SteinerUI'm honestly not sure about the fat32 partition Eric^^00:00
EriC^^SteinerU: ok, type sudo parted -l00:00
woozyalright ill try now and let you know00:00
EriC^^paste it in paste.ubuntu.com00:00
not_a_tigerEriC^^: it says Swap: 0 0 000:01
SteinerUThis is what I got EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9889481/00:01
gsilvaptDoes anyone knows if there is an open-source alternative to Adobe Freehand?00:01
EriC^^not_a_tiger: yeah no swap00:01
EriC^^not_a_tiger: did you run mkswap?00:02
not_a_tigerNope. I thought it might be enough to just create a new swap partition  :-/00:02
EriC^^not_a_tiger: type sudo mkswap /dev/sdxY00:03
EriC^^where xY is the disk and partition00:03
EriC^^SteinerU: ok just out of curiosity type sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt00:06
not_a_tigerEriC^^: sudo fdisk -l # /dev/sda5        58722304    67106815     4192256   82  Linux swap / Solaris00:06
EriC^^not_a_tiger: ok, sudo mkswap /dev/sda500:06
SteinerUOk EriC^^, done. Doesn't look like anything happened.00:07
EriC^^not_a_tiger: then sudo swapon /dev/sda500:07
EriC^^SteinerU: ok, type ls -l /mnt00:07
EriC^^what's in there?00:07
EriC^^EFI ?00:08
SteinerUEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9889582/00:08
EriC^^ok type ls -l /mnt/EFI/ubuntu/00:08
EriC^^i think you installed ubuntu in uefi mode, using a msdos disk00:09
SteinerUAh. Well, when I go to the boot selector in my BIOS, it does list UEFI as one of the options00:09
EriC^^yeah you should select the usb in legacy mode00:10
EriC^^was windows booting?00:10
SteinerUHere's what I got in terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9889617/00:10
SteinerUWell, I could launch from the live disc USB but when selecting the hard drive it just asked me to select a proper boot device00:10
EriC^^SteinerU: ok00:11
EriC^^SteinerU: i'm curious if it would boot with msdos00:12
EriC^^SteinerU: type sudo efibootmgr -v00:12
samthewildonecan someone lend me a hand @ this error > http://pastebin.com/rebVdU6U00:12
samthewildoneI tried fixing this problem by reinstalling the application, finally the os.00:13
SteinerUHuh. It says "command not found" EriC^^00:13
EriC^^try sudo apt-get install efibootmgr00:14
EriC^^not_a_tiger: did you run swapon ?00:14
samthewildoneThe problem persist no matter what I attempt at getting it fixed.00:14
EriC^^not_a_tiger: you still have to add it to fstab00:14
samthewildoneThe error is also the same on ubuntu desktop && gnome ubuntu00:15
samthewildoneI tried searching for a solution in goolge but, haven't found any information.00:15
SteinerUOky EriC^^. The result I got was "Fatal: Couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI variables.' Try 'modprobe efivars' as root."00:15
samthewildoneI tried reinstall & just did a "apt-get install libgstream*" and still nothing.00:16
samthewildoneI even removed the program and reinstalled it again, again and again.00:16
samthewildoneDo I have to install libgstreamer source and build it from there ?00:16
EriC^^SteinerU: try sudo modprobe efivars00:16
EriC^^SteinerU: i think the usb's booted in legacy mode right now00:17
SteinerUI typed it and nothing happened00:17
EriC^^ok try sudo efibootmgr -v00:17
samthewildoneanyone ?00:18
SteinerUHmmm. Same fatal error as before00:18
EriC^^SteinerU: ok, we can reinstall grub to the mbr so it works with legacy mode00:19
ewelinaSteinerU: Turn off EFI in bios and problem is solved :>00:19
EriC^^SteinerU: or you can see what happens if you choose uefi mode in the bios and see if it picks up the efi partition00:20
not_a_tigerEriC^^: Swap:         4093          0       409300:20
EriC^^SteinerU: if you have time, give the uefi in bios a shot00:20
EriC^^i'm kind of curious if it would even work00:21
SteinerUAll right, well, I'll do that. How do I get back to this channel, in case it doesn't?00:21
not_a_tigerEriC^^: Thanks for the help00:21
EriC^^not_a_tiger: type sudo nano /etc/fstab , type sudo blkid in another terminal00:21
EriC^^not_a_tiger: you need to add it to fstab so it's persistent00:21
EriC^^SteinerU: boot the live usb00:22
EriC^^hold on00:22
EriC^^let's write to the mbr00:22
EriC^^type sudo umount /mnt00:23
EriC^^SteinerU: type sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt00:24
SteinerUAlright, done. What exactly did that do?00:24
EriC^^SteinerU: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /run /sys; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done00:24
EriC^^SteinerU: mounted the installation under /mnt00:24
not_a_tigerEriC^^: There is already an entry for swap in /etc/fstab00:24
EriC^^not_a_tiger: it's the old one00:25
EriC^^replace the uuid with the new uuid from sudo blkid00:25
not_a_tigerDifferent uuid ?00:25
SteinerUOdd. EriC^^, it just spits out "mount: not a directory"00:26
imastupidguestDoes anyone know of a linux command that, given a file name, will report the number of lines in the file? Like they way 'file' can tell you the file type?00:26
not_a_tigerEriC^^: /etc/fstab # UUID=0f54c166-4f25-45d3-84ad-2f8c1ddb273f none            swap    sw              0       000:27
n88alright getting ready to pull my hair out on this one... i've been trying to get my external USB netgear WNDA3100v2 to play nicely and it doesn't seem to want to work... I followed a thread that seemed to be the solution but now the only wireless network it will connect to is the guest network and it fails to connect to any networks that require authentication (WPA)... i've installed ndiswrapper and got the broadcom 64 bit .inf file installed with ndiswrapper -00:27
EriC^^imastupidguest: wc -l00:27
ewelinaimastupidguest: wc -l or type00:27
n88here is some of the output that might be important: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9885727/00:27
EriC^^SteinerU: what's the exact command you typed?00:27
SteinerUEriC^^: sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i00:28
imastupidguestEriC^^: ewelina: Sweet! thx00:28
SteinerUI got confused by the first portion of the last line you sent to me00:28
ewelinan88: you need to install wpa_supplicant00:28
EriC^^SteinerU: you have to type the whole thing out00:28
EriC^^for i .... done00:28
n88ewelina: ok thanks... i'll look into that00:28
n88ewelina: it is already installed...00:29
ewelinan88 try connect from command line00:29
not_a_tigereric is changing the uuid in fstab the last step?00:30
EriC^^not_a_tiger: the line looks fine00:30
not_a_tigerEriC^^: Thanks. I won't be able to reboot for some time, but this is enough help to take care of me for now. Thank you.00:30
imastupidguestI'm not very good w/ shell scripting or whatever. Is there a way I can run wc -l recursively on the contents of my working dir? Is anyone willing to help w/ a command for it?00:30
EriC^^not_a_tiger: no problem00:30
SteinerUEriC^^: I literally typed "for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /run /sys; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i", then got a ">" prompt and typed "done"00:31
SteinerUIs that right?00:31
EriC^^imastupidguest: find . -exec wc -l '{}' \;00:31
EriC^^SteinerU: type the whole thing, with ; done00:32
imastupidguestEriC^^: Sweet! Thx man.00:32
n88ewelina: ... that actually worked00:33
SteinerUThere we go00:33
SteinerUWell, nothing seems to have happened in the terminal EriC^^, but I assume typing that changed something00:33
n88ewelina: how come it won't work from the GUI panel00:33
SteinerUNow what?00:33
EriC^^SteinerU: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt00:33
n88ewelina: or better question...how do I get it to work from the network manager00:33
EriC^^then apt-get install grub-pc00:34
df_i had a question about ubuntu00:35
NegativeFlaredf_: Ask away :P00:35
ewelinan88: try remove profile, NM and add again00:36
ewelinan88 it's should be works and be available from NM00:37
SteinerUIt's listing three GRUB install devices EriC^^, "/dev/sda (500107 MB; ST3500g30AS", "/dev/sda3 (298499 MB; /) and "/dev/sda (15518 MB; 6387"00:37
SteinerUWhich do I selecft?00:37
docmurI have an LVM volume that say that it needs to be checked.  I used tune2fs to set it for check at the next reboot, but twice in a row, it's failed to check the disk, how do I get this disk checked00:37
EriC^^the /dev/sda 50000MB00:38
EriC^^SteinerU: ^00:38
SteinerUEr, it's telling me I chose not to install grub to any devices00:39
SteinerUEriC^^: ^00:39
EriC^^SteinerU: try again00:40
n88ewelina: thanks it actually works now... good thing I spent a few hours trying to fix it when all i needed to do was delete the profile and try again :)00:40
EriC^^and paste what it's saying in paste.ubuntu.com00:40
EriC^^SteinerU: did the package install successfully?00:41
ewelinan88: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn2FB1P_Mn8  something like that :)00:41
SteinerUWell it's weird, because I get to the screen with those three options00:42
EriC^^SteinerU: choose to install to /dev/sda00:42
SteinerUI did00:42
SteinerUBut it's telling me I chose not to install GRUB to anything00:42
SteinerULike, it lets me select one of the devices. Hitting Shift or choosing sda with Enter gives me the same result00:43
EriC^^SteinerU: try the right arrow00:43
EriC^^or space00:43
bruxCtrying to add bash commands but seem to be doing something wrong. was hoping someone could pick at my attempt?00:44
SteinerUThere we go. I feel like an idiot, EriC^^ lol00:44
EriC^^ok, great00:45
bruxCi've navigated to /home/user/.bash_aliases but it's empty; I added my bash commands and rebooted the server, doesn't seem to take. Is this the wrong dir?00:45
SteinerUIf I restart the PC I should see the GRUB loader like before, right EriC^^?00:46
EriC^^SteinerU: did it mention Found linux ..... ?00:46
EriC^^and windows too00:46
SteinerUYep EriC^^00:47
ewelinabruxC Restarting server for reload .bash_aliases? So you can log out and log in again...00:47
bruxCewelina, i don't follow I'm sorry. what's your question?00:47
ewelinabruxC So .bash_aliases is loaded from .bashrc so you can add your aliases into this file00:48
EriC^^bruxC: it should work, .bashrc uses them00:48
bruxCso the directory I went into is the incorrect one?00:48
EriC^^bruxC: type alias00:48
ewelinabruxC: or for global /etc/profile00:48
EriC^^bruxC: no .bash_aliases is fine00:49
EriC^^SteinerU: ok, cool00:49
bruxCEriC^^, the aliases I added aren't in this list when I typed 'aliases'00:49
EriC^^SteinerU: type exit00:49
SteinerUSafe to reboot?00:49
EriC^^SteinerU: then try to restart if it doesn't work out use the live usb to get back on here00:49
lurk_sudo is my account password how do i find my su (root) password?00:49
EriC^^bruxC: you mean alias00:50
lathiatlurk_: Ubuntu does not have one by default00:50
bruxCYes, sorry.00:50
lathiatlurk_: generally you just use sudo00:50
SteinerUOK EriC^^. Hopefully it'll all go well.00:50
ewelinalurk_ you need change password first default is empty type sudo passwd00:50
SteinerUI appreciate the help. :)00:50
EriC^^SteinerU: no problem :)00:50
lathiatlurk_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:50
explodesThat moment when you type your root password into a new window that opened up in front of the Terminal.00:51
EriC^^bruxC: how are you adding the aliases?00:51
EriC^^bruxC: alias bla='bla bla bla' ?00:52
bruxChow i did it was nano /home/user/.bash_aliases then as an example: alias transstop='sudo service transmission-daemon stop'00:52
bruxCI think my destination is wrong.00:52
mynameisdeletedhas anyone heard of this site?00:53
EriC^^bruxC: type ls -ld /home/user/.bash_aliases00:53
mynameisdeletedhttps://www.4kdownload.com.... I did google search for 4k video downloader and imediately found it and it has ubuntu 64-bit packages for all software but I remember from the 90's sites that looked almost exactly like this were all spyware00:54
ewelinabruxC: and grep -E "bash_aliases" ~/.bashrc00:54
mynameisdeletedwould be a shame to install spyware on a formerly spyware-free ubuntu bo00:54
daftykinsmynameisdeleted: well they're not official so they're not supported - totally at your own risk.00:55
bruxC# ~/.bash_aliases, instead of adding them here directly.00:56
bruxCif [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then00:56
bruxC    . ~/.bash_aliases00:56
EriC^^bruxC: type ls -ld /home/user/.bash_aliases00:56
mynameisdeletedI could search for a ppa and see if they've been banned from making ppa's00:56
EriC^^you typed grep -E ..00:57
bruxCgrep -E "bash_aliases" ~/.bashrc00:57
EriC^^type ls -ld /home.....00:57
bruxCdrwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Jan 25 23:29 /home00:58
ewelinabruxC: that correct  so you can try chmod +x ~/.bash_aliases00:58
EriC^^bruxC: type ls -ld /home/user/.bash_aliases00:58
bruxCfirst chmod then ls -ld etc. ?00:58
EriC^^bruxC: type ls -ld00:58
mynameisdeletedaftershot pro has no ppa nor does lightworks and they are both respectablew00:58
EriC^^for everything that's holy00:58
bruxCdrwx------ 5 root root 4096 Jan 26 19:38 .00:59
EriC^^oh crap00:59
EriC^^i knew you were going to type that00:59
woozyHey im back...00:59
EriC^^bruxC: type ls -ld /home/user/.bash_aliases00:59
woozyDidn't go good. On phone now00:59
bruxC-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 174 Jan 26 19:38 /home/user/.bash_aliases00:59
EriC^^bruxC: ok!00:59
bruxCshould I not be providing the feedback?01:00
ewelinabruxC: ok you need to type chmod +x ~/.bash_aliases01:00
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EriC^^sudo chown user: /home/user/.bash_aliases01:00
bruxCEriC^^, done.01:00
bruxCIs this a typical step or did I eff something up?01:00
ewelinaEriC^^: this file is included from .bashrc and require to execute mode ;)01:01
woozyEriC^^: how I put an image for you to see?01:01
EriC^^bruxC: you ran sudo nano earlier01:01
bruxCmost likely01:01
bruxCwhere shall i nano, vi, etc. into?01:02
EriC^^bruxC: ewelina no need for +x01:02
EriC^^bruxC: what do you mean01:02
EriC^^woozy: imgur.com01:02
bruxCso I may add bash commands01:02
mynameisdeletedany paid or free bluray authoring software for ubuntu?01:02
mynameisdeletedesp 4k bluray?01:03
EriC^^bruxC: functions?01:03
bruxCtestfive='sudo service testfiveserverbeepbloopblopbleep stop'01:03
bruxC^ bash commands.01:03
EriC^^bruxC: i think you mean alias01:04
bruxCyes. that's what i meant. sorry01:04
mynameisdeletedI see command-line tools for authoring unencrypted blu-ray... but was hoping for somethign like k3b01:04
bruxCI'm getting a tad confused and overwhelmed so i apologize.01:04
EriC^^yes, put them in ~/.bash_aliases as you did, just no need for sudo01:05
bruxCnano ~/.bash_aliases01:05
EriC^^bruxC: no worries01:05
EriC^^bruxC: yeah01:05
bruxCis it normal that there isn't anything in this file?01:05
bruxCCan you explain what happened and what we did?01:05
bruxCI'd like to try and at least understand what we went through. Perhaps my subconscious can cling on to it and use it as a learning experience.01:06
EriC^^bruxC: as the grep command shows, .bashrc checks if that file exists and uses it to add aliases you've set01:06
bruxCbeyond me adding the aliases, is there anything else I need to do command wise?01:07
EriC^^grep bash_aliases ~/.bashrc will show you the part the looks for it and adds it01:07
woozyEriC^^: http://imgur.com/zGJJKir01:07
EriC^^bruxC: it's up to you01:08
woozyThat's how I have it set up and I got an error on reboot after install01:08
bruxCI mean as a requirement.01:08
bruxCif I add an alias, do I need to stop a service and restart it, reboot the server; that sort of thing?01:08
EriC^^woozy: what was the error?01:09
EriC^^woozy: it looks good01:09
ewelinabruxC: no this aliases is loaded when you login01:09
EriC^^ah wait that's the installer?01:09
EriC^^thought it was gparted at first01:09
woozyerror file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found01:10
EriC^^woozy: you need to set the mountpoints01:10
bruxCEriC^^, transstart: command not found01:10
woozyThen went into grub rescue mode or something.01:10
EriC^^bruxC: did you login ?01:10
EriC^^type sudo login user01:10
woozyI had them set then did the install01:10
ewelinabash ~/.bash_aliases01:10
woozyI'll retry01:10
EriC^^woozy: hold on01:11
EriC^^are you in the live usb right now?01:11
dataviznoobhi all, quick question.. not sure if this is possible but it would be really cool....  is it possible to pipe output to the buffer for pasting?  i.e. `cat newfile > BUFFER` then ctrl+v to paste it?01:11
bruxCHey look at that, it works.01:11
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bruxCEriC^^, thank you. :)01:12
EriC^^bruxC: no problem :)01:12
=== ardziv_nubar_fre is now known as Ardziv
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woozyOK Eric I redid the mount points let me send another pic01:12
=== Guma_ is now known as Guma
EriC^^dataviznoob: xsel can select stuff that's highlighted on the screen01:13
n88so... now that i've got a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04 I installed skype and it does nothing but intermittently freeze and unfreeze... has anyone experienced this before?01:13
n88ubuntu 14.04**01:13
daftykinswhich skype?01:13
EriC^^dataviznoob: yup, if you pipe it to xsel it'll end up in the buffer01:13
EriC^^dataviznoob: cat <file> | xsel01:13
n88i think its the latest version of skype... let me check01:13
dataviznoobsweet!  ive nver really used xsel01:14
dataviznoobthanks for the heads-up!01:14
daftykinsn88: where from?01:14
daftykinsdefault repos?01:14
n88from here: http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-linux/downloading/?type=ubuntu6401:14
daftykinsyeah you're doing it wrong01:14
Stanley00dataviznoob: there's also xclip http://stackoverflow.com/questions/749544/pipe-to-from-clipboard01:14
n88what... is the better option01:14
daftykinsit's meant to be in the default repos01:14
woozyEriC^^: http://imgur.com/qCj9ZSf01:15
EriC^^woozy: choose /dev/sda as the bootloader installation01:15
mytrueheroHello - I'm not able to get a script (/etc/init.d/unicorn) to start on boot; I've run "sudo update-rc.d unicorn defaults", and the script works when I run it manually ("/etc/init.d/unicorn start"), but if I reboot, the service isn't running. How can I debug?01:15
EriC^^woozy: also it seems there's already an installation there? did you backup your home and stuff?01:16
woozyThe ata Toshiba one?01:16
n88daftykins: so.. remove from the software center and then apt-get install skype ?01:16
EriC^^woozy: yes01:16
daftykinsworth a try01:16
woozyI tried the fresh install like you mentioned before and got the error. Think it was because I had bootloader on sda101:17
Nixuswhen I press the power button, my laptop does an instant restart. please, any help? thanks01:19
EriC^^woozy: yeah that would do that01:19
woozySo if I do it now with sda selected as bootloader the previous install shouldn't get in the way?01:19
EriC^^i dont know01:20
EriC^^if you have everything backed up01:20
EriC^^maybe just choose to format the root partition01:20
mynameisdeletedtsmuxer, mencoder, and dvd+rw+tools can author BR under ubuntui01:20
woozyOK formating the root and I have /home on exthd01:21
woozyDon't format /home? Just /01:21
kat_I am trying to upgrade from 14.04 to Unicorn and I used the startup disc creator with the .iso from ubuntu and when I boot from USB it says there is a missing file something about something 32.01:22
woozyI'm trying it01:22
EriC^^kat_: did you checksum the iso?01:23
kangar00hi guys and girls01:23
kat_EriC^^ did I what?01:23
Nixuskangar00: go to #ubuntu-offtopic01:24
k1l_kat_: why dont you use the online upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10?01:24
EriC^^!md5sum | kat_01:24
ubottukat_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:24
EriC^^kat_: ^^ yeah the upgrading is pretty reliable01:24
kat_EriC^^ I did the MD5 checksum with the first link you provided me and it all checks out01:27
dgirshI'm wondering if it is possible to run a kernel for Debian (say, linux-image-3.2.0-4-rt-amd64) on Ubuntu01:28
EriC^^what's the exact error you're getting?01:28
EriC^^kat_: ^01:28
dgirshIs it as easy as just building it locally?01:28
kat_EriC^^ I don't know the exact error as it happens when I boot. Let me do this again and I'll write it down.01:29
kangar00Nixus: nobody answers me on ubuntu-offtopic. can you give me a quick answer if multiple php-fpm pools use more ram (e.g. num-pools*ram-per-pool instead of 1*ram-per-pool)01:29
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NixusI have no idea.. sorry01:31
NixusI have a beginner question of my own still waiting to be answered...01:32
jeffrey_fkangar00: It's actually each apache thread.  Unless your PHP script is doing some outrageous iterations to huge arrays, the PHP scripts are usually short lived and apache gives the memory back to the system almost immediately01:33
RedheadedCupcakeEriC^^ it says Missing parameter in configuration file keyword: path gfxboot.c32 not a com32 image01:33
BLZbubbahello my laptop works great with hibernate but suspend fails every time.  what is the best way to replace all the suspend operations with hibernate?01:34
EriC^^RedheadedCupcake: is it a 32 bit machine?01:34
kangar00but with multiple pools I get several processes started. should I use ondemand instead of dynamic?01:34
kangar00so then no procs are started unless a request is made01:34
RedheadedCupcakeEriC^^ I don't know I went to "about this computer" and it says it's a 64 bit machine and I downloaded the 64 bit iso01:35
EriC^^RedheadedCupcake: ok, it seems to be a bug but there's an easy workaround http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224970101:35
Nixusanyone know of a way for me to get help?01:37
kangar00jeffrey_f: nevermind. i figured it out. seems ondemand works bc it starts no procs. but if a bunch of pools get requests i'd run out of RAM probbaly bc I only have 128MB. so ill stick to one pool01:37
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xangua!ask | Nixus01:37
ubottuNixus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:37
Stanley00Nixus: did you try reconfig it in power options?01:37
Nixusreconfig? you mean change the action?01:38
xtpeepsVia /msg nickserv identify 123601:38
Stanley00Nixus: yes, kind of... :301:39
n88ah thats unfortunate...purged skype and re-installed the 32 bit version I think... still does nothing but intermittently freeze and unfreeze01:46
bruxCso i have a secondary drive mounted in my ubuntu server in fstab. is there a way to make it visible on my home network?01:48
TwinfunHi! I have a problem installing a package expecting some lib files to be installed, but for some reason the lib files are not being placed where the package claims they should be placed. The package in question is libstdc++6.01:48
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woozySo in my install is been at creating ext4 file system blah blah for like 20 minutes and it's never done this before?01:50
jeffrey_fwoozy: how big is the drive and did you choose to encrypt that drive?01:52
yusufanyone, how to add ssh-key automatically to ssh-agent ?01:53
yusufi think my gnome-keyring didn't work01:53
woozyThe whole computer is 620gb but it's never taken this long before01:53
=== wiky is now known as Wiky
yusufand now, every i rebooted i must add my key manually to ssh-agent ._.01:53
jeffrey_fwoozy: Disk activity?01:54
=== Xerox_ is now known as luser
woozyShould I shut down mid install?02:00
woozyJeffrey_f: how do I look at that? Doesn't sound like anything is going on02:04
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jkclarohi guys. can anyone help with a problem I'm having with Linux02:18
woozyHey guys my install isn't working02:22
consolidatedask the question fully and hopefully someone can help02:24
woozyWhen I try to install Ubuntu it keeps getting stuck at creating ext4 file system02:26
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cromagiI have a dell inspiron 53have an ethernet cable0s and i just installed ubuntu on it but i cant seem to get ubuntu to recognized my wireless router. I have the wireless chip in and i DO NOT02:32
cromagiCan anyone help me?02:32
MannyLNJHi, I'm back with yet another printing problem, CUPS seems to work because I can print from my Windows based systems to a printer on my Ubuntu system. Printing from OS X is not successful. The spooler says Stopped on server - Rendering completed02:33
cromagiMannyLNJ: Do you think you can help with my problem?02:33
cromagiDo i need some kind of libs for my wireless router02:33
MannyLNJcromagi, I know very little when it comes to ubuntu and other *nix distros Sorry.02:34
cromagiI cant connect to internet :'(02:34
cromagiGoogle cant even help me02:34
MannyLNJcromagi, This is standard off the shelf router?02:34
cromagiWell the router itself is in my dads room02:35
cromagiI just have a wireless adapter02:35
cromagiI cant seem to get ubuntu to recognize it02:35
MannyLNJcromagi, so the problem is not with the router but with the card?02:36
bruxCI'm just a little cub learning linux. I created a samba for a secondary ntfs-3g drive currently mounted in my ubuntu server. Is it possible to set it up to where I can have windows users authenticate with a username/pw. upon authentication then have full access to the shared cifs?02:36
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cromagiAnd i just reinstalled windows just to see if it was my card but wifi was flawless on windows02:37
cromagiwhat do i need to do to get it working on ubuntu??02:37
MannyLNJcromagi, ok first what card is it?02:37
cromagiI dont even know02:37
MannyLNJcromagi without knowing what card it is I can't help.02:38
Bashing-omcromagi: A quicky, connect wired -> sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade ; open "additional Drivers" and install the wireless driver .02:40
nickmanehi. can anyone tell me how to set up a remote desktop on an ubuntu dedicated server?02:41
nickmanevps sorry02:41
cromagiwill that all work without internet?02:42
MannyLNJnickmane, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/ubuntu-remote-desktop-builtin-vnc-compatible-dead-easy/02:43
suprleg?J #LINUXPEOPLE02:43
GatoLokosuprleg: do not write in all caps, it is against the rules. Next time you will be expelled.02:43
Bashing-omcromagi: NO, why I say connect to a wired connection .02:43
MannyLNJcromagi, no you need internet to do it02:43
cromagiI dont have internet02:43
MannyLNJcromagi, then how are you typing to us?02:43
cromagimy laptop running ubuntu with wifi02:43
MannyLNJcromagi, what kind of computer is the other one?02:44
cromagidell inspiron 530s02:44
Bashing-omcromagi: By far the best thing is take that box to a wired connection .. else it gets real hairy to install a WIFI driver .02:44
MannyLNJcromagi, did that have wifi built in?02:44
cromagican i use usb tehter with my phone?02:44
nickmaneMannyLNJ: right now i only have ssh access02:44
woozyMy install keeps getting stuck at creating ext4 file system. Any suggestions?02:45
cromagiwill usb tethering work02:46
MannyLNJcromagi, Depends on your phone... Also did you read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185952702:46
LordFoobarhi! when I visit the page http://time.is/ it tells me that my clock is 3.6 seconds behind. I try to refresh the system clock (as it's supposed to sync with a ntp) but it does not work. I have followed all the answers here : http://askubuntu.com/questions/254826/how-to-force-a-clock-update-using-ntp but it does not work02:47
nickmanehi. can anyone tell me how to set up a remote desktop on an ubuntu vps with ssh access?02:48
LordFoobarwhy is the clock so out of sync, even when using ntp?02:48
MannyLNJnickmane, try this guide http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5305 it helped me setup remote desktop on a laptop that has a damaged lcd.02:48
woozyMy install keeps getting stuck at creating ext4 file system. Any suggestions02:49
MannyLNJnickmane, I'm just assuming that my situation was evquviliant to a virtual private server02:49
LordFoobarwoozy, are you using the automatic partitioning or are you going manual?02:49
nickmaneMannyLNJ: do i need special sources? "E: Unable to locate package xrdp"02:50
MannyLNJnickmane, I don't think so.02:50
woozyI'm using partioning I did. Nothing crazy just /, swap,  and /home02:50
Bashing-omwoozy: MBR or GPT partitions ? Maybe IF MBR there is that 4 primary partition limit, and one has to resize/remove partitions for ubuntu to install onto (???) .02:51
nickmaneMannyLNJ: can you pastebin your sources?02:52
