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pittiGood morning06:44
larsuhi pitti!06:44
larsuwie war dein Wochenende?06:45
pittihey larsu! gut, wir waren wieder in Dresden06:45
pittiund bei Dir?06:46
larsuauch schön. hab gestern ein bisschen mit poettering über fsckd gesprochen :)06:47
larsu(es war mal wieder open source meetup in berlin)06:47
pittiah, nett!06:49
seb128good morning desktopers06:50
seb128hey larsu pitti06:50
larsuhi seb128!06:50
tmpRAOFHowdie all!06:51
seb128hey tmpRAOF06:51
tmpRAOF“vestigial” is an excellent word that I like to use in commit messages!06:52
tmpRAOFHey seb128!06:52
didrocksgood morning07:08
pittibonjour didrocks, ça va ?07:09
didrockspitti: ça va bien, et toi ?07:14
pittididrocks: ça va aussi ! le week-end à Dresden était bien07:14
larsubonjour didrocks!07:16
didrockshey larsu07:18
didrockspitti: seems lennart answered (and mention the fsckd patch as well)07:45
pittididrocks: I saw, I'll answer today07:46
seb128didrocks-fsckd vs the universe ;-)07:50
didrocksseems so :/07:50
* didrocks back to autopkgtests… why lightdm isn't starting into my test bed07:51
didrocksseb128: especially the previous email stated that we tried without it…07:55
pittididrocks: missing "needs-recommends"?08:15
pittididrocks: lightdm without recommends doesn't start; needs Xorg, mesa, and stuff08:16
didrockspitti: yeah, I just validated that theory ;)08:18
didrocksthanks for confirming!08:18
didrocksok, so now plymouth…08:19
larsubtw, I had a weird transition issue yesterday where I ended up with gdm after a dist-upgrade08:23
larsuremoving it left my system in an unbootable state (with systemd)08:23
larsureconfiguring lightdm made it work08:23
larsuas did booting with upstart08:23
larsunot sure if this helps anyone...08:23
didrockswhen you removed gdm, you should had have a prompt with which asked you which dm to choose, right?08:26
pittion install, yes; on removal, not sure if there shold be a dialog if there's only one DM left08:27
pitti(what would you choose?)08:27
didrocksyeah, but it should have set /e/X/d-d-m anyway to the remaining one08:28
larsudidrocks, pitti: didn't have that08:41
larsubut lightdm was definitely still installed08:41
didrockswould have been interested to check /etc/X11/default-display-manager if you reproduce it (adding on my list)08:43
* didrocks has the test writing to stderr, but not when I try to reproduce it of course :/08:43
darkxsthey all08:44
darkxstseb128, can you test baobab (with titlebar patch) on ppa:ubuntu-gnome-packaging/staging08:44
seb128hey darkxst08:45
seb128darkxst, sure08:45
didrocksevening darkxst08:46
darkxstseb128, upstream look like they will take the patch but want to use XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP==Unity, rather the gtk-shell-uses-headers08:46
darkxsthey didrocks08:46
seb128darkxst, going to make e.g xfce sad08:47
larsuwait, what?!08:47
larsuwe have a gtk-shell-uses-headers08:47
darkxstlarsu, gtk-dialogs-use-headers even08:47
ubot5Gnome bug 745346 in general "Use traditional title bars on Unity" [Normal,New]08:47
larsudarkxst: oh, that. Don't use that for header bars08:48
darkxstothers have08:48
larsuit's wrong, though08:49
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larsualso, a toolbar with a title?08:50
larsuI'd get rid of the toolbar entirely, replacing the menu button with a menu bar08:50
larsuand merging the title into the title bar08:51
larsudarkxst: mind chaning the patch to simply hiding the headerbar when on !GNOME?08:56
darkxstlarsu. what about the "Back" button then though?09:01
larsudarkxst: ugh, right...09:01
* larsu hates toolbars with only one or two buttons09:01
larsuhi Laney!09:05
didrocksit's a Laney!09:06
Laneywhat's up?09:06
larsuright on time for some headerbar discussion09:06
larsuhow was your weekend?09:06
seb128hey Laney09:06
seb128larsu, Laney, speaking about headerbar, gnome-log-viewer has some in utopic/vivid09:06
* Laney sinks09:07
larsuseb128: and no menubar anymore. Why do we update those apps before we port them?09:07
seb128larsu, we don't, that one came with a direct sync from Debian09:08
Laneywhat's gnome-log-viewer?09:09
seb128the log viewer app from GNOME09:09
seb128yeah, I know, the name is not obvious :p09:09
