 600 v/a job should make 4 hours08:09
Kiloslets think more08:09
SilverCodeok, looks like it was an encryption issue. Switching from blowfish to plain fixed auth problems ... not happy doing it this way, but better than manually authenticating with Nickserv08:11
grembleI recall reading somewhere that blowfish with freenode is deprecated. They use aes or something now08:13
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: i just said you can't work it out like that08:14
ThatGraemeGuy600VA has to do with the load it can handle, it says nothing about how long you can handle that load for08:15
mazalThatGraemeGuy: Have a look at this: https://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BX1100CI-ZA&total_watts=200&tab=models08:15
ThatGraemeGuyit can be 600VA bit with only 5 minutes runtime or it can be 600VA with 5 hours runtime, you won't know until you delve deeper into the product description08:15
mazalAt the bottom it shows a graph of watts / minutes uptime for that 1.1kva ups08:16
mazalI found that when I was looking for a ups for my pc. That specific one will for axample keep an 90w device up for onlu about 80minutes08:16
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, that's what i'm saying, each model will have a graph that looks different08:16
mazalAll UPS's should have a graph like that to help you08:16
mazalAnd then the additional battery options comes greatly into effect08:17
Kilosty mazal  08:17
ThatGraemeGuyit looks like i should just get a cheap one that can signal the pc when the power is off so that it can initiate a proper shutdown08:17
mazalPersonally I was VERY dissapointed in how weak UPS's is. That specific one can only keep my pc alive for 2 minutes08:18
ThatGraemeGuyrunning it for 4 hours may turn out to be too expensive08:18
mazalIf you want hours of lifetime you will need to invest very heavily in big ones with lots of batteries08:18
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i think the cheaper end are really only meant to give you some time to shut down properly08:18
ThatGraemeGuyoh well08:18
Kiloswb octoquad  08:19
mazalIs very expensive. So much so that I abandoned my plan due to insufficient funds08:19
ThatGraemeGuywhat make/model do you have and how does it signal the pc? usb?08:19
mazalI didn't buy it in the end. Not worth it for just 2 minutes and the longer ones too expensive08:20
ThatGraemeGuyonly kind of connection i have on that is usb, and its a linux server08:20
ThatGraemeGuyi'll ask on a mailing list08:21
mazalJust for my two pc's I would have had to buy 2 , one for each. And that would have cost me alot. And then just 2 minutes is barely enough just to get one machine shut down :(08:22
mazalHow did you meassure the 90w ?08:23
mazalThat sounds very low ?08:23
ThatGraemeGuythat's what it says on it08:23
ThatGraemeGuyits basically the same as a laptop's power brick08:23
mazalDid you take into account the power supply proficiency rating ?08:24
ThatGraemeGuyI am not an electrical engineer, this stuff shouldn't be so hard08:25
mazalPower supplies have a proficiency rating , depending on the quality of the power supply.08:26
mazalUsually they are rated between 50% and 90%08:26
ThatGraemeGuyphew people are quite deaf in here today08:26
mazalWhat this basically means , lets say you pc uses 100w , and your power supply has a rating of 80%08:26
ThatGraemeGuyI don't care about that, I shouldn't need to and I don't want to08:26
mazalThis is important08:27
ThatGraemeGuyno it isn't08:27
mazalIn that example , it means that the power supply actually takes an extra 20% from the socket08:27
ThatGraemeGuyimagine if you had to learn the technical details of everything you used in your daily life08:27
mazalIE , you need to add that in your estimates and measurements08:27
mazalSo in that example , the pc will use 120w from the wall/ups , not 100w08:28
ThatGraemeGuyR1,234 and can only manage about an hour :-/08:36
ThatGraemeGuythe control interface is USB though and there are a few linux packages that can be used to trigger shutdown08:36
grembleAren't UPS'es more for controlled shutdown than keeping a computer running?08:40
ThatGraemeGuyyeah it seems that even with a small load around 100W, the cheaper end will only run for an hour or so08:41
mazalYa nee , that's what I also discovered :(08:47
Kilospc stuff is all about how much you are willing to spend08:53
mazalOh man I missed my Kubuntu this weekend09:36
mazalSo nice to work on it again :)09:36
mazalDon't have it at home oom09:36
Kilosoh you were afk09:36
Kiloswell thats easy to cure09:36
mazalUhm....not so easy at it sounds lol09:36
mazalWas thinking again this morning what I can do.09:37
Kilosman its just you okes and your games that make things difficult09:37
mazalWhat can I do , I have so many of them , can't just gooi it in the bin :(09:37
Kilosotherwise very simple, boot from live iso and say delete and install09:37
Kilosactually invest in a second pc just for gaming09:38
mazalI can make my server my main pc , but then I loose my server09:38
Kilosdecisions decisions09:39
mazalAll because of one idiots stupid decision a year ago to go over to pc gaming.09:39
stickyboyDo people in ZA say "Lie-nucks" instead of "Lee-nucks" like they do here in KE?09:47
mazalI say "Lie-nucks"09:48
mazalIs "Lee-nucks" more correct ?09:48
Kiloslie as in lie down09:48
stickyboymazal: Yah, it's lee-nucks.09:49
Kiloshaha in whose opinion09:49
stickyboyLeeenus Torvalds09:49
Kilosoh i didnt know that09:50
Kilosbut whatever you call it is irelevant as long as you keep using it09:50
stickyboyLinus Torvalds explains... :D09:50
stickyboyKilos: I know :)09:50
stickyboyBut anyways, fun fact.09:50
Kilosyeah ty for that09:50
superflyThatGraemeGuy, mazal: A UPS is not a battery, and that is where you're making the mistake. You need to pair the two09:57