woozyBashing-om: I don't know what you mean. I just followed what people told me before and it's getting stuck02:52
LordFoobarwoozy, BTW following what Bashing-om said, Ubuntu does not care for primary or logical partions... unlike MS02:52
MannyLNJnickmane, yes if you tell me how02:52
nickmaneMannyLNJ: cat /etc/apt/sources.list02:53
LordFoobarwoozy, are you dual (or multi) booting?02:53
Bashing-omwoozy: show the channel -> sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit . so we know what we are working with .02:53
nickmaneMannyLNJ: nvm, it's working now. i needed to update/upgrade02:53
woozyNo just straight installing Ubuntu02:53
MannyLNJnickmane, glad to hear that because I was going to have to learn how to to specify a different name when I ssh02:54
bruxCso I have a secondary ntfs-3g fstab mounted and I have it currently being used as a samba shared drive. if I just chmod 777 /file/location/of/drive am I good to go with full permissions on the home network?02:55
cromagiwhat commands do i run again?02:56
bruxCIdeally, I'd like users to authenticate with an account, either created in ubuntu or an existing account in windows.02:56
bruxCAnd by users on my home network, I pretty much mean just me.02:56
emanuellevy__Still unable to print from OS X to the shared printer on a UBNTU system., This is the error message I think http://paste.linuxassist.net/view/d375a9f103:00
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woozyHey sorry I got booted off03:02
woozyI'm still stuck at creating ext4 file system thing03:03
woozyHey could you help?03:05
jonalmeidaHas anyone else had problems resetting the root password?03:06
somsipjonalmeida: there is no root password. What are you trying to do?03:06
xanguajonalmeida: there is no root password03:06
jonalmeidaWhen I try to SSH to my box with root, the password doesn't work.03:06
somsipjonalmeida: ssh by root should be disabled by default03:06
somsipjonalmeida: ssh as a user, then use sudo to access root03:06
woozyCan someone help me solve my install problem03:06
somsipwoozy: just be a little patient. Constantly asking is not necessary03:07
jalmeidasomsip: Yeah, that's what I do now, but if I had an authorized_key in my /root/.ssh/ I should be able to right?03:07
somsipjalmeida: no, root login is disabled by default03:08
woozySorry I've just been on here for awhile and have tried and bunch with no prevail.03:08
jalmeidaI remember being able to do this before03:08
jalmeidaDoesn't seem to work now03:08
somsipwoozy: I've seen. So have most other people I imagine. By all means ask, but I'd suggest you make it less often03:08
jalmeidaMaybe that was implemented by my VPS host?03:08
somsipjalmeida: are you running ubuntu, connecting to ubuntu, or both?03:09
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jonalmeidasomsip: I'm running Ubuntu and connecting to a remote Ubuntu box03:10
somsipjonalmeida: so how are you connecting?03:10
somsipjonalmeida: command line is...(remove sensitive info)? Is the server sshd_config set to allow root login?03:11
jonalmeidasomsip: Standard way: ssh root@[ip]03:12
jonalmeidaI'm actually not sure about the latter.03:12
jonalmeidaI've cycled down the box now to do a snapspot03:13
somsipjonalmeida: probably best to check it then03:13
jonalmeidaIf I screw it up, I'll have a backup03:13
jonalmeidaGive me a few minutes03:13
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al_nz1tey guy in this forum (http://www.programmingforums.org/post247908.html#post247908) uses #!/bin/gawk -f03:17
al_nz1I installed gawk - but it still complains about bad interpreter - I didnt even think gawk was a interpreter03:17
ki7rwoh well, i guess i'm stuck with the noveau driver for now since i can't get any of the nvidia drivers to work03:18
cromagiwhere do i find "additional drivers" in ubuntu?03:21
ki7rwsystem settings->software03:22
MannyLNJI'm having trouble finding a guide to show me how to connect to a printer on a ubuntu system from OS X03:22
jalmeidasomsip: You were right, it was the sshd_config :)03:30
jalmeidasomsip: Needed to comment out PermitRootLogin without-password03:30
somsipjalmeida: np03:31
somsipjalmeida: but you do understand that's a very ugly and unsafe thing to do...03:32
jalmeidasomsip: For sure, I just needed this temporarily while I do some updates03:36
jalmeidaGetting shell access straight to root is faster03:37
MannyLNJI am banging my head against the wall. I am having a problem printing to my ubuntu system from OS X can someone please assist me. I can't figure where to start troubleshooting03:38
LurkAshFlakei installed a program where to i find it?03:38
LurkAshFlakei mean the actual folder03:38
jalmeidaLurkAshFlake: Which program? and how did you install it?03:39
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somsipjalmeida: ssh as user then sudo -i, but your server, your call03:39
jalmeidaLurkAshFlake: Some applications are stored in /opt/03:39
LurkAshFlakecd ~ && wget -0 - "https://www.dropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x86_64" | tar │03:39
LurkAshFlakexzf -03:39
somsipLurkAshFlake: ~/.Dropbox and ~/.dropbox-dist from memory03:40
jalmeidasomsip: That's lengthy when I have multiple shells :)03:40
LurkAshFlakewhat does ~ mean03:40
jalmeidaYep somsip is right about the dir ^03:40
jalmeidaLurkAshFlake: Home directory03:40
LurkAshFlakeas in cd /home ?03:41
jalmeidacd /home/[your_login_name]03:42
somsipLurkAshFlake: as in 'cd' on its own03:42
jalmeidaIf you're not sure do echo $HOME03:42
cromagianyone here?03:50
cromagiThat can help me03:50
somsipcromagi: ask your question03:50
cromagiokay when i go to additional drivers to select my wireless adapter, i click on it but it says this device is not working03:51
somsipcromagi: no idea myself. I know nothing about wireless so you'll have to see if someone else responds03:51
cromagiok hopefully they will03:52
cromagiWill sudo apt-get upgrade03:52
cromagiinstall device drivers?03:52
MannyLNJcromagi, did you look at the post I made earlier?03:52
cromagiyes i did03:52
somsipcromagi: it will upgrade any installed packages that need an upgrade03:52
cromagioh ok03:52
cromagiHow do i get my wireless adapter to work then03:53
cromagithis is so annoying03:54
MannyLNJcromagi, I'm sorry you are having wireless issues. I can emphasize because I am having printing issues03:54
cromagiat least you can connect to internet03:55
MannyLNJcromagi, does lspci show anything?03:55
MannyLNJcromagi, what does it show?03:57
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LurkAshFlakeI apt-get install wine, then an EULA appeared i didn't knew how to accept it so I left, now it won't install again or get remove it is lock04:12
Stanley00LurkAshFlake: apt-get install -f will help04:13
woozyMy Ubuntu install keeps getting stuck at creating ext4 file system any ideas? Idk why it's doing ya04:14
MannyLNJwoozy, how large is the drive and what type?04:14
reisiowoozy: try the minimalcd installer instead04:15
woozyMy computer in total is around 640gb but it's never taken this long for some reason04:15
reisiomaybe your constant reinstalling has finally worn it out :p04:15
woozyThe partitions I have set up are 2 ext4s one is / @ 50gb and the other is /home @ 570ish gb04:16
reisiowoozy: try the minimalcd installer instead04:17
reisioor just make your partitions and filesystems manually from the non-installer area of the install media04:17
woozyThen there is 12gb swap. Well I've only been reinstalling because it messed up04:17
woozyWhere would I find the minimalcd installer and what's the difference?  I made the partitions manually and it isn't working, but that's from Inside the installer04:18
reisioit's an entirely separate installer, AFAIK; so the same bugs would be unlikely04:19
reisiowhat messed up before the reinstall?04:19
reisioyou can find it pretty simply by seeking it out04:20
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woozyI set my /home to be encrypted and it put /home on root and boot partition. Asked people how to move and they said simplest way would be to just reinstall04:23
reisioah, so you were given bad advice04:23
reisioencryption is rather nice these days04:24
reisio'specially if your processor is not particularly old, and can absorb the overhead04:24
woozySo there was a simpler way... The only problem I was having was I didn't like the entering password every boot04:24
reisiowhy were you rebooting?04:25
woozyI thought there'd be an easier way that I could move /home but they said just reinstall and set up own partitions like that. Updates and such04:25
woozyDo you think the fact that my ext4s in total are over 600gb?just taking a long time maybe?04:26
reisionot unless you're doing it oddly/wrong04:26
reisioare you encrypting again?04:27
Ben64encryption is not really necessary and makes things more difficult04:27
reisioreinstalling is frequently for tourists; not always, but frequently04:27
redruumreisio: encryption is a waste. Most closed source has backdoors the programmers were forced by the NSA to install or the keys. Open-source is safer. But you would cry the password like a sissy to the feds under pressure.04:27
reisioBen64: what isn't not really necessary :)04:27
LurkAshFlakeConfiguring ttf-mscorefonts-installer i have an eula to accept the graphic in my terminal are different it's written <Ok> at the bottom, how do i acept it?04:27
reisioredruum: Ubuntu is open source04:27
Ben64redruum: don't do the FUD here04:27
woozyNo not encrypting this time04:28
Finetundrawhy would my laptop suddenly be running hot on ubuntu?04:28
woozyAnd I don't think I'm doing anything odd but then again I'm a bit of a noob04:29
reisiowoozy: making filesystems should take a moment or two04:29
reisioFinetundra: because all laptops run hot04:29
Finetundrareisio, is there a way to at least lower it then?04:29
reisioFinetundra: improve drivers, decrease usage, increase ventilation/cooling, turn off04:31
reisioreplace with more efficient model (will still get hot)04:31
reisioreplace with "netbook" (portable wireless terminal)04:31
reisioor merely use as a netbook, regardless of form factor04:31
Finetundrareisio, why do you suggest a netbook?04:32
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woozyWell something is definitely wrong than. I've left it go for awhile a couple times04:34
woozyI guess I'll just shut it off and leave it off for the night, then tomorrow try to install Ubuntu again, but I'll let it reformat and do everything it's way.04:36
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courttvwoozy: You can beat the machine04:38
woozyCourttv: how so???04:38
courttvYou are smarter than the computer woozy04:38
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woozyWell I'm trying. So there is definitely a way to make /home it's own separate partition after install?04:43
Ben64woozy: much easier to do during, but yes04:43
woozyWell it isn't going to smoothly trying to do during install04:44
Ben64whats the issue?04:44
woozyBen64: getting stuck at creating ext4 file system thing04:44
courttvwoozy: it usually default installs creating a home partition.04:44
woozyBut does it make it completely separate from the root partition and others. From what I read if you make /home it's own partition when you update os or switch, it won't be affected.04:46
ahr3nhey, will a 2xCPU ubuntu box work if I have nginx, node.js and mongoDB all on the same cloud server?04:47
Ben64woozy: it does not by default. separate /home is nice. does it fail at partitioning or...?04:47
woozyWell I'm just going to call it a night.04:47
woozyWhen I did the default install last time I encrypted my /home thinking it'd be a good idea and idk if it was separate or not. I came on here to get help on making it not encrypted and separate and they said just fresh install and make positions like this...04:49
woozyI followed and just got problems.04:49
ChronicChopspersonally, I'd just backup my data and do a fresh install, this time not choosing the encryption option04:52
woozyMy main goals are to a.) get Ubuntu working. B.) have a separate non-encrypted /home partition c.) restore the /home I have saved on external hard drive. I'll be back on in 7 or 8 hours of anyone is going to be on and could help04:52
ChronicChopswhat problems did you run into04:53
courttvwoozy: You can't reinstall over an encrypted partition. You need to format it to remove the encryption.04:53
Ben64probably too late for me woozy, but i'm sure someone will be here04:53
Xenos1anyone have experience using tilem04:53
courttvXenos1: Using what04:54
woozyCourttv: I've tried formatting partitions when installing. I'm out for the night.04:55
Xenos1tilem2 graphing calculator emulator04:55
ChronicChopsblockdude is where its at04:56
Ben64Xenos1: what is your actual question04:56
courttvXenos1: no04:56
cromagiHow do i theme ubuntu and make it look exactly how i want it?04:57
Ben64!theme | cromagi04:57
ubottucromagi: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy04:57
cromagii meant the app bar and what not04:57
cromagiHow do i apply themes i install?04:58
ChronicChopsI think the stock app bar can be edited via the system settings menu04:59
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ChronicChopscromagi: or just use a different dock like docky, I know docky is a lot more customizable05:03
cromagiwhats docky and how to get it05:03
cromagiWill it slow down my system05:03
=== Stu|[A] is now known as Stu|
ChronicChopsdocky is just a docking program, just an app bar that you can download from the ubuntu software center05:04
lotuspsychje!info docky | cromagi05:05
ubottucromagi: docky (source: docky): Elegant, powerful, clean dock. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-2 (utopic), package size 591 kB, installed size 3594 kB05:05
ChronicChopsI'm not sure on the consumption of cpu by docky but I can't imagine it is heavy05:05
cromagiI want to be able to customize ubuntu to the max without resulting in a laggy system05:06
cromagiHow do i achieve that :)05:06
cromagiAnything reccomended?05:06
lotuspsychjecromagi: install preload and bleachbit aswell05:06
cfhowlettcromagi, more eyecandy = more system demand = slower system.  your choice05:06
cromagiI just want it to be attractive05:07
cromagilotuspsychje: how do i do that05:07
lotuspsychjecromagi: checkout deviantart for attractive desktop examples on ubuntu05:08
courttvcromagi: ha05:08
ChronicChopscromagi: there are a lot of things you can do to customize it; different desktop environments, window managers, etc.05:08
lotuspsychjecromagi: sudo apt-get install preload05:08
lotuspsychjecromagi: same for bleachbit05:08
cromagiwhat do they do?05:08
lotuspsychjecromagi: preload helps fasten up things, bleachbit cleans out your system05:09
cromagiy do i need those05:09
lotuspsychjecromagi: you just told us you want a smooth system...05:09
cromagiwhere do i get good eyecandy for ubuntu?05:09
cromagii want my ubuntu to look tasty lmao and nowt slow down my system but ill def. run preload05:10
cromagihow do i run preload?05:10
courttvcromagi: for UNITY. Nowhere.05:10
lotuspsychjecromagi: instaed of asking questions, follow howto install first05:10
lotuspsychjecromagi: do you read whats been suggested?05:11
lotuspsychjecromagi: scroll up..05:12
cromagiBest flavor of ubuntu? :D05:13
lotuspsychje!flavors | cromagi05:13
ubottucromagi: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:13
cromagiwhat do you consider the best?05:13
lotuspsychjecromagi: thats your choice mate, if you want lightweight or not?05:14
cromagiI tried kubuntu and i didnt like it that much i couldnt run spotify etc...05:14
cromagiI want running smooth05:14
cromagiBut i love the normal ubuntu05:14
k1l_cromagi: its your choice. look at them or test them and get your own opinion.05:14
cromagiI want something EXACTLY like this but a different environment05:14
k1l_cromagi: that doesnt make any sense. if you want exactly this, then use this05:15
cromagiUgh nevermind05:15
cromagiAside from that how do i enable third party sources for ubuntu upgrade05:15
k1l_!ppa | cromagi05:15
ubottucromagi: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:15
NegativeFlarecromagi: I like Xubuntu. Just putting my input out there lol05:16
NegativeFlarecromagi: It works just fine with Spotify05:17
cromagiis it a bad idea to go from 14.04 to 14.1005:18
ChronicChopscromagi: if you want light, then xubuntu or lubuntu is designed for lightness. The more flair you have with your system, the more bogged down your system will be05:18
lotuspsychjecromagi: that also depends what you want, LTS or not05:18
cromagiim a dev05:19
NegativeFlareI'm still unhappy with XMir, it doesn't work at all with my GPU :/05:19
reisiodon't use it?05:20
cromagiwhy doesnt lemme upgrade ubuntu -_-05:20
k1l_NegativeFlare: its still in development05:20
k1l_cromagi: do you want to upgrade every 6 months?05:20
NegativeFlarek1l_: But doesn't Utopic use it?05:20
lotuspsychje!xmir | NegativeFlare05:21
ubottuNegativeFlare: XMir is an X server that runs on top of Mir. It permits applications that know how to speak the X protocol but don't know how to speak to Mir (ie, approximately all of them at present) to run in a Mir-based environment. (http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/26254.html)05:21
k1l_NegativeFlare: no.05:21
cromagiI am definately going to upgrade to 15.04 in april05:21
NegativeFlarelotuspsychje: You don't need to do that. I already know about it.05:21
RahulANHii all05:21
k1l_NegativeFlare: not until you run the mir testing iso05:21
RahulANi upgraded my system from 12.04 to 14.0405:21
NegativeFlarek1l_: Alright man, thanks. I was under the impression that Utopic was using it.05:21
RahulANnow as i restart it no screen appears only a screen with ubuntu comes05:22
RahulANi did alt + cntl + F105:22
cromagiThird party sources disabled05:22
cromagiSome third party entries in your sources.list were disabled. You can re-enable them after the upgrade with the 'software-properties' tool or your package manager.05:22
cromagiwhen i try to upgrade i get that ^^05:22
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: did you try grub recoverymode?05:22
k1l_cromagi: that is all fine05:22
RahulANlotuspsychje, yes i tried05:23
k1l_cromagi: enable them afterwards again05:23
cromagihow tho05:23
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: no luck to boot?05:23
RahulANand also my networl manager stopped05:23
k1l_cromagi: see system settings, updates and software05:23
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: maybe try 'fix broken packages' option from recoverymode05:23
RahulANlotuspsychje, i am getting terminal after alt + cntl + F105:23
cromagiwhat changes to we expect to see in ubuntu 15.04?05:24
RahulANlotuspsychje, ok05:24
lotuspsychjecromagi: join #ubuntu+1 for that05:24
reisiocromagi: more recent Debian unstable snapshots of software, mostly, I'd wager05:25
cromagihow did i get pulled into the courttv channel -_-05:25
MarkusDB1If you really know your bash, is the command line a more efficient way for file operations?05:29
ChronicChopsHas anyone here considered defecting to ArchLinux? If so, why didn't you? I am considering it.05:29
reisioMarkusDB1: yup05:29
reisioMarkusDB1: also if you only barely know it05:29
reisiolooking up how to do something in bash even if you know not at all how to do it already can easily save you several thousand million hours of time05:30
Xenos1i don't know if this is really related but i'm using an ssh to log into a school computer what are they using exactly05:31
ChronicChopsMarkusDB1: I can second that, just this xmas I got a book on the linux command line, and it has already made me more efficient than any GUI couuld05:31
Xenos1because the locate command doesn't work05:31
reisioXenos1: uname -a05:31
reisioXenos1: which find05:32
Xenos1reisio, ?05:32
reisioXenos1: commands05:32
Xenos1locate <filename>05:32
reisioXenos1: find / -type f -iname '*file*name*'05:32
MarkusDB1reisio: thanks guys, I'm trying to convince more mac guys to learn the command line and need arguments =)05:33
reisiothe 'locate' database is usually generated from 'find' anyways05:33
reisioit's just a database, that is generated beforehand (if it was, anyways), making it faster for enduring files (and useless/misleading/annoying for dynamic ones)05:33
reisioMarkusDB1: free cardigans05:33
Xenos1reisio, thanks05:33
zerowaitstateXenos1: there is a command called updatedb that has to be run to generate the locate database. It is usually set to run daily in cron, but you may have to initialize it using updatedb if you want to use locate right after installing it05:34
reisioMarkusDB1: maybe this'll help: http://www.secretgeometry.com/apps/cathode/05:34
reisiospending money always enables Mac OS users05:34
ash547Hi ..I have wordpress website and all the files are owned by www-data user. If upload file from a user in /var/www/html/site1 the file ownership is owned by that user not from www-data05:35
zerowaitstateMarkusDB1: there are subtle differences between the Mac and Linux versions of bash, FYI05:36
ash547can sone help me ??05:36
reisioash547: chown www-data path/to/file05:36
lotuspsychjeash547: maybe the #wordpress guys can also guide you05:36
zerowaitstateMarkusDB1: for example, it the latest release of OSX, the alias commands behave differently05:36
Xenos1reisio, how would I use that to find a directory05:36
MarkusDB1zerowaitstate: yeah I've noticed that. Also the macs lack of a package manager is very bad. Homebrew is there, but always seem to play catch up with apple breaking stuff in each relase of mac os x.05:36
somsipash547: chmod g+s -R /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/uploads05:37
somsipash547: then anything created or copied to that dir or sub-dirs will have www-data as the group owner, so it will be readable by wordpress05:37
zerowaitstateXenos1: use -type d05:38
ChronicChopsHas anyone here considered defecting to ArchLinux? If so, why didn't you? I am considering it.05:39
lotuspsychjeChronicChops: stay ontopic mate05:40
somsipChronicChops: alternatively, take that question to #ubuntu-offtopic, but probably better in an Arch channel05:41
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elmalafachaI have a toshiba satellite laptop witha an intel core 2, its better to install it ubuntu 32 or 64 bits?05:58
=== MrAristo__ is now known as MrAristo
cromagielmalafacha: Go to your system settings/ system info and find out which one applies to you06:03
somsipelmalafacha: what CPU exactly? How much RAM?06:03
cromagiYou don't want to be putting a square block in a round hole06:03
elmalafachaintel core 2 CPU T5300 @1.73GHz06:06
RahulANlotuspsychje, it is taking a lot time06:06
somsipelmalafacha: and the answer to my other question?06:06
elmalafachaI put lscpu, which info you need?06:08
somsipelmalafacha: How much RAM...06:08
elmalafachawait is too slow06:09
elmalafachahow can i see that?06:11
somsipelmalafacha: someone in whatever OS you've got installed now06:11
elmalafachaim  sorry whats a OS?06:12
somsipelmalafacha: do you have windows installed now?06:12
elmalafachaI did this: sudo dmidecode --type memory06:12
elmalafachano, i have ubuntu 14.1006:12
elmalafachabut too slow06:12
somsipelmalafacha: free -mh06:12
elmalafachatotal 983M06:13
elmalafachathats the one?06:13
somsipelmalafacha: so 1GB, use 32 bit06:13
elmalafachathanks a lot06:14
icerootelmalafacha: always install the amd64 version if your cpu supports 64bit, there is no reason to install the 32bit version if your hardware supports 64bit06:14
somsipiceroot: you'd still recommend 64bit with only 1GB RAM?06:14
icerootsomsip: of course06:14
elmalafachabut in installed already and is toooooo slow06:15
icerootsomsip: what if he upgrades the ram to more? why not using amd64 if the cpu supports it?06:15
icerootelmalafacha: amd64 is not the reason why it is slow06:15
elmalafachamm ok, so what can i do?06:15
somsipiceroot: fair enough, but I ahve always recommended 32bit for <2GB RAM and advised to use caution for <4GB. Maybe I should read more06:16
icerootelmalafacha: i guess you are using normal ubuntu (with unity), there 1GB ram is not that much, that may be a reason why it is slow06:16
icerootsomsip: https://cl4ssic4l.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/linus-torvalds-about-pae/   everything with 1gb and more will have a benefit of amd6406:16
jamesd_somsip: you do relize that 32 bit runs out of address space in as little as 2GB (signed 32bit number)06:16
elmalafachaI installed gnome-ubuntu06:17
somsipiceroot: this is not pae though, eg: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-decide-if-you-should-use-32bit-or-64bit-ubuntu "64 bit - Decreased performance on low-RAM machines."06:17
icerootsomsip: read the part of the article about the virtual address space06:17
icerootsomsip: not related to pae06:17
somsipjamesd_: yes, it's not RAM access that is the issue here, it's whether 64bit runs slower with low RAM machines, which is what I've always understoof06:17
icerootsomsip: why should amd64 be slower?06:18
somsipiceroot: fair enough - I have learnt06:18
somsipiceroot: no idea - jsut soemthing I've tended to see in advice on here and have read in more than one place. But happy to take Linus's word on the matter :)06:18
icerootsomsip: and have in mind, if you have 1gb ram and a vga with 1gb and you are also swapping with 2 gb, you have 4GB, everything handled from the address space06:18
elmalafachado you think that goes better if i install a seap memory?06:19
elmalafachaswap memory06:19
=== Stu| is now known as Stu|[A]
somsipiceroot: there is nothing that suggest OP is in that position, but I understand what you're getting at06:19
icerootelmalafacha: the default installation should have swap06:19
icerootelmalafacha: if you dont have a swap partition, you should create one06:19
icerootelmalafacha: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/  and this is good to know.06:20
jamesd_somsip: i run 64bit mode in 128MB VM's ... no penalty...06:20
somsipjamesd_: it seems like I've made assumptions based on what I've seen here before and read elsewhere. I need to do some better research before making a blanket recommendation like I did earlier. Simple as that06:21
icerootsomsip: everything fine06:22
`hypermist`I have an issue with a game on ubuntu 14.0406:22
somsipiceroot: sure - no argument - I just like to understand why I'm wrong when someone gives a differing view. Stuff to read now :-)06:23
=== hodlr is now known as kodumulo
jamesd_somsip: it might of been true in the early days of 64bit... on really small machines, the binaries were 1-2% bigger and when you had a 1GB harddrive was considered big it made a difference, these days, hard drives are huge in comparison and 64bit cpus are more efficeint and faster.06:23
somsipjamesd_: still, I was coming at it from a point of view of low RAM, not low HD. Just reaidng through sources of info now. EOT for me :)06:24
icerootsomsip: the issues in the past where mainly with closed source stuff which was only build for 32bit (flash for example) it was difficult to get it working in a 64bit driver. the same for drivers which are nit available in 64bit because of the closed source it was not possible to build them for 64bit but these times are over06:24
elmalafachaok, ill check it out, thaks a lot to every one06:24
icerootsomsip: but flash is of course always an issue and should be avoided if possible :) (but not for the amd64 reason)06:25
somsipiceroot: ok, back off EOT for me. It's this sort of thing that was informing me. This is not old and is well upvoted http://askubuntu.com/questions/7034/what-are-the-differences-between-32-bit-and-64-bit-and-which-should-i-choose06:25
somsipiceroot: but on that, the pros/cons of his conclusion seem to be questioned06:26
=== Paul-shen is now known as Paul-kkk
somsipiceroot: and actually it's older than I thought - 2010. I was looking at comment dates of 2014 and thinking it was more current.06:28
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azjoHi, i got a router which has a failback feature when doing dual wan. what exactly does this mean?06:33
somsipazjo: what make is your router?06:33
=== nivlac_836 is now known as heim
somsipazjo: ask asus then.06:33
azjomanual has nothing on it and google isnt exactly helpful06:33
somsipazjo: this is the ubuntu support channel, so you're asking in the wrong place06:34
azjomost alive chan at this time of the day, so i was trying out my luck ;p06:34
