trreesHi, I have booted lubuntu from a usb on an old ThinkPad, but I cannot detect Wifi... any thought on what to do?02:40
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:43
holsteindepends on the wifi chip. maybe its not supporting linux.. maybe it can be supported..02:43
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HiDeHohi all how do i change the default browser to Chromium. i cant do it from chromium09:43
djoi298how do you change and set the basic keyboard hotkeys?10:44
djoi298how do you close multiple windows of the same app at once from the task bar?10:45
djoi298is this the official support channel?12:18
leszekdjoi298: yes it is12:18
djoi298so does anyone know how to change/set the basic keyboard hotkeys and close multiple windows of the same app at once from the task bar?12:19
leszekdjoi298: for basic keyboard hotkeys please take a look at how to configure openbox hotkeys. There is an .xml config file that needs to be edited. Openbox is the default window manager on lubuntu12:22
leszekas for the taskbar thing. I think this only works if the task is grouped together. But I am not sure as I never really needed that feature12:23
djoi298is all this fixed in the PPA?12:24
leszekfixed ? What should be fixed ?12:25
djoi298like an app for making keyboard hotkeys and to be able to close multiple windows at once12:25
leszekdjoi298: I don't think there is a graphical configuration tool for hotkeys. And for the panel thing. I really don't know12:27
leszekdjoi298: btw. here is a short tutorial on how to edit the hotkeys: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard12:30
wxlanyone successfully using .XCompose? i can't get it to work for the life of me17:19
* ianorlin does not17:21
wxlhm, i can't even get it to work on kubuntu17:21
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* likemindead can't get over how fast Lubuntu is on this ancient laptop.21:18
wxllikemindead: that's always a nice feeling :)21:25
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likemindeadHeck yes. This Lenovo 3000 N100 is going on nine years old. Runs Lubuntu amazingly.21:46
wxlnice :)21:46
wxlnow that you have all that extra time you're not waiting on your computer, you can help with the project ;)21:46
xxxlubuntuhelperhello m8's who needs some help!21:50
wxlseriously tho likemindead there are several places you can help if you like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/GettingInvolved21:52
holsteinsuch as http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/21:52
wxlhe means https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing21:53
wxlwhich, yes we need21:53
wxlespecially as we grow closer to the 15.04 release21:53
holsteini dont think folks realize how helpful that is21:53
wxlyou don't need to wipe your computer out to do it21:53
holsteinwell, "you" left the channel.. anyway21:53
wxli think bug triage is also particularly helpful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Bugs21:54
wxlholstein: hm?21:54
holsteinthe person we are talking to.. they are gone21:54
holsteini tried the bug thing.. its not my thing..21:54
wxlno i was talking to likemindead who is still here21:54
holsteinits just you and me, wxl .. correcting each other ;)21:55
wxlwell he is gone noe21:56
Cold|InzHi, anyone here who's been having trouble getting reasonable resolutions with nvidia drivers? Everything else seems to work fine, but I can't for the life of me get higher resolutions than 1360x780, and normally in windows this computer runs 1680x1050..22:00
holsteinCold|Inz: sure.. i have22:00
Cold|InzI guess most people have. Linux does have a tendency of just not wanting to work.22:00
holsteinCold|Inz: the issue there is with the comparison to the windows driver.. you are promised "good" windows support..22:00
holsteinCold|Inz: ?22:00
holsteinthis has *nothing* to do with the linux operating system.. anyone can create a driver that works well in linux, and provides whatevrer resolution you want22:01
holsteinyou may find, for example, if you were trying to run OSX on that hardware, that it may not even load.. that doesnt mean its a short coming in OSX..22:01
holsteinif you want linux to "just work", try emulating the workflow you are likely more used to, where, you purchase a machine that promises support for the operating system you want to use.. such as system87622:02
holsteinsystem76*.. otherwise, you can research hardware *before* purchase, or try live iso's on the hardware..22:02
Cold|InzYes yes, I know. I'm just kinda tired of problems here and there.22:03
holsteinCold|Inz: are you trying the open and proprietary drivers?22:03
Cold|Inzyes, nvidia prop drivers22:03
holsteinCold|Inz: sure.. its just key, i feel, to recognize where that problem is.. since, a team of experts were hired to make sure windows runs well on that hardware.. you basically take that responsibility on when you want to run another unsupported operating system22:04
Cold|Inztried having nvidia-xconf set the xorg file as well22:04
holsteinCold|Inz: so, have you tried *both* the open and proprietary nvidia drivers?22:04
Cold|Inzgimme a hint please, how would I get the open drivers?22:05
holsteinCold|Inz: the open drivers are just what is in the kernel, when you boot the machine22:05
holsteinwhat i will do is, try many live iso's with different kernels and open driver versions.. see if anything "just works" for me22:06
Cold|Inzoh, like nouveau?22:06
holsteinthat *is* the open nvidia driver22:06
holsteini'll usually try both, and *many* versions of both before a final install22:07
Cold|Inzah, then yes I've tried it. had alot of trouble with it on a mint install ..22:07
holsteinCold|Inz: sure.. but that "mint install" is one kernel.. one open driver22:07
Cold|InzI've installed and used several distros on a couple laptops I have, with great success, but this time it's on my stationary, and things seems to go nicely along, except the resolutions-issue22:08
Cold|Inzthanks for the tip though22:09
holsteini have had that *same* issue.. with my audio production machine.. i need/want dual head, so i added an nvidia card22:09
Cold|Inzalthough, to my knowledge, the open driver that comes with the installs are vastly inferior to the proprietary ones22:09
holsteinthe open driver works "out of the box" now, best for that device22:09
holsteinCold|Inz: sure.. its just not the case22:10
holsteinCold|Inz: its not "vastly inferior".. its open.. vs the proprietary one that nvidia provides22:10
holsteinCold|Inz: some cases, the open one works *great*, and best.. some cases.. not at all.. some cases, nvidia hasnt done anything to facilitate the hardware working in linux, and the hardware wont work at all22:10
holsteini say, try other options.. for me, when im dealing with, such as that production machine i referenced, a device that im not promised support for.. when i get it, i make sure im comfortable with it *not* working22:11
holsteinit was literally 8 bucks, so, i went into that knowing that, if it never worked, i would be ok with that22:12
holsteini *didnt* go buy the latest and greatest, since i didnt need it. i just wanted to add dual head, and  that device would do that, for sure. all i had to do was provide the linux support for it22:12
holsteinso, i tried a slew of live iso's on the hardware. *then* in installed ubuntu, actually, a few times.. trying different proprietary drivers22:13
holsteinthat worked great, til an updated changed the resolution, as you mention, much smaller than what i wanted.. so, i went to an older debian stable base on the hardware..22:13
holsteinbut, last time i tried ubuntu live, with the open driver, it worked *great* out of the box..22:14
Cold|InzI have been itching to go full linux for a while, even if I'm alittle n00b still. mayhaps as you say, the best thing is to look for new hardware.. keep this one as a gamingstation..22:14
holstein"new" doenst help either22:14
holsteinwhat you want is "linux" hardware.. hardware that promises you linux support22:14
holsteinotherwise, you get what you get, and you have to take responsibility..22:15
Cold|Inzwell, my wallet wouldn't allow "new" either, I meant other22:18

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