LaneyI mean which package09:09
darkxstseb128, gnome-logs?09:10
Laneylaney@raleigh> apt-file search gnome-log-viewer                                                                                            ~09:10
* larsu was struggling to explain it without using "gnome", "log", and "view"09:10
Laneylaney@raleigh>                                                                                                                             ~09:10
darkxstwhich is systemd only?09:10
seb128the old thing we install for ever09:10
seb128or how is it called09:10
larsuya, gnome-system-log09:10
seb128just type "log" in your dash09:10
Laneyoh this thing09:10
seb128bug #137656509:11
ubot5bug 1376565 in gnome-system-log (Ubuntu) "Utopic system log wrong design" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137656509:11
larsu"wrong" *giggle*09:11
seb128I would almost be of the opinion to don't bother, keep the headerbar for those sort of non important applications09:11
larsualso, the bug uses "should". We should warn people when doing that09:11
seb128but we would need to have them themed to look at least a bit similar to our theme09:12
seb128and to have unity handle them correctly of course, which is still not the case... Trevinho!09:12
larsuseb128: I tend to agree. Maybe style the close buttons better, like mitya57 started in https://code.launchpad.net/~mitya57/ubuntu-themes/window-buttons/+merge/25052609:13
seb128larsu, I never understood why not using "should" in bug description, I seem to remember mpt doesn't like that but it doesn't make sense to me09:13
seb128description or title09:13
larsuseb128: because it implies a solution09:13
seb128well, "nautilus should not crash"09:13
seb128doesn't imply a solution09:13
larsua bug report should do at least one thing: describe a problem09:13
seb128just state a fact09:13
larsuand optionally describe possible ways of solving the problem09:13
seb128no it doesn't09:14
seb128cf ^09:14
larsuseb128: not true in all cases. It crashes by design when running out of memory, not finding .ui or .gschema files, etc.09:14
LaneyI'm +1 on theming as mitigation09:14
larsu"should not crash" is just not true in the general case09:14
seb128"nautilus should not hit segfault due to invalid use of memory"09:15
larsuhm, I wonder why I didn't get an email for mitya57's comments - I'm subscribed according to the right sidebar09:15
larsuseb128: it should, though09:16
larsuseb128: you might be right for some cases of course, but generally we should (!) avoid 'should'09:16
seb128larsu, ok, what about "indicator-session should not format your drive when installed"? ;-)09:16
Laneythou shalt not double free09:16
larsuseb128: rephrase as "indicator-session formats my hard-drive when I install it"09:17
seb128larsu, well, I find them both as correct09:17
larsubut yeah, in those very obvious cases the difference isn't large09:17
seb128can we theme the gtk decoration to be closer from ours?09:17
seb128like thiner bar, round buttons, colored close?09:18
larsuseb128: yes. I've played around with the branch a bit this morning and the things you describe are possible09:18
larsuseb128: thinner bar will be hard because of the subtitle widget09:18
larsuit's already quite crammed09:18
seb128hum, k09:19
larsubut we really, really need Trevinho to land frame extents before we can do this09:19
larsubecause we also need to add client-side shadows09:19
seb128well, theming would put us a step closer09:19
seb128and it doesn't conflict with the unity work09:19
larsuand there's a spacing problem which I indend to fix in gtk in some way (see that MR)09:19
larsuseb128: indeed09:19
larsuseb128: "alternatives.log — updated yesterday 12:00" would be better for us and give us slighly thinner title bars (note that we're still bound by the buttons on the right side)09:22
larsuseb128: but we can't change that from the theme sadly09:22
larsuwe're getting into weird territory09:23
Laney↑ poe's law09:24
larsuLaney: I was sincere..09:25
Laneyabout what?09:25
larsunot liking adding another xsetting. seriously, app authors will have to test all kinds of combinations09:25
larsuwe already have a few of those, I'd like to keep that number as low as possible09:26