OerHekssome info http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Dual_WAN_with_failover06:35
Ben64azjo: please don't06:35
yusufhow to fix seahorse when using mate? my seahorse seems not working06:57
spy_hello,i know a session is a set of applications,but who manage them?,anyone can help me ?07:00
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`hypermist`I can't play my garrys mod on ubuntu for some reason07:16
`hypermist`It won't download the maps when ingame.07:17
`hypermist`and then when i try run dev branch the game fully crashes07:17
somsip`hypermist`: dev is often buggy. use a stable version07:17
somsip`hypermist`: that's 'any dev branch is often buggy' not aimed that this particular game07:18
`hypermist`somsip, stable doesn't even work07:19
`hypermist`Maps wont download for certain servers.07:19
somsip`hypermist`: contact the game maintainer, or raise an issue with them07:19
`hypermist`I feel like there is something in my ubuntu, stopping connects07:19
somsip`hypermist`: yeah, but you struggled for hours and hours yesterday with your video card and I don07:21
somsip't have the knowledge of that game to walk you through it all07:22
`hypermist`in the end my gpu is working cause the youtube vdieos don't lag07:22
`hypermist`anyway to know if its firewall somsip  ?07:23
somsip`hypermist`: turn it off.07:23
`hypermist`Since im a linux noobie where do i do that07:24
somsip`hypermist`: you must help yourself. This is why I ignored you yesterday after starting to help you and left it to others to give you advice. I expect a certain standard of self-reliance in the people I help. Sorry, but I don't have time to spoon feed you. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just busy07:24
`hypermist`Okay. sorry. and its fine07:25
somsip!ufw | `hypermist`07:25
ubottu`hypermist`: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:25
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`hypermist`its a firewall issue haha07:26
somsip`hypermist`: good - so you found it yourself :)07:26
william_Wine tutorial07:35
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rrrhow to prevent apache2 from starting when rebooting system?07:55
Mo_1080hi, need help with fixing the "endless-blank-paper" problem using CUPS as printserver, anyone knows something about that?08:03
ablest1980can anyone help me with wireless connection in ubuntu?08:08
Mo_1080maybe, try to explain your prob08:09
ablest1980my signal srenth is low and websites take a long time to fully load08:10
Mo_1080type iwconfig and post wlan part please08:17
Mo_1080ablest1980 post it using http://paste.ubuntu.com/08:22
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sabbirim using amd a8 5600k  processer ..and i tried ubuntu and linux mint but its not working for i dont know why .....so if anyone know about it plz help me08:23
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`hypermist`my firewall wont stay disabled08:34
`hypermist`it keeps re-enabling itself08:34
`hypermist`Mabye not08:35
ash547How do i upload file with ownership of www-data from another user in ubuntu 14.0408:36
chintitoDrone': is that a ubuntu comunity?08:36
chintitobob_: hi bob , how can i get help from this irc chanell?08:41
somsipash547: we did this already. Did you see the replies?08:42
somsipchintito: do you have an ubuntu question?08:42
chintitosomsip: i am using ubuntu 14.04, but i am runing this os on a hdd with 42 bad sector, how can i avoid this bad sectors?08:44
somsip!info badblocks | chintito08:45
ubottuchintito: Package badblocks does not exist in utopic08:46
somsip!find badblocks | chintito08:46
ubottuchintito: File badblocks found in bash-completion, e2fsprogs, e2fsprogs-dbg, fish, ketm-data, manpages-es-extra, manpages-fr-extra, manpages-ja, manpages-pl, manpages-tr (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=badblocks&mode=&suite=utopic&arch=any08:46
somsipchintito: so this is a rough guide that you should do further research from until you are happy with the process http://tech.chandrahasa.com/2013/06/09/how-to-check-your-hard-disk-for-bad-blocks-in-ubuntu/08:47
chintitosomsip: after going through that process, would that bad sector permantly  be unusable?09:00
chintitoBird2: how can someone expert in command line?09:17
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amehi guys pls help me on connecting serial port communication in ubuntu09:35
tomodachiame: hi install minicom , sudo apt-get install minicom09:37
tomodachiame: find out what devicename your serialport has, if its usb its usually /dev/ttyUSB09:37
ametomodachi:i have done that but i want to communicate through the PIC board09:37
ametomodachi:its ttyusb009:37
planktonUbuntu don't let me 'burn' a non-Ubuntu-.ISO file (using usb-creator-gtk), occurs an error 'isoinfo: Unable to find Joliet SVD'.09:38
tomodachiame:  dont know then really09:38
tomodachiame: perhaps if you have a concrete problem that you can describe someone can help you out09:39
tomodachiplankton: you mean create an usb bootable right?09:39
planktontomodachi, yep09:39
planktontomodachi, I already use unetboot in, and that workaround copying .c32 on pendrive, but don't work.09:40
tomodachiplankton: your tool might be broken for some reason, you can create the usb from the terminal using dd09:40
planktontomodachi, dd if of bs... I tryed too. Show boot error... did I miss some boot flag on it?09:42
planktonTryed using a .img too.09:43
planktontomodachi,  I'll work on it some more time. Thanks.09:44
tomodachiplankton: no that is not needed , can you type the exact syntax you used with dd?09:44
planktonsudo dd if=/home/plankton/Downloads/generic-pc-1.8.1.img of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M09:45
tomodachiplankton:  it should be sdb09:45
amberjI'm using iptables to allow access to only one IP. Here is my iptables config: http://codepad.org/R6mxYvZ909:45
tomodachinot sdb109:45
tomodachiamberj: allow icmp09:46
amberjBut when I try to wget, I get "Connection timed out".09:46
amberjtomodachi, If I add ICMP rules (http://codepad.org/QH61SGat), then ping works... but wget still does not works09:47
tomodachiamberj: yes my concern was general regarding the fact that you didnt allow ICMP ,which you should09:47
amberjok, I will add icmp rules...but any idea why wget isnt working?09:48
amberjI *cant* even see the iptables logs in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/kern.log09:48
Ben64maybe you should use something like ufw or gufw to configure your weird firewall09:49
tomodachiamberj: wouldnt you need to configure both machines both of the input and output chain?09:51
amberjtomodachi, err sorry, but I dont get what you are saying (?)09:52
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
tomodachiamberj: that you need an output rule for for port 80 communication in both directions09:53
tomodachifor both ip adresses09:53
tomodachiand the same for input09:53
tomodachiamberj: wich ip is the client and wich is the server?09:55
O_OniGiriHi there, is it possible that "sudo reboot" breaks the system?10:15
O_OniGiriSuddenly my internet is working really slowly10:16
tomodachiO_OniGiri: improbable , considering the amount of people using reboot a bug like that would be discovered and fixed fairly quickly10:16
O_OniGiritomodachi:do you know what could cause the instability that I am facing?10:16
BorysWhich version of ubuntu or other linux could you recommend me for an old pc; i need only remote desktop access and running teamviewer on it10:17
tomodachiO_OniGiri: what is the problem, you say slow internet,  "break system" could you be more specific?10:17
Ben64Borys: lubuntu or xubuntu are the lightest, but i'd suggest using something better than teamviewer10:17
O_OniGiritomodachi:Yeah, I mean somehow my internet stays slow now...10:17
tomodachiBorys: personally i never got teamviewer working in a modern ubuntu, so i guess a 32bit old one (check what version team viewer supports)10:17
O_OniGiritomodachi:that's what I call "break system"10:18
Borysomg, I mean teamspeak, non teamviewer10:18
Borysand vino-server as rdp10:18
tomodachiO_OniGiri: break system can be many things, crashing, disk corruption,  constant reboots etc10:18
tomodachiO_OniGiri:  is it lookups over dns, or speed of downloads that is slow?10:18
tomodachiO_OniGiri: is it equally slow from another comp on the same network10:18
O_OniGiritomodachi:ok... never mind "break system", but what could cause the slow internet suddenly?10:19
Ben64i thought teamspeak was proprietary?10:19
Borysit's possible to clear my exist instalation and fresh install xubuntu?10:19
O_OniGiritomodachi:takes forever to load a page10:19
BorysBen64: yes, but I need pulseaudio too, so i can only get xubuntu?10:19
Ben64Borys: xubuntu lubuntu ubuntu whatever you like the most really10:20
O_OniGiriBen64:but isn't ubuntu a bit heavy for old computers?10:20
O_OniGiriBen64:I am no expert at all... just wondering10:20
athanHmm... `init-checkconf foo.conf` is telling me there's a syntax error, but no line number :\ http://lpaste.net/11929710:21
Ben64O_OniGiri: quite possibly10:21
BorysCan I purge system and fresh install xubuntu via ssh on 14.04 ?10:21
athanBen64: lubuntu was nice for me10:21
Borysor better burn a cd?10:21
Ben64Borys: need to install from a cd/dvd/usb10:21
Borysathan: do you have working pulseaudio?10:21
O_OniGiritomodachi:Thanks for your effort, but I gotta study again :P Bye guys10:21
athanBorys: fresh installs are usually better10:22
Borysout of the box ?10:22
Borys14.04 or 14.10 ?10:22
Borysawesome :d10:22
athanJACK can be a bit painful to set up10:22
athanlast I remember 14.0410:22
athanbut I may be wrong :\10:22
athanuse a usb!10:22
athanand `unetbootin`!10:22
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abb4shi every one ....................... !10:50
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hroiwhat is the preferred way of running a task as a particular user after bootup ,  after run-level 2 reached?11:16
hateballhroi: there are several ways, @reboot in crontab could be one11:18
hroihateball, ohh... I didnt know crontab could do one off runs on start11:18
axel_Hello, I have a quesition. How to customize Ubuntu installer ( Ubiquity? ). I just want to add my custom steps, gather information and pass to scripts which will do some stuff.11:25
andreas_hello! I install kingston Office using some guides on google11:31
andreas_but now all my windows looks like ..windows 9511:31
andreas_it's horrible, how do I stop this?11:31
MACscranyone have experience with cdde? Im trying to autolaunch vlc using a cli command when a dvd is inserted. I seem to be able to get a command to run and i know this cli code works for vlc, but when i try the combination, i get an error about the cdrom. Here is the entry and log response: http://pastie.org/private/ww8d13ujgogbzwwcxo8lqa11:34
azi`_is there a way I could check what the installed version of the GSL library is on my system?11:37
bazhang!info gsl-bin | azi`_11:38
ubottuazi`_: gsl-bin (source: gsl): GNU Scientific Library (GSL) -- binary package. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.16+dfsg-2 (utopic), package size 10 kB, installed size 80 kB11:38
hateballandreas_: you could show the links to "some guides" so people can read what you may have done11:38
=== azi`_ is now known as azi`
azi`bazhang: should gsl-bin be a command?11:39
andreas_http://www.noobslab.com/2013/05/microsoft-office-alternative-kingsoft.html and http://www.sysads.co.uk/2014/08/install-kingsoft-office-linux-ubuntu-14-04/ used both as the second didnt work11:39
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bazhangazi`, what are you trying to accomplish11:40
cfhowlettandreas_, libreoffice / openoffice11:40
azi`bazhang: I have two servers, when I run a program on one all is well on the other it segfaults (apparently in a GSL function)11:40
azi`bazhang: i'd like to check GSL versions on these two systems11:40
andreas_cfhowlett, I needed it to view an excel document11:41
azi`bazhang: I do not have root access to them btw11:41
stevenmAnyone got a suggestion for something that is better than gnome/mate-screenshot?  something more like the snipping tool that actually lets you preview what you took a screenshot of?11:44
mcphailazi`: "apt-cache policy libgsl0ldbl" should tell you what version is installed. Seems like an odd problem, though11:45
azi`mcphail: indeed, the problem only occurs when I compile the program with optimization flags and not on all gsl versions :S11:47
fidel__stevenm: i am using shutter for screenshots - its not really "light"  but offers some nice functions11:47
stevenmfidel__, yeah I just found that one - is it sluggish?11:48
fidel__not really11:48
bazhang!info kazam11:48
ubottukazam (source: kazam): screencast and screenshot application created with design in mind. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.5-1 (utopic), package size 733 kB, installed size 2052 kB11:48
bazhangtry kazam11:49
stevenmi do like how you can do little arrows and circles with it though - i *think* the snipping tool can do that... the rest of the office I work in is windows11:49
mcphailazi`: are you compiling fresh on each machine or compiling on one and copying the binary to the other?11:49
azi`mcphail: fresh11:49
azi`mcphail: and it works well on all machines, except when i do -O2 it breaks on the latest GSL version11:49
mcphailazi`: very odd, then. One for gdb's superpowers, I suspect11:49
azi`mcphail: yes gdb actually tells it breaks in a GSL function, now I am figuring out how to get a gsl lib with debug support11:50
mcphailazi`: there are debug libs in the repos11:50
stevenmbazhang, hmm that does videos too? would it eliminate the need for gtk-recordmydesktop ?11:50
azi`mcphail: hm...11:51
mcphail!info libgsl0-dbg11:52
ubottulibgsl0-dbg (source: gsl): GNU Scientific Library (GSL) -- debug symbols package. In component main, is extra. Version 1.16+dfsg-2 (utopic), package size 1358 kB, installed size 5925 kB11:52
azi`mcphail: should it be enough if I simply install this?11:52
mcphailazi`: as long as you're using the version of the library in the repository and haven't hand-rolled your own11:53
bazhangstevenm, yes, screencasts as well11:53
azi`mcphail: no though I am wondering how to force compilation on a locally built lib (just to see if the latest official release by GSL causes trouble as well)11:53
stevenmbazhang, doesn't seem to work right in my test VM - when picking to screenshot a window or area the whole screen goes grey ... doesn't seem to have a lot of functionality either - will it let you preview what you took a screenshot of?  will it let you draw on it after?11:55
mcphailazi`: now _that's_ a bit trickier. I resort to Google any time I have to do that sort of thing. The method never sticks in my brain11:56
stevenmbazhang, nvm doesn't seem to do any of that11:56
bazhangstevenm, how much ram did you give that vm11:56
stevenmlooks like It'll have to be shutter11:56
stevenmbazhang, a gig11:56
azi`mcphail: i think i got it.. the problem now is, where to report this thing to? at this point I am not even sure wheter its caused by a bug in my code or not11:57
mcphailazi`: If it is a bug in upstream, report it upstream. If upstream is fixed, ask the Ubuhntu maintainer to bugfix (but that probably won't come on line until the next Ubuntu release)11:59
=== Guest65322 is now known as mars31
mcphailazi`: even posting a backtrace to upstream will probably help to narrow things down11:59
mcphailazi`: of course, it might all boil down to a bug in GCC but compiling with "-O2" isn't supposed to break anything. "-O3" is supposed to be the dangerous one12:01
explwhere are the user's cron's saved?12:02
azi`mcphail: this is the program in question, in case you're interested to test http://ideone.com/aKnNwo12:03
mcphailexpl: /var/spool/cron/crontabs/12:04
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MrN00Bswhy don't I get a new email notification until I actually open Evolution ?12:05
explmcphail: thank you12:06
axel_ Hello, I have a quesition. How to customize Ubuntu installer ( Ubiquity? ). I just want to add my custom steps, gather information and pass to scripts which will do some stuff.12:06
mcphailazi`: I'm on a wndows machine just now but will have a look at that this evening12:06
azi`mcphail: thanks for your time12:06
r0b0rhey, efnet down?12:06
MrN00Bsr0b0r, no it is on12:07
r0b0rmebs the server i was using is fubar. it connects but theres no chans12:08
user_Hi can anyone help me i am having booting problems12:09
r0b0rstep 1. tie laces12:09
cfhowlett!behelpful | r0b0r,12:10
ubottur0b0r,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.12:10
user_i have edubuntu 7.0.4 and I have installed windows 7 on the same machine and now i can't boot both OS's12:10
r0b0rwhat do you land with on boot there user_?12:11
r0b0rlike, where does it die and what does it say12:11
user_i am familiar with windows but not with linux12:11
cfhowlettuser_, edubuntu 7.04 is WAY past end-of-life and is not supported here or anywhere else.  For assistance: upgrade to a supported version12:12
r0b0rthats cool, just wondering where it dies12:12
r0b0rhey, running antiquated *nix is part of the game, is it not?12:12
cfhowlettr0b0r, still not supported.12:13
Ben64it hasn't been supported for over 6 years12:13
MrN00Bscfhowlett, Can you help me with Ubuntu Evolution new email notification when the app is closed ?12:13
r0b0rwell, ok, but some tips on grub or something would be in the spirit12:14
Ben64tip - install a supported version of ubuntu12:14
=== yesudeep is now known as d9f0ded8d0362950
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, I saw that ... didn't respond because I don't know.  Guess: no alert if the evolution service isn't running12:14
MrN00Bscfhowlett, evolution-indicator is installed12:15
cfhowlettr0b0r, not supported = not supported12:15
MrN00Bsdo I need to install mail-evolution-notification ?12:15
r0b0rso, what is supported. 11+?12:15
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, right.  I have it too.  let me look at something12:15
Ben64r0b0r: supported versions are in the topic12:15
r0b0rthanks Ben6412:16
MrN00Bscfhowlett, mail-notification-evolution is required I guess12:16
r0b0rwhat about the antiques?12:16
explare there any tor nodes that aren't publicly listed as tor nodes?12:16
MrN00Bscfhowlett, sudo aptitude search mail-notification-evolution12:16
MrN00Bsif it shows it is installed12:16
r0b0rexpl you answered your own question12:17
Ben64r0b0r: not supported, as you've been told already12:17
explr0b0r: no i didn't12:17
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, must be it.  I've got evolution but not that app12:17
expltor node doesn't imply public listing, it implies the physical ability to be a tor node12:17
expl!behelpful | r0b0r or shutup12:18
ubottur0b0r or shutup: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.12:18
Ben64expl: the attitude is not necessary, and tor is not on topic here12:18
mcphailexpl: this isn't a topic for this channel12:18
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, mildly surprised that it's not included with evol. but ...12:18
MrN00Bscfhowlett, do you get the new email notifications ?12:18
MrN00Bscfhowlett, or do get notifications only when you open it ?12:19
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, I do not until I start the evolution program ... same as you, right?12:19
bcchttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9897190/ anyone seen this before?!12:19
MrN00Bscfhowlett, yep now install mail-notification-evolution and close the app after sending an email to yourself12:20
r0b0rsorry guys. i did not mean to be rude.12:20
r0b0rwhere would one find some chat with antiquated systems such as 10?12:20
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, good to know.  and good detective work there, lou!12:20
cfhowlettr0b0r, #ubuntu-offtopic maybe12:21
Ben64r0b0r: again, not supported, you're not going to find any support12:21
MrN00Bscfhowlett, I am always helping and kind but girls never understand me12:21
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, !!! TMI !!!12:21
r0b0ri'm not after any support currently I was just curious.12:21
MrN00Bscfhowlett, what is TMI ?12:21
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, Too Much (personal) Information12:21
MrN00Bscfhowlett, don't install it, it has to do with server12:22
MrN00Bsdo not install12:22
MrN00Bscfhowlett, apt-get purge mail-notification-evolution12:23
MrN00Bsapt-get autoremove12:23
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, right, I installed nothing ... just mirroring on my system in response to your initial query12:24
MrN00Bscfhowlett, ok12:24
bccI fixed it12:24
bccmy /tmp was missing12:24
Borysathan: hi again12:25
Borysim dont ask before coz battery discharged, so again..12:26
Borysim installing lubuntu 14.10 atm12:26
Borysso all I need is install puvcontrol or smth to get working pulseaudio?12:27
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
athanBorys: Hey, yeah it should work out-of-the-box12:30
explhi somebody told me to run sudo su to get root12:30
explsudo su12:30
Ben64expl: not correct12:30
cfhowlett!root | expl12:30
ubottuexpl: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:30
explsorry wrong window12:31
explwhat do you mean12:31
Ben64what are  you trying to do?12:31
cfhowlettexpl, if you don't know how to get root, you're probably better off not using root.  learn more, root less12:31
expli want to see the /root dir12:31
expli'm learning linux12:31
Ben64sudo ls /root12:32
explHow can i be root when Ubuntu starts?12:32
Ben64you don't12:32
explWhat don't?12:32
cfhowlettexpl, bad idea.  BAD idea.12:32
YamakasYjavi404, :D12:32
javi404YamakasY: hey man, long time no see, how's it hanging?12:32
YamakasYjavi404, indeed, dunno, need to unzip pants for that12:33
YamakasYjavi404, you ?12:33
cfhowlettYamakasY, stop now.12:33
javi404YamakasY: i usually sleep naked.12:33
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:33
Ben64YamakasY: javi404: not here, go make your own channel12:33
javi404Ben64: wtf, is your problem?12:33
YamakasYhuh ?12:33
Ben64this is a support channel only12:33
javi404holy crap12:33
YamakasYcan´t we say hello ?12:34
javi404Ben64: im supporting YamakasY12:34
explI need add PPA for VIVID package, how?12:34
remlineexpl, in Unix world it is typical to use a non-root account for the majority of operations. This is different than in Windows where many users are accustomed to using admin acounts 100% of the time.12:34
javi404YamakasY: apparently saying hello is not allowed here?12:34
YamakasYjavi404, dunno12:34
YamakasYjavi404, but Ubuntu running now as you want ?12:35
expl$ sudo suu12:35
expl[sudo] password for jason:12:35
explsudo: suu: command not found12:35
javi404YamakasY: so i need to upgrade my raspi12:35
Ben64you've said hello now, keep on topic12:35
explPlease help Root not working12:35
MrN00Bscfhowlett, this channel works 24x712:35
YamakasYjavi404, which version ?12:35
javi404shit, i have to check, gimme a min12:35
Ben64raspberry pi is NOT on topic here12:35
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, ?  you mean #ubuntu??12:35
MrN00Bsit is so amazing12:35
remlineexpl, I don't believe 'suu' is a command12:35
MrN00Bswe are sharing 24x712:35
YamakasYBen64, Ubunto on rasperry12:35
javi404Ben64: it's running ubuntu.12:35
Ben64not on topic here12:35
YamakasYBen64, since when ?12:36
javi404ubuntu is not a topic here?12:36
cfhowlettMrN00Bs, yes, ubuntu is global and 24x7.  enjoy the magic12:36
Ben64and raspberry pi is incapable of running ubuntu12:36
javi404Ben64: are you high?12:36
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang12:36
YamakasYBen64, no it isn´t12:36
k1lexpl: root account is not used on ubuntu. just preface sudo for the program that needs root permissions12:36
javi404Ben64: im running ubuntu on my pi12:36
k1ljavi404: stop it. ask your technical ubuntu question if you got one.12:36
YamakasY!ops Ben seems to have a problem with ?12:36
ubottuYamakasY: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:36
javi404you want proof?12:36
Ben64fine, go to #ubuntu-arm for support then12:36
cromagiHello all12:37
expl$ sudo ubuntu12:37
explsudo: ubuntu: command not found12:37
explRoot not working, Please help12:37
YamakasYBen64, are you some troll ?12:37
javi404wow, you guys are not nie in here12:37
k1ljavi404: there is no ubuntu on raspberry pi, since the chip is too old12:37
lea_helo. i'm french12:37
cromagitry putting a dash in betweed sudo and ubuntu?12:37
remlineexpl, try sudo ls12:37
k1lexpl: what do you want?12:37
cfhowlettexpl, you are using the wrong command.  using wrong commands in root WILL break your system.  learn more, root later.12:37
Ben64expl: are you messing with us? you have the same IP as a regular helper here12:38
cfhowlett!fr | lea_,12:38
ubottulea_,: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:38
YamakasYjavi404, get a bouncer12:38
expl$ ls12:38
explbash                  fgrep       nano                     setfacl12:38
explbunzip2               findmnt     nc                       setfont12:38
explbusybox               fuser       nc.openbsd               setupcon12:38
explbzcat                 fusermount  netcat                   sh12:38
explbzcmp                 getfacl     netstat                  sh.distrib12:38
marc__to login to root ... sudo su ...12:38
Ben64marc__: no12:38
YamakasYexpl, use pastebin.com!12:38
k1ldont sudo su!12:38
r420rwhy ?12:39
YamakasYk1l, heh why ?12:39
k1lbecause it messes with the env setup. use sudo -i if you really need a root shell12:39
Ben64(which you pretty much never need)12:39
YamakasYk1l, depends on what you do12:40
k1lbut for 99% of the ubuntu users, "i need root" is just because they follow a wrong howto made by guys not using ubuntu. most times it not needed.12:40
MrN00Bscfhowlett, I have a MBP from Mid-2010 I am thinking about wiping it and installing Ubuntu, what do you think ?12:40
marc__ben64 , sorry, just waking up and reading back a little thought someone was trying to find out hhow to get root on ubuntu12:40
YamakasYk1l, wrong, if you need root rights you need to sudo12:41
tomodachiMrN00Bs: MBP is it a 15" inch one with dual gfx cards?!12:41
Ben64marc__: ok but thats still never the right answer to anything12:41
k1lYamakasY: no. wrong env setups are wrong env setups. you cant hope that you just have the case where the env setup doesnt matter. its like playing lottery12:41
explYamakasY: http://pastebin.com/Sdeu7W9D12:41
k1lexpl: what do you want to do?12:41
YamakasYk1l, hence, explain me why people are doing so for 20 years than without issues12:41
explk1l: I want Root for learning Linux12:42
cfhowlett!mac | MrN00Bs, 1.  never installed on a mac.  2.  mac + ubuntu seems like a sweet marriage - provided you research the right method.  see more at the links12:42
ubottuMrN00Bs, 1.  never installed on a mac.  2.  mac + ubuntu seems like a sweet marriage - provided you research the right method.  see more at the links: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:42
MrN00Bscfhowlett, ok I ok12:43
k1lexpl: no, what do you want to do exactly? you dont need root for learning linux. ubuntu doesnt use the root account. it got sudo for user conveniance.12:43
explIs there Channel for Ubuntu in Lebanon? Please can you guide?12:43
YamakasYk1l, what is you issue with javi404 ?12:44
r420rsudo su - giving same result , k1l12:45
remlinesudo allows a permitted user to execute a command as the superuser or another user, as specified by the security policy.12:45
Ben64can everyone just stop with that command already?12:45
cfhowlettexpl, you do NOT need root to "learn linux".  who ever told you you need root to learn linux is ... misinformed at best12:46
k1l!sudo | r420r12:46
ubottur420r: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:46
r420rnice bot12:46
r0b0rquickest way to learn the hardest way12:47
explk1l: http://www.wikihow.com/Become-Root-in-Linux12:47
k1lexpl: that howto is wrong! it is not for ubuntu12:47
* r0b0r b r b 4 b e e r 12:47
remlineexpl, note that the page says "Only use the root account if you absolutely have to."12:47
expl$ su12:47
explsu: Authentication failure12:47
cromagii just upgraded to ubuntu 14.10... do i need to enable third party sources?12:47
explk1l: Why it says failure?12:47
Ben64expl: this has been explained to you many many times already. please read12:47
* r0b0r would imagine the incorrect pass was used :P12:48