mazalYeah , but the costs is to big09:59
mazalWell for me it was09:59
mazalOne needs to add the battery packs expansions10:00
superflymazal: I'm not saying it's cheap, just pointing out why you can't find a UPS that'll last longer than a few minutes.10:11
stickyboyTrue dat.10:14
stickyboyStop gaming. :D10:14
mazalsuperfly: Yeah I realize that. In my case I was just dissapointed that even the 1.1kv one couldn't even give me just 10 minutes without battery expansions10:14
superflymazal: they're not supposed to10:15
Kiloseskom moved to stage b2 loadshedding sigh10:15
Kiloshi Squirm  10:15
superflythat's an added bonus. they're supposed to make sure that your power is smooth while its on10:15
mazalsuperfly: That was my main thing I needed. But wanted at least enough time to get to the pc and shut it down as well10:16
mazalOn my specific setup , and according to their time graph , I would have only 2 minutes. Not enough10:18
Kilossudo shutdown -h now10:19
Kiloswith windows you can set it to not shutdown so fast mazal  10:20
mazalKilos: if you happen to be busy with anything else at the time your not going to make it. If you happen to be on the pc at the moment it's ok. But even if you are just in the bathroom when it happens 2 minutes won't be enough10:20
Kilosyou need as serial cable looks like and the install disk that can with the ups10:21
Kilosyip 2 mins is min10:21
Kilostry this sudo shutdown -h now and save what i was busy with10:22
SquirmLoad Shedding Stage 2... Our stage 2 slot was from 10h00 to 12h30, we're still online so we are safe today :D10:22
Kiloseach city now decides what and when10:23
SquirmKilos: sort of10:23
Squirmwell, I think they choose the when, maybe not the what10:23
SquirmMy laptop is suffering under the load :/10:24
Kilosmy stupid ups shutdown immediately, battery tired methinks but more important things needed 10:24
Kilosbattery prices have gone mad10:25
SquirmKilos: take your battery to a place like battery centre. Get discounts on a swap too :P I have a feeling they were about R700 last time I went10:25
SquirmBut that was pre-load shedding10:25
mazalSquirm: The problem with those idiots schedules is that it has not been correct a single day once where I live. Have no idea how to plan cos their stuff is not correct :(10:27
Squirmmazal: They've been good with us10:27
SquirmThey either stick to the schedule, or we don't get load shed10:27
mazalAnd once again we get the worst slot. 20:00 to 22:30 :( The absolute worst time of the day for that crap10:28
mazalWell , that is if it will be occording to their schedules10:28
SquirmWe had that slot last night10:29
Squirmwent off for 2 hours10:29
mazalMakes me angry when citizens have to pay for incompetance 10:29
mazalWe have to sit in the dark cos they can't do their work10:29
Kilosnow now10:30
Kilosgetting angry doesnt help10:30
Kilosyou just get ulcers\10:31
Kilosgeeting angry is only good if there is someone to hit10:31
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening. God bless12:49
stickyboyAnyone on Pond?12:54
ThatGraemeGuyI've been IN pond, but not so much ON13:01
ThatGraemeGuyi tend to sink13:01
ThatGraemeGuymaybe i'm doing it wrong13:01
grembleI want do be on Pond, Amelia Pond13:22
Kilosohi nlsthzn  13:34
stickyboyThatGraemeGuy: It's a secure messaging application13:35
ThatGraemeGuyoh great, another one13:39
stickyboyThatGraemeGuy: It's real.13:39
ThatGraemeGuyi'm sure its as real as all the other ones13:40
stickyboyI figured you'd say that.13:40
nlsthznnow if only I could see what I got pinged in Hexchat in Ubuntu :/ oh well hi uncle Kilos , others :)13:40
Kiloslets try not forget we have our monthly meet here tonight at 20.3014:09
ThatGraemeGuymmmmmmmm meat14:12
ThatGraemeGuyfood lovers market has a good deal on steaks14:12
ThatGraemeGuymmmmmmmmmmmm steeeeaaaak14:12
* nlsthzn will see how it goes closer to 22:00 over here, working tomorrow and went all the way to the big city and back... so I am fairly pooped14:31
Kilosits fine nlsthzn  ill give your apologies if you arent here14:35
Kilosyou gonna battle more next wednesday i think14:35
nlsthznthanks uncle Kilos ... there is a good chance I will be there however... normally get my second wind right when I am supposed to go to bed (and pay for it the next day :p)14:35
nlsthzneasy when I am off14:36
SquirmHome time15:10
Kilosthere ive done my bit for power saving for today16:26
Kiloshi zipper  welcome to ubuntu-za16:27
Kiloshi captine  16:28
Kilosand Private_User  16:28
Kiloslo gremble  16:33
Kilosload shedding time is good to go have a bath and a nap16:50
grembleI tried to nap16:52
grembleThe mosquitoes had me half-way out the door before I woke up16:52
Kilosbit too hot16:52
Kiloshahaha where is your tabard and citronella candles16:53
grembleThey laugh at the citronella16:53
grembleIt smells nice to them already16:53
grembleMy tabard is finished16:53
grembleIt is these damned tiger mosquitoes16:54
Kilosget citronella oil16:54
grembleThey don't care about standing water16:54
Kiloslol ya they breed in grass too16:55
Kilosget that 16:55
Kilosnoise making thing going16:55
grembleI think I should get a mosquito net16:55
Kilossignal generator16:55
grembleThat will at least help against the bites16:55
nlsthznnight all... not going to make it... *yawn*16:56
Kilosnight nlsthzn  sleep tight16:56
grembleCheers nlsthzn 16:57
Kilosi go eat16:59
Kilosoh my, weather has brought new york to a standstill17:17
Kiloslatest from eskom is they going to charge more for electricity during load shedding periods17:20
Kiloshi jrgns  17:20
jrgnsHey Kilos17:20
jrgnsI'll try and make the meeting, but Eskom is interfering... 17:21
Kilosim lucky we had our 2 hours off already just now17:21
magespawngood evening17:22
Kilosmy magespawn  17:22
