mdf092دوستان یه سوال شبکه‌ای داشتم. کسی آنلاین هست؟13:28
MortezaEmdf092, Hi, don't ask to ask, just Ask13:29
MortezaEmaybe someone answer u, maybe no13:29
mdf092توی ردهت وقتی شبکه یه ماشین مجازی رو روی حالت بریدج گذاشتم، شبکه سیسوم میزبان هگ قطع شد و هرکاری میکنم وصل نمیشه13:30
Azitrexdurud bar shoma jenab darvish13:31
MortezaEAzitrex, از اساتید هستن؟13:32
* MortezaE is zero in network13:32
MasterPiecemdf092, Hi, What is your problem?13:40
mdf092the network redhat is up but not running13:41
MasterPiecemdf092, Are you in local Env?13:41
MasterPieceCan you !paste "ifconfig -a" and "brctl show" commands ?13:43
lubotu3For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:43
mdf092i can't paste the output here13:46
mdf092but there is no bridge13:46
mdf092and i have eth0 with static ip but no network13:47
MasterPiecedid you set the default gateway ? check it via "ip route"13:48
MasterPieceip route add default gateway xx.xx.xx.xx13:48
mdf092no there is no gateway13:49
MasterPieceand check for Duplicate in Network through this command : "arp-scan xx.xx.xx.00/24"13:49
MasterPieceok, add the gateway at first13:49
MasterPieceThis should be solve your problem :)13:49
MasterPiecemeans -> This Solution , will be solve your problem13:52
mdf092is gateway necessary for local network13:52
MasterPiecesome times! English goes off! and letters climb up! :)) hehe :D13:53
MasterPiecemdf092, yes, it is :)13:53
mdf092arp scan not installed and of course i have no Internet connection13:53
MasterPiecedid you added default gateway ?13:55
mdf092here we are on local network without any gateway or Internet server13:56
mdf092so what does gateway mean?13:56
nasirpursalam behame14:09
nasirpurمن می خواستم نصب اوبونتو را در کنار ویندوز یاد بگیرم14:10
MortezaEHe should learn to wait14:14
Maddakسلام دوستان20:40
MortezaEHe should learn to wait20:49

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