ubottuIn #ubuntu, nemaona said: ubottu: yes, this is the problem, here letters work, there must be something wrong when I connect to that other irc server00:28
ikoniahello Destine01:25
Destineikonia, hi01:27
ikoniahello there, you've joined #ubuntu-ops, how can we help you ?01:28
Destineikonia, gosh, sorry, I auto joined this channel because I was waiting for some help in the governance of #ubuntu-cn.01:29
DestineThe problem has been solved.01:29
ikoniano big deal01:29
ikoniaif you could remove it from your autojoin that would be helpful, but no problem at all01:29
DestineI will cancel the auto joining and quit.01:29
ikoniasuper, thank you01:30
k1lhmm, #fedora blocks unregistered users, too.10:15
k1lsometimes i think #u is the last channel trying to let every user in as easy as possible10:16
ikoniamost of the larger linux / project channels do it10:16
ikoniaI've raised it a few times, but there is a valid point that the irc clients auto join on start up10:17
ikoniaso if they start up and get a message "you cannot join channel"10:17
ikoniait's not a great experience.10:17
ikoniaI personally don't see the issue with redirecting auto join to an info channel on how to register10:17
ikoniaaskubuntu, forums etc all require you to setup an account before you use it10:17
ikoniaI don't see a problem with IRC having that requirement also10:17
ikoniabut I appreciate I'm in the minority on that10:18
valorieI don't see a problem either, but "you cannot join" gives them no info on how to register10:25
valoriean auto-reponse would help10:25
ikoniayeah, so directing them to #ubuntu-irc-instructions or something on join rather than #ubuntu10:25
ikoniathen in that channel have a clear topic and / or the bot offering instructions on how to regiswter10:25
popeyyou'd get a bunch of people just asking their tech questions in that channel10:25
popeyand getting annoyed they don't get answers10:26
valoriethey could be voiceless?10:26
valoriealso, you could have only the bot in there, who could reply to anybody with that same message about registering10:28
ikonianot if its +m10:31
Myrttiyes if it's opped10:31
ikoniait's only a thought10:32
ikonia#fedora ##linux etc all do it, but give a blunt response of "you cannot join"10:32
ikoniaif #ubuntu wanted to do it, it could do it a little nicer10:32
MyrttiI'm not saying it's a good idea, I've no opinion. Just saying that there already is an example of such usage when the floodbots banforwarded router bug afflicted people to another channel and told them how to fix the problem and test it10:33
Myrttibut also I have to mention that you'd again be giving a technical solution to a social problem.10:34
k1lthere is no social solution for that issue that trolls use that "unregistered backdoor"10:36
valoriethere is a social problem *and* a technical problem10:39
valoriein kubuntu also, the clients we offer auto-join #kubuntu10:40
valorieI've seen people come in who haven't a clue what IRC is10:40
valoriethey were probably just trying out each new thing in their shiny new install10:41
k1lwhat about that idea? autojoin a offtopic/social channel?10:42
valoriewell, in the case of #kubuntu I don't think it is required to be registered10:43
valorieanyhooo, going to bed10:45
PriceyWasn't this already solved with #ubuntu-unregistered ?11:21
PriceyBah, #ubuntu-unregged11:22
bazhangwhitecat is just all over the place12:14
bazhangthe place that used to deal with unregged had a bot that asked questions before allowing in12:15
jpdsSome people.12:16
bazhang@random pro-user veruca-salt12:18
k1l_refusing to read a really short wiki page but coping blindly stuff between computers to make even more mess and have to sort that afterwards again.12:32
jpdsk1l_: Shut up and give it to me now, damnit.12:38
k1l_yep. he is already 25minutes fiddeling after i linked him the page. if he would have read that 10-15minutes and then taken 2-5minutes for the commands he would already be done and would know about ssh keys. now he still doesnt know anything and has ruined is keys and doesnt have a working key-login12:39
PiciI look away for one minute...15:08
k1l_cant even speak english but can join with a botnet15:09
bazhang<White_Cat> why would ubuntu setup itself be broken?15:39
bazhangrefuses to read any links/documents etc15:40
k1l_<White_Cat> I would like smoe more specific documentation15:43
k1l_he will refuse to read them anyway15:43
bazhanghe reads some guides from who knows where, then just copies the commands15:44
k1l_* [DanGeRGhosT] (~Geveze@ AyĆ½k oL !       wants to register his #DanGeRGhosT . that is the one who just spammed #ubuntu with a botnet. maybe the staff wanted to know15:49
bazhang<mysupper> linux is not virus free.16:10
k1l_so backbox linux is the new hax0r linux?17:00
bazhangkali I thought17:02
ikoniabackbox is pretty much dead17:02
ikoniait's supported by 2 or 3 guys on an italian IRC channel17:02
k1l_i see lots of users with backbox coming to #u recently. so maybe there was a reddit post or such17:02
ikonia19:29 -!- stallman [~NSA@] has joined #ubuntu19:29
ikoniaidiot messing around in ##linux a few days ago19:29
rwwdoes it still count as feeding the troll if the troll is too silly to know he's trolling21:04
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)21:08
ubottuLFS is Linux From Scratch (www.linuxfromscratch.org) - not to be confused with !LTS, which is the long term support release of Ubuntu (currently 8.04 (server), 10.04 and 12.04)21:08
k1l_i think we can drop that after Ubuntu at all21:08
Unit193Very good idea.21:09

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