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dholbachgood morning08:07
highvoltagewom 2308:14
highvoltageoops, typo. I meant...08:15
highvoltagegood mornign!08:15
smallfoot-Why does Ubuntu have a very old version of glibc?21:30
smallfoot-It has glibc 19, and now there is glibc 2221:30
smallfoot-I mean it has 2.19 and now there is 2.2121:30
smallfoot-Ubuntu uses a version that is a year old21:30
Rhondasmallfoot-: ubuntu doesn't package glibc itself but rather takes the Debian package with some changes.21:31
smallfoot-I see21:31
Rhonda… like for most software.21:31
smallfoot-Why does Debian use such an old version of glibc?21:32
RhondaBecause Debian is currently in freeze for their next stable release.21:32
RhondaAlso, because eglibc is used, not glibc, and that is at 2.1921:33
RhondaOh, it switched back.21:33
jtaylorthey merged again recently21:35
Rhonda2.20 was released in september, and the freeze in Debian happend about a month later, or two.21:36
RhondaI guess the timeframe was too short for the libc maintainers of Debian to pick that one up.21:36
jtaylorglib updates happen slow in debian, I guess partly due to all of the ports21:36
jtaylorubuntu usually updates faster21:37

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