Laneyyes it was me who wasn't being serious09:26
Laneythat is a stupid thing to have a setting for09:26
larsuoh. oops :)09:27
Laneywe can probably just live with it09:28
darkxsthey Laney09:28
larsumake the font smaller and dim the label09:28
larsuwhich Adwaita seems to be doing despite the wider bar09:29
larsumaybe we can do something similar for baobab?09:29
Laneyhi darkxst09:29
darkxstdid I start a theme war ;)09:30
larsurather you rekindled it ;)09:30
Laneyit's a good war09:31
Laneynoble and just09:31
darkxstGame of thrones vs Ubuntu ?09:31
darkxstthe new gnome-shell sass theme is a little rough around the edges right now09:37
flexiondotorgMATE is not fully compatible with glib 2.4309:40
flexiondotorgWe've created the required patches.09:40
flexiondotorgTested in Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 15.04.09:40
flexiondotorgDebian have denied our unblock request to patch Debian, due to freeze for Jessie final.09:40
flexiondotorgTherefore I need to get these patches applied in Ubuntu directly.09:40
flexiondotorgHow do I progress that?09:41
flexiondotorgLaney, Your thoughts? ^^^^^^09:41
Laneyflexiondotorg: patches to what?09:41
larsuflexiondotorg: file a bug with a pointer to the patches (or a branch)09:41
LaneyI think you should put them in the sponsor queue for normal processing09:42
flexiondotorgLaney, 5 MATE components that require a patch.09:42
flexiondotorgLaney, All 5 packages have been synced directly from Debian in the past.09:42
larsuflexiondotorg: do you know who is maintaining those packages in ubuntu?09:43
LaneySounds like you want to make them diverge09:43
flexiondotorglarsu, Well I am on the upstream Debian maintainers team. But so far, I'm not aware of anyone maintain them in Ubuntu.09:43
flexiondotorglarsu, But it should probably be me considering I'm the lead for Ubuntu MATE.09:44
flexiondotorgLaney, Thought so.09:44
flexiondotorgLaney, No idea where to start on this though.09:44
LaneyFile bug, attach debdiff, subscribe ubuntu-sponsors09:44
flexiondotorgLaney, Thanks.09:44
LaneyOr: upload into unstable and don't care that it's not going to go into jessie, sync09:44
flexiondotorgLaney, We've been told to not do that. Not even to experimental 😞09:47
flexiondotorgLaney, I'll start preparing debdiffs.09:48
LaneyUp to you and your sponsor I guess. If experimental's empty then I would use it personally.09:48
Laney'kay, diff away09:48
flexiondotorgLaney, We (The Debian maintainers for MATE) want to upload to experimental. But we have been expressly told not to do so.09:50
LaneyBy one of your sponsors?09:50
flexiondotorgWe filed an unblock request. The DDs on our team have been told to not upload these patches packages to anywhere.09:50
seb128restricting uploads to debian experimental seems weird09:51
flexiondotorgWe've spent to weekend trying to get some other DDs to help fight our corner. But no.09:51
Laneyare you sure that's what happened?09:51
flexiondotorgI think it is political, because these patches "fix" Ubuntu 15.04.09:51
flexiondotorgBut without them, Jessie will work.09:52
flexiondotorgTechnically, out implementation for gsettings was incorrect in some places.09:52
LaneyI don't know who would have the authority to tell you not to upload to experimental09:52
flexiondotorgSo, these patches actually make MATE technically correct.09:52
flexiondotorgLaney, I can dig up the unblock.09:53
flexiondotorgLaney, https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=77934010:01
ubot5Debian bug 779340 in release.debian.org "unblock (pre-approval): marco/1.8.2+dfsg1-5" [Normal,Open]10:01
Laneyflexiondotorg: I don't think it's right to interpret anything in there as preventing an upload to experimental10:08
flexiondotorgLaney, I believe our DD has had other emails. I am no privvy to them.10:09
flexiondotorgI'm still pushing that end.10:09
flexiondotorgBut, I'll prepare debdiffs.10:09
LaneyAs you wish. I think that sunweaver might have the wrong end of the stick on this oen.10:09
flexiondotorgLaney, Possibly.10:11
flexiondotorgLaney, I'll preapre the debdiffs so I'm ready to go either way.10:11
flexiondotorgI don't want to diverge.10:12
flexiondotorgLaney, https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=779340#2410:52
