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smbtseliot, Hey, we had been a look at bug 1426492 this morning as this has a ugly bus error in the logs. I just tried but could only confirm the problem of producing false crash reports issues, which actually seems to be a dkms one11:07
ubot5bug 1426492 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-340 340.76-0ubuntu1: nvidia-340 kernel module failed to build" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142649211:07
smbtseliot, Have you heard of any other "bus error" breakage or might that way of failing be a one off11:08
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tseliotsmb: no, I haven't heard of it but DKMS seems to fail at random, or rather report failing even when it doesn't (LP: #1268257)11:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1268257 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates (Ubuntu) "nvidia-331-updates 331.38-0ubuntu3: nvidia-331-updates kernel module failed to build, with only error: "objdump: '... .tmp_nv.o': No such file"" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126825711:38
smbtseliot, Right, that is the way I see often enough and looks to be dkms' fault for using exec in the middle of /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms11:39
smbBasically one attempt fails because the headers are not done, yet. then the next one succeeds and you get a crash report while everything is shiny11:40
tseliotsmb: I think it's desirable to catch any failures though11:42
smbtseliot, Adam had spotted this. Well but exec ends the current script, doesn't it?11:43
smbWhat we want is the error message about headers missing and probably not error the postinst for that special case11:43
tseliotyes, I've just noticed11:43
* tseliot nods11:44
smbtseliot, We should use one of those nvidia dkms fail reports to actually fix the dkms problem (which I see even in Trusty). I just was not sure whether the one with the bus error was "suitable"11:44
tseliotsmb: I think we have more than enough duplicates of 1268257 to make a point ;)11:45
smbtseliot, I bet. :) Any of those you would prefer. That other one you mentioned is for 331.113... that be U or before.11:48
smbMaybe I should open a new report against dkms and we can dup the nvidia ones against that as we see fit11:49
tseliotsmb: that would work too11:49
smbtseliot, ok, so here we go ... bug 142717511:56
ubot5bug 1427175 in dkms (Ubuntu) "dkms postinst should handle missing headers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142717511:56
tseliotsmb: great, thanks. I'll also talk to upstream about it11:56
smbtseliot, Ok, sounds good11:57
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smbbjf, sforshee, I think patch#3 which was sent for bug 1410852 really has some issue. Just did a backport myself which would not remove a function. Would it be enough to re-submit just that one or should I send all three again (which I just used for a test build)15:51
ubot5bug 1410852 in linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "restarting container with a vlan interface results in kernel stack trace" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141085215:51
bjfsmb, do all 3 so it's all clear15:52
smbbjf, ok. ack15:53
smbbjf, sforshee, kamal, Ok, sent... of course with another (though slightly minor) glitch. Maybe if you apply it, maybe you can drop the OCD drop of that additional newline16:15
bjfapw, so just how broken _is_ ipv6?16:16
bjfapw, completely or only for certain cases?16:16
apwbjf, as broken as it was last time, exploding at random several times a day16:16
apwbjf, remember stgrabers issue ?16:16
bjfapw, no16:16
apwwe had a bad backport in stable of an ipv6 sizing patch, which was triggering bangs on mapped ipv4 addresss16:17
bjfapw, i'm trying to decide if it warrants a respin to fix this one issue or wait for the SRU cycle which starts today16:17
apwkamal, what did we do last time, did we respin for it then ?16:17
apwbjf, its pretty serious if you have ipv6 enabled and you are a server16:18
stgraberlast time I had to wait for two kernel updates (about a month) to get a fix16:18
stgraberwhich meant reverting to a kernel with a known security issue on public facing machines...16:18
bjfapw, sounds like a respin16:18
apwoh we clearly don't care about you :)16:18
apwstgraber, ugg16:18
kamaliirc, we fixed and released it promptly, once the problem had been identified16:19
bjfkamal, you did such a fantastic job last week ... :-)16:20
kamal... someone else doesn't want a turn?16:20
bjfkamal, i'd be happy to do it16:21
apwsforshee, anyhow i've written that up in the bug ... sigh ... i guess we need to apply it ... again16:21
bjfwill have to respin hwe-trusty as well16:21
kamalbjf, I'm swamped (with the *other* IPv6 issue, among other things) ... if you want to take this one, that would be great.16:22
bjfkamal, not a problem. i'll take it16:22
bjfapw, i should just revert the second one and spin right?16:22
stgraberkamal: previous bug was reported on the 20th of December, fixed on the 6th of January and released to -updates on the 2nd of February, you and I have a different definition of "promptly" :)16:23
apwbjf, yeah that is the more correct version16:23
apwstgraber, i don't think we were engaged with it till much later, when we started looking at it, it was quick (for us) from there16:23
apwi blame those christmas things16:23
bjfstgraber, we would have loved to have gotten to it quicker but were forced to take shutdown days ... so sorry16:24
stgraberoh yeah, the whole 20th of December till early January was totally expected due to company shutdown :) It's just that to me a month doesn't really qualify as "promptly" :)16:26
stgraberanyway, enough complaining for today :)16:26
bjfsforshee, you want to do a quick respin of trusty and hwe-trusty? would be good practice :-)16:26
sforsheebjf: well *want* might be a strong word, but I'm willing ;-)16:28
bjfsforshee, it's yours to do. 16:32
bjfsforshee, this should not be an ABI bump16:34
sforsheebjf: ack16:37
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gchao_Is there someone who knows about kernel crashes? XD19:20
apwgchao_, if you have a kernel crash, file a bug as that will get the requsite info from your machine19:21
gchao_hi apw! thanks for the response19:22
gchao_so filing a bug is standard procedure even if I'm just troubleshooting?19:22
apwgchao_, if you want help from outside it is easiest to see things like the crash stack as they are large19:24
apwif you have one you could pastebin it too, and someone might have ideas19:24
apwas people are on varying timezones it is hard to keep abreast of the whole story if it isn't all in one place and the bug is a good place for that19:25
gchao_The thing is - I don't even get a crash stack (the one under /var/crash/ ?) I was trying to use crash to debug it but nothing is there. A real "crash" never occurs, but it gets stuck in an endless panic loop19:26
gchao_and seems to ignore the magic button.19:26
gchao_magic key*19:27
apwgchao_, that is tricky, can you get a photo of the errors perhaps when they start?19:33
apwsome kind of hint might tell someone enough to help19:34
pepeeI'd try using netconsole19:35

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