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johnjelinekhihi all00:44
johnjelinekhow's it goin'?00:44
johnjelinekcan anyone let me know how to configure 3-finger drag with Ubuntu 14.04.2?00:45
johnjelinekI want some of the supported gestures referenced here to work: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch#Supported_Gestures00:47
johnjelinekbut I don't know where to turn them on00:47
Elleojohnjelinek: this channel focuses on Ubuntu Touch (the platform for phones, tablets, etc.), not multitouch under X11, you'd probably be better off asking somewhere more general like askubuntu or #ubuntu00:57
johnjelinekElleo: it's strange that the Multitouch wiki page points to this IRC channel01:00
Elleoyeah, that looks like a mistake01:01
Elleolooks like that was added in ~2010 so it's possible this channel was used for multitouch discussion prior to the creation of ubuntu touch01:03
johnjelinekoic, maybe not much action has happened around multitouch for a while01:11
RobbyF2anyone try the new porting guide?01:48
RobbyF2getting invalid clone bundle file02:00
RobbyF2after i phablet-dev-bootstrap phablet02:00
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ibrahimpekcanfor nexus 7 (2013) ubuntu touch download link?07:45
AskUbuntuRun KeePassX on ubuntu phone | http://askubuntu.com/q/58807509:45
Jineshis it available for nexus 7 (2012)10:08
lotuspsychjeonly the nexus 7 2013 wifi model10:08
lotuspsychje!devices | Jinesh10:08
ubot5Jinesh: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices10:08
Jineshoh okay10:09
lotuspsychjeJinesh: but you can try the XDA forums, check if nobody ported it maybe10:09
Jineshokay. i ll10:10
JineshThank You10:10
YolandreHi, I'm trying to gather some opinions regarding Ubuntu Touch.10:57
ogra_and you expect to get any critical comments in an ubuntu touch channel ?10:58
YolandreNope, just user experiences.10:58
adrian47ogra_, hello :D10:59
adrian47ogra_, i see welcome screen :))10:59
YolandreCurrently using Android 4.04 and burning to try Ubuntu Touch.10:59
popeyso try it :)11:00
adrian47but touchscreen don't work11:04
YolandreTouch screen not working?11:07
adrian47Yes, but I am porting UT.11:10
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lotuspsychjek1l: morning mate12:18
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mariogripHello, ogra_ do you have time to maybe help me find out why adbd not starting... I have tried (almost) everything :P13:47
nlsthzno/ all... was able to nab a e4.5 in the last flash sale and I have a question for which I can't find definitive answer online; is there any sort of navigation software available for ubuntu touch or is it still in progress?13:55
mariogripwhen you add break=top to the kernel boot argument, that will start normal adbd right??14:04
mariogripcan someone please help me? A Adbd does not start14:28
mariogripadbd (355): undefined instruction: pc=b6cf1368 this is the error i get from last_kmsg14:28
mariogriphere is a full last_kmsg:http://paste.ubuntu.com/10341700/14:28
Siilwynmariogrip, it's pretty quiet around this time of the day during the weekend. You'll have to have some patients. I don't have the knowledge to help you.14:48
Siilwynmariogrip, you could also resend/repost in an hour or two.14:49
mariogripSiilwyn: okey, thanks14:49
sturmflutnlsthzn: There is no navigation software that I know of. There is some cooperation with HERE maps, maybe at some point the matching app will just pop up in the store...15:16
sturmflutmariogrip: for some reason the CPU thinks the instruction at memory address 0xb6cf1368 of your adbd process is illegal. Do the compiler which created the adbd binary, the kernel and the CPU architecture/features match?15:19
mariogripI guess adbd was pre compiled, when i created the image it downloaded some files into ramdisk which included adbd15:22
nlsthznsturmflut, ok thanks... ironically navigation is the one thing I actually use my android phone for >.<15:24
sturmflutmariogrip: There are several reasons why this can happen. The compiler created the binary for a different CPU featureset, the instructions are not correctly aligned etc. I don't have the expertise to actually help you, but that's the general direction15:24
sturmflutmariogrip: Can you try to (cross-)compile adbd yourself?15:24
sturmflutnlsthzn: Yeah, me too. A working port of e.g. OsmAnd would be extremely useful.15:25
mariogripsturmflut: Yeah, i can try that. btw adbd works at recovery15:25
sturmflutmariogrip: Hmmm, the recovery kernel is different, right?15:26
mariogripsturmflut: yeah, but i guess they uses the same sbin15:26
sturmflutmariogrip: Then you may want to have a look at any possible differences in the kernel configurations.15:27
mariogripyeah, i will try15:27
mariogripsturmflut: I was wrong, try uses two different sbin, the recovery adbd is bigger (more kb) than the adbd that the ubuntu touch team provided...15:40
marcus_hi all. which is the proposed channel when I want to try out the latest (most recent) version?15:41
mariogripreplace try with they15:41
sturmflutmariogrip: Interesting!15:42
mariogripreplaced it with that one, still not working...15:42
mariogripalso There error is gone from last_kmsg...15:42
sturmflutmarcus_: Just from looking at the available channels I would say "vivid" alias "devel"15:44
sturmflutmarcus_: But don't take my word for it15:44
AskUbuntuUbuntu SDK first usage problems? | http://askubuntu.com/q/58818515:47
sturmflutmarcus_: Hm, looking at the image server my guess doesn't seem correct15:47
marcus_is there a way to disable the vibration when clicking buttons on the screen?16:15
mariogripI have tried to get adbd working for hours now, can someone tell me why it does not start? here is last_kmsg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10341700/17:33
onlaanyone running ubuntu on asus transformer?17:59
mariogripsorry guys for begging for help! but why does not adbd not start? I'm trying to port ubuntu touch to oneplus one, it compiled without any errors... but i cannot get adbd to start so it's so hard to debug... here is the last_kmsg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10341700/ please help...19:12
mariogrippopey someone said that you may know how to get adbd running...20:02
ryan_evosHey there. Is anyone in here working on porting to OnePlus One? That's the phone I use and I could help out with the effort!21:43
mariogripryan_evos: i'm trying!22:24
mariogripryan_evos:  i compiled without any errors. but I have a problem where adbd does not start? it's hard to debug without adbd.22:25
ryan_evosmariogrip: I saw your repo. Want help?22:26
mariogripryan_evos Yes!22:26
ryan_evosI haven't ported anything. But I'm pretty useful when it comes to Linux.22:27
ryan_evos<-sysadmin/Foss developer.22:27
ryan_evosmariogrip: how can I help?22:28
mariogripI need to find out why adbd is not starting... I have been trying to find out why for many hours now (probably just a minor thing...) but here is my last_kmsg if that helps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10341700/22:29
ryan_evosmariogrip: give me a little bit and I'll see if I can help out (when I get back to my computer)22:31
mariogripryan_evos sounds good22:32

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