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lordievaderGood morning,06:23
Mirvmgraesslin: so yes, also the kwin's qtbase "private" symbol use was not really private anymore. with 5.4.1 the symbols files will be at better shape.07:54
mgraesslinMirv: awesome, thanks for looking into it07:54
Riddellvalorie: all shiny vivid?08:44
valorieso far everything is working well08:47
valorieI just installed dropbox successfully08:47
valorieworking my way through the backlog of email08:48
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sitterRiddell: btw, releaseme going to move to master this week at some point11:26
Riddellsitter: ooh nice, what's going to happen with the old branch?11:27
Riddellsitter: I have some crappy plasma specific bits, where should they go?11:27
sitterI moved them to a subdirectory for now11:28
sitterread you mail :P11:28
sitteras for the branching ... current master -> kdelibs4 && rewrite -> new master11:29
sitterMirv: we don't have qtwayland packaged?12:05
sitteror well, in the archive, it's packaged on git.debian12:06
Mirvsitter: no, it's in Debian NEW queue (for 2 months)12:29
sittermgraesslin: will we need qtwayland in 15.04 at all?12:33
sitteror ... perhaps the question should be does it make sense to have it in 15.0412:33
mgraesslinsitter: turn it around? Why would you not want to have QtWayland in 15.04?12:34
mgraesslinit's released12:34
mgraesslinit allows running Qt applications under Wayland12:35
mgraessline.g. on Weston or GNOME Shell12:35
sittermgraesslin: because it's not in debian yet xD12:35
mgraesslinbecause debian doesn't have Qt 5.4?12:35
sitterMirv: any objections to going for a FFe for qtwayland?12:35
sittermgraesslin: well yeah, we are a derivate of debian after all :P12:36
Mirvsitter: by all means, the more Qt the merrier :)12:36
Mirvsitter: I'm going to file one for Qt 5.4.1 in general too (it's kind of bugfixes only of course but...)12:37
sitterMirv: do you maybe want to include qtwayland in that one? ;)12:38
alketwhere is shutdown located in plasm5 xD12:38
Mirvmgraesslin: Debian has Qt 5.4 but Debian is in freeze so a) it's in experimental b) ftp masters are not so interested in new source packages while a release is being readied12:38
alketwhy is it a widget in desktop12:38
sitteralket: #plasma12:38
Mirvsitter: I think it'd be simpler if qtwayland 5.4.0 would be already in when I aim to get 5.4.1 in, so that not waiting for 5.4.1 (>= two weeks from now)12:40
* sitter will file paper work in a bit12:40
Mirveveryone loves paper work :)12:41
* sitter wonders why kiten has a library12:42
sitterRiddell: wanna hunt down upstream and find out why they have a public library no 3rd party uses?12:43
Riddellkiten? what's kiten?12:43
sitterjapanese learning app12:43
Riddellis it the wee cat that walks about the desktop?12:43
Riddellsitter: does it cause a problem?12:43
sitterRiddell: it broke ABI in kdelibs4 times12:43
yofeljapanese reference tool - didn't know we had that ^^12:43
sitterRiddell: just wondering if it really needs to be public. not having to worry about ABI sounds like a boon for both upstream and us12:44
sitterI really wonder how we can make the apps packaging less bulky12:45
sitterthere's some 20 repos that we don't integrate because I didn't know they were ported/merged12:45
Riddellsitter: it has a library but it's part of the same source package, can't we just assume it's private and package it together with the app?12:45
sitterRiddell: we can ask upstream to assume that for us12:46
ScottKRiddell: https://lists.debian.org/debian-qt-kde/2015/03/msg00004.html13:23
RiddellScottK: meh, ok13:25
soeesomeone on konversation & vivid ?13:32
soee*Plasma 5 ? :)13:32
mitya57sitter, mgraesslin: qtwayland is already in Debian'13:33
mitya57*Debian's NEW queue13:33
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ScottKRiddell: Affects Qt5 too.13:34
Riddellthat pesky rich moore, always finding problems13:36
sitterScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/142722513:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1427225 in Ubuntu "[FFe] qtwayland from debian NEW" [Undecided,New]13:50
ScottKWill try and look later today.13:50
mitya57ScottK: while you look at it, maybe you also can approve the package in Debian so that it can be directly synced?13:54
ScottKThat was my plan.13:54
Riddellsitter: weekly images are running kde master currently right?14:24
sitterRiddell: yes14:24
BluesKajHiyas all14:34
sitterCMake Error at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/phonon4qt5/PhononTargets.cmake:85 (message):14:36
sitter  The imported target "Phonon::phonon4qt5experimental" references the file14:36
sitterit really won't get solved unless I fix it, will it?14:36
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Riddellsitter: I'm wanting to package kdeconnect-plasma5, kdeconnect-kde is maintained by someone unrelated to pkg-kde team in debian, do you think I should put it in debian git and where?16:23
Riddellpkg-kde/kde-extras seems to be the place16:24
sitterRiddell: yeah, extras is the place to be16:31
* sitter out16:31
alketany plan about better support for GTK as in theme and filetype ?16:31
alketgtk looks very ugly , also openin files from fireforx , like opening a directory, it opens with Gwenview16:31
Riddellalket: yes it's on the todo16:33
RiddellI've a patch in reviewboard I need to remind myself of16:33
Riddelland it probably needs something added to the seed16:33
Riddellany help apprecitated :)16:33
alketgreat :)16:42
Riddellnot you :)17:13
Riddellhi BobVann__ 17:13
BobVann__Hello. As I sad, I would love to work for the project of porting Ubiquity to Qt517:14
RiddellBobVann__: cool, do you know anything about python or pyqt?17:15
lordievaderBobVann__: Whoo fancy :D17:15
BobVann__Yes, I know Python. PyQt not so well17:15
alketI know PyQt 17:16
RiddellBobVann__: it's actually a pretty simple project just the porting, so it would also include some bug fixes and further maintinance tasks17:16
_Groo_i know how to use "the computers"17:16
alketIm trying to do a Qt por for pavucontrol17:17
Riddellthere was one other student asking about it in here but he didn't stay around to get an answer17:17
_Groo_alket: wouldnt be more interesting to port veromix to kf5?17:17
Riddelland another person was asking for general things to help on and I pointed him to that, I can't remember who it was just now17:17
_Groo_Riddell is getting senile...17:18
BobVann__As I have seen, there already is a Qt version of Ubiquity, so the porting will be from qt4 to qt5? or from gtk?17:18
RiddellBobVann__: yes, from qt4 to 517:19
RiddellBobVann__: a review of whether there's any features in gtk that should be added to the qt side would be good too17:19
BobVann__Ok thank you17:19
_Groo_BobVann__: ubiquity is an engine, the part you are supposed to port is the kde interface, in this case from qt4 to qt517:19
_Groo_BobVann__: checking for the gtk part for missing features is a plus i guess17:20
BobVann__and all the debug will need to be made on a live system I guess17:21
RiddellBobVann__: so I guess to impress me you have the skills you need you should start with some pyqt app17:21
alket_Groo_: isn't vermoix already in Qt, also c++ (which i dont know)17:22
RiddellBobVann__: one useful task I know needs done is porting the kapptemplate pyqt template to pyqt517:22
Riddellalas I don't think pykde5 exists as yet17:22
_Groo_alket: no, its a plasmoid for kde4 and is written in python. i dont have time to port it myself :(17:23
_Groo_alket: https://code.google.com/p/veromix-plasmoid/17:24
_Groo_alket: the best part which you wont find in any other platform is this (IMHO) swh-plugins / ladspa-swh-plugins (for equalizer and other effects) 17:24
_Groo_it was my goto sound plasmoid in kde 417:25
BluesKajkonversation in 15.04 beta still using a lot of cpu on my pc, 100% on one core and the load doesn't share to the other core to give some cooling relief, so i have to switch to 14.10 to keep things sane17:25
