VolUTFanprob a dumb question...  what on earth is the Desktop folder used for in your Kub home directory?01:32
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VolUTFanfunny thing..  I have icons on my desktop, but nothing in that folder.  I assume the icons are listed in .kde somewhere instead.  Still tho... I would love to know the purpose of the /home/user/Desktop folder01:33
VolUTFangoing once....01:36
VolUTFangoing twice....01:36
VolUTFanSOLD to the invisible man01:36
VolUTFan:)  LOL01:37
VolUTFanValorie, check out my notes in the #kubuntu-offtopic channel..  might help you01:45
VolUTFan.......Most of my upgrades on Kubuntu have been from version to version..  This one is from 13.04 to 14.10.  Apparently you have to baby step it.  Do upgrades, restart, do dist upgrade, reboot, do patches...  then wash rinse repeat.  Is there no way to get directly to 14.10 from 13.0401:49
valoriethis was just a regular update in 14.10+plasma 5 that left KDE unbootable02:28
valorieand instead of waiting and having my son help me rsync my old backup, I tried myself, couldn't do it, gave up02:28
valoriemy bad02:28
VolUTFandid it leave KDE unbootable OR did plasmashell crap out and left you with no X desktop02:38
VolUTFanI gave up on Plasma5, and went back to plasma402:38
VolUTFanI may get back around to installing next PPA and plasma5 again, but I am going to wait till I get my vbox from 13.04 up to 14.10 plasma4 Kubuntu and snapshot it first with a detailed note of what it is before I attempt plasma5 again...  JUST IN CASE lol02:40
VolUTFani kid you not... in that 2 week stretch here recently, I musta installed Plasma5 Full install with 14.10 fresh at least 15 times.02:41
VolUTFani thought I was just getting a bad install, or corrupt sectors on HD Platter or some weird crap like that.  Then I realized..  This many times can't be a fluke02:41
VolUTFan16 pots of coffee later....  LOL02:42
VolUTFanYou would have laughed your butt off at me if you was here.  I think I sprouted at least a dozen new grey hairs02:44
VolUTFanits quiet quiet in here right now.  :P02:45
valoriesorry, was afk for a few03:00
valorieit was unbootable, but I still had the console03:00
valorievivid is great so far03:01
valorieI might advocate pulling the next PPA if nobody is testing it with good results03:01
VolUTFanhow many others besides me and you are knowingly having problems?03:07
VolUTFandid you and your son reinstall Plasma5 on your new install?03:08
VolUTFanalso, its ok on the afk thing.  I am back and fourth multitasking as well03:13
valorieVolUTFan: I'm on vivid, which is plasma 5 by default03:39
valorieso far, so good03:39
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mustang_haven't looked at the codename of 15.x yet04:33
VolUTFanMy son leaned back and his head hit the power strip switch and killed my modem04:37
VolUTFangood thing its on a different power strip than my box04:37
VolUTFan#apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade should bring me from 13.10 to 14.04 right04:39
VolUTFanim downloading 15.04 beta1 vivid right now04:48
VolUTFanill get around to installing that tommorow or the next04:48
VolUTFanso what should we do, install debugging and report all bugs back to dev?04:48
wonko_Hi, can I ask questions regarding the 15.04 beta here, or is there a separate channel for the new versions?05:01
valoriewonko_: better in #ubuntu+105:27
valorieVolUTFan: you might want to join the devel chan, and ask about filing particular bugs05:27
valoriesome should go upstream (to KDE)05:27
valoriealso good to join #plasma05:28
valorieno, dist-upgrade only upgrades your applications05:28
valorie`do-release-upgrade` does a release upgrade05:29
valoriebut you do want to do `apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade` first05:29
valoriealthough you will need sudo in front in each of those05:30
lordievaderGood morning,06:23
__jackHi, I want to install Kubuntu 15.04 on my Mac but couldn't find an amd64+mac iso. I wasn't find one for 14.04 or 14.10 either.07:30
valoriejack, we don't have a maintainer for that07:30
valorieso we can't offer it any more07:30
valorieno testers either07:31
valoriethere is a 12.04, which you can do an LTS to LTS upgrade on07:31
__jackOh that sucks :/ Thanks valorie07:31
valorieif the LTS to LTS upgrade works, then you could test the upgrade to 14.10 as well07:32