k1lexpl: stop12:48
Ben64expl: or in the likely case that you are in fact EriC^^ ... stop messing around?12:48
k1lexpl: i explained that several times now. dont you read what i told you?12:48
Ben64r0b0r: there is no correct password in ubuntu for "su"12:48
remlineBy default, the Root account password is locked in Ubuntu.12:49
k1lexpl: ubuntu doesnt use the root account. it is differen than other linux distributions. you dont need to be root all the time like you need to be "administrator" on windows. if you need a program to have root permissions you use sudo. but dont run everything with sudo12:50
k1lexpl: running everything as root is malicious.12:50
r0b0rwell shit it's ten minutes to beer o'clock.12:51
r0b0rbetter get a head start.12:51
explk1l: I am following online guide to learn Linux12:52
k1lexpl: that online guide is wrong! its not made for ubuntu12:52
explk1l: I am not make malicious to Ubuntu12:52
trijntje_expl: what online guide?12:52
k1lexpl: you are using a linux mint howto. linux mint is not ubuntu!12:53
expltrinjt: http://linuxreviews.org/beginner/#toc112:53
k1l!sudo > expl12:53
ubottuexpl, please see my private message12:53
explHow can I Ubuntu Version? k1l?12:54
trijntje_expl: that guide is more then 10 years old, and not written for ubuntu.12:54
trijntje_expl: why not read this?12:54
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:54
popeyexpl: that guide is very old.12:55
popeyexpl: almost certainly out of date, and wrong in places.12:55
remline"You should never use normal sudo to start graphical applications as Root. You should use gksudo to run such programs." Why is this?12:55
cfhowlettremline, gk = graphic12:55
daftykins!it | expl you would probably be better off talking here12:55
ubottuexpl you would probably be better off talking here: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:55
popeyremline: because you could end up with files owned by root in your home directory as a result12:56
mcphailremline: it can muck about with permissions, for example on .Xauthority which then breaks login12:56
k1lremline: using the wrong enviroment variables. that will cause permissions mess in your /home12:56
paradisebunnycan someone tell me how i can check if write barriers are enabled? using ubuntu 14.0412:57
expltrijntj: Thank you. I will read Guides.12:58
expltrijnt: How can I Ubuntu Version?12:59
popeyexpl: lsb_release -a13:00
cromagiHuh? , expl13:00
explpopey: Thank you13:01
popeyno problem13:01
r00t_this is a support channel?13:02
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84
cfhowlettr00t_, ubuntu support only13:02
expldaftykins: Nobody talk in Channel ubuntu-it13:03
BluesKajHey folks13:03
r00t_ok thanks, I'm trying to get a fix to a problem I have: using two gpu cards in a multi monitor configuration, they work using the nouveau driver but not with the proprietary ones13:03
daftykinsexpl: ok well try and be clearer with your english13:04
trijntje_expl: it seems to be active, it might just be that nobody is present now. Just keep hanging around there13:04
mcphailr00t_: what doesn't work?13:06
=== doh is now known as doh_
daftykinsr00t_: what's the result from installing an nvidia proprietary driver? do you get no display at all? you likely have to create a customised xorg.conf file to state which card you want as primary and so on13:07
r00t_well I manage to get working the nvidia gpu with the two monitors connected but the third one is connected to the intel graphics gpu that just stop working with proprietary drivers installed for nvidia+13:07
daftykinsok wel you said nothing about that in your first message :)13:08
r00t_sorry :D13:08
expltrintj: $ sudo cd /root13:08
expl[sudo] password for jason:13:08
explsudo: cd: command not found13:08
popeyexpl: why are you doing that?13:08
explpopy: I want to Learn Linux.13:09
MACscrhow do i remove lpanel or whatever its called that lxde/openbox uses? I simply want to use glx-dock instead. dont need both open13:09
popeyexpl: right, but nobody would ever type that.13:09
Ben64expl: i told you 37 minutes ago how to look in that directory, why don't you want to read? looking in that directory doesn't let you learn linux, there is likely nothing in there at all!13:09
popeyexpl: if you want to "become root" then "sudo -s", but I would read more documentation :)13:09
Ben64Jan 27 2015 04:32:06 <Ben64>sudo ls /root13:09
r00t_daftykins: can you point me to some article that explains how to configure well the xorg.conf file and how to generate the file configuration?13:11
remlineexpl, you can learn linux without root. Simple as that.13:11
ikoniaBen64: any chance you could join us in #ubuntu-ops for a moment please13:11
daftykinsr00t_: nope, but my suggestion doesn't apply so much since you gave the full story :) it might be handy to pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log whilst you have an nvidia proprietary driver installed and this display setup attached to the relevant cards13:12
cybernovadaftykins, -it is the italian chat, don't bring people there that are not italian13:12
cybernovalebanon != italy13:12
explBen64: It not work, I tried.13:12
daftykinscybernova: the user's nick was pointing close to italy before, my mistake if it was inaccurate - but the user did not seem like one who would reply to where they were from13:13
daftykinser not nick, IP13:13
trijntje_expl: yes it did. Why do you think it didn't work?13:14
r00t_daftykins: actually i'm not using that computer, it's busy right now, it does change something if I use a ubuntu based distro?13:14
waaataawmy tmp directory keeps filling up when i'm doing database queries13:14
explremline: But It's My PC, I need Root to make Linux Learning.13:15
waaataawand sha1ing stuff in node.js13:15
daftykinsr00t_: so you're not even using ubuntu and asking about these issues with it? sorry but any other distro is off topic.13:15
popeyexpl: we've told you how. "sudo -s" will make you root. But read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:15
r00t_daftykins: the xorg.conf file is the same on all ubuntu based distros, just need to know how to edit it13:16
trijntje_popey: that will only help him break his system even quicker ;)13:16
waaataawdf -h shows 1gb out of 1gb used,  disk usage analyzer shows only a few kb13:16
daftykinsr00t_: "ubuntu based" - sorry, those are not supported here.13:16
popeyr00t_: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf - see also this kind of thing... http://askubuntu.com/questions/30412/3-monitors-with-2-video-cards-not-working13:17
r00t_daftykins: ok, let's say I use xubuntu (this computer where i'm actually use it) how I could edit that conf file to add the third monitor?13:18
ablest1980where can i learn ubuntu?13:18
Ben64!manual | ablest198013:18
ubottuablest1980: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:18
waaataawhey guys how can i work out what is using up all of my tmp directory if i do a df -h, it shows it is full but an ls -alh shows nothing?13:18
ablest1980ty ben13:19
cfhowlettablest1980, www.fullcirclemagazine.org      download issue #0, read, learn repeat13:19
popeywaaataaw: ncdu is handy for that... "ncdu /tmp"13:19
popeywaaataaw: (you need to install it of course)13:19
waaataaw944kb largest file13:19
=== EriC^^ is now known as Guest95650
waaataawpopey: from ncdu13:19
daftykinsr00t_: no, because like i said i need to see logs and i'm only going to help officially supported distros :) don't try and get around things13:19
explpopey: Thank you. It works.13:19
waaataawtmpfs                        1.0G  1.0G     0 100% /tmp  << however from df -h13:19
zambacan someone tell me how i can get nfsv4 working like nfsv3 did? without this idmap stuff?13:19
=== Guest95650 is now known as EriC^^
Ben64waaataaw: what about total for the directory?13:20
popeywaaataaw: a reboot will clear out your /tmp ㋛13:20
ablest1980cfhowleet ty13:20
r00t_daftykins: actually I have the same problem on xubuntu (wich is a supported distro I think) so that could work on any other13:21
popeyr00t_: see link above.13:21
cfhowlettablest1980, happy2help!13:21
r00t_here on xubuntu there is no xorg.conf file, any command to generate that file?13:21
waaataawpopey: yeah the problem is i need to work out the problem.because i'm writing softwar13:22
daftykinsr00t_: well, you've had some links shared and you know what to do.13:22
waaataawand i can't have it filling up the temp directory with invisible magic files.. also this computer has 32gb of ram13:22
daftykinsr00t_: no you need to make one up following some advice from online :)13:22
popeyr00t_: craft it from scratch13:22
Ben64waaataaw: unlikely to be magic. check lsof and/or symlinks in /proc to see if files are open in /tmp13:23
ablest1980cfhowleet do you mean issue #1?13:23
trijntje_waaataaw: what kind  of filesystem is tmp?13:23
popeywaaataaw: understood.13:24
popeywaaataaw: perhaps "sudo ncdu /tmp" - do more files show up?13:24
solsTiCehi. when i am connected via ssh on wifi interface of raspberry and unplug the ethernet one, the ssh connection freezes for 1 minute. why ?13:24
azi`mcphail: nevermind with that code. i've spoted the bug. thanks for your time13:24
waaataawtrijntje_, how can i tell?13:24
mcphailazi`: what was it?13:25
tewardsolsTiCe: you mean the connection from computer -> raspberrypi over SSH?13:25
waaataawpopey: 991kb13:25
waaataawso same13:25
r00t_ok i found it, thanks for help, sorry daftykins for trying to get around things :D13:25
daftykinsr00t_: no problem ;) you're not the first shall we say13:25
trijntje_waaataaw: df -h should show it13:25
daftykinsit's tmpfs as per an earlier paste, trijntje_13:26
r00t_I just asked here because on the distro support channel there was no helpful answer13:26
waaataawtmpfs                        1.0G  1.0G   32K 100% /tmp13:26
daftykinsr00t_: so what is it really running?13:26
solsTiCeteward: yes. when i unplug the ethernet on raspberrypi, the wifi connection ssh from pc to raspi freezes13:26
waaataawok i've removed every file in /tmp13:26
waaataawsudo rm -rf /tmp/*13:27
waaataawand it's still using 1gb13:27
Ben64waaataaw: did you try my suggestion13:27
cfhowlettr00t_, if the publisher doesn't support, why in seven blue galaxies are you using it?  think about it.13:27
r00t_daftykins: mint mate man13:27
waaataawsorry ben.. missed it, trying now13:27
solsTiCeteward: after 1 minute it comes back. but i wonder why as it the second distro that does that.13:27
popeyr00t_: Ubuntu MATE is also available ㋛13:27
waaataawok so ls -al /proc has no symlinks pointing at /tmp13:27
ablest1980cfhowlett no issue 013:28
cfhowlettablest1980, false.  wait 113:28
waaataawBen64: dconf      3595  3598 grahamsavage   33u      REG               0,19    293244    2662877 /tmp/#2662877 (deleted)13:29
waaataawlsof has thousands of these13:29
popeyso deleted files that were still open when deleted13:29
Ben64waaataaw: is definitely a suspect13:29
ObrienDaveablest1980, http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-0/13:29
cfhowlettablest1980, http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-0/      and subsequent issues: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/13:29
r00t_actually I'm stuck on mint mate because the nouveau driver was just running fine, on xubuntu i got a weird problem with the display: the two halfs of the monitor were inverted so moving the mouse to that monitor would like make the cursor teleport first to the right side and then to left side, i'm unlucky with distros :D13:30
ablest1980ty guys13:30
Ben64r00t_: then you should pop on over to #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:30
r00t_nah, gonna try the mate version of ubuntu, i'm just curious13:31
waaataawBen64: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/e8ef7287f532fb3fa1e8/raw/68c6503372addf70b67e459280a5f0d836a8ccd0/bla.txt13:31
waaataawdoes that look odd?13:31
ablest1980how do i know which ubuntu i got i know its 14.04lts13:31
popeyablest1980: lsb_release -a13:32
solsTiCeso I have a ubuntu specific question: I use 2 monitors. and move chromium to right hdmi monitor. now it is connected to raspi so I have only the latptop screen on ubuntu but chromium has opened on the non running on ubuntu screen. so i cant' reach chromium. it is off screen13:32
ObrienDaveoh my13:33
solsTiCeah ok i got it with alt-f713:33
popeysolsTiCe: use the display control to switch off the external monitor? windows will revert back to the main one, or Windows+S to see all desktops and drag it back13:33
Ben64waaataaw: yes odd13:34
Ben64waaataaw: on that list, the 8th column is the size in bytes13:35
waaataawwhat i was doing is using the node.js to sha1 on results in database queries    var folderSha1 = shasum.digest('hex');13:35
waaataawwe would have run 500,000 postgresql queries and then sha1'd them all13:35
Ben64waaataaw: lots of 100, 200, 300MB files13:36
Ben64oh, some are repeats13:36
Ben64close all your terminals and applications, except irc :)13:37
waaataawok done that13:38
waaataawthen reopend one13:38
waaataawnow has 1022m available13:38
Ben64something you did kept files opened and you needed to stop it13:39
waaataawis it the output in the terminal window prehaps?13:39
waaataawlike 10 million line prints?13:39
Ben64output doesn't matter13:39
Ben64it'd be something running13:39
waaataawi've got scrollback set to unlimited13:39
waaataawit would have been millions and millions of lines of output13:39
Ben64yeah that shouldn't affect /tmp at least13:40
waaataaweven for 1 - 10m lines?13:40
waaataawi mean i wasn't opening files..13:40
waaataawliterally it was sql query for 100 results, sha1 those results, do an insert... repeat a million times13:40
Ben64waaataaw: i guess its possible13:41
waaataawi've limited to 10k now :)13:41
waaataawat least i can clear it out13:41
Ben64waaataaw: type "yes" on a terminal and see if /tmp loses space?13:41
waaataawwihtout rebooting13:41
waaataawhaha yes13:42
Ben64waaataaw: ha, confirmed. i set my scrollback to unlimited and now i'm watching /tmp lose space13:43
mcphailnice piece of detective work there. I've learned something new today!13:44
waaataawyeah amazing :)13:44
Ben64apparently it writes to a deleted file, because the file does not exist still13:45
Ben64very strange13:45
waaataawafter ben mentioned the terminal window closing down.. i'm like.. there's no files we have open13:45
waaataawand my brother is like.. does it store the terminal scrollbackk.. and i'm like ermmmmm13:45
explHow i make close XServer?13:45
waaataawi've set it to 20,00013:45
waaataawshould be enough13:46
k1lexpl: can you explain that a bit more?13:46
explkll: I want make Terminal without XServer13:46
courttvexpl: just install server13:47
k1lexpl: you want your ubuntu to boot and not showing the xserver? use text as boot kernel setup13:48
locolocoHey all!13:48
k1l!text | expl13:48
ubottuexpl: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode13:48
ArshiaAghaeiHow to let ubuntu to install untrusted packages ??13:49
mcphailexpl: you can type "ctrl-alt-f2" to drop to a console, log in and type "sudo service lightdm stop" to close the running xserver13:49
explcourttv: I only want do that sometimes when battery low or make sudo -s. CTRL + ALT + F113:50
CtrlAltDeliciousHey everyone.13:50
k1lexpl: sudo lightdm stop. but it doesnt bring you a lot more battery live13:50
CtrlAltDeliciousIm working with Ubuntu, and Apache. I am trying to install the IMAP extenstion. I keep getting an error.  IMAP doesn't exist. PHP must be compiled with IMAP enabled.13:50
CtrlAltDeliciousWhere is PHP configured?  Do I just add extension=imap.so to the php.ini, or is there a different config file?13:52
explkll; OK. Thank you.13:52
courttvexpl: You can start in terminal mode or you said it by ctrl-alt f1-f513:54
locolocoHow to drag-and-drop while preserving permissions, timestamps etc.?13:55
somsipCtrlAltDelicious: http://askubuntu.com/questions/484921/php5-imap-on-ubunut-14-04-is-not-enabled13:55
CtrlAltDelicioussomsip: Haha, thanks.. thats all i was missing... the sudo php5enmod imap13:56
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XinJoaiHello, using "youtube-dl" command line tool I need to install "avconv" or "ffmpeg", are they in the repos?13:56
somsipCtrlAltDelicious: yeah - some php mods need it, others don't13:56
cfhowlettXinJoai, neither.13:56
somsip!find avconv | XinJoai13:57
CtrlAltDelicioussomsip: Is that essentially just adding it to the configs?13:57
ubottuXinJoai: File avconv found in devede, libav-doc, libav-tools13:57
codProbably a super noob question here. I just opened up filezilla, and opened the local /home dir. There is only one folder here. I was oping to see my home dir which has the standard documents, downloads, music etc folders. I assume filezilla is launching as root? or something? and thus has different local folders, how do i find the home i seek? :D13:57
cfhowlettXinJoai, unless you're transcoding the video ... avconv13:57
somsipCtrlAltDelicious: not sure what it does. It makes it work, which is what I care about13:57
somsipXinJoai: so, libav-tools will give you avconbv13:57
explIs this good guide for Ubuntu Linux? http://beginlinux.com/desktop/ubuntu13:57
XinJoaithank you guys !13:57
k1lexpl: no13:58
k1lexpl: why dont you use the official ubuntu guides?13:58
daftykinscod: /home is /home no matter what user the program runs as. try going to / and glancing around13:58
courttvexpl: you can kill  LIGHTDM or what ever window manager  you are using also.13:59
ikoniahome will be, where it was set to be at user creation, normally /home13:59
dw1omg http://www.itworld.com/article/2699063/enterprise-software/install-stunt-rally-open-source-racing-game-in-ubuntu-14-04.html13:59
explkll: I read guide too but its hard.14:00
ikoniathen start with easier tasks14:00
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
k1lexpl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/FAQ14:01
explkll: What this command does? sudo gobbledegook blah_blah -w -t -h --long-switch aWkward/ComBinationOf/mixedCase/underscores_strokes/and.dots14:02
=== cma2714 is now known as cmastudios
explkll: OK. I will read.14:02
k1lexpl: stop starting everything with sudo!14:02
explkll: I follow Guide for Terminal14:03
soulissonHi, i've installed logwatch with postfix, i'd like to receive reports on my gmail or outlook account. For now it doesn't work, any idea how can i solve this problem?14:04
k1lexpl: stop that bad guides14:04
explkll: It's Ubuntu Website guide!!??14:04
k1lexpl: where?14:05
ikoniaexpl: what guide are you following14:05
explkll: This https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:05
k1lexpl: you need to read. dont just copy the commands blindly14:06
k1lexpl: that command you posted is an example and is explained in the text. you need to start reading. if you just copy and paste the commands you will ruin your ubuntu14:06
courttvexpl: sudo service lightdm stop. Will stop the desktop running your battery down. Might give blank screen. Just use the ctrl+alt+f1 to cycle.14:07
explcourttV: TAHKN YOU!14:08
courttvexpl: replace lightdm with gdm if you have gnome. Or whatever Windows manager your login screen uses.14:09
explcourtv: That command not lower battery. It remove XServer :(14:10
ikoniait does not remove the X server14:11
ikoniait stops the xserver running14:11
courttvexpl: sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm stop. Try that14:11
explikonis: Yes. That What I Say.14:11
ikoniaexpl: no, you said "it remove Xserver"14:12
explikonia: It remove from running.14:12
ikoniaexpl: thats what you wanted14:13
ikoniayou asked how to stop it14:13
courttvexpl: Try issuing the command in a virtual terminal.14:13
explcourtV: That lower Battery?14:13
jatthow long lasts your battery?14:14
explI make stop with sudo lightdm stop. I think battery is lower.14:14
ikoniait will not save you much14:14
ikoniaexpl: do you want to use a desktop environment yes/no14:14
expljatt: 3 Hour14:15
courttvexpl: if you issue the command in a virtual terminal ctrl+alt+f1 you need the complete path. sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm stop14:15
ikoniaexpl: do you want to use a gui ?14:16
jattare you sure X is draining your battery?14:16
explIkonia: I want use sometimes.14:16
ikoniaI suggest that is not a good way to "learn"14:17
ikoniabut that is up to you14:17
courttvexpl: replace stop with start to restart unity.14:17
ArshiaAghaeiCan anyone tell me how to solve Untrusted packages problem ???14:18
explcourttv: Can I turn Off Everything Unless Terminal?14:18
popeyArshiaAghaei: what are you trying to install/do ?14:18
jattboot in single user mode14:18
jattthen everything is turned off but a terminal14:19
courttvexpl: that command does it. You will always have a few virtual terminals14:19
ArshiaAghaeipopey: MonoDevelop14:21
popeyArshiaAghaei: from a ppa?14:21
Mehrdadhi, is there any channel about assembly language ?14:21
ArshiaAghaeipopey: Ubuntu software center14:21
popeyArshiaAghaei: can you screenshot or pastebin the exact message you're getting?14:22
ArshiaAghaeipopey: Ok14:22
courttvexpl: install a lightweight desktop like Xfce. I think, not sure, you will lose all power saving features of the desktop. I believe you are running laptop. Your screen will not shut off. The screen most power.14:23
courttvexpl: install a lightweight desktop like Xfce. I think, not sure, you will lose all power saving features of the desktop. I believe you are running laptop. Your screen will not shut off. The screen uses most power.14:23
Mehrdadand how to enter that channel ?14:23
popeyMehrdad:  /join #asm14:24
somsip!alis | Mehrdad14:24
ubottuMehrdad: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:24
popeyArshiaAghaei: also, pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy monodevelop" please14:25
discoveryhi ?14:26
discoverysome poeple here ?14:26
marshal0505No, noone here14:26
discoveryall dead ? :p14:26
somsip!ask | discovery14:26
ubottudiscovery: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:26
ArshiaAghaeipopey: My terminal is busy. So, I cannot start the download for MonoDevelop. Please wait...14:26
discoveryit was possible Ubuntu 14.04 on Raspberry Pi + ?14:26
popeydiscovery: no14:27
daftykinsdiscovery: no14:27
discoveryi need this GUI "Unity, Gnome, KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon and LXDE"14:27
discoveryOn Rasp it was possible ?14:27
popeydiscovery: not with ubuntu14:27
popeydiscovery: maybe with Raspbian (debian)14:27
discoveryand with raspbian ?14:27
discoveryim on rasp14:28
popeydiscovery: but we can't help with that here.14:28
discoveryiknow :D14:28
k1ldiscovery: there is not ubuntu for raspberry pi because the ARM chip os not supported14:28
k1lso see the support from that OS you are running on your rpi14:28
discoveryGnone Desktop work on Rasp for you ?14:28
popeydiscovery: not on ubuntu14:28
discoveryon rasp :p14:28
popeythis is #ubuntu14:29
ArshiaAghaeipopey: How to send my screen-shot ? i don't see this ability in paste-bin.14:29
somsipdiscovery: /join #raspbian14:29
popeyArshiaAghaei: just do "apt-cache policy monodevelop" for now14:29
ArshiaAghaeipopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9898811/14:31
popeyArshiaAghaei: what happens if you "sudo apt-get install monodevelop" ? - can you pastebin that?14:31
ArshiaAghaeipopey: Ok , let's try it.14:32
LurkAshFlakeThe wi-fi of my school is Tuneled tls, it ask me for username password and ca certificate, what certificate do i give/ how do i connect?14:32
popeyLurkAshFlake: you probably need to speak to your school helpdesk, but your username and password should be issued to you.14:33
LurkAshFlakei do have password and username14:34
=== theadmin|ghost is now known as theadmin
explHow can man:/ls Firefox?14:39
jattman:/ls Firefox?14:39
k1lexpl: that command ist just wrong. what do you want to do?14:39
courttvexpl: You want the man for Firefox.14:40
GatoLokoexpl: do not write in all caps, it is against the rules. Next time you will be expelled.14:41
ikoniaexpl: you're not going to get them14:41
ikoniaexpl: the man pages are normally all text14:41
ikoniaexpl: you can use the web interface to view web formatted versions14:41
explPrettier Manual Pages14:41
explUsers who have Konqueror installed will be pleased to find they can read and search man pages in a web browser context, prettified with their chosen desktop fonts and a little colour, by visiting man:/command in Konqueror's address bar. Some people might find this lightens the load if there's lots of documentation to read/search.14:41
courttvexpl: nice14:42
jattman -H14:42
k1lexpl: again: read what is written and not just copy and paste the commands14:42
jattopens the man page in a browser14:42
marc__hi everyone14:42
k1lexpl: its says "in Konqueror" not "in terminal"14:42
popeyexpl: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/  you could use that14:42
explkll: I use Firefox14:42
ikoniaexpl: the docs say "in konqueror"14:43
ikoniaexpl: not "in firefox"14:43
k1lexpl: your statement doesnt make sense14:43
popeyexpl: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ls for example redirects to the man page for ls14:43
jattBROWSER=firefox man -H ls14:43
popeyhe uses firefox and wants the ability to view pretty man pages like konq can14:43
popeyseems pretty simple14:43
popeybut firefox doesn't have that ability14:43
ikoniapopey: I think it can parse them, just doens't reformat them14:43
popeyTue Jan 27 14:44:35 UTC 201514:44
explpopey: YES.14:45
courttvexpl: install the kde program that works on.14:46
ArshiaAghaeipopey: A question, will this code install VB.NET ???14:46
jattyou can also use yelp man:ls to prettify man pages if you use gnome/xfce14:46
popeyArshiaAghaei: uh, no.14:46
ArshiaAghaeipopey: Hmm...14:47
ArshiaAghaeipopey: Then how to install VB.Net Compiler ???14:47
jattthere is the mcs compiler14:48
jattfor linux14:48
cfhowlettArshiaAghaei, best to use windows OS for windows tools.14:49
ArshiaAghaeicfhowlett: Let's think i have windows , but i want to use GNU-Linux14:49
cfhowlettArshiaAghaei, use gcc compiler14:50
ArshiaAghaeicfhowlett: for VB.net ???!!!!!!14:50
jattmcs compiler for vb.net, sort of14:50
brothersomeWindows ---> mingw-gcc compiler  - to create exe programs14:51
ArshiaAghaeijatt: how to get MCS14:51
cfhowlettArshiaAghaei, vb is visual basic is microsoft14:51
jattapt-get install you can also14:51
jattapt-get install mono-mcs14:51
ArshiaAghaeijatt: Thanks.14:51
ArshiaAghaeicfhowlett: I know , VB.NET is Microsoft Visual Basic.Net14:51
jattoh! forget what I said then I though you wanted a C# compiler14:52
cocomohow do i intall flash player on ubuntu 14.04 to run on chrome?14:52
jattVisual Basic on linux... hmm tough14:52
cfhowlettArshiaAghaei, and my statement holds: best to use MICROSOFT for MICROSOFT tools such as VB14:52
cocomoFLASH PLAYER install how-to plz14:52
cfhowlett!flash | cocomo14:53
ubottucocomo: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:53
courttvcocomo: chrome has its own. Chromium don't. Go to the chrome web site and install that version.14:53
jattmost sites use html5 now I think?14:53
cocomocourttv: it has its own flash player?14:53
popeycocomo: yeah, chrome has flash built i14:53
ArshiaAghaeicfhowlett: I know. I have windows 7 SP1 , I have Visual Studio 2013 and ... But i want to have some code with .NET14:53
k1lcocomo: install pepperflash plugin. but i think chrome should already bring flash support14:53
popeycocomo: note there's a difference between chrome and chromium14:53
cocomowth mine isn't working14:53
ArshiaAghaeiIn GNU-Linux14:54
cocomopopey: i have chrome from google's website14:54
popeyit should have flash then14:54
courttvcocomo: chrome does. But it's not in ubuntu repository. That's why you need to go the chrome website to download and install.14:54
cocomocourttv: i see. thank you14:55
brothersomeArshiaAghaei, Program in WIndows, Use in Linux14:55
courttvcocomo: chromium is in the repository. But don't have built in flash.14:55
GeekDudeI've got a program running in a named screen instance. I want to send a command to it's StdIn using a bash script. "screen -x instancename -X say test" doesn't seem to work, but I have no idea what to do14:57
yoggIch verwende overlayfs für ein readonly system. Das funktioniert alles sehr gut, außer wenn ich was umstellen will. Dann mounte ich die Platte "rw" bearbeite die config und stelle auf "ro" zurück. Dann bekomme ich aber ein device is busy15:00
somsip!de | yogg15:00
ubottuyogg: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:00