magespawnall right for the meeting17:23
Kilosyeah if eskom dont kill too many connections17:25
Kilosi hope nuvolari  makes it17:26
Kilosotherwise inetpro  must take over17:26
zipperKilos: Uh hey you guys.17:27
Kilosand if the brewing storm dont kill my power17:28
magespawncool beans17:28
Kilosdidnt you practise for the chair magespawn  17:29
magespawni di one17:29
Kilosi need to compose a mail but dont know what to say17:29
magespawnwhat do you need to say?17:29
Kiloslemme work on it17:30
magespawnhi zipper 17:31
zippermagespawn: Hey17:31
zipperPeople writing haskell in this channel?17:31
zipperI was just reading about SA and turns out Cape Town has penguins? Insane.17:31
Kilosmillions zipper  17:36
Kiloseven rescue centres for those hurt or oil drenched after oil spills17:37
Kilosmail done magespawn   sjoe17:38
Kiloswas  hard to find words17:38
magespawnzipper: i think one of the other guys was talking about haskell, can't remember who though17:40
Kiloshi charl  17:41
charlgood evening17:41
charlhi Kilos 17:41
charlMaaz: coffee on17:41
* Maaz washes some mugs17:41
superflyKilos: I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make the meeting tonight, something just came up that I have to deal with now17:41
charlmeeting starts over an hour ?17:41
Kilosok superfly   can you mail me what to say in your place17:42
Kilosor slexy it17:42
Kilosand good luck sorting the prob17:42
magespawnsuperfly come if you can, even if it is late17:42
Kiloshe has devcon at 9 magespawn  17:43
Kilosi think thats what he called it17:43
Kiloswb jrgns  17:44
Kilosgremble  try this17:45
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!17:45
Kilosput 2 tablespoons sugar in a bowl with 2 teaspoons yeast and add warm water17:46
magespawndefcon i think maybe17:46
Kilosthat will make corbon dioxide i think its called and will attract the mossies and they go drown there17:46
magespawnwhy Kilos ?17:46
Kilosya that magespawn  17:46
magespawni see17:47
charlMaaz: danke17:47
Kilosmagespawn  he can opnly reach his keyboard when the mozzies drag him past the pc17:47
Kilosat one3 time one could buy the yeats traps for them17:49
zippermagespawn: Someone in this channel was talking about Haskell?17:49
magespawnyou could put it in a coke bottle with the top part cut off and turned upside down into the bottle17:50
zipperKilos: One day I should come see those penguins. I would've assumed the weather would be too hot for penguins.17:50
Kilosthe water is freezing zipper17:51
Kilosthey are also on all the islands to the south17:51
magespawnzipper: yup17:54
Kilosbut not year round zipper  they spend lots of time posing at canonical and other linux places too17:55
zipperKilos: haha17:56
Kilosjust mailed nuvolari  telling him come here now. not sure about power in bloem17:56
grembleWho has yeast lying around the house?17:59
grembleBut thanks Kilos I'll find out where I can get some17:59
Kilosmost mothers17:59
Kilosneighbours mothers18:00
Kilosany one that bakes18:00
Kilosvarsity kitchen18:00
grembleYeast is a kind of fungi18:01
gremblePretty coo18:01
grembleTurns sugar into ethyl-alcohol and CO218:01
Kilosdo as magespawn  says and cut a plastic coke bottle in half18:01
Kilosyeast mix in bottom then top upside down in bottom to seal it18:02
Kilosthey go in through the cap hole18:02
Kilosco2 is what attracts them18:02
Kiloslol or you can watch as it attracts them and swat them18:03
Kiloswb magespawn  18:05
magespawnty Kilos 18:05
grembleI missed you magespawn. I'm glad you are with us again18:05
magespawnlol, for like a minute?18:06
gremble247 seconds to be more specific18:07
grembleSo it is almost 4min18:07
Kilosthe maths man strikes18:07
grembleI prefer to be called Pedantic Batman18:08
grembleI am pedantic so you don't have to be18:08
Kilosthat too 18:08
Kiloseasier to say maths man18:08
KilosMaaz  define pedantic18:09
MaazKilos: Pedantic \Pe*dan"tic\, Pedantical \Pe*dan"tic*al\, a. Of or pertaining to a pedant; characteristic of, or resembling, a pedant; ostentatious of learning; as, a pedantic writer; a pedantic description; a pedantical affectation. "Figures pedantical." --Shak. [1913 Webster], pedantic adj 1: marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its18:09
Maaztrivial aspects [syn: {academic}, {donnish}, {pedantic}]18:09
Kilosya maths man is better18:09
KilosSquirm  ping18:11
Kilosinetpro  ping18:12
Kilosnow where is the pro hiding tonight18:12
Kiloshi amanica  18:13
amanicaHi Kilos, whats up :)18:14
Kilostemperature mostly18:14
Kilosvery hot here18:14
nuvolarioh hi o=18:15
nuvolari* o/18:15
nuvolariI'm going to eat quick18:15
Kiloshi nuvolari  dankie seun18:15
amanicaHaha, jup in jozi its too hot too18:15
Kilos15 mins dont bolt your food down18:15
Kilosyou missed lots amanica  fly and i are applying for ubuntu membership18:16
Kilosmajor job that18:16
amanicaYeah saw on the mailinglist, goodluck!18:17
amanicasorry I easily forget about these meetings,especially with bathtime of my son now. Finnaly got irc on my phone :)18:18
Kiloshehe family life takes up lots of time18:19
Kiloswb captine  18:19
captineon webchat.  not sure why my connection on my desktop is funky tonight18:20
captineneed to nuke a pave the machine... :)18:20
inetprogood eve18:20
Kiloslo inetpro  wb18:20
charlhi inetpro 18:21
inetprohi charl18:21
inetprooh and hi Kilos18:21
captinehi charl, inetpro18:21
Kiloshaha afterthought again18:21
inetprohmm... and captine too18:21
Kilosjy spot met my ne18:22
inetprono man18:22
Kilosall god there inetpro  ?18:22
charlhi captine :)18:22
inetproanother tough day at the office18:23
inetprohot and powerless for most of the day, but all fine otherwise18:23
captineyip.  the heat when our generator ran out of diesel was crazy18:24
inetprowell, powerless meaning running on genny18:24
inetprogenny not powering aircons18:24