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BluesKajHiyas all14:34
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draikxI'm using Kubuntu 14.10, fresh install, and it doesn't recognize my TV's 1920x1080 resolution. I tried setting it with xrandr, which "worked", but then the display on the TV is trimmed by about 4" per side. It has the 1920x1080 resolution, but squished/pinched by the sides.15:15
BluesKajdraikx, which gpu and what type of connection?15:26
draikxI'm sorry. That would have been helpful, wouldn't it :P15:28
draikxGPU is onboard Intel graphics (trying to find the exact model), and I've got the DVI-VGA adapter on it (using KVM switch)15:30
draikxIntel HD Graphics 4000, 350 MHz - 1.1 GHz15:31
lordievaderdraikx: Could you pastebin the output of xrandr. And does the kvm switch support those resolutions?15:31
BluesKajdraikx, yes probly the i915 driver , it's their basic driver for mosy onboard gpus15:32
draikxIf it helps any, lspci output for video ====> 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)15:32
draikxlordievader, sure thing. And yes, it supports my other Kubuntu desktops at 1920x1080.15:33
rberg_draikx it sounds like you need to tell the tv not to overscan. on my tv the setting is called 'full pixel' this will prevent the 4" from being cut off15:33
BluesKajdraikx, a DVI-HDMI adapter would probly give you the correct resolution if the tv is so equipped15:33
BluesKajthat's what I'm using on this tv15:34
draikxlordievader, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10502790/15:36
draikxBluesKaj, I have xserver-xorg-video-intel installed. I also did "sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel" just now, but nothing.15:37
lordievaderdraikx: Is the TV VGA1?15:37
draikxrberg_, I'll look through my TV's manual for that setting.15:37
draikxlordievader, yes.15:37
lordievaderdraikx: So it is running now on full HD?15:38
BluesKajdraikx, but DVI to VGA ? that's cutting the resolution15:38
draikxlordievader, I'd have to reboot for the graphics to take effect, wouldn't I?15:38
lordievaderdraikx: What do you mean?15:38
draikxI am on 1920x1080 right now, but with the pinch from when I set the resolution values in myself.15:39
draikxBluesKaj, not sure how it would cut the resolution, if I have 1920x1080 support on my other VGA computers.15:40
lordievaderdraikx: Did you need to add a resolution mode?15:40
draikxlordievader, yes. It wasn't in the list.15:40
draikxlordievader, highest was 1024x76815:40
rberg_draikx actually with the DVI-VGA adapter you man need to adjust overscan on the computer.. try that if you cant tell the tv to stop overscanning15:40
lordievaderdraikx: Ah. Now that is interesting.15:41
draikxlordievader, right? That's what I don't quite get about it.15:41
lordievaderdraikx: Hold on, going to test some stuff.15:42
draikxlordievader, sure thing.15:42
draikxrberg_, nothing in the manual about overscan.15:44
BluesKajdraikx,  it may expand the proper aspect rastio , but the reolution won't be 1920x1080 on some tvs, one has be sure the VGA input is capable of it15:44
draikxBluesKaj, it is capable, as it works on that resolution on the other desktops I've got connected on the same KVM switch.15:45
BluesKajdraikx,just curious,  do they use the same gpu ?15:46
draikxrberg_, as for the VGA option, I have 16:9 and 4:3. It's displaying my 16:9 in a 4:3 ratio.15:46
draikxBluesKaj, no.15:46
lordievaderdraikx: I'm trying to find a good way of reading the edid info of the monitor.15:47
lordievaderdraikx: Ah, is 'read-edid' installed?15:52
draikxLet me see15:53
draikxlordievader, no, it is not. Shall I install it now?15:53
lordievaderyes, please15:53
lordievaderdraikx: Ok, open a terminal and point it to /sys.15:54
lordievaderThen run "cd $(find . -name edid|grep VGA|sed 's,edid,,g')"15:54
lordievaderAnd pastebin the output of 'parse-edid < edid'15:55
lordievaderI am assuming here that find takes the right VGA port...15:56
draikxRunning the "cd $(find . -name edid|grep VGA|sed 's,edid,,g')" command put me in '''/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/drm/card0/card0-VGA-1'''.15:56
draikxRunning 'parse-edid < edid' only gave me this output ===>  Partial Read... Try again15:57