yoggwrong channel15:01
marc__It is true that LMDE is a rolling release?15:01
k1lmarc__: we dont know about linux mint in here :)15:01
cfhowlettmarc__, there are no ubuntu rolling releases15:01
marc__LMDE is Linux Mint based on Debian15:01
cfhowlettmarc__, not ubuntu, not supported here, not discussed15:02
marc__I am not asking about Ubuntu15:02
k1lmarc__: see /topic to know that this is not the right channel for non ubuntu stuff :)15:02
cfhowlettmarc__, then we're not discussing it15:02
somsipmarc__: exactly - *this* is the ubuntu support channel.15:02
marc__I am asking about bLMDE, which is a Linux Mint distro15:02
cfhowlett!mint | marc__15:03
ubottumarc__: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:03
marc__Ah sorry.... lol, I didnt see I was logged in to Ubuntu...15:03
marc__thinking I had the Linux Mint channel open15:03
marc__My wrong, sorry15:04
noahIs there a way to make a button get automatically pressed during the boot sequence. It's because my up key always sticks at boot. If I press space it will unstick it.15:07
pybeGeekDude: its meant for sending screen commands, you can send things using stuff but its a bit funky15:10
pybeGeekDude: try screen -S sessionname -x 'ls -alh'`echo -ne '\015'`15:14
GeekDudeuhh, what exactly is that supposed to do?15:14
pybesorry you need stuff after the -x15:15
pybeok -S session name defines session to connect to15:15
GeekDudeIt connected me to the session15:16
=== Fetch_ is now known as Fetch
GeekDudehowever, `screen -S sessionname -X things` doesn't appear to have any effect15:16
pybe-x stuff 'ls -alh' tells it to stuff ls -alh to the command line15:16
PiciBut ls quits as soon as it is done, so it isn't going to stay running under a screen.15:17
GeekDude"-x   Attach to a not detached screen  session."15:17
GeekDude" -X   Send the specified command to a running screen  session."15:17
pybe`echo -ne '\015'` sends enter key15:18
pybehave to use stuff15:18
pybescreen -S my-session -x stuff 'my command'`echo -ne '\015'`15:19
pybeif you leave out stuff it wont work15:20
geirhause $'\r' instead of `echo...`15:20
GeekDudeah, sorry. I was missing teh stuff keyword15:20
GeekDudeseems to be working now15:20
pybethanks geirha always good to learn new thinngs15:21
metric_can someone help me add a xubuntu box to a windows domain?  or point me in the right direction?15:21
kubancHello, where can I change the mice splash screen image in Xubuntu 14.04? Anyone knows where is the location of the image?15:21
=== jokx_ is now known as jokx
metric_i've tried via installing a kerberos client per the ubuntu documentation and have had zero success15:22
jattkubanc: is part of one of the plymouth-* packages15:23
hroican a user crontab use @reboot on ubuntu?   it used to not be allowed I think15:23
kubancjatt, where is the location of that package?15:23
r0b0rwhat is the preferred video editting suite amongst you all?15:23
jattkubanc: you can check whether it's installed with15:24
jattdpkg -l | grep plymouth15:24
CataLauhow can i instal a C compiler??15:26
metric_caclau: look for gcc15:26
jatt... or clang15:26
kubancjatt, I've got some results, but I do not see anything about mice splash...15:27
metric_caclau: i;ve use sudo apt-get install gcc15:27
GeekDudegeirha: Shouldn't I be using \n, not \r?15:28
metric_has anyone successfully joined an ubuntu box to a windows domain15:29
jattkubanc: at least on my machine15:29
jattdpkg -L plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo15:29
jattlists the file: /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/wallpaper.png15:29
jattwhich is what I see when my machine is booting15:29
cfhowlett!samba | metric_,15:29
ubottumetric_,: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html15:29
PiciCataLau: you'd be interested in installing the build-essential metapackage. It includes pretty much everything you'd need to compile.15:29
CataLaui have instal gcc-3.3.... but i have the same problem15:29
geirhaGeekDude: When you hit the Enter key on the keyboard, while the terminal is in focus, the terminal actually receives \r, not \n.15:29
metric_cfhowlett, ubottu: I've tried but ill try again thanks15:30
jattmetric_: I use a ubuntu box on a windows network, but not to login to a windows domain. I can resolve to all machines in the lan with the winbind package15:30
CataLaui have install tehe build-esential to....stil not working15:31
metric_jatt: ive installed the winbind package. im really trying to set up a PXE server15:31
PiciCataLau: And what problem is that?15:31
metric_I figure I'd add the ubuntu box to the windows domain and then set up the PXE server15:32
jattmetric_: I see I don't know anything aabout pxe, is that a voice ip server?15:32
metric_to install windows remotely15:32
jattI see15:32
metric_jatt: pxe is the preboot env and it allows you to install different OSes remotely. Im trying to set up a lab environment15:33
hroiseem users are not allowed to use crontab   @reboot15:33
r_awaitwhat kind of lab?15:34
CataLaui want to configure somthing and i have this error "checking for C compiler....not found"15:34
jattinstall gcc15:34
metric_r_await: a student lab15:34
PiciCataLau: And you were able to install build-essential without errors?15:34
r_awaitapt-get install gcc15:34
tonyc__can someone help me make sure I have my intel graphics installed and setup properly?15:34
metric_we host courses here for interenal and external training and i really dont feel like installing win7 manually on 50+ computers15:35
=== hkeide___ is now known as hkeide
cfhowletttonyc__, get the linux graphics driver installer, install, run the app.  done.15:35
tonyc__I have done that but things still don't work right15:36
cfhowletttonyc__, are you certain you have an intel gpu?15:36
CataLaujatt: i have gcc15:36
tonyc__it is integrated 865G chipset15:36
BluesKajtonyc__, in the terminal lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'15:36
CataLauPici: no error.15:37
tonyc__"kernel driver in use i915"15:37
r_awaitCatalau - There might be a log file in the directory you are working in which discribes your problem15:37
BluesKajtonyc__, then yopu have the correct driver for the gpu in the 965 chipset15:37
tonyc__865 chipset15:38
BluesKajyes tonyc__ that too15:38
tonyc__OK, good, i think15:38
tonyc__how do i go about trouble shooting video problems?15:38
CataLaurawait where i can find that file?15:38
BluesKajdescribe your video problems, tonyc__15:39
CataLaumake install don`t work to15:39
tonyc__First problem is I can't play MP4 files in parole or VLC15:39
kubancjatt, thank you, jsust changed the logo15:39
cfhowlett_tonyc__, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:40
tonyc__the xubuntu restricted extras is already installed, is that different than the ubuntu pack?15:40
cfhowlett_tonyc__, you're on xubuntu then xubuntu, etc15:40
cfhowlett_also: get glxgears to test your gpu15:41
tonyc__sudo apt-get glxgears?15:41
BluesKajsudo apt-get install glxgears15:42
noahIs there a way to set ubuntu automatically press a button during bootup.15:42
BluesKajor is it mesa-utils?15:42
tonyc__E" unable to located glxgears15:42
noahIs there a way to set ubuntu to automatically press a button during bootup.15:42
BluesKajtonyc__, try mesa-utils15:42
jattwhy don't run the command triggered by the button?15:42
tonyc__i already have mesa-utils15:43
hroiactually seesm cron @reboot is out of the question... I've read it initializes too early15:43
hroiI need run level 2  to start a script for me after run-level215:43
hroican I use init.d in some way?15:43
BluesKajtonyc__, then run glxgears in the terminal15:44
tonyc__intel_do_flush_locked failed: Input/output error15:44
tonyc__let me logout and come back.  intel drdiver utility decided to update drivers this times15:45
yasserhussain111HEY PEOPLE15:47
GatoLokoyasserhussain111: do not write in all caps, it is against the rules. Next time you will be expelled.15:47
yasserhussain111hey people15:47
PiciGatoLoko: Please turn that off here.15:47
ArshiaAghaeibrothersome: Ok,15:48
noahjatt: sorry i missed you message. It's because it's just a regular button. to unstick a key.15:50
Flusherhi, I can't find anything about CVE-2015-0235 on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/main.html : any news about this ?15:50
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)15:50
yasserhussain111why is everyone so quiet here?15:50
noahyasserhussain111: well do you have a problem?15:51
daftykinsyasserhussain111: it is a support channel, not a chat channel15:51
yasserhussain111well alright. I am just a newbie. I don't know much15:51
cfhowlett_!ask | yasserhussain111,15:51
ubottuyasserhussain111,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:51
metric_so now i have a really interesting error..... sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?15:52
=== ansivirus__ is now known as ansivirus
tonyc__OK, glxgears now runs properly, i think, even though  my refresh rate for my monitor seems wrong15:52
metric_any ideas. i found a post on a bug forum but no luck since i cant modify the pam.d config15:52
davoutis there a way to update glibc to 2.18? CVE-2015-0235 related15:52
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)15:52
jon1012is the fis for CVE-2015-0235 available for ubuntu ?15:53
tonyc__looks like mp4 videos in Parole play now15:53
tonyc__but video quality seems to be lacking15:53
noahubottu: I now your a bot but... Wow that's specific. :)15:53
ubottunoah: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:53
k1lFlusher: what issue is it? seems its just a reservation not an acutaly publisehd issue yet: http://www.cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=2015-023515:54
daftykinstonyc__: rather than sharing comments as per your discovery, can you save them up and phrase an actual support query please?15:54
jellydavout, jon1012: wait for the distro to release patched packages.15:54
jellyk1l: there is some info in the redhat bugzilla linked there15:54
Picijon1012, Flusher: I don't see anything out there for debian yet, so likely not for Ubuntu either.15:54
tonyc__sure.  So now that MP4 files play, how do i get hardware acceleration in chrome to work?15:54
jon1012jelly, it's released for debian and fedora... I'm starting to receive strange emails on my servers, so I guess it's quite urgent15:54
noahIs there a way to set ubuntu to automatically press a button during bootup.15:54
magnetikSo I guess it's talking about the CVE here ?15:55
Flusherk1l, Pici : https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2015-023515:55
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)15:55
SchrodingersScatnoah: not if it's for your bios or before ubuntu is loaded, otherwise you can look into things like xautomation15:55
jellyjon1012: I don't see new versions at security.debian.org?15:55
jon1012jelly, https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2015-023515:55
noahSchrodingersScat: it's right after I select ubuntu in grub.15:55
explHow I know which Architecture?15:55
jellyjon1012: that must have happened 10-15 minutes ago :-)15:56
Flusherjelly: hot topic :)15:56
k1lFlusher: jon1012 file a bug for ubuntu on launchpad.net15:57
jellyk1l: they already know.15:57
daftykinsexpl: "uname -a"15:57
Flusherk1l: i have news from the security, patch incoming15:58
FlusherCVE-2015-0235 was supposed to be embargoed until 18:00 UTC15:58
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)15:58
yoggI have a read only overlayfs system "http://pastebin.com/f3i880Qg". It works fine until I want to write back some changes to the harddisk "http://pastebin.com/pKDqxJ3V". I don't understand why I get a device busy error. There is nothing open.15:58
expldaftykins: Thank you.15:59
tonyc__is there a way to check and see if Firefox is setup for hardware acceleration?16:01
=== Linuxman is now known as EthicalHacker
daftykinstonyc__: what kind of hardware acceleration? most you would see in a browser that i know of was say, via flash with youtube16:02
daftykinsmaybe there's an HTML5 form too16:02
tonyc__yeah, flash and youtube16:03
tonyc__even htlm516:03
tonyc___i crashed after my html5 comment16:04
tonyc___I checked about:support in firefox and it is not using hardware acceleration16:05
jattyou have hardware acceleration?16:05
daftykinstonyc__: what is the actual *test content* you're using?16:06
tonyc___test content as far as video?16:06
daftykinsyeah, what are you trying to achieve here?16:07
tonyc___flash in firefox only uses software mode and has crappy video quality16:07
tonyc___i don't know where to find a flash video to testh chrome16:07
daftykinseven when you go full screen and select to show the stats?16:07
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84
tonyc___when I go full screen i start losing tons of frames16:08
yoggmy pastebin got lost :( ...   System after reboot (HDD is ro): http://pastebin.com/xisWGaMS     Try to write some changes: http://pastebin.com/QY6BXWbb16:08
daftykinstonyc___: you seemed to say something about running an intel driver installer before, which goes totally against what i ever see a need for16:09
daftykinsas in, i would never try to do that on intel systems16:09
tonyc___daftykins: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads16:17
daftykinstonyc___: yeah i know of it, i'm saying i would never do it16:17
davoutany information regarding CVE-2015-0235  ?16:17
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)16:17
daftykinsnor suggest it :)16:17
tonyc___ah, well Mp4 didn't work until that updated drivers16:17
daftykinsdavout: not since the last time you asked a few minutes ago, no16:17
davoutdaftykins: ok, i'll ask again in a few minutes then16:17
daftykinsi'd rather you didn't repeat so often actually16:17
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:17
davoutgood to know16:17
GatoLokoPici sorry, it was supposed to be off, i'll check again16:17
yoggare there other ways to debug "device is busy" problems than using "lsof" or "fuser"?16:17
tonyc___daftykins: is there anything else to check and verify my graphics are installed properly other than glxgears?16:17
daftykinstonyc___: well, you've run things from the intel site now so i can't even tell you're running a defacto standard *ubuntu release16:17
tonyc___I can uninstall them16:17
soulissonHi, i've install OpenSSH server, i'm trying to disable the version banner, do you know how to it?16:17
k1lsoulisson: you mean the motd?16:17
daftykinspretty sure soulisson means to prevent versions being read and exploited via banner grabbing, right?16:17
soulissonk1l: I mean the following one: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.6.1p1 Ubuntu-2ubuntu216:17
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=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali
soulissondaftykins: yes, :)16:18
=== njbair_ is now known as njbair
daftykinsi would only be googling. maybe there's something you can set in sshd_config16:18
tonyc___ugh....now mp4 files have stopped playing and parole just crashes when trying to play them16:18
gfhfghso, any change the openssl packages will be upgraded to match 1.0.1l or 1.0.2? important security fixes, upstream updates 12 days old...16:19
k1lgfhfgh: no. if the patch is released they will patch the version in ubuntu and stay on that version numbering. do you have a cve?16:20
gfhfghwith 1.0.1k you took *five days* to update packages for *openssl*16:20
gfhfghk1l: i know that we wont get actual 1.0.1l, just updates to existing version16:21
k1lgfhfgh: so do you have a constructive to add or is it just ranting and flaming?16:21
gfhfghoh,  CVE-2014-3570, CVE-2014-3571, CVE-2014-3572, CVE-2014-8275, CVE-2015-0204, CVE-2015-0205, CVE-2015-020616:21
jellyjon1012: do you have samples for those strange mails?16:21
ubottuThe BN_sqr implementation in OpenSSL before 0.9.8zd, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p, and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k does not properly calculate the square of a BIGNUM value, which might make it easier for remote attackers to defeat cryptographic protection mechanisms via unspecified vectors, related to crypto/bn/asm/mips.pl, crypto/bn/asm/x86_64-gcc.c, and crypto/bn/bn_asm.c. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3570)16:21
ubottuOpenSSL before 0.9.8zd, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p, and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and application crash) via a crafted DTLS message that is processed with a different read operation for the handshake header than for the handshake body, related to the dtls1_get_record function in d1_pkt.c and the ssl3_read_n funct... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3571)16:21
ubottuThe ssl3_get_key_exchange function in s3_clnt.c in OpenSSL before 0.9.8zd, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p, and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k allows remote SSL servers to conduct ECDHE-to-ECDH downgrade attacks and trigger a loss of forward secrecy by omitting the ServerKeyExchange message. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3572)16:21
daftykinsgfhfgh: are you referring to this or a newer one? http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2459-1/16:21
ubottuOpenSSL before 0.9.8zd, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p, and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k does not enforce certain constraints on certificate data, which allows remote attackers to defeat a fingerprint-based certificate-blacklist protection mechanism by including crafted data within a certificate's unsigned portion, related to crypto/asn1/a_verify.c, crypto/dsa/dsa_asn1.c, crypto/ecdsa/ecs_vrf.c, a... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-8275)16:21
ubottuThe ssl3_get_key_exchange function in s3_clnt.c in OpenSSL before 0.9.8zd, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p, and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k allows remote SSL servers to conduct RSA-to-EXPORT_RSA downgrade attacks and facilitate brute-force decryption by offering a weak ephemeral RSA key in a noncompliant role. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0204)16:21
ubottuThe ssl3_get_cert_verify function in s3_srvr.c in OpenSSL 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k accepts client authentication with a Diffie-Hellman (DH) certificate without requiring a CertificateVerify message, which allows remote attackers to obtain access without knowledge of a private key via crafted TLS Handshake Protocol traffic to a server that recognizes a Certifi... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0205)16:21
ubottuMemory leak in the dtls1_buffer_record function in d1_pkt.c in OpenSSL 1.0.0 before 1.0.0p and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1k allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) by sending many duplicate records for the next epoch, leading to failure of replay detection. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0206)16:21
PiciWell thats annoying.16:22
=== sokoll- is now known as sokoll
k1lgfhfgh: did you look into the usn cve tracker?16:22
gfhfghsorry, two of those were fixed in 1.0.1k16:22
tonyc___anyone know where to find libvdpau_i965.so?16:22
daftykinstonyc___: apt-file16:22
gfhfghthe three others were fixed with 1.0.1l16:23
tonyc___I just type that and nothing else?16:23
k1lgfhfgh: please first check them in the usn tracker. there was another user some days ago making a lot of drama and all of them were fixed in ubuntu16:23
k1lgfhfgh: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/16:23
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84
k1lgfhfgh: (i tested on cve you mentioned and that is already fixed on ubuntu. so please check facts first)16:24
daftykinstonyc___: it's a command that you need to use in the correct syntax :)16:24
gfhfghk1l: no, USN-2459-1 was in relation to 1.0.1k16:24
dupingpinghi everybody16:24
k1lgfhfgh: please link exact cve in the tracker16:24
gfhfghk1l: question: how can an ubuntu package update released on the 12th include fixes from three days into the future?16:27
gfhfghk1l: 1.0.1l upstream came on the 15th16:27
loais it hard to recover ubuntu from livecd?16:27
dupingpinghi everybody16:27
k1lgfhfgh: stop it. please show the cve tracker url to the cve that is not fixed16:27
daftykinsloa: 'recover' ? what went weong.16:27
daftykins*wrong too16:27
CHVNXloa: That depends on what you;re rtying to recover.16:27
loafor example i have home directory and want reinstall system by save home data.16:27
tonyc___why would an MP4 play after reboot and then stop playing 10 minutes later?16:27
daftykinsloa: yeah, boot live session - mount /home, copy off to another device. simple16:28
loadaftykins, but is it possible without copy?16:28
k1lgfhfgh: please show a fact for ubuntu packages vulnerable.16:28
daftykinsloa: depends if you created a separate partition for /home16:28
loadaftykins, separated as i remeber16:28
daftykinsloa: well boot a live session and check :)16:29
Picigfhfgh: 1.0.1l only included Windows and VMS fixes, it doesn't matter that it came out on the 15th or not, there are no Linux fixes in there.16:29
loadaftykins, what if it is ok?16:29
loadaftykins, there will be option during installation?16:29
jellygfhfgh: well known OS, hw and sw vendors have access to bugs days-weeks before the public release, so they can coordinate fixes and release them at the same time.  This is standard procedure.16:29
daftykinsloa: yes, it's called "something else" on the partitioner window. you will have to partition manually16:29
daftykinsloa: but you should still backup to an external device before reinstalling, it's only sensible. if you don't, then it's your own fault what happens :)16:30
loadaftykins, i understand.16:31
ArshiaAghaeiDoes anyone knows where is the chanell for c# ?16:31
=== JC_Socal_ is now known as JC_SoCal
PiciArshiaAghaei: ##C16:31
daftykins!alis | ArshiaAghaei please stop using #ubuntu as your personal freenode directory16:31
ubottuArshiaAghaei please stop using #ubuntu as your personal freenode directory: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:31
ArshiaAghaeichanell ---> channel16:31
ArshiaAghaeiPici: C# not C16:32
yoggArshiaAghaei: /join ##csharp16:33
ArshiaAghaeiyogg: Thanks.16:33
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Arizonhello i'm trying to make ubuntu bootable through unetbootin and it appears to just hang at 5%16:36
Arizonanyone else encounter this problem?16:36
Giwrgarashi, can anyone help with an RGB color in terminal? i know the rgb code but the color settings in ubuntu are different16:36
cfhowlett_Arizon, WHAT hangs at 5%?16:37
CHVNXGiwrgaras: please explain what you mean.16:37
nibbleris 12.04.5 LTS affected by CVE-2015-0235 ? looks critical to me, but i can't see no update?16:38
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-0235)16:38
Giwrgarason the ubuntu terminal the color i like #BF404016:38
CHVNXGiwrgaras: I assume you want to use rbg(12,45,67) or something, but gnome-terminal doesn't allow that. That's because gnome-terminal is complete shit. Use a decent terminal emulator.16:39
Giwrgarasand which one is good?16:39
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84
nibbleroh nice, but the cve is public now, and seem to affect like everyone16:40
cfhowlett_!terminal | Giwrgaras16:40
ubottuGiwrgaras: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal16:40
CHVNXurxvt/rxvt-unicode, terminator, xfce4-terminal...16:40
CHVNXubottu: Useless bot giving useless information because someone doesn't know how to answer a question by themselevs.16:40
ubottuCHVNX: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:40
yokobrhi guys, i have an intel atom laptop, with 950gma graphics.... i've installed mesa drivers, but it sucks here, and i need to install the correct drivers now16:40
CHVNXyokobr: Then do it.16:40
Sifonchocan u help me ?16:41
cfhowlett_Sifoncho,!ask |16:41
k1lnibbler: give them some time to patch it. it was planed not to make that public so early16:41
Sifonchomy ubuntu computer have two lan cards16:41
CHVNXcfhowlett_: stop spamming people with that stupid bot, please. We're trying to help people, not turn them away.16:41
yokobrCHVNX: idk which drivers should i install16:41
Sifonchoi m with ubuntu 12.0416:41
CHVNXyokobr: research the drivers for your card.16:41
Giwrgarasso its not a good terminal or not?16:42
Sifonchoi got internet on eth0 and out to router eth116:42
Picinibbler: the fix is being uploaded soon according to a message a saw a few minutes ago16:42
Sifonchoi m on laptop who connect to this router16:42
Sifonchoall device have networking16:42
nibblerthanks pici16:42
CHVNXGiwrgaras: It's fine, unless you want to use a specific customized colour without using their regressive, shitty gtk3 colorchooser.16:42
Sifonchorouter with adress
Giwrgaraswhich is exactly what i want :/16:43
Sifonchoi install heroes 3 and i wanna play behind router peer to peer16:43
CHVNXSifoncho: google "Ubuntu Networking with Multiple Nics"16:43
Sifonchoi nat port 1600016:43
Sifonchoon heroes 3 from router16:43
CHVNXGiwrgaras: spend ten seconds installing a different terminal.16:43
CHVNXIt's not difficult.16:43
CHVNXsudo apt-get install terminator16:43
Giwrgaraswhich one do you use?16:43
Sifonchobehind router is my pc with ubuntu they ip is
CHVNXI use urxvt-unicode, but that may be above your knowledge level.  Terminator is likely the best for someone with a novice level of knowledge.16:44
Sifonchohow can i nat port 16000 to this ip16:44
Giwrgarasok ill check this one thanks16:44
Sifonchoi stuck on game ranger's help16:45
Giwrgarasi also saw guake, what is your opionion on this one?16:45
CHVNXI dislike drop-down terminals.16:45
miiany timeline for glibc updated packages?16:46
CHVNXGiwrgaras: trust me, terminator is the best terminal for the typical Ubuntu desktop user.16:46
CHVNXmii: ghost with the most?16:46
miiI'd rather not be gosted :D16:47
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Sifonchosomeone can help me how can i ad port foward to 10..42.0.116:48
Sifonchoport 8016:48
Picimii: Last I saw, the developer was in the process of uploading it.16:49
miithanks Pici16:50
PiciSifoncho: If you are trying to port forward from your router you need to look at your router's documentation.16:52
=== Sir_Lestaty is now known as dumbledore
Picimii: actually, it should be out there now.16:53
woshtyhello. are there no fglrx-legacy packages in ubuntu?16:55
k1lwoshty: when amd droppes the support for your card you need to run the open source driver16:56
ArshiaAghaeihow to get rid of Untrusted error in software center ?16:56
SifonchoPici i port foward on UDP 16000 from game ranger guide16:57
Sifonchoi just want to play heroes 316:57
Sifonchoi succefully add port 16000 UDP16:58
k1lArshiaAghaei: please run a "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in terminal and show the whole output in a pastebin service.16:58
Sifonchoon router16:58
k1l!paste | ArshiaAghaei16:58
ubottuArshiaAghaei: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:58
Sifonchoi wanna ad him to
ArshiaAghaeik1l: ????16:58
=== tcpman is now known as Guest30436
k1lArshiaAghaei: that will update your packages list and show us the error if there is one.16:59
ArshiaAghaeik1l: Will this run both commands ????16:59
ArshiaAghaeik1l: I know.16:59
Sifonchok1l: help please :)16:59
k1lArshiaAghaei: yes. but it will not upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10.16:59
ArshiaAghaeik1l: I know that.17:00
k1lArshiaAghaei: ok, so where is the issue then?17:00
OwnixI had a derp moment. I ran "sudo usermod -s /bin/zsh Ownix" and I can no longer login top my box17:00
ArshiaAghaeik1l: Give me a minute to run the commands.17:01
Ownixbut luckily I have VNC open and im still logged in as myself there. I tried passwd and changed my password but when I try to SSH in my password is still being denied17:01
ArshiaAghaeik1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9901087/17:02
OwnixMy record in /etc/passwd lookjs like this: "owner:x:1000:1000:owner,,,:/home/owner:/bin/zsh"17:02
=== mwak_ is now known as mwak
k1lArshiaAghaei: do you use some proxy? or other special network? is google blocked?17:03
dupingpingI really don't know the reason, why gnome-screensaver dont lock the screen as root?17:03
yassineHi I New17:03
k1ldupingping: eeeeek, you run a desktop as root?17:03
yassineHi I New17:04
k1ldupingping: that is not supposed to run properly at all17:04
