studio__lotuspsychje, without a "nearly" guide i don't like to try, because i don00:00
studio__'t like to breake my system00:00
nhainesNote that switching your phone to readwrite mode means you can never receive Ubuntu updates again.  You'll have to reflash your phone first.00:01
lotuspsychjewould be wiser to just accept the default background unlock screen then :p00:02
studio__hmm, i figured out, without a ubuntu one account i also can't update my system :(00:02
DonkeyHoteii'm curious: would a port to a phone with a locked bootloader be possible using safestrap?00:03
nhainesstudio__: that is correct.00:04
nhainesstudio__: you can still get system updates though!00:04
nhainesstudio__: System Settings > Updates00:05
studio__i am on 27.02. for exp, but i do nt get updates00:05
DonkeyHoteino idea?00:05
nhainesstudio__: it depends on what channel you're on, but if you're on ubuntu-rtm/stable or ubuntu-rtm/14.09, the last update was Friday.  They only update every 2-4 weeks.00:06
studio__" it depends on what channel you're on" i am on bq rc00:07
studio__and it tells me i need an account00:07
nhainesstudio__: then you can expect an update every 3-4 weeks.00:07
nhainesYou need an account to get application updates, but your system itself will stay up to date.00:07
lotuspsychjenhaines: rtm/14.09 still working smooth on my n7 here tnx again!00:08
nhaineslotuspsychje: that's good!00:08
nhainesI hope they spend time working on the tablet interface this cycle.00:09
studio__what is the latest version, 14.09 or 14.10?00:09
lotuspsychjeits strange its working better then channel=devel00:09
lotuspsychjescopes are fast and stable on rtm00:09
nhainesstudio__: 14.10.  The channel is named differently for developmental reasons, but the OS is still 14.10.00:10
nhainesIn about a month or so they'll get ready to switch to 15.04, and that will be exciting.  :)00:11
nhainesstudio__: it'll just happen with a system update.  You won't notice anything.00:11
nhaineslotuspsychje: first time an imaged-based update will upgrade Ubuntu on a retail device without reflashing.  I think that's exciting.00:12
nhainesIt'll be really good news for Snappy Ubuntu Core when it works.00:12
lotuspsychjethis looks nice on the twitter too: Ubuntu Phones, Convergence, Snappy Ubuntu Core to Be Showcased at MWC 201500:13
studio__but what about john-mcaleely an his work, is it only "experimental"?00:13
nhainesstudio__: I don't know what you're referring to.00:14
nhainesThe only thing he did on that page was rename the BQ Aquaris entry and resort the table of ports.  I don't know what you mean by his work.00:17
lotuspsychjeoh nice that telegram app works for android too00:17
nhainesIf you mean the link to the port, it's not "experimental".  It's the official software released on the bq Aquaris Ubuntu Edition.00:19
studio__i do not understand, http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/ shows 14.09, but bq rc is 14.1000:22
nhainesstudio__: 14.09 is a code name based on developmental reasons.  The OS is 14.10.00:23
studio__so it is "just" a mirrow?00:23
nhainesNo.  It's a carefully curated image that's been thoroughly tested.  It matches the same images you'll get through System Settings > Updates00:24
studio__hmm, i was first on "stable", then i changed to "rc", and wor i am not sure, what is good for "daily" images ... :( i'd like to test and try ...00:26
studio__wor=now, sorry00:27
lotuspsychjestudio__: did you check this page? https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/00:28
nhainesThey've been renaming the images lately to clean them up.00:28
nhainesstudio__: I should warn you that the daily images are often broken.00:28
studio__yes, but it is only for google-devices00:29
lotuspsychjeive seen Bq images too on the list channels command00:29
studio__nhaines, no risc no fun!00:29
studio__the bq E4.5 is just for learning00:30
nhainesI don't think there's a channel for that at the moment.00:33
nhainesI'm not seeing 14.09-proposed anymore, and devel-proposed (which is vivid) has been broken for two months.  I wouldn't recommend tryng that until they get another promoted image.00:34
studio__therefore i thought  john mcaleely can answer some questions, but he is offline ....00:35