captinethink i have load shedding tomorrow night18:24
Kiloswhat about in the server rooms18:25
inetpronuvolari: you ready to chair the meeting?18:25
Kiloshe just eating18:25
captinewe dont really have servers on site.  think 1 file server... everything in data centre18:25
captineour office park gen powers the AC...18:26
captineprior to moving to the datacentre, we had all servers/rack in a temp office while our offices were being re-vamped... it was sooooo hot in the room.  at least 30 to 32 degrees... the poor machines were struggling18:27
magespawnthat is cooler than my air, in the shade temperature today18:28
charlhi magespawn 18:29
Kilosty superfly  18:29
magespawnhi charl, captine, inetpro18:29
superflyKilos: hi, here for a few minutes, but I gotta go again.18:29
Kilossuper can you slexy your beef18:30
superflyKilos: I just wanted everyone to know about the site, and about how they can contribute. they can use slexy, or e-mail me, if they want.18:30
Kilosor leave it here18:30
magespawnthat just sounds wrong18:30
superflyKilos: I have a preview up on http://ubuntu-za.snyman.info/18:30
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda18:30
Maaznuvolari: meeting.agenda is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2014112518:30
Kilosty superfly  18:31
Lionthinkergreetings all18:31
superflymagespawn: http://debconf.org/18:31
Kiloshi Lionthinker  ty vey much18:31
LionthinkerKilos, pleasure18:31
Kilosvery as well18:32
inetprohmm... 18:32
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (January 2015)18:32
Maaznuvolari: You're not the boss of me18:32
inetprolooks like we need a fundraising18:32
nuvolariup your's Maaz 18:32
Kilosinetpro  fix it18:33
inetproMaaz: start meeting18:33
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:33
inetproMaaz: end meeting18:33
MaazMeeting Ended18:33
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-01-27-18-33-20.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-01-27-18-33-20.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-01-27-18-33-20.html18:33
inetproit works 18:33
Kilosnuvolari  try again18:33
inetproMaaz: permissions18:33
Maazinetpro: Permissions: admin and chairmeeting18:33
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (January 2015)18:34
Maaznuvolari: I'm not going to listen to you18:34
inetproMaaz: help permissions18:34
Maazinetpro: Please be more specific. I don't know if you mean auth or test18:34
nuvolariMaaz: permissions18:34
Maaznuvolari: Permissions: chairmeeting18:34
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (January 2015)18:34
inetprothat's strange18:34
Maaznuvolari: You're not the boss of me18:34
nuvolariMaaz: you silly bot18:34
Maaznuvolari: What?18:34
Kilosdo auth chairmeeting18:34
magespawnsuperfly: are you going?18:34
Kilosor auth and your password18:34
nuvolari_Maaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (January 2015)18:35
Maaznuvolari_: I'm not going to listen to you18:35
=== nuvolari_ is now known as nuvolari
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (January 2015)18:35
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:35
nuvolariMaaz: botsnack18:35
MaazYAY someone cares about me too!18:35
captinelol.. this is where the artifial part of the AI comes to play... :)18:35
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:35
Maazinetpro: Done18:35
nuvolariagenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015012718:36
KilosMaaz  I am Miles Sharpe18:36
MaazKilos: Righto18:36
LionthinkerI am Leon Marincowitz18:36
charlMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk18:36
Maazcharl: Okay18:36
nuvolariMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:36
LionthinkerMaaz: I am Leon Marincowitz18:36
MaazLionthinker: Sure18:36
magespawnMaa: I am Gregory Eames18:36
grembleMaaz: I am Jaco Stroebel18:36
Maazgremble: Righto18:36
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt18:36
Maaznuvolari: Done18:36
nuvolariwow, lots of people tonight18:36
magespawnMaaz: I am Gregory Eames18:36
Maazmagespawn: Righto18:36
captineMaaz I am Bradley Putzier18:36
Maazcaptine: Done18:36
nuvolariinteresting agenda18:36
nuvolariWelcome everyone18:37
inetpronuvolari: some of them are here twice :-)18:37
nuvolarinew peeps as well, welcome to you18:37
Kilosty nuvolari  and welcome to you too18:37
captinenuvolari: i agree.  lets skip welcomes and go straight to butt kicking... :)18:37
Kiloszipper  stickyboy  you are welcome to join us just login with the bot please18:38
nuvolarithe fly needs to be out soon18:38
Kilosyip let the fly go18:38
nuvolariMaaz: topic Superfly's butt kicking session18:38
MaazCurrent Topic: Superfly's butt kicking session18:38
nuvolariso, what's this about?18:38
Kilossuperfly  in your court sir18:38
* nuvolari puts on some extra layers of undies18:38
Lionthinker *just changed some nappies, if you want some of that you welcome18:39
magespawnFirefox cannot guarantee the safety of your data on wiki.ubuntu.com because it uses SSLv3, a broken security protocol.18:39
nuvolarisuperfly: ping18:39
captineLionthinker: not the most fun thing to do... Feel your pain18:39
Kiloshe most likely had to go18:39
amanicaMaaz: i am Marius Kruger18:39
Maazamanica: Okay18:39
Lionthinkercaptine, hehehe18:39
nuvolariaw :-|18:39
Kilosthis from fly18:39
nuvolarianyone know what it was about?18:40
inetprothat is the new site in development18:40
Lionthinkermagespawn: didn't know this about the fox, why don't they fix it?18:40
Kiloshe asks can peeps please mail him their content for the new site18:40
nuvolarilooking nice! I like that design, plain and simple18:40
Kilosnuvolari  we need to revive our site18:41
nuvolariwe should send a mail out regarding that18:41
Kilosok do it please18:42
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Send a mail out, asking contributors to provide content for the new site18:42
