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dholbachgood morning08:07
davidcalleGood morning :)08:10
zsombinik90: once you'r ein, coudl you pls check that with teh latest alarm fixes you get also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1425184 fixed?08:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1425184 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Alarm cannot be disabled" [Undecided,New]08:24
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rpadovanipopey, gcollura, could you please take a look to https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/fixedTests/+merge/251418 and approve it?09:31
popeyrpadovani: approved09:34
gcollurapopey, thanks for the invitation, but on wed I'm all day at university :( I'd be available on thursday, though09:41
popeyah okay.09:43
seb128hey there09:59
seb128I created a project in qtcreator on my vivid09:59
seb128in the "publish" section the "build and validate click package" button is disabled, does anyone know why that could be the case and how to fix it?10:00
sverzegnassipopey: o/ i saw you have approved the document-hub branch. can i top-approve it, or do we want to wait for another opinion?10:03
popeysverzegnassi: be good to get rpadovani to have a look if he can...10:04
sverzegnassiseems he became the official docviewer reviewer :P10:05
popeyhe became the official _everything_ reviewer :)10:06
nishthedevilhow do i start and get acces to the bluetooth stack?10:06
popeynishthedevil: what does that mean?10:09
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Dr. Seuss Day! :-D10:13
popeysverzegnassi: once we get that merge landed, I'd like to upload it to the store.10:18
rpadovanipopey, could you take a look to bug 1396817 ? It's annoying, but no one triaged it yet10:18
ubot5bug 1396817 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Device locked timer doesn't decrease if the screen is off" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139681710:18
sverzegnassipopey: me too! :D10:19
popeyrpadovani: will do.10:19
batopahi I'm writing an html5 app that should use github authentication. Can I use it through Online Accounts or I have to implement auth inside my app?10:24
popeyi think someone else did github auth in their app10:24
popeymichael spencer has an app in the store which does it i think10:24
batopapopey: thanks, I'll look for it10:27
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batopapopey: anyway, in the emulator I don't see github in online accounts... I'm missing something?10:59
popeyi dont think there is one, so no.11:00
batopaah ok11:00
DanChapmanbatopa you would need to include a github provider  in your click package, see http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/online-accounts-developer-guide/11:02
rpadovanipopey, sverzegnassi I left 26 inline comments (and I haven't finished yet :D), have fun!11:32
sverzegnassirpadovani: ok! Thank you!11:33
batopaDanChapman thanks, i'll read it later11:41
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dpmdavidcalle, wow, it seems after the new porting guide every day new ports keep appearing :)12:37
davidcalledpm, nah, I post fake videos to Youtube and pretend it's new ports ;-)12:38
dpmnice, keep them coming, looking forward to the iphone 6 port ;)12:39
davidcalledpm, just wait for the iWatch one!12:39
dpmexcellent :)12:40
PLA1Hi. I posted this last night in #ubuntu-touch http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/03/01/%23ubuntu-touch.html#t22:42 Should I file a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.12:41
dpmPLA1, you might want to ask alexabreu on #ubuntu-webapps when he's online in a few hours12:42
dpmnot sure if there's any html experts around at the moment12:42
PLA1Thanks dpm:12:45
dakerPLA1: what's the issue ?12:46
dakerPLA1: the tap delay ?12:47
PLA1daker: Javascript onclick function is not executed at all on some clicks. You can see the button respond to touch but the function is not executed.12:48
dakerPLA1: i suggest to report a bug here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme12:50
PLA1Thanks daker: Will do.12:50
dakerfrom the video i see that the ubuntu-html5-app-launcher is using webkit12:51
daker+ the 300ms tap delay which doesn't exist in oxide12:51
PLA1daker: Am I using something I shouldn't be? Point me in the right direction.12:54