ubot5Debian bug 779340 in release.debian.org "unblock (pre-approval): marco/1.8.2+dfsg1-5" [Normal,Open]10:52
Laneywhat about it?10:52
flexiondotorgLaney, I'm agreeing with your reading.10:55
flexiondotorgThere is nothing there to suggest we couldn't upload to experimental.10:55
LaneyIndeed. mehdi's on the release team so he's commenting on jessie matters, and then suggesting some things you might do to help the release happen sooner so you can get your stuff into testing again.10:56
LaneyNothing which stops you uploading to exp (or even sid, really, but that might get in the way of future fixes)10:57
flexiondotorgLaney, Well my take is glib 2.43.x is in experimental. Therefore, if we upload MATE fixes to experiemental we are "fixing" the issue that resides there.10:57
LaneyYes, that's fine10:57
LaneySo if you can convince sunweaver, more's the better, otherwise toss the patches in the queue10:57
flexiondotorgLaney, I'm making progress in Debian land 😃11:08
flexiondotorgLaney, Would you be able to upload some updated package for Ubuntu MATE?11:21
Laneyflexiondotorg: I'll be patch piloting at some point soon - toss them in the queue and I will look then11:21
flexiondotorgLaney, OK. New words to me there. "patch piloting"? What queue?11:22
Laneyflexiondotorg: 1. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews?action=show&redirect=PatchPilot#Patch_Pilots11:28
Laney2. http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ (subscribe ubuntu-sponsors)11:28
flexiondotorgLaney, I'm not clear how I add something to the queue.11:39
Laneyflexiondotorg: Take your bug and add ubuntu-sponsors as a subscriber11:40
flexiondotorgLaney, Understood. Sorry for delayed replay.11:50
flexiondotorgLaney, do I raise the bugs against 'ubuntu-mate'?12:01
Laneyflexiondotorg: against the source package you want updating12:01
flexiondotorgLaney, Thanks.12:01
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seb128hum, those using vivid (and systemd maybe?), is picking another user from the indicator-session bringing you to the greeter to enter the password for that user12:45
seb128didrocks, Laney, pitti ^12:46
seb128it just locks unity for me12:46
Laneyguest ok or a real user?12:49
seb128real user12:50
seb128guest opens directly a session12:51
seb128it's not sending you to the greeter to auth12:51
Laneyyeah just wondering where the problem is12:51
* Laney makes a user12:51
Laneythis password strength checker is mean12:54
didrocksseb128: once my current tests finshes, I can give it a try12:55
didrocksseb128: don't want to mess up with it :)12:55
* Laney is also waiting for a glib build to finish :P12:55
didrockswell, let's wait first for Laney's test12:55
Laneynearly done12:55
LaneyStatus: successful12:56
didrocksLaney: here, the testbed is installing 300M of deps, not nice turnaround fix/run timing12:56
* Laney clicks the big bad button12:56
seb128brb, session restart12:56
Laneyseb128: I'm at the greeter12:56
Laneywith the user selected12:56
seb128Laney, ok, so it works for you :-(12:56
seb128Laney, upstart or systemd?12:56
seb128I wonder why it doesn't work here12:56
seb128no worry12:57
seb128needs more debugging I guess12:57
seb128I'm unsure if that "bring to greeter" is lightdm's doing?12:57
seb128but brb first12:57
Laneydm-tool iirc12:57
Laneydo some playing there I guess12:57
seb128need to restart that session, click screwed it12:57
Laneystill got those borders in the greeter12:58
* Laney files a bug12:58
Laneyoh, someone at the door, brb12:58
seb128didrocks you didn't debug more that click/schroot/ecryptfs/homedir mount issue we looked at in Bruxelles?12:59
pittiseb128: that usually works for me, hang on12:59
pittiseb128: just tried it again, works fine13:00
seb128pitti, danke13:00
didrocksseb128: didn't get the time yet to get there13:00
didrocksseb128: but I have an ecryptfs directory working here13:00
didrocksthe other issue was click/schroot, and I didn't start looking at the sdk issues yet13:01
didrocks(the non cleaning up part)13:01
seb128didrocks, k, that issue is starting to really annoy me13:03
seb128I wanted to try to publish a click, but I can't install a framework due to that13:03
flexiondotorgLaney, I've files the bugs. Is it appropriate for me to assign importance to them for 'Ubuntu'?13:04