MaazAgreed: Send a mail out, asking contributors to provide content for the new site18:42
magespawnLionthinker: i think it is because of https with http it seems to be fine18:42
captineWhat type of content are we talking about?18:42
Kilosany posts18:42
inetpromagespawn: I guess we shall have to address that with canonical18:42
Kilossame as in the old site18:43
Kilosmagespawn  file a bug report18:43
Lionthinkermagespawn, this is only a fox problem?18:43
inetprocaptine: anything crucial you feel that should be put on our site18:43
magespawnif i do http first it goes to the https website without a problem18:44
magespawnLionthinker: let me see18:44
Kiloswb jrgns  18:45
magespawnLionthinker: i only have firefox on this pc18:45
jrgnsToo late to join? 18:45
Kilosjoin anytime in meeting18:45
inetprojrgns: you're always welcome18:45
Kilosamanica  wb18:46
inetpronuvolari: shall we move on?18:46
nuvolaridafuq, laptop's wifi connection dropped18:46
nuvolarihappens now and then18:46
nuvolarihad to reboot18:47
nuvolarithe new site shouldn't be too busy18:47
nuvolariit's hard to find a balance18:47
nuvolariok, moving on18:48
nuvolariMaaz: topic Review previous minutes18:48
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes18:48
nuvolariuhm, anyone have a link to the previous minutes?18:49
nuvolarinot available in the agenda/previous meeting's agenda18:49
inetprois it that ^ ?18:49
Lionthinkerguys can we have some focus here18:50
jrgnsMaaz I am Jurgens du Toit 18:50
Maazjrgns: Alrighty18:50
inetprooops... no, that is old18:50
nuvolariwe're trying to establish focus18:50
nuvolariwe need the minutes for that :)18:50
inetproKilos: your fault, you didn't check :-)18:50
Kiloshi Vince-0  18:50
nuvolariugh, my available history don't go that far back :(18:51
Kilossorry i was too busy18:51
Kiloslogin with Maaz  Vince-0  18:51
Vince-0Maaz I'm Vincent Swart18:51
MaazVince-0: *blink*18:51
KilosI am18:51
Vince-0Maaz, I am Vincent Swart18:51
MaazVince-0: Done18:51
Vince-0Maaz, I am your master18:52
MaazVince-0: Sure18:52
amanica_Maaz: I'm Marius Kruger18:52
Maazamanica_: What?18:52
Kilosnow you recorded as your master18:52
Kilosamanica_  I am18:52
amanica_Maaz: I am Marius Kruger18:52
Maazamanica_: Righto18:52
jrgnsHellooo amanica_! Long time no see18:52
nuvolariah, thanks inetpro 18:52
nuvolarioh hi Vince-0!18:53
Vince-0so what's up18:53
captinemaybe we should skip the minutes, and setup the next agenda to link to them?18:53
amanica_Hey jrgns, yeah :)18:53
captinemy bad... i see the link now18:53
Kilosmeeting then next thursday night ubuntu membership applications18:53
inetpronuvolari: there wasn't much more than the talk about re-verification I think18:54
nuvolarimoving on?18:54
nuvolariMaaz: topic Plans for 201518:54
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201518:55
nuvolariSo currently superfly and oom Kilos will be applying for membership18:55
nuvolariI think they are great candidates18:55
nuvolariI still need to do my piece for each of them18:55
* Kilos bows18:55
nuvolari(what do you call that?)18:56
magespawnthe most stable here 18:56
inetprowho else is joining in?18:56
nuvolarithanks magespawn 18:56
* nuvolari is chickening out18:56
inetprowe need more members guys18:56
Lionthinkerinetpro, I'm thinking about it18:57
captinei need to contribute first... will then apply18:57
captinejust getting into things18:57
jrgnsWhat's the requirements and respow? 18:57
jrgnsUrgh, responsibilities? 18:57
Kilosfeedback from our re-verification from the council said we need more members18:57
nuvolariI'd like to, but I don't think I'm contributing nearly enough to justify applying just yet18:57
Kilosjrgns  major work18:57
inetpronuvolari: you've been chairman often enough already18:58
inetproanyone can do it18:58
Kilosinetpro  link to membership requirements18:58
nuvolariinetpro: is that enough though? :P18:58
Vince-0what other activities constitute a member's participation, eg18:58
inetpro Ubuntu Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu or the Ubuntu community. 18:58
nuvolariooh... Ubuntu Member Flair on Reddit.19:00
nuvolariI'm sold!19:00
captinemaybe we should include something on the site with links to the membership etc.  if we wanting to encourage membership, we should push it (email signatures, etc etc)???19:01
Kilosstorming here, if i disappear power has gone19:01
nuvolariok, I think I will add my application too19:01
magespawn+1 captine 19:01
Kiloscaptine  +119:01
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  19:01
jrgnscaptine good idea19:01
Kilosyou come to join the meeting ThatGraemeGuy  19:02
Vince-0main page needs to mention it19:02
Kilosis that why its storming19:02
inetproso we have nuvolari, captine, jrgns and who else?19:02
KilosVince-0  can you give all suggestions and content to superfly  in his mail please19:02
Vince-0ubuntu-za has active forums19:03
inetproVince-0: we used to have19:03
Lionthinkeras I said, I tentatively put my hand up19:03
Kilosi think our forum is archived19:03
inetproVince-0: drubin was very active in the forums19:03
Lionthinkerworst thing is, one can be rejected right19:03
inetprooh and Lionthinker19:03
Kilosthey can just say no19:04
amanica_yeah, some camaraderie / ubuntu  for za ubunutu membership will be good. Back in the day I was really in the dark as to what membership entails and why one would apply. I sort of got the idea it is sort of by invite only..19:04
nuvolarikool kidz only :-/19:04
Lionthinkeramanica_, you are officially invited by Ubuntu ZA19:04
nuvolariwe're all cool19:04
nuvolarioom Kilos is the coolest (^^,)19:04
inetprook, so the first easy step is to create your page19:05
nuvolariNB to sign UCOC19:05
* inetpro created a page and got testimonials even before I have put content19:05