yassineHi I New17:04
yassineHi I New17:04
dupingpingk1l, not always.17:04
k1lyassine: dont get annoying. if you have technical support question then just ask i17:04
k1l*ask it17:04
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k1ldupingping: you are not supposed to run a desktop as root on ubuntu.17:05
hampstersdupingping: do you have setting to lock screen17:05
dupingpingk1l, yes. i know that.17:05
jonathaNOwnix: the usermod command was to change your login shell to zsh, right? not sure why you would need to change your password17:05
yassineHow to open port in Ub 14.0417:05
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dupingpinghamsters, sure.17:05
daftykins!firewall | yassine17:06
ubottuyassine: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo17:06
k1lOwnix: can you change that zsh to bash or dash again?17:06
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dupingping14.04 lock the screen, but 12.04 as root.17:06
=== jsalisbury is now known as apw
jonathaNOwnix: maybe the real reason you can't login is because zsh isn't installed or working?17:06
OwnixjonathaN: I have no idea what happened. But after running that command, and trying to run this command: chsh -s /bin/zsh I cant get into my account any longer. My password is being denied when I try to SSH17:06
dupingpingHow can i solve this problem?17:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:07
hampstersdupingping: ubuntu and gnome don't have screen savers.17:07
dupingpingI think that it's an error to be fixed.17:07
dupingping14.04 don't have17:07
k1ldupingping: no.17:07
dupingpingbut 12.04 use gnome-screensaver17:07
k1ldupingping: run the desktop as a regular user. then it works.17:07
dupingpingsure, it is. but17:08
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dupingpingwhen i logged as root,17:08
OwnixjonathaN: k1l  changing my shell to /bin/bash fixed it.17:08
dupingpingdo you think that's right that screensaver is not locking?17:08
dupingpingit's correct?17:09
k1ldupingping: yes. because that makes a mess from all the setup on ubuntu.17:09
hampstersdupingping: disable them and install x11 and x11 extra screen saver.17:09
k1ldupingping: its just plain stupid to run a desktop as root on ubuntu.17:09
dupingpingyes, it's stupid. but already logged in as root, it must don't work?17:10
k1ldupingping: dont think running a desktop as root is the same than running as administrator on windows. its a big difference17:10
fuznutsIf I have a program running on a server, and I want to get back into it, but it is running in screen how do I do this?  I tried to type "screen -ls" to get the information about screen running, but it says something about no sockets found.  However, I know for a fact this program is running because I can see the results..17:10
dupingpingsure, it is.17:10
dupingpingI think so.17:10
k1ldupingping: its not supposed to work because you are not supposed to do it.17:10
OwnixAlso why are all the commas here? "owner:x:1000:1000:owner,,,:/home/owner:/bin/zsh"17:11
Ownixcan I delete them?17:11
dupingpingas detail,17:11
dupingping           knowing what the user id of the logged in user is (so we don't know17:11
dupingping           whose password to prompt for.)17:11
dupingping           *** WARNING: DO NOT DISABLE THIS CODE!17:11
dupingping           If you do so, you will open a security hole.  See the sections17:11
dupingping           of the xscreensaver manual titled "LOCKING AND ROOT LOGINS",17:11
daftykinsdupingping: whether you think so or not, you are trying to use an OS a way different to how it is designed - and you are encountering problems. therefore you shouldn't keep trying to do so :)17:11
dupingping           and "USING XDM".17:11
k1ldupingping: its like you ask if a ferrari will work in a offroad rally. it doesnt matter since its not supposed to work there.17:11
hampstersdupingping: install xscreensaver and xscreensaver-extras. Then you will have cool screensavers. Disable gnomes.17:12
k1lno but17:12
hampstersdupingping: they also lock the screen.17:13
k1ldupingping: if it works: ok. if it doesnt work: ok. you are on your own there with that issue17:13
dupingpinghamnstar, as root?17:13
dupingpingk1l, then do you think it's not error?17:13
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k1ldupingping: we already ended that discussion17:14
dupingpingi think that it's an error correctly.17:14
daftykinsdupingping: the only error is how you're trying to use ubuntu17:14
dupingpingwhy 12.04 and 14.04 work differently?17:14
hampstersdupingping: they are opengl screen savers. Really nice xscreensaver. But install the extras to17:14
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Sifonchoany one who can hepl me > ?17:15
k1ldupingping: your issue is not an issue for ubuntu. dont run desktop as root.17:15
daftykinsSifoncho: did you ask a question yet?17:15
Sifonchodaftykins: yes17:16
[jasper]hej guys, when I reconfigured clamav-milter the last question was which config file I wanted to keep...I accidentealy selected the config file that was delivered with the package17:16
Sifonchohow to port foward port 16000 on
[jasper]how can I go back and change the answer to this question?17:16
Sifonchoi have ubuntu with two lan cards17:16
dupingpingnot ubuntu's issue?17:16
k1ldupingping: no. no ubuntu issue.17:17
daftykins!firewall | Sifoncho did you read here?17:17
ubottuSifoncho did you read here?: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo17:17
[jasper]so basically how do i reverse a dpkg-reconfigure question if it's not asked again17:17
dupingpingk1l, although there are major difference between 12.04 and 14.04, it's not ubuntu's issue?17:18
k1ldupingping: stop it!17:18
dupingpingk1l, please more kindly speak me.17:18
Pici[jasper]: I believe  it should have made a copy of your config file in the same path as the normal one.17:18
LurkAshFlakein a terminal, i use xclip to copy "$PWD" i can then paste it by clicking the middle mouse button but i can't ctrl+shift+v it it's not save in my clipboard.17:18
k1ldupingping: you are not supposed to run a desktop as root on ubuntu. so it doesnt matter if the screensaver works or doenst work. its not an issue if it works and its not  an issue if it doesnt work.17:18
LurkAshFlakehow can I copy my present working directory17:19
fuznutswhen I have a process open and running on ubuntu, what is the command to get back into it?17:19
[jasper]it did Pici, should i just overwrite the other config file?17:19
Pici[jasper]: yep, thats the best options.17:19
Picier, -s17:19
dupingpingi understand it. k1l,17:19
k1ldupingping: ok, so stop asking if that is an issue or not.17:20
dupingpingThen i'll find another can help me.17:20
__attribute__LurkAshFlake, good question. I was wondering myself that today.17:21
TakumoAnyone know why bsd-mailx has postfix as a dependency? I want to install mailx *without* postfix and use a remote SMTP server17:22
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw17:23
dupingping!cn | userr17:23
ubottuuserr: please see above17:23
PiciTakumo: Looks like it depends on anything that provides default-mta or mail-transport-agent, postfix fulfills the former.17:26
ArshiaAghaeik1l: Can you explain More ????17:26
k1lcan you "ping google.com"?17:27
k1lArshiaAghaei: ctrl+c to stop ping17:27
TakumoPici: so what would I do if I want my MTA to be remote?17:27
ArshiaAghaeik1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9901477/17:28
k1lArshiaAghaei: hmm17:28
PiciTakumo: Looks like the best way of doing that would be to install lsb-invalid-mta, which fulfills the mail-transport-agent dependency, while not actually installing to do anything. See the lsb-invalid-mta package description for more.17:29
helois metacity the best window manager for someone to use in 14.10 if they like pre-unity gnome?17:29
hetiiQ: I try share my PC internet to android phone but without success, here more details: http://pastebin.com/cGEytVpG17:29
TakumoPici: GG. Thanks17:29
hetiiany clue what next ?17:30
k1lArshiaAghaei: try this comment #6 https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/25176717:30
handytonkhetii: why not use WiFi from a router.17:30
frenzarectahhi all17:31
hetiihandytonk: have no access to it and cannot add my MAC of phone17:31
frenzarectahneed some help to install and use a wifi usb adapter dlink d-140 with ubuntu 14.04 lts17:32
xanguahelo: there is ubuntu mate you know17:32
xanguamate is a fork of gnome217:32
handytonkhetii: are you trying to connect it to wlan017:32
hetiiMy pc have wlan0 and it have internet over it17:33
daftykinsfrenzarectah: how far have you gotten?17:33
frenzarectahdaftykins, a week ago17:33
frenzarectahf/w version 4.0017:33
daftykinsfrenzarectah: what? no i asked what you've tried...17:34
hetiithen I set in bluetooth network manager local network service17:34
paulltkhello, i've got a problem with dual booting my hp envy 4-1100ed.17:34
frenzarectahi've tried nswrapper with the win drivers17:34
paulltkMy pc was delivered with Windows 8.1, and now is want to install ubuntu besides it. I've made a bootable USB stick with ubuntu 14.01 on it, my BIOS settings are ok, my internal hdd has unallocated space and i did everything i had to do to install ubuntu according to several 'how tos',17:34
frenzarectahand did not work17:34
paulltkbut when i boot ubuntu fron the USB, i don't get the choice how to install ubuntu, instead of that it goes directly to the screen where i’m supposed to choose a partition on which i want to install ubuntu, except the fact that it shows no storage at all. The section is completely empty. Does someone know what’s going on?17:34
daftykinsfrenzarectah: so what chipset does this device use?17:35
paulltkintel i5-3317U 1.70 gzh17:36
frenzarectahdaftykins, i'm a beginner,i've tried random chipset,because i'm not able to find the same HW and FW version of mine in the internet17:37
handytonkhetii: so you have a router with MAC address restrictions. No access to it. Most routers need a login name and password. Sometimes written on the side.17:37
daftykinsfrenzarectah: is it a USB device?17:38
hetiihandytonk: as I said no access and rude owner :/17:38
frenzarectahyes it is17:38
hetiithat take a cashe and services are limited :(17:38
frenzarectahdlink is the brand17:38
daftykinsfrenzarectah: what does "lsusb" report when the device is connected?17:39
handytonkhetii: oh you wanna share the internet over blue tooth.17:39
frenzarectahBus 001 Device 004: ID 07d1:3c03 D-Link System AirPlus G DWL-G122 Wireless Adapter(rev.C1) [Ralink RT2571W]17:40
hetiihandytonk: yes17:40
frenzarectahthis one17:40
daftykinsfrenzarectah: and which ubuntu version do you have installed?17:40
frenzarectah14.04 LTS17:40
frenzarectahubuntu cannot see the devices,seems like it isnt inserted17:41
daftykinsfrenzarectah: what do you mean by 'see' ?17:42
daftykinsthe lsusb output you shared is what it sees, unless you pasted that from a website17:42
frenzarectahno no ahah17:42
frenzarectahits mine terminal17:42
daftykinsso yeah it sees it fine :)17:43
daftykinsyou're going to need to undo whatever you've done so far with ndiswrapper17:43
paulltkhello, i've got a problem with dual booting my hp envy 4-1100ed. My pc was delivered with Windows 8.1, and now is want to install ubuntu besides it. I've made a bootable USB stick with ubuntu 14.01 on it, my BIOS settings are ok, my internal hdd has unallocated space and i did everything i had to do to install ubuntu according to several 'how tos', but when i boot ubuntu fron the USB, i don't get the choice how to install ubuntu, inst17:43
paulltkthe screen where i’m supposed to choose a partition on which i want to install ubuntu, except the fact that it shows no storage at all. The section is completely empty. Does someone know what’s going on?17:43
frenzarectahand how i can do that?17:43
handytonkhetii: Try installing blueman.  Or http://opengarden.com/17:43
hetiihandytonk: have blueman17:43
hetiiboth devices are paired17:44
frenzarectah*how can i do that? sorry17:44
hetiiand pan service is up17:44
daftykinsfrenzarectah: depends what steps you took, whether you edited /etc/modules to try to add any ndiswrapper modules to auto load on boot, etc17:44
frenzarectahi made a N number of tries,i followed several guide on the internet :\17:44
handytonkhetii: stuff like this always tends to have firewall issues.17:44
cjzif apt-get dist-upgrade shows no packages then is glibc ok?17:45
hetiiwell my iptables are set to forward all packages.17:45
k1lcjz: are you on 10.04 or 12.04?17:45
handytonkhetii: nothing not even a pairing prompt.17:46
=== MDTech-us_MAN_ is now known as MDTech-us_MAN
frenzarectahfor example,the ndiswrapper folder is empty17:46
k1lcjz: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2485-1/17:46
BluesKaj_paulltk, sometimes it's best to format the linux to ext4 partition beforehand using gparted or some such app.17:46
daftykinsfrenzarectah: is the package linux-firmware-nonfree installed?17:47
ace_suares14hi there, I have some boot problems with the server version of Ubuntu, 14.04 (and 12.04) on a HP Microserver Gen817:47
hetiihandytonk: pairing I did on bluetooth manager side and setup it as network connection17:47
hetiiso have them connected17:47
cjzk1l: yeah i read that and followed the instructions, no packages were updated17:47
hetiibut looks like android don`t ask about ip17:47
k1lcjz: are you on 10.04 or 12.04?17:47
frenzarectahjust a sec,i'll take a look17:47
ace_suares14The machine goes straight from 'booting harddrive c:' to 'booting from netwrrok, as if there was no bootsector on the drive.17:47
ace_suares14But installing the desktop version, of Ubuntu 14.04 it boots fine after install.17:48
handytonkhetii: sudo ufw disable. That will turn off ubuntu firewall. It probably is already off17:48
paulltkBluesKaj_, what do you mean exactly?17:48
frenzarectahdaftykins, no it  isnt17:49
cjz13.10 and 11.0417:49
paulltkBlueasKaj_, you think that if i open gparted, it will see my drive?17:49
ace_suares14I googled  but can't find a solution or not even a descroption of the problem17:49
hetiihandytonk: done, without changes17:49
frenzarectahdo i have to install that?17:49
daftykinsfrenzarectah: it's worth a go17:49
BluesKaj_paulltk, format the unallocated space that you intend to use for the installation to a linux ext4 type partition before trying to install ubuntu.17:50
cjzk1l:  13.10 and 11.0417:50
kokutHello, there is some process using up 100% of my CPU and i cannot find it in the system monitor, what can i do?17:50
tewardis it possible to have java 7 (Oracle) and java 8 (OpenJDK) running on the same computer?17:50
handytonkhetii: maybe in network settings you need to add blueman as a connection17:50
k1lcjz: oh wekk. both dont get security updates at all. you need to upgrade to 12.04 or 14.04 asap17:50
cjzk1l:  ok17:50
daftykinskokut: try 'top' in a terminal17:50
BluesKaj_paulltk, use a live media version of gparted either on cd or usb17:51
paulltkBlueasKaj_, the problem is that it doesn't even show unallocated space. Instead of showing partitions, i just see blank space17:51
handytonkkokut: setting to show all users.17:51
frenzarectahok,it's installing17:51
pixelkatsif i upgrade to 14.04 will my icons and themes go away?17:51
paulltkBluesKaj_, the problem is that it doesn't even show unallocated space. Instead of showing partitions, i just see blank space17:52
pixelkatswill ubuntu tweak still work?17:52
pixelkatswhat about ccsm17:52
kokutwhat the fuck? tcptrack is using 100% of my CPU and it's not even running17:52
frenzarectahdaftykins, ok it's installed17:52
xanguapixelkats: no, but old themes would probably not work. Backup is always good idea17:52
xangua!language | kokut17:52
ubottukokut: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:52
frenzarectahps. thanks for ur help17:52
frenzarectahnow what i have to do?17:53
kokutsorry xangua17:53
daftykinsfrenzarectah: check if an interface appeared for the adapter now, by opening the terminal and running "ip a" and sharing it to me via http://paste.ubuntu.com17:53
ArshiaAghaeik1l: Same result17:53
kokuti got a lil upset bc it's been using 100% of my cpu for a couple of hours already and i dont like aditional stress on my CPU17:54
BluesKaj_paulltk, do you intend to dual boot with windows ?17:54
paulltkBluesKaj, yes indeed17:54
frenzarectahdaftykins, i have another wifi usb adapter that is running right now on this computer17:55
frenzarectahis it a problem?17:55
ArshiaAghaeik1l: What else ????17:55
handytonkhetii: open garden web site claims little set up issues. It just needs to be installed on all devices17:55
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daftykinsfrenzarectah: well, we'd see two17:56
ArshiaAghaeiCan anyone solve this ???17:56
BluesKaj_paulltk, uefi/bios ? if so try diabling fast boot and secure boot, and if possible boot the ubuntu installer media in legacy mode.17:57
handytonkhetii: try this. Turn off WiFi and data on phone.17:57
ArshiaAghaeiapt-get update gives me an error.17:57
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: can you hit webpages?17:57
BluesKaj_paulltk, disabling17:57
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: share the output of "sudo apt-get update" via http://paste.ubuntu.com17:57
hetiihandytonk: I will try first to set internet link over usb and if this success will install some tools that will give me possibilites to play with android shel to see whats happen there17:58
frenzarectahdaftykins, i've pasted it on your priv17:58
frenzarectahhope it isnt a problem17:58
=== icecream|away is now known as icecream
hetiiotherwise will never guess if I get ip  or what is real current state of network in android device17:58
daftykinsfrenzarectah: ok, looks like a no for that changing anything. so - if you have a working adapter why do you have this other one? :D17:58
frenzarectahahah nice question17:59
paulltkBluesKaj_, uefi, secure boot and fast boot are off, can i disable uefi mode?17:59
handytonkhetii: maybe it is connected. Did you try browsing.17:59
frenzarectahit is a very old one,supports only G  wireless17:59
frenzarectahthe new one uses N18:00
paulltkBluesKaj_, one sec, i log on to a different pc18:00
hetiihandytonk: yes18:00
hetiihandytonk: also in system information I don`t see any ip that might to be assigned to my device18:00
daftykinsfrenzarectah: ah - in that case the line you pasted from lsusb earlier is probably the one for your working device18:00
ArshiaAghaeidaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9901087/18:00
handytonkfrenzarectah: WiFi is only as fast as its slowest link.18:01
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: are you behind a proxy in a workplace?18:01
frenzarectahdaftykins, probably18:02
handytonkfrenzarectah: wifi-g device will slow all devices down to g speed18:02
frenzarectahhandytonk, but i have an N router18:03
daftykinsactually most Linux wireless drivers are so bad that they won't even operate at 'n'18:03
daftykinsfrenzarectah: anyway, if you have both wireless adapters plugged in, can you use http://paste.ubuntu.com to share "lsusb" in full?18:03
handytonkfrenzarectah: it don't matter. Routers WiFi switches to the slowest connected device.18:04
frenzarectahi'll past you the correspondent line18:04
handytonkfrenzarectah: Thank you.18:05
frenzarectahhandytonk, sorry18:05
frenzarectahi'm not english18:05
handytonkdaftykins: all routers firmware is linux.18:05
frenzarectahand if more people talk to me i need some time to respond18:05
frenzarectahbut in my place,all the devices are N18:06
paulltkBluesKaj_, do i want to enable or disable legacy support?18:06
frenzarectahonly this one is G,according to the old wifi adapter18:06
frenzarectahdo i understand well what u say?18:07
=== derjur_ is now known as derjur
ArshiaAghaeidaftykins: Nope.18:07
BluesKaj_paulltk, best to try it with uefi enabled first18:07
handytonkfrenzarectah: paulltk only if you have legacy devices. It really don't matter though. It will just reject legacy devices18:07
ArshiaAghaeidaftykins: What can i do ?????????18:07
BluesKaj_paulltk, since you'll probly need uefi enabled to boot into windows18:08
frenzarectahhandytonk, sorry but ur english is so complicated to me18:09
frenzarectahbe more simple pls18:09
paulltkBluesKaj_, i tried installing ubuntu again with legacy mode off, i still can"t see any hard drives or partitions18:10
Maniihey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with Nvidia prime. Both cards work flawlessly and I can switch between them nicely. However whenever I reboot with the nvidia card active, it comes up with a blank screen, so I have to Ctrl-Alt-F1, use prime-select intel and then reboot18:11
BluesKaj_paulltk, ok try installing with legacy mode on, that means turning off uefi mode18:11
Manii(also my gnome shell extensions are all disabled)18:11
ArshiaAghaeik1l: What have you done ???!!!!!! You messed up with my whole system !!!!!18:11
paulltkBluesKaj_, i don't see a option in bios where i can turn uefi mode off? By the way when i use gparted i can see mijn internal drive with the partitions18:13
pratik_Hi all18:13
OerHeksArshiaAghaei, are you in china by any chance? then http://dl.google.com is not available to you.18:14
ArshiaAghaeiOerHeks: No.18:14
pratik_ArshiaAghaei: Hi18:15
ArshiaAghaeipratik_: Who are you ???!!!18:15
frenzarectahdaftykins, where are you? :(18:15
OerHeksArshiaAghaei, "sudo apt-get update -f " might do the trick < http://askubuntu.com/questions/410519/cannot-install-anything-via-apt-get-problem-with-apt-get-update18:19
BluesKaj_paulltk, which ubuntu version are you trying to install?18:19
paulltkBluesKaj_, ubuntu 14.01.1 LTS18:19
BluesKaj_paulltk, http://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-1404-dual-boot-mode-windows-8-81-uefi/18:21
randymosshi there. real noob here. trying to figure out why im getting "system policy prevents changes" when trying to unlock a user account. the account has all access18:22
frenzarectahhi,im a user of ubuntu 14.04 LTS,i have a problem to install and use usb wifi adapter d link dwa-140,anybody can help me?18:24
ChristWI have a few questions on accessibility. Anyone who can support me w/ that? I don’t want to ‘just ask’ here, since it’s quite involved and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time…18:24
eithnedoes anybody know why these servers are down?18:26
eithneErr http://extras.ubuntu.com vivid/main Sources18:26
eithne 404 Not Found18:26
eithneErr http://extras.ubuntu.com vivid/main amd64 Packages18:26
eithne 404 Not Found18:26
eithneErr http://extras.ubuntu.com vivid/main i386 Packages18:26
SCHAAP137that probably means it does not have a package for your ubuntu version in that repo18:27
SCHAAP137the server itself seems up eithne18:27
Picieithne: iirc, extras is being retired.18:27
BluesKaj_eithne, they aren't down, they just don't have any packages in them for your ubuntu version18:27
eithnewell but i get this error while trying to upgrade to Vivid... so why I can't access the 15.04 repos during the upgrade?18:28
BluesKaj_Pici, or is it already retired?18:28
Picieithne: Disable the repository then.  It doesn't exist for the new release.18:29
eithneoh, ok I'll try!18:29
BluesKaj_eithne, yes that repos isn't working for 15.04, just comment the line or remove it from our sources.list18:30
Picieithne: Since you're upgrading to a pre-release version, the fix hasn't been put into the installer in previous releases to remove it yet.18:30
BluesKaj_your sources18:30
eithnewell I have to comment the extras?18:30
ubottuVivid Vervet is the codename for Ubuntu 15.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+118:30
BluesKaj_eithne, yes18:30
eithnewhy are these being retired?18:31
sebastian__I am having trouble with my filesystem, two times now after i reboot some .txt files appear empty although i had saved the data18:31
Picieithne: Because the pacakges are not being published on that server anymore.18:31
eithneOh, thanks for helping me :)18:31
ArshiaAghaeiOerHeks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9902348/18:32
daftykinsfrenzarectah: sorry, neighbour popped by for wifi troubles of her own :P18:33
k1lArshiaAghaei: what happened?18:33
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frenzarectahdaftykins, no prob :D18:35
ArshiaAghaeik1l: I don't see the Install button in Software center.18:37
Sailor2312hello , fellow ubuntu users :)18:37
ArshiaAghaeiWhat now ????!!!!!18:37
daftykinsfrenzarectah: can you try running "sudo modprobe rt2800usb" then pastebin (using that site) "ip a" again?18:37
k1lArshiaAghaei: forget about software center for now. we need the more informations from apt-get to get to that issue18:38
k1lArshiaAghaei: are you sure your country doesnt block that traffic?18:38
frenzarectahdaftykins, in pvt18:39
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Sailor2312better use synaptic package manager18:39
daftykinsfrenzarectah: err which command did those lines come from?18:40
k1lArshiaAghaei: that seems to be a known problem for using https and google in iran18:40
frenzarectahthe modprobe18:40
k1lArshiaAghaei: see this: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-beginners/BmSov0451Dw18:41
rtdosis there a way to run "bleachbit -c --preset" during the boot process (before the GUI/Login window is displayed)?18:41
daftykinsfrenzarectah: yay, that brought up another wireless interface \o/ so now what i would like you to try, is to shutdown your computer - use only the intended D-Link adapter we're trying to get working (unplug the other one) then boot back up and see if it connects to your home wifi. you might need to run "sudo modprobe rt2800usb" again, possibly also to then log out and back in18:42
frenzarectahi'll repeat ur words,in order to be sure18:43
BluesKaj_!u | frenzarectah18:43
ubottufrenzarectah: Shortened English is difficult for some non-native English speakers to read. Please use full words instead. Thanks!18:43
frenzarectahnow i will reboot the computer,remove the wifi that works,and at the restart i will run sudo modprobe rt2800usb18:44
frenzarectahis it correct?18:44
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daftykinsfrenzarectah: only if the network manager program doesn't already see a wireless network, yeah18:46
MeXTuXI need to unmount a USB drive but when I try to safely remove it a window says "Volume is busy". The process is mediascanner-service-2.0. What is that service? How can I stop that or how can I disable it?18:47
frenzarectahdaftykins, ok brb18:48
ChristWWhen I enable ‘large mouse cursor’ in Accessibility, I see no change in pointer size. Did I mess something up?18:51
daftykinsChristW: tried logout + in?18:54
daftykinsMeXTuX: what distro is this? perhaps you've installed some kind of media scanner18:54
ChristWdaftykins: Still there after a power loss :-)18:54
Jordan_U!info unity-scope-mediascanner2 | MeXTuX18:54
ubottuMeXTuX: unity-scope-mediascanner2 (source: unity-scope-mediascanner): Media scanner scope for Unity. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2+14.10.20141013-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 970 kB, installed size 1516 kB18:54
ChristWIt _may_ be because I have a 2-user setup that I switch between...18:54
dc__Greetings everyone, i have a question, my /var/log/kern.log is being flooded with lines like "Jan 27 18:37:28 HOSTNAME kernel: [ 8546.271853] UDP: bad checksum. From to MYIP:PORT ulen 47" from different IPs all over the place. Can anyone give a hint on what can it be? Thank you.18:55
MeXTuXdaftykins: Ubuntu 14.1018:55
daftykinsdc__: you have a network connection on your computer that is directly internet facing?18:56
Jordan_UMeXTuX: So if you're not using this Unity Scope (which is not installed by default) then you probably don't want to have it or the mediascanner2.0 package installed at all.18:56
dc__Hei daftykins, yes i do, no NAT router here18:57
frenzarectahdaftykins, it works :O18:57
frenzarectahbut now i want to understand why :D18:58
ses1984i'm trying to configure a VPN connection and it's mostly working but i can't get DNS to work. a bunch of articles say to add the nameserver address to the ipv4 tab in network manager but i'm not getting the right name resolution19:02
Underdog_hellow agrecan19:03
ses1984if i nslookup vpn.foobar.com i get a "server can't find...NXDOMAIN" error, if i nslookup vpn.foobar.com x.x.x.x and specify the vpn dns server, it works19:03
Underdog_ses1984: I'd help but I'm a little bit VPN noob19:03