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dholbachhey balloons - how are you doing? once bug 1426304 is fixed, we should try to get some initial content into the app, so we can have a chat with a few folks and see how we can improve the themes and navigation13:29
ubot5bug 1426304 in Help for Ubuntu for devices "Safeguard 'Title: ' against rogue translations" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142630413:29
balloonsdholbach, it's on the list, do feel free to give me nudges like this :-)13:31
balloonsI'm doing better than can  be expected for a monday morning I think13:32
dholbachballoons, I'll work on the bug today, then we can aim for Wed/Thu for a theme/nav review meeting?13:32
balloonsdholbach, better for Weds I'd guess.. We need an app in the store this week :-)13:36
rpadovanipopey, sverzegnassi o/ I'm not able to launch the document hub branch on vivid desktop: it compiles like a charm, but then when I launch it nothing appears. Any idea on what am I doing wrong?14:04
sverzegnassirpadovani: is there any log?14:05
rpadovanisverzegnassi, nothing at all, it only says14:07
rpadovaniAPP_ID isn't set, the handler can not be registered14:07
rpadovaniI tried both via CLI and QtCreatro14:07
sverzegnassirpadovani: ok, as soon as i finish to reply in the MP, i'll switch on vivid desktop and take a look14:08
rpadovanisverzegnassi, thanks, I'm here all the afternoon, ping me when you're ready :-)14:08
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popeyrpadovani: did you refresh dash when you installed?14:21
popeyrpadovani: oh, i never tried via qtc, only via the icon from an installed click14:22
rpadovanipopey, on pc?14:22
popeyon phone14:22
rpadovaniI want to test on desktop before :-)14:22
rpadovanipopey, also because you're better than me to find bug on mobile, so I trust you if you approve UX on phone :D14:22
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sverzegnassirpadovani: now i reboot the pc to vivid, will be online again in a few minutes14:48
sverzegnassirpadovani: on my pc it works14:57
rpadovanisverzegnassi, mhhh :S14:57
sverzegnassialso, seems it passed the jenkins testing on vivid14:57
sverzegnassilet's see which could be the problem then14:58
zsombinik90: U around?14:58
sverzegnassirpadovani: could you please check if you have all the packages specified in debian/control?14:59
rpadovanisverzegnassi, I hadn't pkg-kde-tools, but it doesn't start also after the installation of the package15:03
rpadovaniit's strange, because I have no errors, it isn't only created15:04
rpadovanialso, it is trying to kill my computer O.o15:05
rpadovani PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND15:05
rpadovani 5508 rpadova+  20   0  758896 181276  62016 R  98.5  1.5   0:15.78 ubuntu-docviewe15:05
nik90zsombi: pong15:05
sverzegnassi...that has no sense15:05
zsombinik90: did you by any chance managed to check whether the alarm fix I made solves the enable/disable issue of the Alarms?15:06
nik90zsombi: hey, I tried compiling the branch on my trusty laptop and vivid lxc container and it failed..I will need to build it on a proper vivid install15:06
zsombinik90: ok15:07
sverzegnassirpadovani: from qtc did you choose the "docviewer" target, instead of "ubuntu-docviewer-app"?15:07
zsombinik90: you can use VM for that15:07
zsombinik90: it feels that the same issue is in bug #1425184 than in teh other one15:08
ubot5bug 1425184 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Alarm cannot be disabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142518415:08
rpadovanisverzegnassi, I used the default one, "ubuntu-docviewer-app", have I to change?15:08
nik90zsombi: actually I just realised that jenkins produced armhf deb packages...I will install that on the phone and test it out15:08
zsombinik90: awesome!15:09
sverzegnassirpadovani: yes. the default one does not work15:16
akiva-thinkpadhow do I delete my schroots? these are taking up 60 gigs :(15:23
rpadovanisverzegnassi, nope, doesn't work either. Also, trunk works, so I'm a bit worried about this. I'll do some debug15:24
nik90akiva-thinkpad: Tools->Options->Ubuntu->Delete chroot15:28
akiva-thinkpadnik90, sdk is broken :(15:29
akiva-thinkpadwill try though15:29
nik90ah, I don't know how to do it from the command line15:29
rpadovanisverzegnassi, it stucks on m_view->setSource(QUrl::fromLocalFile(qmlfile));. The qmlfile var is right though15:30
rpadovaniakiva-thinkpad, they are placed in /etc/schroot/chroot.d/15:30
rpadovani(so cd /etc/schroot/chroot.d/ and then rm -r nameOfChroot)15:31
akiva-thinkpad:| yah my system is totally borked. folder is empty15:31