nuvolariI might need to update with my latest key 19:05
inetproKilos: I will try to have content before end of the week19:06
amanica_ok I'll give it a go if you insist :)19:06
Kilosya if you change pcs i think you need new key as well19:06
inetproso might be ready for next week19:06
captineok, so what else are the plans for 2015... we have the website with a proposed go-live date?  if i recall, superfly was swamped, so not sure if a date is known yet?  we need to have more people apply for memberships and join the meeting to motivate for the current membership applications... what else?19:06
nuvolarioh dear, one can run out of karma on launchpad? :'(19:06
Kilosty inetpro  19:06
Kilosmy karma is ) 19:06
nuvolarilikewise 19:06
captineshould we try to see if there is anyone that can do somethign at software freedom day for ubuntu (think there were some Redhat people there last year... not sure.. just sw the agenda and didnt attend19:06
Kilosno idea what changes that19:07
nuvolaricaptine: where are you based?19:07
inetprocaptine: good idea!19:07
captinenuvolari: Johannesburg19:07
amanica_I was at SFD, yeah some ubuntu-ish presentation will be cool, not sure about what exactly though19:07
inetprowe definitely need to pick up on visibility at events... have banners and CD's, etc...19:07
amanica_maybe have an ubuntu stand again19:08
Lionthinkerinetpro, we need to take seriously the ability to request an ubuntu phone19:08
inetproLionthinker: for sure19:08
LionthinkerCreate a programme whereby we commit to contact journalists and the like19:08
Lionthinkerx number of journalists, y number of prospective publicity etc19:08
nuvolari\o/ "Congratulations, you have already signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct."19:09
LionthinkerFlog it at hacker days, SFD lug groups etc.19:09
captineubuntu phone, and to find out if anyone in SA has tried the Orange Box yet?  any corporates etc?  19:09
inetproall good ideas, but let's try start by signing up for official membership first19:10
Lionthinkerits stuff like that which should go ont eh site19:10
amanica_yeah the cloud stuff looks really exiting, I whish I had a chance to play with it. that sort of demo will be cool at SFD!19:10
Lionthinkerlike FNB uses Ubuntu19:10
amanica_seriusly Leon?19:10
* nuvolari <3 FNB19:10
Lionthinkerwe should highlight ubuntu in the wild19:11
amanica_nice 19:11
Lionthinkeryip, 10.419:11
Lionthinkerstill on the old shell19:11
* nuvolari saw an Ubuntu screen at the bank19:11
Kilosthats cool19:11
Lionthinkerthere's tons of stuff out there which we can use to populate the site and use as credit for membership19:11
KilosLionthinker  go for it19:12
amanica_I need to switch to FNB then, ASAP!19:12
nuvolariwho here has *NOT* signed UCOC yet?19:12
captineinetpro: agreed.  that is top priority (membership), but having a nice list of potentials and then honing in on the feasible ones would be good19:12
Kilosfor starters all create your wiki pages19:13
LionthinkerKilos, agreed19:14
jrgnsWill read up and start cracking 19:14
Kiloslol i think it was easy19:14
inetproVince-0: you too19:14
Kilosys Vince-0  19:14
inetproand magespawn19:14
nuvolarihmm, should we move on?19:15
nuvolarior am I too hasty?19:15
captinenuvolari: i think we can move on.  just to confirm, how are the minutes being handled?  they being loaded on the wiki?  should probably just list all the suggestions in them (easier than reading IRC logs19:15
nuvolaricaptine: I see there are space for the summary in the current agenda19:16
Vince-0make a to do list for newbs19:17
nuvolaria link to the meeting logs will be added too19:17
nuvolariMaaz: topic Events19:18
MaazCurrent Topic: Events19:18
nuvolariwell, I think the membership application ceremony is a big event...19:18
inetproplease post any web content ideas to the mailing list so we can discuss there19:18
nuvolariis that next Thursday?19:18
Kilosyip nuvolari  19:18
nuvolariof Feb19:18
Kilosat midnight19:18
nuvolarido we need to be present?19:18
inetpronuvolari: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards19:19
Kilosnot really19:19
Kilosmainly for support19:19
inetpro Thursday, February 5th, 2014 at 22:00:00 UTC 19:19
inetprothat is 00:00 SAST19:19
Kilosbut testimonials work as support too19:19
nuvolariok, need to prepare mentally19:20
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Ubuntu Membership Application Meeting on Feb 5th, at 00:00 SAST19:21
MaazAgreed: Ubuntu Membership Application Meeting on Feb 5th, at 00:00 SAST19:21
nuvolariany other upcoming events?19:21
Kilosthe party afterwards19:21
inetproothers are welcome to choose the next timeslot for application on  Wednesday, 18 February 2014 at 14:00 SAST19:21
Kiloscoffee and rusks from maaz19:22
inetprowe don't have to apply all at once :-)19:22
inetprothink it will be nice if we can sign up new members every month19:22
inetprowe have enough talent in the country19:23
inetproand even on the continent19:23
inetprowill be interesting to see how far we can go with this19:24
nuvolariyeah, maybe let's add that too19:24
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Ubuntu Membership Application Meeting 2: Feb 18 at 14:00 SAST19:25
MaazAgreed: Ubuntu Membership Application Meeting 2: Feb 18 at 14:00 SAST19:25
nuvolarialso a rough time19:25
nuvolaribut might be more suitable to some19:25
nuvolariI'm moving on19:25
nuvolari5 min left19:25
nuvolariMaaz: topic Miscellaneous19:26
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:26
nuvolarihmm, apt-offline19:26
nuvolariis that similar to apt-mirror?19:26
Kilosoh ya19:26
Lionthinkerdoes it help anyone here in SA19:26
inetprohas anyone tried apt-offline yet19:26
* inetpro wanted to but haven't19:26
captinenot yet19:27
amanica_I prefer apt-cacher-ng (after trying apt-offline)19:27