didrocksseb128: did you talk about it with the sdk guys?13:04
seb128let's see if mvo replies to my pings, I'm a bit stucked meanwhile :-/13:04
seb128didrocks, define "sdk" :-)13:04
seb128didrocks, zoltan&co bounce those issues to click, which is mvo's afaik13:04
didrocksseb128: well, click is part of the sdk to me, but yeah, fundation's for that part of the sdk :)13:05
Laneyflexiondotorg: No real benefit unless you want to for your own purposes13:10
xnoxdidrocks: did you get to look at v2 patch for transient presets?13:11
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flexiondotorgLaney, I've added the bugs to ubuntu-amte and set the priority there.13:18
didrocksxnox: didn't yet13:28
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seb128mvo, same issue when running qtcreator from another user14:10
seb128it still tries to unmount the homedir from my user14:10
seb128even more annoying, it does manage to unmount the ecvryptfs mount14:10
seb128I've to run again ecryptfs-mount-private to get back to my user dir14:11
mvoseb128: meh :/14:14
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desrtgood morning, all14:42
seb128hey desrt, had a good w.e?14:43
desrtnot really -- sick again :(14:43
seb128do you feel better today?14:44
desrtnot really :p14:44
seb128get some rest!14:44
* desrt has been working, but has annoying cough that won't go away14:44
desrtworse is that i'm going to a sleater-kinney concert tonight14:44
desrti hope it's loud, 'cause i don't want to be annoying everyone around me with my cough :p14:44
seb128got it to work15:01
seb128mvo, it's not your fault, seems to be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/76959515:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 769595 in schroot (Ubuntu) "Encrypted home not mountable under chroot" [High,Triaged]15:02
mvoseb128: puhhh, sounds like I got lucky this time :)15:02
seb128mvo, I'm unsure if click could help though, since it's an issue with the default fstab15:03
seb128though that the click config uses rbind, which something suggested in that bug15:03
Sweet5harkseb128: fyi: libreoffice 4.4.1 has been in the ppa for more than a week without any issues, so we should bump to that version on vivid this week. i'll prepare the package.15:06
seb128Sweet5hark, great, give me a ping when you are ready for sponsoring15:06
Sweet5harkseb128: willdo15:06
flexiondotorgLaney, when are you being a pilot or whatever?15:09
Laneyin a minute15:09
Laneyusually people expect to wait a bit of time for their patches to be sponsored15:09
flexiondotorgOK. Just seeing if I have time to push some more stuff today.15:09
LaneyThere's people looking at the queue every day15:10
flexiondotorgLaney, Cool.15:10
seb128mvo, so yeah, it's somewhat a click bug too, same bug as stock schroot15:22
seb128 /home           /home           none    rw,rbind        0       015:23
seb128 /home/user           /home/user           none    rw,bind        0       015:23
seb128resolves the issue with ecryptfs15:23
seb128didrocks, ^ just as a fyi15:24
mvoseb128: oh, I think there was a branch for this actually at some point15:36
seb128mvo, https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/click/lp1319790-chroot-fstab/+merge/219728 ?15:38
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mvoseb128: yeah15:46
didrocksseb128: nice catch!15:47
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qenghoseb128: Here's my plan for the Chromium bug reports at errors.u.c . Tell me if it makes sense to you? ...15:53
seb128didrocks, mvo, opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/+bug/1427264 about it (just as a fyi)15:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1427264 in click (Ubuntu) "using ecryptfs, creating frameworks fail to bind mount issues" [High,New]15:53
seb128qengho, k15:53
qenghoseb128: First finding is that the GPU vendors in reports roughly match the population's hardware. This suggests it's wide-ranging, and not a particular hardware feature that causes it.  Lots of Intel, AMD, some nvidia, and even "vmware". The GPU watchdog timeout is 10 seconds. That's a long time, but not so long that I'm sure it's an actual hang. Very busy CPU could cause it too. Some reports mention business.15:57