sverzegnassirpadovani: i'm just thinking about some week ago, when jenkins tests for many projects were broken after the switch to Qt5.4 (and now they work). Did you update vivid with the latest pkgs?15:32
rpadovanisverzegnassi, yap, the system is updated15:32
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dholbachdpm, balloons: looks like I won't quite make it fixing the bug today16:53
dholbachdpm, balloons: but what I can do (for now), is fix the broken .po files16:54
dholbachso we can still get some content in and not be blocked on broken translations16:54
dholbachI'm close, but I guess I need to take a look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow morning again16:54
balloonsdholbach, hugs! no worries, I have stuff to occupy me today anyways, it works out better :-016:54
dholbachok cool16:55
dholbachtranslations fix pushed16:56
dholbachall right my friends - see you tomorrow again!16:57
bzoltan_nik90:  do you know what was the problem withj akiva's env?17:00
wardsterhi :)17:20
wardsterim just starting developing on ubuntu touch emulator, but when i start a new session the phone starts but no core apps, how do i install the core apps asweell17:22
nik90bzoltan_: hmm no idea..I didn't ask17:36
bzoltan_nik90:  it sounded scary ... like a mallfunctioning chroot17:36
nik90bzoltan_: do chroots usually take up so much space?17:37
bzoltan_nik90:  a standard stock ubuntu-sdk chroot is hardly ever bigger than 1.7GB17:38
nik90hmm then his 60GB is really really strange17:38
nik90seems he isn't online either to ask17:38
bzoltan_nik90: The chroots are the most fragile parts of the SDK... I am trully surprised that this idea did not get much response - https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg11212.html17:41
* nik90 reads17:43
nik90bzoltan_: so where do I find the scripts create_static_schroot.sh and test_static_chroot.sh ?17:48
bzoltan_nik90: lp:~bzoltan/+junk/static_chroots17:48
nik90bzoltan_: and I just run test_static_chroot.ch to benchmark the results?17:49
bzoltan_nik90:  that is how it should work17:49
nik90bzoltan_: alrite I am running the script now..will update you with the result17:50
bzoltan_nik90: I appreciate it17:57
rudi_hi guys18:46
rudi_i have a problem with the ubuntu emulator, i just installed the ubuntu-sdk following the instructions on ubuntu.com18:46
rudi_after creating a kit, which worked, there was the possibility to create an emulator. i did it, it ran nice without errors, but i cant see it in devices / anywhere else18:47
rudi_did i do a mistake? how is the correct way to set everything up for developing? :)18:48
rudi_and iam trying on my pc and laptop simultaneous with no success :/18:48
nik90rudi_: hmm that's strange. could you try running "ubuntu-emulator list" in the terminal and see if the emulator you created is listed there18:49
nik90rudi_: if it is, then you could also run it using "ubuntu-emulator run emulatorname"18:49
rudi_"nexus" is the only thin18:49
rudi_ok i try18:49
nik90but that said it should show up in the Devices tab none the less18:49
rudi_"open /home/jonas/.local/share/ubuntu-emulator/nexus/.device: no such file or directory"18:49
rudi_in the nexus directory there is sdcard.img and ubuntu-system.img18:50
nik90rudi_: may be try creating the emulator again? "ubuntu-emulator create testemulator"18:52
nik90rudi_: oh also which ubuntu version are you running?18:52
rudi_iam running ubuntu 14.0418:53
rudi_.1 lts :)18:53
rudi_iam trying to google the issue, but there is no good help so far.18:54
nik90rudi_: I am running 14.04.2 LTS as well :)18:54
nik90bzoltan_: hey, I ran the script and it just finished. At the end it says pastebin the results..what results? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504918/18:55
rudi_sry for noob question but how can i post the pastebin link? :D18:56
rudi_but the important line in my eyes is:18:56
rudi_chpasswd: (user phablet) pam_chauthtok() failed, error: Authentication token manipulation error chpasswd: (line 1, user phablet) password not changed18:56
nik90rudi_: copy the output and paste it in paste.ubuntu.com18:56
nik90bzoltan_: nvrmind I found the logs. here they are http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504939/18:56
rudi_and i noticed that in my system settings there are missing a lot of icons. maybe some systemstuff messed up?18:57
nik90rudi_: can you paste the link of the website where you found the instructions to install the ubuntu-sdk?18:57