charlunder miscellaneous, maaz and the unmaintained ibid bot19:27
Lionthinkerwe all have pretty good internet, but is there a use case out there for the broader community?19:27
amanica_depends what you need it for I guess19:27
nuvolariLionthinker: well, back in Durban, William K helped a ton of people with apt-mirror, and repos for both 64 and 32-bit19:27
Kiloswill try it soon19:27
Lionthinkernuvolari, thats good news19:27
nuvolariit is a great tool in the right hands19:27
Kilosgot the info on how to19:27
nuvolarihe has a far reaching hand in the community19:28
Lionthinkershould go up on the site, help for internet strapped sa19:28
captineI plan to do an apt-mirror for my home network... not sure what else i can use it for19:28
nuvolaribut isn't involved in IRC unfortunately19:28
nuvolaricaptine: new friends? :P19:28
amanica_well downloading the complete repo seems like a waste to me, I think 90% of people use the same core 90% of apps, and the last couple can be downloaded as needed..19:28
amanica_(I tried downloading the whole thing but ran out of space&time)19:29
nuvolariamanica_: agreed, but the 10% that really needs those last couple of apps might not have internet19:29
Kilosover 40g19:29
nuvolariyeah, like 60gb per architecture19:29
nuvolarion the downside, it gets outdated quick19:30
nuvolaribut having that first clone is great19:30
inetproperhaps something to explore on the mailing list as well so we can help people without much bandwidth?19:30
amanica_yeah that's why it depends on what you need it for, if you have a release party with good internet, everybody can proxy through a pre-populated apt-cacher-ng and stuff only gets downloaded once19:30
captineI currently have 1TB of offpeak data (whihc is impossible to use on my speed of connection), so want to at least use as much of it as possible... :)19:31
Kiloswe need to push Symmetria  for a deb-delta server19:31
Lionthinkeramanica_, now that is useful19:31
captinedeb-delta server??? whats that Kilos19:31
Lionthinkerguys I have to go, early day tomorrow19:31
LionthinkerWill be great to see the new site when its up and ready.19:31
amanica_k, cya Lionthinker19:32
Kilosyou only download the extras in upgrades not whole packages19:32
nuvolaricheers L<tab>19:32
Kilossaves 80% time and data use19:32
inetprohmm... he left too quick19:32
nuvolariout of time19:33
nuvolarimoving on?19:33
nuvolariMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:33
Kiloshi kodez  19:33
nuvolarioh hi kodez 19:33
Kilosyou in time to login19:34
kodezgood evening all19:34
nuvolariI'll probably be available next meeting :P19:34
* Kilos votes nuvolari19:34
* nuvolari puts himself up for chair elective19:34
inetproany other nominations?19:34
nuvolarikbmonkey: ping19:35
amanica_+1 for novolari19:35
Kilosthe monkey has probs connecting19:35
charlnuvolari: i did note the issue of maaz but if we are out of time then i guess it can be discussed at a later point19:35
captine+1 nuvolari 19:35
Kilosmoving or something19:35
inetpronuvolari: it's yours again19:35
Kilosoh and apologies from neelsie19:35
captinei am good for time if everyone else is19:35
nuvolaricharl: the permission issue?19:36
inetprohmm... he's ignoring you charl ?19:36
Kilosnlsthzn  sleeping now too tired19:36
charlnuvolari: no i was asked the past week if i would be willing to contribute in maintaining the ibid platform19:36
Kilosoh yes19:36
nuvolariMaaz: agreed chair for next meeting: nuvolari19:36
MaazAgreed: chair for next meeting: nuvolari19:36
charlthe platform from what i understand is currently unmaintained19:36
charland there was a question whether it could be moved to python319:37
charlas well as moved off some deprecated dependencies ....19:37
charli said that i would be willing to help out19:37
charlbut i am not too interested in taking over the maintinance of ibid19:37
nuvolariok, can we add it to the agenda for the next meeting, so we can discuss it propperly?19:37
charland my suggestion was to move to a different irc bot framework19:37
jrgnswhat's it built in? 19:37
charlnuvolari: that's ok by me :)19:38
charljrgns: python 2.x19:38
Kilospython 2.719:38
* nuvolari hints to pircbot :P19:38
charli've built stuff on top of pircbot but it's a java library19:38
inetprojrgns: the current bot is built using, see: ibid http://ibid.omnia.za.net/19:39
charland many people here i beieve are more fans of python19:39
inetproeish... fingers19:39
grembleWe should build it in assembly19:39
jrgnsYou can always pull a java lib into jruby or it's python equivalent? 19:39
charllast relieve was on released on 2011-02-2319:39
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Discuss Maaz and ibid at next meeting19:40
MaazAgreed: Discuss Maaz and ibid at next meeting19:40
nuvolariMaaz: topic next meeting19:40
MaazCurrent Topic: next meeting19:40
charlcool thanks nuvolari 19:40
nuvolarinext meeting is on 24th of February 201519:40
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Next meeting is on 24th of February 201519:40
MaazAgreed: Next meeting is on 24th of February 201519:40
nuvolariMaaz: topic Closing19:40
MaazCurrent Topic: Closing19:40
captineooooh.  day before my wife's due date... might not make it.19:41
nuvolarithank you for beeing around everyone19:41
amanica_or discus it on the mailinglist..19:41
Kilosoh my19:41
captinequick one.  19:41
nuvolariwe have the year started with a good meeting IMO19:41
nuvolarilots of people attending19:41
captinewebsite suggestions.  we just post straight on ubuntu-za mailing list?19:41
inetprothat was a productive meeting!19:41
Kilosyeah ty nuvolari  19:41
inetprocaptine: yes19:41
nuvolariindeed! I didn't think it will be so busy19:41
nuvolariAlright, see you at the next meeting everyone!19:42
nuvolariI'll be back19:42
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting19:42