qenghoseb128: So, I plan to 1) submit a apport bugpattern that scans the dmesg for specific GPU-related messages and route them to gpu-specific bug reports.15:58
qenghoseb128: 2) extend the chromium watchdog timeout by a bit. If it's really a hang, then another 10 seconds won't help, and if it's not, the user gets a machine back without a watchdog killing something.15:59
seb128qengho, increasing the timeout makes sense to me yeah, having an apport script to collect more info as well16:01
qenghoseb128: In addition to load, what additional info should the apport hook collect?  Already getting "hardware", df, drm, dmesg, lspci.16:06
seb128qengho, those seem enouygh to me16:07
qenghoseb128: thanks for listening!16:07
seb128thanks for investigating the issue16:08
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seb128larsu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10503326/ ... bug in libmessaging-menu or in the user of the lib? (g_variant_unref: assertion 'value->ref_count > 0' failed)16:28
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larsuseb128: good question :)  My first guess would be in the library16:30
larsubut we've never seen this before...16:31
seb128larsu, or we never paid attention to the warnings in logs :-)16:31
larsuseb128: indeed. I'll have a look. Do you have a bug?16:33
seb128larsu, no, I'm asking where to file it :-)16:33
larsuseb128: file it for i-messages please. I'll reassign if necessary16:34
flexiondotorgLaney, saw you upload ubuntu-mate-artwork. Thanks.16:36
flexiondotorgLaney, Do you want me to ad LP: #xxx references to the changelog in the other packages?16:37
LaneyYes please16:37
seb128larsu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-messages/+bug/142728616:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1427286 in indicator-messages (Ubuntu) "g_variant_unref warning displayed when calling back after a missed call " [Undecided,New]16:37
larsuseb128: thanks. The bt doesn't correspond to trunk - do you know which version it is of?16:38
larsurtm 248?!16:38
* larsu wonders how to find out which i-messages version is shipped on there16:39
seb128larsu, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/indicator-messages/13.10.1+14.10.20141007-0ubuntu116:39
larsuseb128: thanks!16:40
seb128larsu, dget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/indicator-messages/13.10.1+14.10.20141007-0ubuntu116:40
seb128larsu, dget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+archive/primary/+files/indicator-messages_13.10.1%2B14.10.20141007-0ubuntu1.dsc16:40
seb128still having firefox often not taking my right click/copy url orders :-/16:40
seb128larsu, yw16:40
flexiondotorgLaney, Will do.16:42
larsuseb128: turns out it is an issue in telephony-service...16:44
* larsu reassigns16:44
seb128larsu, not surprised, thanks!16:45
larsuseb128: floating refs ftw!16:46
larsuseb128: should I ping someone about it?16:47
larsuI described the problem and how to fix it16:47
seb128larsu, no, we can do that in some time if nobody responds16:47
seb128but seems like tiagosh looks at those bugs16:48
seb128so no need to be nagging (yet)16:48
seb128larsu, danke16:48
qenghoMy IRC client adds (I think) duplicate entries to the messaging menu. Anyone have a tip of where to start to debug what's wrong? http://i.imgur.com/7TscLqn.png17:36
larsuneat icons...17:39
flexiondotorgLaney, All done.17:43
larsuqengho: in d-feet, navigate to smuxi on the session bus and call "ListSources" on the com.canonical.indicator.messages.application interface (should be on at least one object)17:43
larsuqengho: I have to run now, but feel free to file a bug with the ouput of that call17:43
larsuand ping me with it17:43
qengholarsu: Thanks.17:44
didrockssee you tomorrow guys!18:11
Laneyme too18:11
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desrtLaney: btw: dconf-editor just got released for the first time18:16
desrthopefully this doesn't make too much of a paperwork hassle this late in the cycle...18:16
desrtbut uh.... you could also just keep 0.22.0 for vivid18:17
desrtdconf had a __really__ slow cycle18:17
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