_Groo_kmix is better now, but veromix in its current form is still better, pitty it doesnt work in kf517:25
BobVann__where will I find the code of kapptemplate?17:25
RiddellBobVann__: projects.kde.org   it's in a git repository17:26
lordievaderalket: Nice :)17:26
BobVann__ok thank you17:26
BobVann__and am I supposed to port only the Python part?17:30
RiddellBobVann__: for the kapptemplate task you should make a new template for pyqt5 based on the pyqt4app template17:31
RiddellBobVann__: but before that maybe find some tutorials and see if you can make a simple hello world application17:31
BobVann__Yes sure, I will learn from the beginning. I am just trying to understand very well what this projects consists of17:32
RiddellBobVann__: and stick around on this irc channel, that's a good way to get into the community :)17:33
Riddelland #kde-devel for general kde stuff17:33
BobVann__Ok thank you very much :)17:34
_Groo_Riddell: are you using calligra words 2.9?18:46
_Groo_Riddell: i found a behaviour i dont know if its a bug, a packaging error or a feature, lol...18:46
_Groo_Riddell: when you open a odf file it works has intended, but if you go and try to open a doc or rtf (not docx) it asks what type of document it is, and then it opens.. are the packages missing the MIME types? or its intended behaviour?18:47
Riddell_Groo_: sounds like an upstream bug18:48
Riddellmaybe packaging, let me try18:48
Riddell_Groo_: words fine for me18:49
Riddellso it would be a problem with the .doc files you're opening18:49
_Groo_Riddell: it doesnt ask for the type of file?18:49
Riddellor it could be I have all the calligra packages installed and you don't18:49
Riddell_Groo_: nope18:49
_Groo_Riddell: do you have a sample you could send me?18:49
Riddell_Groo_: here http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/FCC%20Agenda%2010%20November%202014.doc18:50
mparillosoeesomeone on konversation & vivid ? Were you looking for somebody to confirm a bug?18:51
Riddell_Groo_: try now18:51
_Groo_Riddell: does calligra support docx?18:52
Riddell_Groo_: in theory18:53
Riddellyep opens for me ok18:53
Riddellyep a .docx opens for me ok18:53
_Groo_it works here too, but i need to choose the tyep18:53
_Groo_just exported 1 rtf 1 doc and 1 docx from google drive18:54
_Groo_same behaviour18:54
_Groo_so something is fishy with the installation18:54
_Groo_Riddell: did you update your packages after the initial build? from the ppa?18:55
soeemparillo: yes, not sure why but i have konversation icon always visible in task manager even if it is minimized to systray18:58
Riddell_Groo_: no idea but I still have installed all of them so if something is missing from calligrawords it may be in another package by mistake18:58
_Groo_Riddell: words(6758)/koffice (filter manager) KoFilterManager::importDocument: Can't open  "application/wps-office.docx" , trying filter chooser 19:00
_Groo_from the command line19:01
_Groo_so the mime type is indeed broken19:01
_Groo_words(6758)/koffice (lib kopageapp) KoOdfLoadingContext::KoOdfLoadingContext: defaultstyles.xml not found19:01
_Groo_it does open19:02
_Groo_but it always asks for the type, except for odf19:02
VolUTFanhey ya'll I am going to install 14.10 plasma5 into a vbox for testing.  How do I get the bugs back to you guys.  Do I need to install debugging19:03
RiddellVolUTFan: better to install vivid beta119:03
VolUTFanI had problems with it on one of my main boxes and plasmashell would crash and never come back online19:03
_Groo_Riddell: it doesnt matter if i change the order in system settings > file associations, it still asks for the type19:03
Riddellreport bugs in the software to bugs.kde.org and in the packaging to launchpad.net/bugs19:03
VolUTFanok, I will go with vivid19:04
VolUTFanthanks guys19:04
lordievaderVolUTFan: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com ;)19:04
Riddell_Groo_: do you have /usr/share/kde4/services/calligra/calligra_filter_odt2docx.desktop ?19:04
VolUTFanthanks lordie19:05