ses1984so i believe almost everything is working except dns resolution19:03
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Underdog_I pretty much use OpenVPN vanilla19:04
ses1984the vpn part is all working i just need to figure out how to get domain name resolution to query the vpn dns server19:04
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daftykinsdc__: then there's probably all kind of malformed packet antics going on over your connection, hard to say what's up19:05
daftykinsdc__: invest in a router :P19:05
daftykinsfrenzarectah: did you need to run the command, or could you see wireless networks instantly?19:05
frenzarectahdaftykins, no i have to run the command19:06
frenzarectahbut the command seems not work19:06
frenzarectahbecause the output is this: libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod-config.c:686 kmod_config_parse: /etc/modprobe.d/rt2870sta.conf line 1: ignoring bad line starting with 'exit'19:07
daftykinsfrenzarectah: *shrug* you can put the module name into /etc/modules to load it on every boot19:07
dc__daftykins: indeed mister it's a must to, it suddently stoped 30 min ago.  I was verifying those IPs and they were from everywere (China Japan USA ...). I was getting worried that it could be an attack :(19:08
link0802Hi. I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Few days ago problem with launcher counter/badge has appeared. It becomes very-very small. Does anyone have the same problem/solution for it? Screenshot of problem (psensor temperature counter) here http://i.imgur.com/6oXmN8N.png. Thnx for help :)19:09
daftykinsdc__: could well be. botnets or some such19:09
dc__daftykins: thank you anyway mister19:09
daftykinsfrenzarectah: so open the terminal, type "sudo nano /etc/modules" to open the text editor 'nano' with the modules file... then on a new line at the bottom of everything, type in "rt2800usb" then hit ctrl+X to quit whilst saving, it'll prompt so say yes to save and enter when it shows the filename /etc/modules19:10
daftykinsthen it'll be loaded very boot and should work auto19:10
frenzarectahdaftykins, ok ok done ;)19:13
Firefly67Hi, can someone tell me how to make the middle-button copy/paste again? I could earlier select with the left button and then paste with the middle one19:13
frenzarectahbut i want to know why that error message pls19:14
daftykinsfrenzarectah: no idea, just happy it works.19:14
Underdog_Firefly67: are you using unity?19:14
Firefly67I don't know, what is that?19:15
Firefly67I am using ubuntu19:15
Underdog_what version of ubuntu are you using19:15
Underdog_ok, just plain old ubuntu19:15
Firefly67I think so19:15
frenzarectahok i will retry to reboot and see if it works again ;)19:15
seanzGreetings, all. I want to verify the upgrade command for a single package:19:15
seanzapt-get install --only-upgrade=true package19:15
seanzIs that right?19:16
Firefly67are you talking about Ubuntu One? It has popped up with a cloud icon on the toolbar19:16
nf7What is the difference between using `apt` and using `apt-get`?19:17
Jordan_Useanz: Yes, though it may  upgrade other dependant packages.19:17
seanzJordan_U: That's a good thing though, right?19:18
Jordan_Useanz: Yes, though I guess it depends on why you don't want other packages to also be upgraded ("sudo apt-get upgrade").19:19
seanzI'm trying to upgrade libc6: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2485-1/19:19
Piciseanz: Are you running 10.04 or 12.04?19:20
Bashing-omnf7: "apt' is the whole package, where 'apt-get'm "get" is one tool of many ... ( try apt-cache show <paxkage> , apt-cache search <term>, apt-cache depends <package> .. among many many tools .19:20
seanzPici: Some of both.19:20
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nf7Bashing-om: Is there any real different between using `apt search hello` and `apt-cache search hello`? All I can tell is that the apt output looks nicer.19:21
Piciseanz: You only need to supply the --only-upgrade parameter, not '=true' after it.19:21
Piciseanz: also what Jordan_U questioned about why you don't want to install other security upgrades that might be available.19:22
seanzPici: I got an error if I didn't specify =true19:22
link0802Hi. I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Few days ago problem with launcher counter/badge has appeared. It becomes very-very small. Does anyone have the same problem/solution for it? Screenshot of problem (psensor temperature counter) here http://i.imgur.com/6oXmN8N.png. Thnx for help :)19:22
Whoppazhello all.  what video card is best for Ubuntu??  Nvidia or ATI??19:22
Piciseanz: weird, no issues here.19:22
seanzPici: Your point is valid.19:22
naftilos76Hi everyone, i am looking for a tutorial on seting up a mail server on an ubuntu vps. I tried some but i could only get partial functionality. I spent a few days but couldn't do it. Does anybody know any link(s) regarding seting up an email server on ubuntu 14.04 ?19:22
Bashing-omnf7: Well. like all tools, it depends on the information you are seeking .19:23
Jordan_Unf7: I would say that "man apt" is a good explanation of the differences between "apt foo" and "apt-{get,cache} foo".19:23
link0802whopazz: sure nvidia :)19:23
link0802naftilos76: do you already read this ? https://www.exratione.com/2014/05/a-mailserver-on-ubuntu-1404-postfix-dovecot-mysql/  ? :)19:25
naftilos76thanks man, already done it twice.19:26
naftilos76anybody else?19:26
ArshiaAghaeik1l: How did you found I'm Iranian ?19:26
rtdosis there a way to run "bleachbit -c --preset" during the boot process (before the GUI/Login window is displayed)?19:27
link0802ArshiaAghaei: i think something like that :) https://ipinfo.io/
ArshiaAghaeiAha ...19:28
seanzPici: I got this error: E: Sense only is not understood, try true or false.19:28
seanzWithout =true19:28
ArshiaAghaeilink0802: Ok, how the hell can i get rid of these 403 problems ???19:29
SWegHow do I ubuntu19:30
SWegpls help19:30
SWeghow bununtu19:30
SWegpls help19:30
Olxd_currently running backbox where can i get information of learning how to use these tools19:30
Piciseanz: Works fine on my 12.04 and 14.04 installs here.. I don't have any 10.04 installs to check against though.19:30
SWegselling gf 20gp19:30
ArshiaAghaeiSWeg: Can you tell us more about the problem ????19:30
Piciseanz: You need to ask a real question before we can help.19:31
SWeghow do i ubunut19:31
Picier, not seanz, sorry19:31
link0802Sorry, don't know :( maybe this will help http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrormessage/a/403error.htm19:31
seanzPici: haha - I was hoping you weren't talking to me. :)19:31
SWeghow i bunutu please hgelp19:31
bottazziniSWeg, what is "how do I ubuntu"? How do you install it ?19:31
PiciSWeg: Please ask a real question first.19:31
bottazzinii think he is just a troll...19:31
sacarlsonrtdos I would think you could have it run at boot from cron @reboot19:31
SWeghow do I left click19:32
ekarlso /j riak19:32
SWegIm serious19:32
link0802so nobody have problem with unity launcher/counter?)19:32
pixelkatsim very reluctant to upgrade to 14.0419:32
pixelkatswhy should i?19:32
daftykinspixelkats: you're not even running ubuntu, you use elementary don't you?19:33
sacarlsonpixelkats: if it works don't fix it19:33
pixelkatsno im on ubuntu 12.0419:33
daftykinspixelkats: oh so you reinstalled?19:33
pixelkatsstability is nice19:33
daftykinsheh :P likely story19:33
pixelkatsi did thoug :D19:34
jhutchins_wkdaftykins: Easy enough to verify.19:35
ArshiaAghaeiCan anyone tell me how to get rid of 403 Errors (My country is lockouted) ????19:35
daftykinsjhutchins_wk: and to fake19:35
pixelkatsi dont know how to fake so yeah19:35
pixelkatsit should say 12.0419:35
pixelkatsdid it?19:35
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: not really, it might end up breaking the law, so you will need to look into this one for yourself19:35
ArshiaAghaeidaftykins: I would rather to break to whole law than being a guy who cannot download anything.19:37
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: yeah but i'm certainly not being responsible for getting someone taken away by their local authorities ;)19:37
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ArshiaAghaeidaftykins: Ok,But where should i go to fix my problem ??????19:39
epsonanyone know where the mint channel is?19:39
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daftykinsArshiaAghaei: to your local libraries i guess19:40
daftykins!mint | epson19:40
ubottuepson: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:40
ArshiaAghaeidaftykins: How ???19:40
link0802Pleace help me :). I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Few days ago problem with launcher counter/badge has appeared. It becomes very-very small. Does anyone have the same problem/solution for it? Screenshot of problem (psensor temperature counter) here http://i.imgur.com/6oXmN8N.png. Thnx for help :)19:40
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: please don't message me anymore.19:41
ablest1980epson #linuxmint19:41
grepperis it possible to use the mini.iso to install when you are at a location that requires a router password ?19:41
ArshiaAghaeiWell , looks like no one can help me here , is it ????19:41
daftykinsgrepper: you mean like a web proxy?19:42
daftykinsArshiaAghaei: blame your government for that19:42
grepperdaftykins: well, I want to help a friend install on an old laptop that has only a cd drive, and we will be doing it a a pub with public wifi19:42
grepperthat requires I enter a password for access19:43
ChristWWhen I switch to another user that has ‘zoom in’ enabled (desktop magnification), why do I get 2 mouse pointers? They both move when I move the mouse.19:43
daftykinsgrepper: oh i see, so a hotspot yeah. if you set the MAC address of a working laptop to be it, then agree to the hotspot page, then install it should run - but good luck getting on wifi from mini installs :) alternatively, you should run mini.iso on it whilst wired into a second laptop which is sharing the wifi19:44
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daftykinsgrepper: er, the MAC to be the same as the intended system's one, i mean19:44
ArshiaAghaeiHey! This is no my fault. And : We cannot talk about the policy in the IRC , because we cannot change it.19:44
jhutchins_wkArshiaAghaei: It would be better to get information from other people who are in your country and who know what works and what is and isn't safe.19:44
grepperdaftykins: hm, I guess I could use my galaxy s3 for that ..., so set the gs3 mac to be the same as the laptop?19:45
epsonablest1980:  thanks!19:45
ArshiaAghaeijhutchins_wk: All Right , Do you know where should i go ???19:45
daftykinsgrepper: you'd still have this problem of getting it onto wireless which would be painful. does it not boot from USB flash drive?19:46
grepperdaftykins: less complicated, is there anything in between the dvd and the mini.iso? like a 700 mb image19:46
daftykinsgrepper: oh actually hang on, there's a CD you can burn that's a chainloader that will boot flash drives on systems that don't support them - i can't remember the name though19:46
daftykinsgrepper: nope. all too big now19:46
grepperdoubtful about the usb, though it may be possible19:46
grepperhm, I may just take it home with me if he lets me and do it on my network19:47
daftykinsgrepper: i think this is it - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/19:47
grepperI thought maybe there was a option you could pass to the installer for a router password or something, faint hope it seems19:48
grepperdaftykins: ok, thanks19:48
Jordan_Ugrepper: Those proxy pages aren't a standard interface, so for such a feature you'd need to make hard coded procedures (or heuristics) for each login page.19:49
grepperokay, thanks19:50
greppergood point19:50
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ChristWafk my daughter is crying. Well be right back to look for answers....19:53
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Nimbus_hello All19:59
Nimbus_I am getting a weird error when installing otrs219:59
Nimbus_Got no DBObject! at /usr/share/otrs/Kernel/System/SysConfig.pm line 100.19:59
Nimbus_dpkg: error processing package otrs2 (--configure):19:59
Nimbus_ subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 25519:59
Nimbus_Setting up rubygems (1.8.25-1bbox3~trusty1) ...19:59
Nimbus_update-alternatives: error: alternative path /usr/bin/gem1.8 doesn't exist19:59
Nimbus_dpkg: error processing package rubygems (--configure):19:59
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dexterpppHey Guys,I really need help regarding gstreamer and hardware video encoding in Linux.20:01
Nimbus_I thought it was an issue with FQDN not being set on but once I set it still gives me an error20:02
Nimbus_I tried manually removing all traces of otrs but it states the files do not exist20:02
votlonanyone know why in ubuntu 14.04 server my netowrk adapaters come up as em1, p5p1 and p6p1 instead of eth0 eth1 and eth2?20:06
osguyquestion I am curious when grub boots the kernel how does the kernel know where the file system is and root directory not even sure how linux knows the file system structure and the drive it needs to uses for it?20:07
MotherMGAHello, I can't get my motorola bluetooth headphones to pair with ubuntu 14.10. The OS never sees it. Does anyone here have an idea on how I can get ubuntu to see my headphones? This worked in 14.04.20:07
osguyit i does the kernel know where to go for /sbin/init20:08
Bashing-omosguy: Verry simply put , very rudimentary . grub passes that info onto the kernel .20:09
votlonMotherMGA: is ur 14.10 a fresh install?20:09
MotherMGAvotlon: yes20:09
osguyso grub is the one that figures out the file system or network file systems and then loads the kernel and tells the kernel where  / is and what file system driver it needs20:10
votlonMotherMGA: did u install any additional bluetooth drivers?20:10
MotherMGAvotlon: no, I did not20:10
votlonMotherMGA: check your additional drivers in system settings20:10
osguyso that the kernel can find /sbin/init to start the services20:10
osguyis that correct20:11
Bashing-omosguy: Yepper : see : https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/#a_bootloader .20:11
MotherMGAvolton: it only recommends graphics drivers. is there a way to search for bluetooth drivers?20:11
osguyso you can tell grub to load / from the network and uses a local HDD linux kernel20:11
osguyor basically tell grub the location of the kernel and the root directories / folders for it20:12
MotherMGAvotlon: it only recommends graphics drivers. is there a way to search for bluetooth drivers?20:13
sacarlsonMotherMGA: as far as I know the bluetooth drivers would be a part of the kernel groups stuf20:13
osguyis it possible to put all folders on seperate network computers i.e /bin /sbin /var ,...etc and only have /boot folder with the linux kernel on the local machine20:14
Bashing-omosguy: Again, yes . Grub us very veratile .. you can tell it what/where and if it is acceptd, will pass it onto the kernel . ( grub will check/verify) .20:15
daftykinsosguy: why would you want to make it so slow and dependant to use?20:15
sacarlsonosguy: I'm not sure, I've never seen anything setup that way,  but I guess you can put bin anyplace and still run them20:15
osguybecause i know you can do PXE booting with grub and have the whole iso on a different system or whole kernel and filesystem on a seperate system20:15
sudormrfhey guys.  trying to expand a luks partition in this VM and having issues.  is anyone around that can help out?20:15
sudormrfXO circuit migration20:15
sudormrfXO was unable to complete this migration due to someone needing to physically perform an action in the Fremont CO.  No one was available at the time of the circuit migration to perform this20:15
sudormrfRolled back to existing setup20:15
sudormrfSpeed is off, XO is investigating20:15
sacarlsonosguy: yes so you ansered your own question with a yes20:16
daftykinssudormrf: clipboard whoopsie!20:16
osguyand initrd is only need for grub if we are running live correct20:17
sudormrfhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions but I get stuck at the fsck.20:17
anjo-aladiahafter an update i lose sound. how to reinstall the sound control volume in console ?20:18
daftykinssudormrf: stuck how?20:18
anjo-aladiahWith Lubuntu 14.10 after an update i lose sound. how to reinstall the sound control volume in console ?20:18
osguyI have done pxe before and simple linux network booting but had forgotten a little of how the process went cool thanks.20:19
sudormrfdaftykins, I am going to have to go through the steps again, but it says it can't do the fsck20:19
sudormrflet me try again right now20:20
daftykinssudormrf: you're fsck'ing an unmounted volume, yes?20:20
sudormrfdaftykins, I am booted to a live CD right now20:21
sudormrfdaftykins, let me go throug the steps real fast and report back20:22
daftykinsalright, address the channel with what actually goes wrong20:22
votlonanyone know what dns-search is in network config? Do i just put the ip adress of my main dns there?20:23
arcskyanyone here use tighvncserver ?20:23
daftykinsvotlon: they're domains to search locally for ahead of searching via external DNS i think, "man interfaces" for more perhaps20:23
daftykinsvotlon: no, not DNS servers20:24
Bashing-omsudormrf: insure 'swap' is off .. often times the liveDVD will use the install's swap space .20:24
sudormrfdaftykins, ok getting stuck at a different spot now.  trying to do the resize, but it isn't letting me.  there is 170gb of free space.  when I do resize2fs and use 170g as the size it says that I can't do that20:24
votlondaftykins: ohhh so i there is a windows domain on the network do i put the ip adress of the domain controller there or just the domain name?20:24
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votlonwow that sentence was just horrible...20:25
daftykinsvotlon: no, not necessarily a windows domain :) read the man page.20:25
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daftykinssudormrf: see my above message about sharing to the channel, not to me direct.20:25
votlondaftykins: okay thanks again ^.^20:25
AbdullahAlZawahiHi, how can I find a package that contains Consolas font?20:27
jhutchins_wkAbdullahAlZawahi: aptitude search font20:28
PiciAbdullahAlZawahi: I don't believe there are any packages in our repositories that provide that.20:28
sudormrfBashing-om, well I got a bit further.20:28
ONeZettyGreetings from Cancun, Mexico!!20:29
SupaYoshiIs it safe to do a do-release-upgrade20:29
SupaYoshishould i take caution into anything?20:29
SupaYoshieverything is updated and working on my server20:29
SupaYoshiI just never done a release upgrade before.20:29
SupaYoshi12.04 to 14.0420:29
_Trullodo it20:30
anjo-aladiahWith Lubuntu 14.10 after an update i lose sound. how to reinstall in console ?What it is the command to reinstall  alsa mixer.20:30
_Trullothat is a agething really if you are 25 and younger you upgrade cause you always have to have the latest version, over 25 and you are happy it works and if it does don't upgrade :)20:31
SupaYoshi_Trullo, just do it?20:31
MotherMGASupaYoshi: depending on what you're running on your server, things can be different.  those different things may adversely affect your application, etc.20:31
SupaYoshijust a webserver with php, and standard homeserver stuf20:32
SupaYoshifileserver, etc.20:32
sudormrfso here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9903923/  I am trying to extend the data to /dev/sda3.  not sure what the issue is.20:32
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ONeZettySupaYoshi: Well to me, is always good to install from 0.20:33
sudormrfhmm.  maybe it's ok?20:33
evertheylenanyone here running Eclipse with C++? I'm wondering whether it has C++ documentation builtin.20:33
MotherMGASupaYoshi: so 12.04 uses php 5.3, 14.04 uses 5.5, I believe.20:33
sudormrfbooting now :X20:34
MotherMGAsupayoshi: I personally would spin up a VM with the destined OS and get my application running on it before I do the upgrade20:35
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jurislavhello. file sharing question: clean 14.04 ubuntu, wanna share a folder in my home dir. right click > local network share > check all 3 boxes > Create share > update permissions. share IS visible on the network, but is inaccessible by anyone on windows or mac (haven't tried another linux). any hints?20:36
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Nimbus_hello can anyone help with the issue I pasted?20:38
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votlonanyone know anything about ifenslave?20:42
jurislavthe filesharing above, anyone..?20:43
Bashing-omNimbus_: "failed: Access denied for user 'otrs'@'localhost'" says this is a file permissions issue. Beyond that I can not help .20:43
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hehehey folks20:45
hehemy webcam Microdia PC Camera SN9C201 + MI1300 gives black and white only image on cheese and black screen on skype20:45
hehehow can I fix it?20:45
heheusing ubuntu 14.0420:45
Toerkeiumhello guys. Any advice on which release should I install? I need only a OS for web surfing and mailing, desktop machine20:46
heheubuntu 14.04 and win 720:46
aeon-ltdToerkeium: what spec pc?20:46
Toerkeiumthe less resource consuming would be the better20:46
ilahi looking for help on broadcom 4352 ubuntu 14.04 wifi works but bluetooth not able to discover devices20:46
aeon-ltdToerkeium: wait easier... i3/i5/i7 latest stock is fine, less than that xubuntu or lubuntu20:47
heheila: try to renable with da switch20:47
Toerkeiumaeon-ltd: I have very different machine, so the less ram and cpu consuming would be the best20:47
hehealso any idea bout cam issue?20:47
Toerkeiumthanks guys20:47
jurislavToerkeium, Mint MATE edition.20:47
aeon-ltdToerkeium: lubuntu or xubuntu, you can theme both to look however you like. i think lubuntu uses a little less ram20:47
ToerkeiumI'll try lubuntu then, thanks a lot20:47
aeon-ltdjurislav: not ubuntu20:48
ilait is enabled20:48
Toerkeiumgreat! very appreciated your comments20:48
aeon-ltdhehe: find different/correct drivers?20:48
jurislavit's ubuntu-based20:48
heheila then try to discover some other device20:48
aeon-ltdjurislav: also not supported here20:48
heheaeon-ltd: hmm sounds like an idea its just I am yet to install any drivers on linux20:48
hehewhere do I put them?20:48
mitis this working?20:49
=== apw_ is now known as apw
aeon-ltdhehe: no idea, if there is a package to install use that; the only webcam i've ever used is a sony eyetoy and this was 5-6 years ago20:49
Bashing-omToerkeium: Less resources -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu .20:49
aeon-ltdmit: nope noone can hear you20:49
mitoh no, im alone!20:50
mitcan this app be used like  a private chat?20:50
explHow can I make ssh server with Ubuntu 12.04.5LTS 64-Bit? I follow Guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH20:50
ilahehe not able to discover any device. I am not sure the bluetooth is working properly but from gui seems to be20:50
Toerkeiumthansk Bashing-om!20:51
Bashing-omToerkeium: :-) .,. try Lubuntu, you will be impressed .20:51
ToerkeiumDownloading it right now! many thanks!20:52
heheila well then u need driver20:52
heheyes I use lubuntu20:52
heheits fast20:52
ilahow to i check what is currently installed?20:52
=== BlackVenom is now known as BlackVenom|Away
explssh Server doesn't work................. I install openssh-server How not?20:54
Bashing-omila: lsb_release -a , /etc/issue  ??20:55
heheila use google20:55
heheI dont know :D20:55
heheexpl: u mean u cant ssh to box?20:55
ilano problem hehe. thanks anyway20:55
explhehe: Yes, it waits.20:57
dc__Greetings everyone, libkmod is generating an error in my boot.log even though i have the relative option commented out, can anybody help? Error line is "libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod-config.c:686 kmod_config_parse: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf line 46: ignoring bad line starting with 'snd-hda-intel'""21:01
kephaso whats going on in here21:02
dukedaveSo in 14.04 I keep accidentally triggering the 'super finder' thing's photo search, with a touchpad gesture. But I don't seem to be able to find anything in settings or on Google :\21:02
k1l_kepha: its the technical support channel for ubuntu.21:02
yan_anyone know how i can recompile the kernel via debian/rules+fakeroot? making it build binary-generic again doesn't pick up changes to the code21:04
explHow can ssh Ubuntu?21:05
pixelkatsto 14.04 or not to 14.04? that is the question21:05
kephaim sorry new to this., I do have a question though21:05
sudormrfthere we go.  so yeah, it is failing on the e2fsck saying that it is in use21:05
sudormrfstep 12 for increasing the size21:06
k1l_kepha: no problem. we stick to support in here. we have #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics related chat.21:06
k1l_expl: what do you want to do and where is the error?21:07
k1l_pixelkats: what is the other choice?21:07
pixelkatsim on 12.0421:07
sudormrfBashing-om or daftykins any suggestions?21:07
pixelkatscan i still use background pic in terminal on 14.04?21:07
k1l_pixelkats: all new and shiny here in the 14.04 wonderland ;p21:07
kephathis is dealing with "wine" i am trying to get wow to work, it gets up to the download stage then shuts down with an error message21:08
k1l_pixelkats: yes, you can.21:08
=== Guest30630 is now known as no000ob
pixelkatswill my icons break?21:08
Bashing-omsudormrf: I do not have anLVM instasll, cnanot test any advise I might give .. only that "something is mounted" likely swap .21:08
k1l_kepha: for wine issues its best to look into the appdb and see if there are known solutions or to ask the wine specialists since wine is very complex.21:09
k1l_!wine | kepha21:09
ubottukepha: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:09
sudormrfBashing-om, hmm.  ok21:10
sudormrfBashing-om, thanks.  I am going to check into it some more now21:10
JokesOnYou77Hi all.21:11
Bashing-omsudormrf: What does GParted indicate for swap ?21:11
explk1l_: I want to ssh Ubuntu 12.04.5LTS , I install openssh-server sudo apt-get install -y openssh-server.21:12
JokesOnYou77Is it possible to unbind ALT-TAB for windows switching?  I've changed it in the gnome settings but it doesn't seem to have changed anything.21:12
=== moondoggy_ is now known as moondoggy
explk1l_: I follow this Guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/ConnectingTo. It gives nothing.21:13
explk1l_: After some while, it gives ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out21:14
Jordan_Usudormrf: What are you attempting to do, and whith what version of Ubuntu?21:16
LurkAshFlakehow do i install a .deb from the terminal21:18
=== BlackVenom|Away is now known as BlackVenom
theadminLurkAshFlake: sudo dpkg -i file.deb21:19
LurkAshFlakedidn't work, is ubuntu 14 multiarch? skype only have ubuntu 12.0 (multiarch) as an option but  sudo dpkg -i skype-debian_4.3.0.37-1_i386.deb failled21:22
LurkAshFlakewell as the most suiting option21:23
k1l_expl: what command do you use exactly to connect?21:23
k1l_LurkAshFlake: which ubuntu 14? there are 2 ubuntus each year. and yes ubuntu is multiarch.21:23
sudormrfJordan_U, I got it :).21:24
sudormrfBashing-om, all done now :).  thank you21:24
k1l_!paste | LurkAshFlake best is to show the exact error and command there21:24
ubottuLurkAshFlake best is to show the exact error and command there: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:24
explk1l_: ssh
sudormrfJordan_U, I was trying to resize a LUKS LVM partition.  was hitting some issues, but it is all working now :).21:24
LurkAshFlakek1l_: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS21:24
k1l_expl: what username are you using on that machine and on that server?21:24
theadminLurkAshFlake: If it's complaining about dependencies, just do "sudo apt-get -f install"21:24
theadminLurkAshFlake: After your dpkg command.21:24
theadminLurkAshFlake: Also, Skype is in the official repositories, just use that one instead.21:25
xarhow to fix this, please? Échec de l'ouverture de session pour la machine virtuelle w.21:25
theadminThe download on skype.com is for older Ubuntu versions only from my understanding.21:25
xarFailed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_SUPLIB_WORLD_WRITABLE).21:25