MaazMeeting Ended19:42
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-01-27-18-35-24.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-01-27-18-35-24.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-01-27-18-35-24.html19:42
Kilosno nuvolari  19:42
inetpronuvolari: thanks mr chair19:42
Kilosyou need to spend more time here19:42
nuvolariyou're welcome :)19:42
nuvolariI'm trying oom Kilos 19:42
Kilosya very trying19:43
nuvolariworking my hand at planning a date... give me a little break :P19:43
Kilosi was poeping myself you not gonna make it tonight19:43
nuvolari'other' parts of my life need some attention too19:43
nuvolarilol, sorry for worrying you oom Kilos 19:43
Kilosits ok ill get you back19:43
Kilosjou beurt is jou beurt19:44
Kilosty for coming tonight nuvolari  19:44
Kilostry one night a week19:44
Kilosdates must get to understand that from scratch19:44
Kilosinetpro  support man19:45
Kiloswe still short on nicks here you know19:46
Kiloswe went up to 45 once when drubin was still here19:46
inetprowb captine19:46
captinethnx.  back on my own machine19:47
inetproKilos: we'll get there, one day19:47
Kilosremeber i can retire at 5019:47
inetprohope we don't get there soon19:47
nuvolarihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20150127 updated19:48
Kilosdankie nuvolari  19:48
inetproty nuvolari19:48
amanica_jrgns: so what's up, where you at these days? are you using ubuntu more these days?19:49
jrgnsI'm all over the show. Working for a company with a MS stack, but sneaking Ubuntu in there19:49
amanica_jrgns: nice :)19:49
jrgnsUbuntu all the way at home, also doing some contracting in Ubuntu 19:50
jrgnsYou? 19:50
captinejrgns, I am in the same boat.  MS everything... 2 Ubuntu VM's for my department...  very sad19:50
amanica_I've been an ubuntu fanboy for a long time, use it at work and at home19:50
amanica_debian and m$ servers 19:50
jrgnscaptine I'm up to 3 Ubuntu boxes out of around 5019:52
amanica_and I'm still mainly doing java, did some python on the side (bzr) but realized why I prefer java19:52
jrgnsRunning elasticsearch and redis19:52
jrgnsHehe, ok. 19:52
amanica_to do what?19:52
jrgnsWe do financial transacting, so I want to log the transactions and at a minimum do basic metrics, and extend that to trend predictions and fraud detection 19:53
amanica_ah ok nice19:54
jrgnsBusy ramping up on machine learning and related topics for that, though19:54
jrgnsLots to learn19:54
amanica_sounds like fun though :)19:54
captinemy 2 vms just have orangehrm, a drupal install for a demo intranet and one is a dedicated gitlab server, for proof of concept...19:56
amanica_jrgns: and family? where do you live? I'm in weltevredenpark. 2 boys, 4years and 2 months respectively19:56
jrgnsAlberton. 1 year old boy19:56
amanica_ok cool :)19:56
jrgnsKeeping me busy! 19:56
jrgnscaptine It's a start! 19:57
magespawnkids do that19:57
amanica_very cute when they young but can drive one crazy at times :)19:57
Kilosit never ends19:57
captinejrgns, my challenge i am an accountant... not a technical person, so trying to convince all our windows chaps that there are alternatives.... is way more difficult19:57
Kilosmine still drives me nuts and he is 38 i think'19:57
amanica_my phone acted up while trying to bath the one and irc-meetinging19:57
jrgnsYeah, he wants to walk ane climb everywhere, but insists on holding my hand while doing it19:58
magespawnmine are 12 and 819:58
amanica_so you have to climb with :)19:58
jrgnscaptine I'm technical and I also struggle to convince the other techs... I feel your pain! 19:58
amanica_magespawn: and running ubuntu I'd guess :)19:58
Kilosenjoy them all you can, they grow up too quick19:59
jrgnsamanica_ I do! 19:59
amanica_keeps you youhg19:59
magespawnamanica_: then i am doing something wrong, mine just seem to make me older20:00
amanica_os preference is like religion: you can show the hourse the water but you can't force him to quench his thirst - needs to figure it out himself :)20:01
magespawnindeed, i am trying not to have one20:01
Kilosi dont think its preference, its that they dont know better20:02
amanica_magespawn: well if you climb all over, go swimming, get on your knees to play etc. etc it at least keeps you fit if not younger :20:02
amanica_an os?20:02
magespawnamanica_: fit and old i can handle20:03
magespawnamanica_: yes20:03
Kilosnight all. ty for a great meeting, nice to see you all here20:05
captinenight Kilos 20:05
amanica_cool cya20:05
captinetrying to generte a key to sign the code of conduct... wow... this is a bit confusing... lol.  stap by step instructions help and are well written20:12
Kilosaw gremhas left20:17
Kilosgremble too20:17
Kilosinetpro  i found my blog20:17
Kiloshere is the one on geeks20:17
KilosMaaz  tell gremble here is what i thought of geeks20:18
MaazKilos: Sure, I'll tell gremble on freenode20:18
magespawnback again Kilos ?20:19
KilosMaaz  tell gremble here is what i thought of geeks http://slexy.org/view/s20UJ6lbqc20:19
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell gremble on freenode20:19
Kilosya ive been hunting for a week for my blog 20:19
Kilossomeone said something about geeks and i said oh i blogged about that once20:20
Kilosgremble said i hope it was good20:20
Kilosthen i couldnt find my blog20:20
Kilosnight again20:20
magespawngood night20:21
charlMaaz: tell kilos that's a nice piece you wrote there20:22
Maazcharl: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:22
charlnight all20:22
=== Sub_Oracle is now known as SubOracle
magespawngood night all20:32
captinehey there21:20
captinei want to start my rsync. anyone know the line to start rsync of the 14.04 repo?21:20
captinenever mind.  think i found it21:22

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