lordievaderdraikx: Please give the directory listing of the current dir, and the one above.15:57
draikxpastebin for you, sec15:58
lordievaderAlthough it could explain why it goes for 1024x768.15:58
draikxlordievader, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10503007/15:58
lordievaderHmm, never mind about the other.15:59
lordievaderDoes 'cat edid' crash your terminal? (you get strange binary output, use 'reset' to reset your terminal)16:00
draikxIt's a 0-byte file16:00
draikx-r--r--r-- 1 root root    0 Mar  2 07:55 edid16:00
lordievaderdraikx: Here too, doesn't matter.16:01
draikxFor smiles and giggles, I "cat edid", and nothing. No output, just back to my prompt.16:02
lordievaderdraikx: Right, as a mortal user?16:02
draikxYup, as a mortal normal user :)16:03
lordievaderdraikx: Login as root (sudo -s) and run "parse-edid < edid"16:04
draikxI did that, too. Same results.16:04
draikxI did it as root first, then my user.16:04
lordievaderdraikx: Then I think that this is your problem. The preferred resolution is taken from the EDID information supplied by the monitor. Your's doesn't supply any. So X makes a (sane) choice. And since 1024x768 is supported by allmost anything...16:05
lordievaderAt least that is what I think ;)16:05
draikxlordievader, sounds reasonable.16:06
lordievaderdraikx: Write a script that upon login adds the resolution mode and sets it ;)16:06
draikxlordievader, but I'm still left with the borders.16:06
BluesKajor use a DVI to HDMI  adapter16:07
draikxI'm looking at an HDMI KVM switch right now, as that might just be a solution to all of this.16:07
lordievaderdraikx: As rberg_ said a couple of times, that is likely a setting on the TV.16:08
draikxThough another issue with that path is that one of my desktops doesn't like the new kernels. It just won't display anything. I'd have to boot it up to see which kernel it boots into that allows a display, but newer kernels just say "Invalid Format". The video card is supported (GeForce GTX 660 Ti), so I don't know what suddenly changed there.16:10
draikxlordievader, rberg_: I did a scan to try to correct things, but it skews all of my other VGA displays.16:10
BluesKajdraikx, the new kernel module upgraded my 331 driver to the nvidia-340 on the last kernel upgrade16:12
BluesKajon a 8400GS16:13
draikxBluesKaj, I've not been able to login on the new kernel to troubleshoot any of it, but I should be able to login to the working kernel, and probe a few things.16:14
draikxIt's still on 14.04, IIRC16:15
draikxI've not upgraded to 14.10 because it won't display on the latest kernels.16:15
BluesKajyeah, you could login to a VT/TTY and try an upgrade or some exploratory commands16:18
draikxIIRC, it won't even display with 14.10 LiveCD :(16:20
draikxYeah, I just get the spinning glass cube from LG, and the bottom saying "Invalid Format"16:22
BluesKajdraikx, i was mistaken about the kernel module driver upgrade to nvidia on 14.10, it's on 15.0416:23
draikx3.11.0-15 is the kernel that it works on.16:25
draikxAnything after that, the TV just displays "Invalid Format"16:25
lordievaderdraikx: Video drivers are compiled against a kernel, perhaps you forgot to update the driver?16:45
draikxlordievader, I update the kernel from the running kernel. And even then, why won't the LiveCD work?16:56
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lordievaderdraikx: Hmm, does nouveau support your card?17:13
draikxlordievader, honestly, I don't know.17:15
draikxI plugged into my HDMI port, and it works great at 1920x108017:18
draikxSo, maybe I should get the HDMI KVM switch17:18
lordievaderdraikx: It is probably the KVM switch not reporting EDID info.17:22
BluesKajnouveau is great for movies etc as long as the gpu doesn't have to jump thru graphical hoops like games etc17:30
BluesKajwell, some games anyway :)17:31
draikxSide question: why would I get a "no file or directory" when doing ./File.bin?17:33
draikxIt is executable, but it says that that file isn't there.17:33
draikx$ ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin17:33
draikxbash: ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin: No such file or directory17:33
draikxI tab-completed the name, and I see it there with ls, and it is 16MB in size17:34
rberg_if you are on a 64 bit OS that usually means you are missing the 32bit compat libs17:34