rudi_its official ubuntu.com stuff18:58
rudi_also i created 3 kits.18:59
rudi_i try to delete all but i386 maybe it helps18:59
rudi_i have i386, 15.04 and i386, 14.04, is it to keep 14.04 or 15.0419:00
nik90for the emulator i386 kits are enough19:02
nik90I created ubuntu-rtm emulators with 14.10 kits19:02
nik90 since 15.04 is for devel purposes19:02
rudi_i just found a note that hardware virtualization is needed.19:02
rudi_i think i have it enabled, but still i would reboot and check to be sure19:02
rudi_i stay with lappi online :)19:03
rudi2i cant find the hardware virtualisation in my bios. i have asus motherboard and amd fx-6300 processor19:11
nik90rudi2: hmm yes it requires hardware virtualisation..check online perhaps..it is usually one setting switch that should be toggled19:12
rudi2it seems to be enabled, but it isnt explicitly called virtualisation.19:15
rudi2i check with virtualbox, it should run only with virtualisation shouldnt it?19:16
rudi2virtual box misses pae19:17
rudi2but other linux seems to run19:18
rudi2so i guess it works.19:19
nik90hmm I am out of ideas19:21
rudi_thank you :)19:22
rudi_i will create a forum post, maybe there is someone with a smiliar issue19:23
rudi_still i try again to create one. i will write here what the log says19:26
rudi_it worked19:28
rudi_pretty happy with that :D19:28
rudi_in settings i choose "i386; stable; default password" i dont see the difference in what i was doing before, but know the emulator booted :)19:29
ahayzenrudi_, if you want to check if your hardware supports virtualization you can run $ egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo ... if it outputs above 0 then it does... as stated in the pre-installation checklist for kvm here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation ... but it sounds like you have got the emulator running now anyway?19:31
rudi_yes i did.19:32
rudi_it outputs 619:32
rudi_what does it mean? ^^19:32
ahayzenrudi_, you have 6 cores that support virtualization19:33
rudi_ah ok. seems valid since my cpu has 6 cores :)19:34
rudi_do u have some tips to go from now? i would like to develop some apps and help the ubuntu project :)19:35
ahayzenrudi_, if you haven't used QML before then the tutorial is probably the best place to start https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/qml/tutorials/building-your-first-qml-app/19:36
rudi_is it a good way to try html5 or am i to limited with it?19:37
ahayzenrudi_, you can use html5 as well :) https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/html-5/19:37
rudi_yeah ok :)19:37
rudi_thank you :)19:38
ahayzenno problem19:39
rudi_good bye :) thanks for support :)19:46
nik90ahayzen: hey, have you had the issue where when you run "adb devices" you see the device listed, but when you do "ubuntu-device-flash" it says "device cannot be detected over adb"20:30
nik90I am trying to flash devel-proposed to test a bug fix20:30
ahayzennik90, ....no.... but i haven't run ubuntu-device-flash in a while ;)20:31
nik90oh :)20:31
ahayzennik90, the device is unlocked (pin) right?20:31
nik90ahayzen: ah no...it was locked and the screen of20:31
nik90ahayzen: but trying it after unlocking it worked ;) thnx20:32
ahayzennik90, yeah me and victor have a split strategy ... me on rtm-proposed him on vivid-proposed :)20:32
nik90ahayzen: that's a good one :P20:32
ahayzennik90, yey \o/ the number of times i've been caught out by having the screen locked lol20:32
nik90ahayzen: well I actually did not know that it doesnt work when the screen is locked...good to know20:32
ahayzennik90, you seen how far we've got with the weather-app reboot now?20:38
nik90ahayzen: I saw victor's screenshot on g+ few days back.20:39
nik90ahayzen: haven't checked the code yet though. I am almost done fixing a translation bug for clock and can then get back to it20:39
ahayzennik90, its looking pretty swish .. gonna try and add the 'add location' page soon so then it is 'usable' :)20:39
nik90yeah its looks great!20:39
ahayzennik90, i started doing the expandable delegate thing but hit the issue of openweather vs theweatherchannel having different info available .. need to talk to mbo about ways forward/if we can get the info somehow20:40
nik90ah ok20:40
ahayzennik90, maybe we just display all the available stuff for that provider or something? idk20:41
nik90 hmm I will have to check20:42
ahoneybunis the the guy who makes the tagger app on?20:42
ahoneybun(or women)20:42
ahayzenahoneybun, i think that was mzanetti IIRC ^^ ?20:43