_Groo_-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1218 Fev 24 09:53 /usr/share/kde4/services/calligra/calligra_filter_odt2docx.desktop19:05
_Groo_its the same for doc or rtf mind you19:05
_Groo_only odf is working as advertised19:05
Riddell_Groo_: do you have all of calligra installed?19:06
_Groo_Riddell: yep19:06
_Groo_also, i have libreoffice 4.4 and in file associations, i have 2 mime entries19:06
mparillosoee: So, when I click minimze konversation goes down to the task manager panel  but when I click close or File Quit, I assume it wants to quit entirely. It warns me Are you sure you want to quit Konversation?19:08
_Groo_Riddell: see http://picpaste.com/snapshot4-lM3sz7Jw.png19:08
_Groo_Riddell: do you have libreoffice installed?19:09
soeemparillo: not quit, one moment19:09
soeemparillo: if you minimize it to systray the icon from task manager is gone right ?19:12
mparilloI did not Settings -> Configure Konversation -> Behavior -> General -> Enable System Tray 19:15
mparilloShoul I?19:15
mparilloShould I19:15
soeemparillo: well i have it, i want konversation to run in systray all the time19:16
mparilloOK. so I enabled the system tray.and I see it under status and notifications19:17
soeemparillo: basically teh icon stays in task manager if konversation is moved to systray, clicking on that icon does nothing19:18
soeemparillo: look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1imNqWOtng19:18
mparilloWhen I click on Konversation in the system tray, it alternately closes konversation window and removes it from the panel, and then re-opens the window and re-shows itin the panel19:21
alketdid anyone install kdevelop 4.7.1 ?19:21
Riddell_Groo_: yes I have libreoffice installed19:26
Riddell_Groo_: I need to leave now, I can test it a bit more tomorrow I hope19:27
* Riddell out19:27
alketwx is very ugly and almost non-working19:34
alketdolphin is making me crazyyy19:47
alketim using krusader now19:51
soeealket: on vivid ?19:51
soeealket: works perfect for me but im not using any fancy features of it to stress it much19:54
alketim using it in vanilla state19:54
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alketwell konqueror is better20:20
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BluesKajstill no upgrade to the 3.19 kernel here, what gives ..It upgraded to 3.19 on the laptop... could it have something to do with nvidia kernel module not ready for testing yet?21:18
soeeerghm, i doubt21:18
BluesKajsoee, I tried the main server in the sources.list, no new kernel available, but the laptop was still on the ca archive and it installed the kernel21:20
soeeBluesKaj: and the desktop uses Vivid ?21:21
BluesKajyes , both do21:22
BluesKajthe laptop uses an intel gpu, that's what makes me think they halted the servers from making the 3.19 available21:26
BluesKajavailable to nvidia equipped pcs that is21:27
BluesKajor is that just speculation on my part?21:27
yofelnvidia here and I got the update..21:28
yofelBluesKaj: does 'apt-cache policy linux-image-generic' show 3.19 for you?21:28
BluesKajyofel, uname -a shows 31,821:29
BluesKajer 3.1821:29
yofelthat's what you're running, not what's available in apt..21:29
yofelFWIW, I'm running 3.18 too because I'm too lazy to reboot :P21:30
BluesKajyes apt-cache shows 3.19 as installed, so why isn't it running ?21:30
BluesKajalready rebooted today21:31
yofelif you run 'sudo update-grub', what's at the top?21:31
BluesKajahh, I see what happened here..I installed grub frpm the other HDD which has 14.10 on it 21:33
BluesKajnow it shows 3.1921:34
BluesKajweird that uname -a shows 3.18 tho ...guess I''ll reboot and if the kernel module doesn't break the system21:35
ScottKmitya57: Bad news on qtwayland.  Reject message on the way.21:36
BluesKajok, the 3.10 is in use now, but it's strange that i don't recall seeing it install  21:54
BluesKajanyway, all seems well ... laters21:57
KDDAcan amarok cast music to Chromecast?22:14

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