Kartagiswe are regulars of #ubuntu-tr17:56
Kartagiswe were wondering if you could grant us access17:56
Kartagisthiras and me17:56
thirasbecuase we are getting heavy spam attacks and there is no op right there17:57
PiciKartagis, thiras: You both should be able to op-up now.18:16
thirasthank you Pici18:17
PiciI'll hang out for a bit, let me know if you need anything from me.18:18
thirasalright thanks18:18
stgraberhello, can someone update the !dmb-ping command to replace bdrung by cyphermox following the latest DMB election? thanks19:42
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rwwubottu: dmb-ping =~ s/bdrung/cyphermox/20:34
ubottuI'll remember that rww20:34
rwwstgraber: ^20:34
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stgraberrww: thanks20:35
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