draikxThat would make sense.17:34
draikxI did go from 32-bit to 64-bit.17:34
draikxMoved my home directory over and the such.17:34
draikxrberg_, happen to know the package I need?17:35
rberg_no I try not to deal with adobe.17:35
draikxI only need it for Pandora One (desktop app)17:37
lordievaderrberg_: Hehe, nice.17:37
VolUTFansudo dpkg --add-architecture i386  that should get you the 32 bit library files17:47
VolUTFanhey guys :))))17:48
VolUTFanpeek a boo17:48
OerHeksI guess not, VolUTFan, as the kernel is already multiarch, just install the <package>:i386 and/or sudo ap-tget install -f to get dependencies resolved17:50
BluesKajdraikx, multiarch  i think17:50
VolUTFan.... What OerHeks said LOL ...  lets go with that17:50
OerHeksyou will have a hard time, trying to install that adobe-air nnapi plugin. firefox switched to ppapi some decade ago17:52
VolUTFanseems like everyone is trying to migrate toward google chrome.  I am not a fan of GC at all.17:55
BluesKajwell, chrome's addressbar font is hard coded so it's not easy to read from 11ft away on a tv/monitor, so FF is the browser I have to use, otherwise chrome would be fine for my needs17:57
draikxI would be OK with switching to 'pianobar', but I'm not hearing audio.17:59
Unit193draikx: Change the default driver in /etc/libao.conf to pulse.18:00
draikxUnit193, thanks. I'll try that now.18:01
Unit193draikx: I also have 'quiet' on a new line, I know it's a config option for it somehow, but been too long to remember.  Might help though. :P18:02
draikxUnit193, yeah, I have it there, too. I just changed "alsa" to "pulse", and saved. No change.18:02
Unit193I know there's a few things that block it.  Are there any errors and/or are the tracks 42 seconds long?18:03
draikxNo, pianobar seems to play the full song.18:04
Unit193And, dev=default was commented out/removed?18:05
draikxNot even there18:05
draikxLine 1: default_driver=pulse        line 2: quiet18:06
BluesKajnot pulseaudio?18:07
draikxThat's all I have in there18:07
Unit193BluesKaj: Nope, that's correct.18:08
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Unit193draikx: Right, should be good, hrm...18:08
BluesKajUnit193, ok18:08
draikxI get audio from everything else, except from pianobar (command line)18:11
Unit193draikx: Sorry, can't think of anything else to fix that now.18:21
draikxIt's all good.18:28
draikxUnit193, thanks for the assist, though. In the very least, I learned about that config :)18:28
Unit193Heh, sure.  It's a great application.  Pithos also does Pandora, though.18:29
draikxBluesKaj, lordievader, rberg_: thanks for helping with my video issues. I just ordered the HDMI KVM switch from Amazon, so it should be here in 2 days.18:30
draikxUnit193, I just installed it. I'll play with that now.18:31
BluesKajdraikx, good, I'm sure it'll work for your setup18:33
draikxUnit193, I can't up/down vote a song?18:33
draikxBluesKaj, I'm sure it will. Now, to make sure that the desktops are able to handle USB keyboard/mouse input.18:34
Unit193draikx: Should be able to, unless the version is too old in the repo and has had an API change.18:34
lordievaderdraikx: Good luck with that ;)18:34
VolUTFanhow do I get from 14.04.2 LTS to 14.10 in my VM18:46
lordievaderVolUTFan: Set it to regular releases, then : sudo do-release-upgrade18:47
VolUTFani even went into software sources and moved the dropdown from LTS to Normal release, and apt-get update and then apt-get dist-upgrade but nothing is showing up18:47
VolUTFanahh, let me give that one a shot18:47
draikxMake sure you upgrade before dist18:48
VolUTFani did, there was only 1 package to autoremove.18:49
lordievaderdraikx: Theoretically it shouldn't matter, if you look at the dist upgrade process (the action version jump, not apt's dist-upgrade).18:50
draikxVolUTFan, also, the config for it is in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades18:52
lordievaderDoesn't mean that it ain't bad practice to make sure your system is fully up to date. I'm just rambling.18:54
VolUTFanim reading that release-upgrades file.  can LTS be upgraded to non-lts?18:55
ugly_catPlasma5 is slick! It's a little rough around the edges, but a few tweaks and it runs really nicely :D18:55
VolUTFanhowdy ugly_cat18:55
ugly_catOne default  really didn't like is how krunner searched images, files, all that stuff. It took too long to retrieve the results and I kept opening up images instead of applications18:56
