faizalHave some doubts09:24
faizalAbout cloudinit09:24
faizalCan I ask09:24
Odd_Blokefaizal: It's better to just ask than ask to ask. :)10:03
faizalCan we run just one module10:05
faizalWhen we run manually10:05
faizalFor example only users-group module10:05
faizalAnd one more doubt10:08
faizalCloudinit --file. ...what type of file will it take as argument10:10
faizalI gave cloudinit --file mycloudconfig.Cfg10:10
faizalI am getting error10:10
faizalToo few argument's10:10
faizalWhat type of file is cloudinit expecting10:11
Odd_Blokefaizal: You still need to instruct cloud-init to do something with that file.10:11
Odd_Blokefaizal: (e.g. cloud-init --file foo.cfg init)10:11
Odd_Blokefaizal: And to run a single module, you want the single subcommand.10:11
Odd_Bloke(i.e. cloud-init single)10:12
Odd_BlokeI haven't used it, so I don't know the parameters off the top of my head.10:12
Odd_BlokeBut poke around that and you should find what you want.10:12
faizalCloudinit single users-group?10:16
faizalIs this correct10:16
Odd_Blokefaizal: I don't know. :)10:19
Odd_Blokefaizal: Does it do what you expect? :p10:19
Odd_BlokeThen it's not correct. ;)10:31
Odd_Blokefaizal: Did you read the help for cloud-init single?10:31
faizalGot it10:32
faizalWe should use -n10:32
faizalIt's working10:33
faizalTo run manually we should delete the contents in /var/lib/cloud/ every time?10:37
faizalIs there any other way10:37
Odd_Blokefaizal: Specifying a frequency should override that behaviour.10:48
Odd_Bloke(But I'm not 100% sure)10:48
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harmwhm, stupid wget18:46
harmwRead error at byte 4302834/21211526 (error:1408F119:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:decryption failed or bad record mac).18:46
harmw(while trying to build cirros)18:46
johncazackf: :)20:26
zackfHey there johnca20:26
zackfHey all, had a question, using cloud-init on coreos and i'm trying to have it start a systemd template... When I do so it throws an error that i'm using an invalid name20:27
zackfThat's my cloud config ^20:27
zackfWhen i get rid of the @ sign in the zk-discovery service it works. 20:27
zackfJust not as a template. 20:27
zackfanyone have any tips on how to resolve this? 20:27
johncaI think you might have to split it into 2 commands, 1 to write the file and one to start the service20:29
zackfYeah that's what i'm doing currently20:29
zackfThat works!20:29
zackfJust curious if there was a way to do in one step20:29
zackfif not , what you said is working as of now20:29
johncaprobably not20:30
zackfOk, no worries. 20:30
zackfThis way works. 20:30
zackfThanks johnca20:31
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