xarCode d'erreur : NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)21:25
xarComposant : Console21:25
xarInterface : IConsole {8ab7c520-2442-4b66-8d74-4ff1e195d2b6}21:25
EriC^^expl: that won't work cause of your isp, it's the isp's IP not yours ( i share the same ) i don't know if you can manage some kind of port forwarding or something there might be a way21:25
LurkAshFlaketheadmin apt-get install skype gave me nothing21:25
OerHeksenable the partner repo first21:26
theadminLurkAshFlake: Hm. I think it's in the partner repos21:26
explk1l_: username expl21:26
xarI'm trying to open a new session on Virtual box but, I'm getting this error message. How to deal with? Failed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_SUPLIB_WORLD_WRITABLE).NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) Composant : Console Interface : IConsole {8ab7c520-2442-4b66-8d74-4ff1e195d2b6}21:26
k1l_expl: on both amchines?21:27
LurkAshFlakeok i finshed with the -f install after failling dpkg because of depedency21:28
explk1l_: username jason on 2nd machine21:29
explk1l_: I'm get the same on both machine. Error.21:30
k1l_expl: then you need to give it that name with jason@ip because he will use "expl" from the machine where ssh is started.  but you cant use that ip like EriC^^ said because the internet provider is using that ip for other machines too.21:30
hans_hallo i want to remove chromium, but i notice that i have it twice in my dash. what can i do?21:31
hehehi folks21:31
hehehans apt-get purge chromium?21:31
heheI am  installing webcam and I get http://pastebin.com/9Kf5pZ7H21:31
hans_i did so, but there is still a chromium left on the dash ;(21:32
Jordan_Uhehe: What version of Ubuntu are you using?21:34
DF3D2so I just got an LSI 9220-8i PCie-X8 sas card, problem is when it is plugged in my ubuntu drops to initramfs shell and says my /dev/disk/by/uuid boot drive isnt present, which it is... remove the card and it boots as normally (the boot drive is on the motherboard sata ports not the sas card)21:34
hehe14.04 64 bit21:34
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Jordan_Uhehe: Why (and how) are you trying to use a ppa for Ubuntu 9.04 with Ubuntu 14.04?21:35
heheI did not know they are not compatible21:35
heheJordan_U: its the newest driver for the cam i managed to find21:35
Jordan_Uhehe: They are not. And adding the ppa using the normal methods would have given you an error message.21:35
Jordan_Uhehe: So how did you add this ppa?21:36
heheJordan_U: so where can I find latest drivers and what do u mean normal method?21:36
hehesudo add-apt-repository21:36
link0802Pleace help me :). I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Few days ago problem with launcher counter/badge has appeared. It becomes very-very small. Does anyone have the same problem/solution for it? Screenshot of problem (psensor temperature counter) here http://i.imgur.com/6oXmN8N.png. Thnx for help :)21:37
heheJordan_U: whats the normal method?21:38
Jordan_Uhehe: The normal and supported method of adding a ppa is with "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nickel62metal/ppa", which would have given you a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nickel62metal-ppa-trusty.list with the correct distribution selected.21:39
mjaykow do i make my cursor stay in a fullscreen app when using two monitors (dota2)21:40
Jordan_Uhehe: Please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list and your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nickel62metal-ppa-trusty.list (if you have the latter file).21:40
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
hehefile nr is not present21:43
hehe*file nr 2 is not present21:44
Jordan_Uhehe: How did you add this ppa?21:45
hehesudo add-apt-repository21:45
hehesudo add-apt-repository 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nickel62metal/ubuntu intrepid main'21:46
Jordan_Uhehe: Thank you, that exact command is what I needed to know. Why did you run that command? Were you following a guide somewhere?21:47
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
heheJordan_U: yes21:47
heheso whats the mistake?21:49
=== linuxer is now known as Guest70532
=== Agent_Isai|BNC is now known as Agent_Isai
Jordan_Uhehe: The mistake is the "intrepid" in that line. Try as hard as possible to avoid following instructions from blogs, and in addition be careful with any guide / instructions written for an older release of Ubuntu.21:51
=== BlackVenom is now known as BlackVenom|Away
Jordan_Uhehe: So, now lets fix it...21:52
notdanielanyone know how i restrict a samba share from being visible on the list of shares when a user connects who doesnt have access to it? the browseable = no option also stops it from being visible to users who *do* have permission.21:53
Jordan_Uhehe: sudo add-apt-repository --remove 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nickel62metal/ubuntu intrepid main'21:53
cyberpoliceim on 14.04 and my workspace switcher is stuck. i cannot see anything!!!21:53
cyberpoliceim talking to you through the workspace switcher right now21:53
=== Termana is now known as Guest42278
Jordan_Uhehe: Then, after that finishes with no errors, run "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nickel62metal/ppa".21:54
cyberpolicehow can i reset ubuntu gui21:54
heheI see intrepid is name of ubuntu release21:54
hehewent well21:54
link0802cyberpolice alt+f2 - unity, works well21:54
MonkeyDustcyberpolice  unity -reset21:54
cyberpolicewill this kill my progtrams21:55
Jordan_Uhehe: That command, using the "ppa:" syntax will automatically pick the correct Ubuntu version, and will also install the ppa's keys (which will avoid the security warning you saw before).21:55
cyberpolicelink0802: is that alt+f2? i cannot read because its too small21:55
MonkeyDustcyberpolice  ctrl alt del to stop X21:55
link0802cyberpolice yes this is alt+f221:55
Jordan_Uhehe: sudo apt-get remove microdia-dkms21:55
cyberpoliceare these windows jokes21:55
cyberpoliceoh wow it worked21:56
heheW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/nickel62metal/ppa/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found21:56
MonkeyDustcyberpolice  jokes? how do you mean?21:56
heheseems they dont have newest pack21:56
cyberpoliceMonkeyDust: sorry i just thought you were messing with me21:56
k1l_hehe: no trusty packages in that ppa21:57
Jordan_Uhehe: Indeed. What webcam are you trying to use, and what problem are you having doing so?21:57
k1l_hehe:  its not updated since 2011. so its dead21:57
hehethis cam21:57
hehethey also got old git21:57
heheatm cheese shows something but only black and white21:58
heheI read some stuff here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982471&page=321:58
hehewrong link21:58
heheor in fact its right21:58
hehethey have got google group so I might ask there later22:00
hehegoing to exercise now if someone got some ideas pm or post here :)22:00
heheand thanks Jordan_U22:00
MonkeyDusthehe  don't hit the enter key too often, it's getting a deadache22:00
justanickHello. I'm trying to use midomi.com but when I click on the box it displays "0:00" and sits there, not actually recording anything. I've set the mic permission in macromedia. Help22:10
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hehek1l_: anyway I can make old drivers work on new ubuntu?22:19
reisioGuest55390: hi22:22
reisiohehe: why22:22
hehereisio: I got drivers for webcam for older ubuntu22:23
heheso I wonder if they can be adapted somehow22:23
reisiowhy not use drivers for newer ubuntu22:24
hehereisio: not available22:26
reisiohehe: what webcam? lsusb22:26
MonkeyDusthehe  what's the outcome of   cat /etc/issue22:26
heheMicrodia PC Camera (SN9C201 + MI1300)22:27
hehecat /etc/issue22:27
heheUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l22:27
=== richard is now known as Guest29003
alias_neoHey all. Is tere a way to check what kernel modules I need to recompile after I build and install a new kernel from source?22:29
Ben64alias_neo: thats up to you22:29
mcphailalias_neo: just pick what you need or steal and adapt the ubuntu defaults22:29
alias_neoit was my understanding that my modules won't work anymore after I do update? So how do I know wht modules are no longer working?22:30
mcphailalias_neo: you can find the current kernel config under /boot. Copy it to the kernel source directory as ".config" and type "make olddefconfig" to update the config to the new requirements22:30
alias_neoSpecifically I mean things built as part of third party tools22:31
alias_neofor example (please correct if I misunderstand) I updated the kernel on a box running kvm/libvirt/qemu, after which I had to dpkg-reconfigure before it would work again22:32
kiahello :D22:33
Ben64alias_neo: then look for anything using dkms22:33
alias_neoHi kia22:33
alias_neoBen64: What do mean by "look"?22:33
MonkeyDustalias_neo  if you don't get an answer here, there's also #ubuntu-kernel22:33
alias_neoMonkeyDust: Thanks22:33
Ben64alias_neo: theres a folder called "dkms" with all the built modules like vbox stuff22:34
LurkAshFlakemy classmate and me have changed to ubuntu this week, is there a recommended screen sharer for it?22:34
LurkAshFlakeand I*22:34
alias_neoBen64 great, thank you22:34
Ben64LurkAshFlake: vino?22:35
mcphailalias_neo: no idea why you had to dpkg-reconfigure for libvirt/kvm. I've never had to do that. Virtualbox or vmware is likely to be more difficult, though.22:36
=== swordsmanz is now known as hugbot
alias_neomcphail Not sure, ubuntu held back the kernel and headers so I aptitude safe-upgrade installed it, then I had to reconfigure before it would run22:37
mcphailalias_neo: aptitude hasn't been supported in Ubuntu for a while. You might have been better with plain old apt-get.22:38
Bashing-omLurkAshFlake: Sharing files between 2 'buntus ?22:39
LurkAshFlakehe installed it a second time but it boot automatically on windows 8 without asking22:40
alias_neomcphail i tried apt-get but it refused to let me update becuase it's held back, so the instructions i found suggested an aptitude safe-upgrade or something to that effect)22:40
Jordan_Umcphail: aptitude is in main, what makes you think that it's not supported in Ubuntu?22:41
mcphailalias_neo: if it is held back you need to apt-get dist-upgrade22:41
mcphailJordan_U: it hasn't been recommended since multiarch, as far as I am aware22:41
alias_neomcphail I'm sure I tried that also but again it wouldn't allow me22:41
Jordan_Umcphail: The multiarch problems have been fixed.22:42
Bashing-omLurkAshFlake: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2159449 <-easiest way to cp files 'tween two Lubuntus that share the same router/house (Morbius1)22:42
alias_neomcphail I'll keep dist-upgrade in mind for future though should it occur again22:42
mcphailJordan_U: ok, fair enough. I was flamed on here a while ago for recommending aptitude!22:42
LurkAshFlakeIs there a tutorial that explain how to install a grub booter so that he can select ubuntu (without needing the usb stick and the option Try ubuntu)22:42
edrahnHow would I install an older version of a program?22:43
alias_neomy main concern is, I'm about to build the latest stable kernel from kernel.org with grsecurity patch, when i install that, can i expect it to break things like kvm again and require manual intervention or should my moules just work?22:43
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
EriC^^edrahn: sudo apt-get install <package>=<version>22:43
mcphailalias_neo: as far as I know, aptitude safe-upgrade is _supposed_ to hold things back so no idea why that worked for you22:43
edrahnEriC^^: it says it can't find it22:43
EriC^^edrahn: it's probably in older ubuntu version's repositories22:44
mcphailalias_neo: the easiest thing is to install and see. GRUB will always let you boot an older kernel if it doesn;t work22:44
alias_neomcphail interesting, I have no idea why it behaved that way then22:44
Jordan_U!bootinfo | LurkAshFlake22:45
ubottuLurkAshFlake: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.22:45
EriC^^edrahn: ( which isn't recommended to use )22:45
Bashing-omLurkAshFlake: A good jumping off place : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275 <=drs305 all about grub 2 .22:45
EriC^^edrahn: check apt-cache show <package> | grep Version to see what's available, or apt-cache policy <package> maybe22:45
alias_neomcphail Sounds good thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious22:46
* mcphail is very expert in mucking up kernels and rolling back in shame22:47
edrahnEriC^^: cool, thanks22:47
acovrigI'm trying to install ubuntu server on an old Dell PowerEdge 1650, the installer (Command line or expert command line) hangs at the partitioner, any ideas why?22:48
alias_neoone more question22:48
alias_neocan I assume that the default kernel config it suitable for most situations or is there somewhere i should get custom configs from?22:49
reisioalias_neo: it's best to wait for a problem to manifest before you try to fix a problem, yes22:49
reisiothat applies outside of the realm of computers as well22:49
alias_neoreisio sure, but I'm an engineer, i prefer to prevent, then wait for them to arise22:50
mcphailalias_neo: only problem with default kernel config from Ubuntu is debugging options are turned on. Switching them off will reduce build time22:50
MonkeyDustalias_neo  don't use the kernel in prodection envoironment, at first... break it, then fix it22:51
alias_neoMonkeyDust, how will I know if it's not working right if it isn't crashing/panicking etc?22:51
EriC^^alias_neo: there's no safety factors with computers, it's pretty much an exact science, know what you want and get it done.22:52
alias_neomcpahil thanks, I'll keep that in mind, I suppose that should improve performance too? I find in my development that debugging=slow22:52
MonkeyDustalias_neo  if it doesnt crash, you know it's working22:52
mcphailalias_neo: most of the debugging options don't affect performance. The ones which do are flagged up in menuconfig. They do add a lot to the size and build time, though22:53
jhutchins_wkalias_neo: For most normal, general purpose use a stock distribution kernel will be adequate.  They throw in as many features as they can since it's modular.22:53
alias_neogreat, thanks all for your input it's appreciated22:53
jhutchins_wkalias_neo: If you need a special kernel for something, you're likely to know that, either from project documentation or a lot deeper knowledge of kernel functions than you have right now.22:53
=== `hypermi- is now known as `hypermist`
jhutchins_wkalias_neo: A few variants like realtime are often packaged for a distro, beyond that you can go to kernel.org and learn about customizing.22:54
alias_neojhutchins_it's all in the interest of learning, I had my wife but me a new microserver for christmas so i could learn, call it a hobby, so atm I'm playing with kvm and grsecurity kernel patches22:54
mcphailalias_neo: the only other thing that might be worth tweaking is the kernel preemption method, depending on whether your running a desktop or server22:54
jhutchins_wkalias_neo: Building your own kernel (and getting it to work) is a good intermediate learning linux task.22:55
alias_neojhutchins_wk Great, then that's what I'll do.22:55
jhutchins_wk!custom kernel22:56
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)22:56
alias_neomcphail server, infact, so much of a server that it's totaly GPU-less, even the Xeon it's running is without a GPU, took some time to figure out why the damn thing wasn't booting at first :D22:56
mcphailalias_neo: headless is the only way to go! Displays are so 20th century22:57
alias_neomcphail certainly is, especially when the idle power consumption of my server more than triples when I stick my gaming desktop's GPU in it (which i had to do to install the kvm host)22:59
PietjepukHi guys. I'm looking for a outline for linux. Can somebody suggest me which outliner to use?22:59
=== Shaun_ is now known as Shaun
alias_neoPietjepuk, pleae educate me, what is an outline?22:59
Pietjepukalias_neo: An outliner is a computer program that allows text to be organized into discrete sections that are related in a tree structure or hierarchy. Text may be collapsed into a node, or expanded and edited.  Outliners are typically used for computer programming, collecting or organizing ideas, as personal information management or for project management. Mind mappers and wikis are related types of software.23:00
alias_neoPietjepuk Thanks I'll add it to my list of things to read, I'm surprised, as a software engineer I've never heard of it23:01
alias_neoPietjepuk hope you find what you need23:02
msapiroI hope this is easy. On my 14.04 desktop box I think I must have clicked "don't upgrade" instead of "remind me later" on the 14.10 available dialog. Now I can't get it back :(23:02
alias_neoopen a terminal and type "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"23:03
alias_neoand you'll do it from the commandline23:03
Pietjepukalias_neo: thank you23:03
theadminmsapiro: First, I recommend you stay on 14.04 and just wait until 16.04 comes out -- LTS releases are more stable and require less attention.23:03
theadminmsapiro: However, if you are certain you want to upgrade, go to the Update Manager's settings and check the release upgrades tab23:04
theadminmsapiro: There should be a notification setting.23:04
Jordan_Ualias_neo: "apt-get dist-upgrade" is *not* for upgrading from one release of Ubuntu to another.23:04
* alias_neo goes oops23:04
=== andy_ is now known as Guest51269
alias_neoJordan_U and all these years I thought it was!23:05
msapirotheadmin: I already upgraded 2 other boxes. This was the last one. Also, I've set the notification setting, but it doesn't help.23:05
alias_neoJordan_U what does it actually do?23:05
theadminmsapiro: Meh. Just bring up a terminal and "sudo do-release-upgrade"23:05
theadminalias_neo: APT has two upgrade mechanisms.23:05
msapirotheadmin: it tells me no upgrade is available.23:06
theadminalias_neo: One is a "dumb" upgrade (the "upgrade" command) which literally just updates all packages. If there are new dependencies, the packages that have new dependencies will be deemed impossible to install and skipped.23:06
Jordan_Ualias_neo: It upgrades installed packages, allowing for the possibility of installing new packages or removing existing ones as needed to resolve dependancies.23:06
Bashing-ommsapiro: What results : grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ?23:06
MortezaEHello, I want to install 14.04 LTS with latest updates, so i don't want waste banwidth for downloading it's old iso image, and then do a complete update! Is there any alternative way to install?23:06
theadminalias_neo: The other is the "smart" upgrade system, dist-upgrade, which takes care of new dependencies as well23:06
Jordan_U!minimal | Bashing-om23:06
ubottuBashing-om: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:06
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alias_neotheadmin Jordan_U thanks, i always thought, for whatever reason "dist-upgrade" = "distribution upgrade"23:07
Bashing-omJordan_U: Thanks .. had a 'more' page and did not see that . playing catch up now .23:07
* MortezaE thinks Jordan_U answered him23:07
theadminalias_neo: Fairly logical assumption.23:07
Jordan_UBashing-om: You're welcome.23:08
theadminalias_neo: I think it sorta does that on Debian if you use a branch name rather than a release name (i.e. "stable" as opposed to "wheezy")23:08
theadminalias_neo: Ubuntu operates differently though, so...23:08
alias_neotheadmin I see, thanks for the heads up23:09
teward|pctheadmin: FWIW 'wheezy' and 'stable' point to the same repo in debian - i believe its aliases and symlinks and such, but don't quote me on that23:09
teward|pc(just an observation)23:09
theadminteward|pc: Oh, they do for *now*, the thing is, when the next "stable" release comes out that will change23:09
theadminteward|pc: "stable" will point to the new release, but "wheezy" will still be, well, Wheezy.23:09
teward|pctheadmin: where'd they state that?  (LINK!)23:10
teward|pctheadmin: well, yea, DUH23:10
msapiroBashing-om: Prompt=normal23:10
teward|pctheadmin: but i meant, 'stable'==currentstable, 'oldstable'==olderstable, 'sid'==unstable(ALWAYS!), etc.23:10
theadminteward|pc: Ah, surely.23:10
teward|pctheadmin: that pattern won't change, but you're right.23:10
teward|pctheadmin: i was not specific enough23:10
theadminSid is always unstable, huh.23:10
teward|pctheadmin: afaik, yup.23:10
theadminI didn't know that, but I guess that makes sense given the character the name is based on.23:11
theadminAnyways, back to Ubuntu discussion23:11
kantlive-anyone know how to fix console w/ ubuntu 14.04 & nvidia drivers? im seeing some form of distorted text23:12
mcphailkantlive-: can you be more specific? Screenshot?23:13
kantlive-mcphail: let me take a photo23:13
kantlive-mcphail: https://www.dropbox.com/s/04w0epcssvy8123/2015-01-27%2018.13.57.jpg?dl=023:14
Bashing-ommsapiro: With that prompt set, I would expect that you see a relase-upgrade option in 14.04 to 14.10 .. Sorry, I know of nothing else .23:15
mcphailkantlive-: that _is_ an odd one. Not one I've seen before, I'm afraid23:15
kantlive-mcphail: splash even works ok23:16
msapiroBashin-om: You and me both. I've looked and grepped and can't find a switch for it.23:16
mcphailkantlive-: is this using the open source or proprietary drivers?23:17
kantlive-mcphail: proprietary23:17
mcphailkantlive-: which card and which driver version?23:17
kantlive-mcphail: NV GTX 980   346 driver23:18
mcphailkantlive-: from xorg-edgers PPA?23:19
kantlive-mcphail: yes, the card isnt supported on the official ppa23:19
mcphailAnd is the graphical desktop OK?23:19
kantlive-mcphail: yeah. works fine23:23
mcphailkantlive-: if you remove "splash" and "quiet" from the boot args are the kernel/init messages corrupted as it boots? If not, at what point does it change?23:25
Xenos1what would be the irc command to join this channel using x chat http://en.sfml-dev.org/forums/index.php?topic=2997.023:26
kantlive-mcphail: works until X comes up and i switch to text TTY23:27
mcphailkantlive-: try adding "gfxpayload=text nomodeset" to the boot options23:30
kantlive-mcphail: kk one moment. i also just noticed uvesafb is being used..23:30
Jordan_Umcphail: "gfxpayload=text" isn't a kernel parameter. If you want to configure grub to handover a text mode to the kernel at boot, use GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD=text in /etc/default/grub.23:32
kantlive-Jordan_U: i see gfxmode $linux_gfx_mode, can i replace the variable with text?23:33
mcphailJordan_U: cheers - my memory is rusty23:34
kantlive-mcphail: Jordan_U seems i can. booted in text mode and console works23:34
kantlive-so now to figure out why..23:34
Jordan_Ukantlive-: Simply edit /etc/default/grub and add GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text then re-run "sudo update-grub".23:35
kantlive-Jordan_U: i could.. id like to see if i can figure out the issue tho :)23:35
Jordan_Ukantlive-: Manual edits to /boot/grub/grub.cfg will be overwritten on your next kernel update.23:35
kantlive-Jordan_U: i realize this23:35
mcphailkantlive-: i think it's just an old nvidia bug which has affected some combinations of hardware and drivers for years. I've had blank consoles which have been revived by that incantation to kill the fb in the past. My current setup doesn't need it23:37
alias_neoOk, am i really unlucky or does this happen regularly? When i built my kernel with grsec earlier today, the version was 3.14.29, now kernel.org has 3.14.30 but grsec patch doesn't have a 3.14.30 yet23:37
kantlive-mcphail: i used to have the blank vt issue which i remember v86d solved. but this is totally different as far as i can tell23:37
kantlive-mcphail: interesting. i just removed v86d and rebuilt initramfs & grub and now i have a low res console23:38
mcphailkantlive-: i gave up trying to understand that arcana a couple of years ago. Now I just roll with it23:38
kantlive-mcphail: tis the wonders of proprietary drivers haha23:39
MortezaEHey, I have problem with usb-creator-gtk23:39
MortezaEit doesn't select source iso file23:39
mcphailkantlive-: yes - i've switched to open source radeon drivers now I've found an incantaion to get kernel modeswitching to work23:40
MortezaEthe first time i ran it, disk was full, and it encountered errors23:40
MortezaEthis is the error:23:40
MortezaE(usb-creator-gtk:6791): dconf-WARNING **: failed to commit changes to dconf: GDBus.Error:org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._g_2dfile_2derror_2dquark.Code12: Failed to write file '/home/morteza/.config/dconf/user.IJHETX': write() failed: No space left on device23:40
MortezaE(usb-creator-gtk:6791): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/home/morteza/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to write file '/home/morteza/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.H44ZSX': write() failed: No space left on device23:40
ydlchange #ubuntu23:41
ydljoin #ubuntu23:42
mcphailydl: you're there already23:42
MortezaEydl: do /join or /j23:42
Jordan_UMortezaE: In the future please use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com for output longer than one line. It sounds like the filesystem containing your home directory is full.23:43
MortezaEhow to remove dconf for an app?23:43
MortezaEJordan_U: ok i do :)23:43
Jordan_UMortezaE: Please pastebin the output of "df -h" and "df -i".23:43
MortezaEJordan_U: now i emptied the disk, but usb-creator-gtk doesn't work23:44
MortezaEin fact, when i select iso file, it doesnt select it23:44
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MortezaEi think i must empty it's dconf. wrong?23:44
Jordan_UMortezaE: Have you closed and re-opend usb-creator since making more space available?23:45
ydlHey everybody, why the transfer between 2 NTFS HDD goes down while transfer ? Ubuntu 11.04 LTS23:46
Ben64ydl: 11.04 is not LTS, and no longer supported23:46
k1l_ydl: ntfs support is not the fastest.23:47
ydlwhile begin the transfer, got 70MB/sec23:47
k1l_and yes, 11.04 got serious security issues since it get no security updates since long time now23:47
k1l_ydl: cached23:47
woozySo I installed Ubuntu from a flash drive and now it only boots if I have that flash drive plugged in. Any ideas?23:48
j_tOn a reboot, my hostname -f result is set to (none)23:48
Jordan_U!bootinfo | woozy23:48
ubottuwoozy: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.23:48
ydl... means that the data goes thru RAM before read on HDD?23:48
sleepy_owlhello everyone, i have a problem with the gpu drivers on an asus n550jk. i can see 2 devices in lspci -> intel haswell mobile and a gtx 850m. system is using the haswell with nouveau according to "about this computer". could anyone explain how to install the appropriate driver and use the gtx850m instead of haswell mobile or point me in the right direction?23:49
sleepy_owljust to clarify, additional drivers give me no alternative drivers to choose, just a blank window.23:50
ydlk1l: cached means that the transferred data first load in the RAM before read at final HDD?23:50
votlonSo im having some bonding trouble guys, im following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding but it seems like one of my nics isnt working correctly23:52
votlonIt says the nic is online yet it cant ping google23:52
votlonand the network settings are correct23:52
votlonI guess i should elaborate, its a 3 nic bond and the two other nics work correctly but the built in motherboard adapter seems to just be a dud23:53
votloncould it be a driver issue?23:54
woozyThe boot info script doesn't worm23:54
Jordan_Uwoozy: "Doesn't work" is almost never a useful description of a problem. What command did you run to try to run boot info script? Please pastebin its complete ouptut.23:55
woozySorry. I followed the instructions on the website in terminal and it says command is not found23:56
rwpwoozy, Saying "command is not found" is no more useful when you don't say what command that might be.23:58
Jordan_Uwoozy: Where did you extract the tarball to?23:58
woozyTo downloads23:59
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Jordan_Uwoozy: What is the exact command you used to try to run boot info script?23:59
kantlive-mcphail: got it to work with v86d :) just cant use 1920x1080.23:59

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