mzanettiahayzen: here20:43
mzanettiahoneybun: ^^20:44
nik90ahayzen: lol20:44
ahoneybunmzanetti, I was thinking that a app that stores barcodes from coupons would be a great and useful app20:45
ahoneybunso you can scan the coupons and then just take your ubuntu phone to go shopping!20:45
ahoneybunhey ahayzen my app just hit 200 users20:48
mzanettiahoneybun: what prevents you from doing that with tagger?20:50
ahoneybunmzanetti, I was thinking of having a standalone app for it20:51
ahoneybunI don't have a device for testing tagger20:51
mzanettiahoneybun: you can use tagger to scan a code, and then export the result to the reminders app for example20:52
ahoneybunmzanetti, it should have a way to save the coupons to categories and types or such20:52
ahoneybunoh nice20:52
mzanettiahoneybun: and also, tagger has a history of all scanned code accessible from the bottom edge20:53
ahoneybunoh cool20:53
mzanettihmm... I just realize exporting of scanned codes doesn't work, only the ones generated in the app20:54
mzanettiwill add the exporting of scanned ones too20:54
ahoneybunmzanetti, I was just thinking of app ideas and that one seemed very useful since my mom was carrying all these coupons20:57
ahoneybunthanks ahayzen btw20:57
ahoneybunmhall119, is there a official facebook ubuntu account?20:58
mzanettiahoneybun: can you send me an example of such a coupon?20:58
mzanettimaybe there's more useful information in there that I can make use of20:58
ahoneybunmzanetti, something like this http://alacer.mail-blaster.com/images/alacer/sorry/Emergen-C_Health_and_Energy_Water_coupon.png21:03
ahoneybunthis is awesome: https://pledgie.com/campaigns/2829821:03
ahoneybunmzanetti, here is a very rough design http://imgur.com/zlqMHQl21:09
mrqtrospopey ping21:48
popeymrqtros: pong.. am just about to go afk.. sorry.21:49
popeymrqtros: expect a mail from me in the morning/21:49
mrqtrospopey great! Thx :)21:49
rpadovanibzoltan_, I'm trying your script for static chroots, but I'm scaried I'll have to wait a lot before having results :S 35.9KB/s eta 5h 2m22:04
rpadovaniMy speed test it's 6.42Mbps, so I think is a problem of the server22:05
ahoneybunhey rpadovani22:07
rpadovaniahoneybun, o/22:07
ahoneybunrpadovani, https://pledgie.com/campaigns/2829822:07
rpadovaniahoneybun, it's awesome, I'm so happy for mivoligo ,he totally deserves it22:08
ahoneybunnik90, is there any need for more mockups?22:09
ahoneybunrpadovani, I just need to replace the battery in my N422:09
nik90ahoneybun: ?22:09
nik90ahoneybun: I am not the developer of tagger ;)22:09
ahoneybunnik90, I did a mockup for the new calendar22:09
nik90ahoneybun: oh..You will need to talk to the calendar devs for that. I haven't contributed to it in a while.22:10
ahoneybunnik90, ok np22:10
ahoneybunI was just wondering for any project in general22:10
nik90ahoneybun: If you want you could take a look at Podbird and analyse it as a designer and report any design related bugs at https://launchpad.net/podbird22:12
nik90ahoneybun: Do you have any device to test these apps in to get a feel?22:12
* ahoneybun is more of a newbie designer22:12
ahoneybunnik90, sadly my N4 battery died22:13
nik90ahoneybun: yeah we are not expecting professional level mockups, but more like a proper reasoning to design a component a certain way and provide us ideas on improving it.22:14
nik90ahoneybun: In theory you could try it on the emulator, but not sure if you have got that working22:14
ahoneybunnik90, the emulator is a hit and miss22:15
ahoneybunI had it running long ago but not of recent22:15
ahoneybunI just installed the SDK and set the emulator to build but it never did anything I think22:16
ahoneybunthe logs say that it installed the package22:17
ahoneybunso now I'm trying it again22:17
* ahoneybun loves touching his OnePlus One22:17
ahoneybunoh nice the Moto E 2nd Gen is out22:19
ahoneybunand unlocked!22:20
ahoneybunnik90, the sdk seems to be working22:20
ahoneybunI hope the MX4 will be imported to the US22:23
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ahoneybunnik90, the emulator is working :_23:04
nik90ahoneybun: oh nice23:04
ahoneybungot my app running in the emulator23:09
ahoneybunmzanetti, what about a lyric app?23:58
mzanettia lyric app?23:59
mzanettiwhere you enter the song title and it gets you the lyrics?23:59
mzanettiwould make sense as part of the music app I guess23:59
ahoneybunyea trye23:59

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