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hitlin37ah, my script was missing file permission, hence the job exited. my bad.10:05
athanHmm... `init-checkconf foo.conf` is telling me there's a syntax error, but no line number :\ http://lpaste.net/11929710:17
pv2bI have an ubuntu 10.04 LTS server that i'm having an annoying issue on. I have a service for a Digi Realport (serial over ethernet) that need to start before tomcat starts, otherwise the application doesn't find the serial port and goes all sad on me. both tomcat6 and dgrp_daemon seem to be using init.d scripts rather than upstart jobs, but upstart is in use on the server. So I'm a bit confused 13:40
pv2bas to what tool I should be using changing this with. i tried editing the tomcat startup script to loop until the serial port comes up, but that just causes an excellent deadlock on boot since the driver seems to be started after tomcat.13:40
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MFenhi folks22:42
MFeni'm having some issues understanding the flow of events. i'm trying to schedule one job to happen just before another job22:43
MFenthe main job is in backup.conf. There is a separate job, aorta-db-export. it must run first.22:43
MFenat the top of aorta-db-export i have: start on (starting backup)22:44
MFenbut, it doesn't.22:44
MFeni can start backup using either initctl or service22:50
MFenit runs, successfully22:50
MFenbut never does aorta-db-export get triggered to start22:50
MFeni'm using upstart 1.12.1 in ubuntu 14.0422:51
MFenwould i be better off rearranging things in the other direction? i don't really care for that because i might want to attach other things prior to backups running22:53
MFenin that scenario i think i want "start on aorta-db-export" in backup? but i need backup to run only when aorta-db-export *completes*22:53
JanCstart on starting backup is right AFAIK23:06
JanCbut then aorta-db-export needs to be a task23:07
MFenyes, it's a task. i figured it out, sorry i didn't update23:41
MFenaorta-db-export.conf was malformatted so it wasn't being read23:42
MFenthanks :)23:42
JanCyou can check for that23:42
MFenthat sounds like something useful to have in my server test scripts...23:43
JanCthat should be able to find malformed .conf files23:44
MFenyep, that sounds awesome to me. gonna add that, thanks :)23:45
athanUpstart keeps making my web server reset :\ how would I start testing?23:54
athanIt's weird, when I invoke the executable myself, everything is fine - it's only when used as an upstart job :S23:54
athanhttp://lpaste.net/119354 <- forany interested. interested23:55

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