ugly_catHi VolUTFan !18:56
VolUTFanITS A PARTY NOW !!!18:56
VolUTFanim going to try it, I have a snapshot.  the worst that can happen is it blow up in my face lol18:59
lordievaderVolUTFan: Yes.19:01
VolUTFanwhat is the correct development channel server19:01
VolUTFanvalorie said #devel but only 1 person in there19:02
lordievaderVolUTFan: For Kubuntu? #kubuntu-devel19:02
VolUTFanok, let me try that one19:02
VolUTFanim naming my new vivid test vbox "Coffee".  It is the only thing that keeps "me" running19:27
VolUTFanNot that it matters right now, but does anyone know off the top of their head about getting USB support in Vbox?  I haven't researched that part yet19:31
VolUTFanvbox on kub doesn't seem to offer usb support without some mods from what I hear19:32
Unit193Extension pack, not "mods"19:33
VolUTFanI have no idea.  Is there any extension pack?19:34
VolUTFanit would be awesome if there was.19:34
VolUTFanhow would I go about getting the e-pack for vbox19:35
Unit193VolUTFan: https://www.virtualbox.org go to downloads.19:40
VolUTFani was expecting it to be a lot more difficult than that LOL19:40
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kdeboothIf I am running a fsck against a partition and I a) have to offset the superblock and b) am getting a short read on dozens of succesive inodes shoud I keep overwriting them?23:02
VolUTFansounds like you have some bad superblocks23:06
VolUTFanif you replace the bad superblock with a backup superblock and you re-run fsck and it no longer shows a bad superblock... then no, however if you replace the superblock with a backup that doesn't work, then you will need to choose another superblock backup location and try again.  Does that answer your question?23:07
VolUTFaneach time, you would need to check your superblocks to make sure your replacement fixed the problem23:07
VolUTFandealing with superblocks can be somewhat tricky.  Only reason I know anything about that, is that I didn't want to replace my crapped up drive to do what I was doing at the time23:08
kdeboothVolUTFan: well I did a fsck with an offset superblock (the backup) and I'm getting the short read on the inodes. do I keep trying other backups23:08
kdeboothVolUTFan: Thanks.23:09
VolUTFanwhat I learned is that not ALWAYS does the backup superblock fix the problem23:09
VolUTFaneach of the backup superblocks is for different parts of the drive23:09
VolUTFanso maybe the one you picked didn't exactly match the md5 of the messed up superblock area23:10
kdeboothYes I've had issues like that before23:10
VolUTFanOne other thing...23:10
kdeboothJust never had this many short reads in succesion23:10
VolUTFanif you can approximate the location of the bad sectors on the hard drive, and its in a location close to the beginning of the hard drive sectors.23:10
VolUTFanpartition the hard drive, with and unusable partion at the head of the drive, then your usable partition after that23:11
VolUTFanthat way you are isolating the screwed up portion of your drive, setting it out of your way, and moving on with the part of the drive that is stable23:12
VolUTFansee what I am saying?23:12
VolUTFanusually when you have installation problems, the problems are at the head of the drive23:12
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VolUTFanyou can guess the location, or how close it is to the "front" of the drive, by the numeric value of the sector the superblock shows23:13
kdeboothI thnk I'm going to install another hard drive and image this partition to it23:29
kdeboothVolUTFan: Should be easier to troubleshoot and get the data then23:34
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VolUTFanwell right, thats the only way your going to find out where the bad sectors are23:42
kdeboothVolUTFan: wonder if badblocks is reliable enough23:45
VolUTFana bad block, prob, a superblock no23:46
kdeboothVolUTFan: Good point23:48
VolUTFanif a bad block is present, the installer will most likely skip that block23:48
kdeboothYeah It's about a terrabyte of data so I'm going to do a dd for now so at least I have snapshot23:51
kdeboothVolUTFan: Thanks for the advice23:52
VolUTFanno problem kdebooth23:53

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