nhainesI don't know if I've ever seen him in here.00:38
nhainesIn any case, you can always ask your question to the mailing list.00:38
studio__i know, but i prefer personal/direct contact, therefore i am here00:39
nhainesat 11:42pm on a Sunday night.00:41
studio__ok :) and what about rsalveti? also only on weekend?00:42
nhainesMost Canonical employees are only in here during European working hours Monday-Friday.00:43
studio__i thought he's from brazil?00:44
nhainesI don't know.  He's still not here on weekends.  :)00:45
DonkeyHoteirsalveti is in brazil00:46
DonkeyHoteii know for a fact he will be around tomorrow00:46
DonkeyHoteiso, no idea about the locked bootloader question?00:48
DonkeyHoteiwell, it's already tomorrow in europe00:50
studio__one last question for today, where is the different between "ubuntu-device-flash" and00:58
studio__Ubuntu SDk00:58
studio__Tools - Ubuntu - Device  Control - Flash daily image on device00:58
nhainesWhy do you think they are different?01:06
studio__i don't know, it was just a question. is it the same?01:07
studio__have to go to sleep, it's too late, maybe you could answer offline and i'll read it tomorrow ... thanks for help for today.01:13
DonkeyHoteinhaines: do you know enough about the hardware enablement to know whether that can be done?01:15
nhainesDonkeyHotei: whether what can be done?01:17
DonkeyHoteiubuntu-touch on a device with a locked bootloader using safestrap01:17
DonkeyHoteithat is, with the stock signed kernel01:18
WanztI don't think that's possible. Most probably the bootloader has to be unlocked in order for safestrap to work.01:21
WanztOh, no - that's multirom...01:22
nhainesI don't know anything about safestrap.01:22
k1lseems like some samsung kexec thingy01:27
nhainesk1l: well, that's already how MultiROM Manager works.01:28
Wanztsafestrap seems not to need an unlocked bootloader and doesn't touch the main rom01:29
DonkeyHoteik1l: afaik it does not use kexec but just runs the rom under the stock kernel, but i could be wrong01:34
DonkeyHoteiquestion is, would that be enough for ubuntu-touch01:35
k1lit uses kexec to "boot" custom kernels01:37
nhainesIt wouldn't, because Ubuntu requires AppArmor.01:37
DonkeyHoteiwell, it it really does use kexec, it could kexec an apparmor-enabled kernel, no?01:41
nhainesDonkeyHotei: correct.02:24
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cpatrick08I was wondering why there are still grouper images on the ubuntu cdimage website as seen at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/daily-preinstalled/pending/ for an example. I though that grouper was deprecated04:24
nhainescpatrick08: it is deprecated.04:50
cpatrick08so why are they being build on the cdimage site04:51
peat-psuwitDo you have any hint on debugging video playback?07:18
dunebuggieGuys, is it possible to flash Ubuntu Touch on a Micromax Funbook?07:54
DonkeyHoteidunebuggie: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/07:55
dholbachgood morning08:07
dunebuggieDonkeyHotei: Thanks, but I couldn't find my device listed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices08:08
nhainesdunebuggie: then you'll either have to port it (using the steps DonkeyHotei linked) or wait for someone else to.08:17
fry_Where is the ubuntu touch iso for download?08:24
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matv1is the telegrams plugin to notifications center broken  on devel proposed?09:30
matv1or is that different design from rtm?09:31
nhainesfry_: There is no universal ISO.  You have to use ubuntu-device-flash to install Ubuntu on a supported device, or the port maintainer's instructions to install a port.09:59
nhainesfry_: If you're looking for something to install on a PC-compatible system, you can try http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-live/current/ although I actually haven't installed from there--only tried it live.10:01
nhainesThere isn't really anything called Ubuntu Touch, so I had to guess what you might have meant.10:01
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Dr. Seuss Day! :-D10:13
DonkeyHoteii do not like green eggs and ham10:14
DonkeyHoteii do not like them sam i am10:14
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mandelelopio, please, let me know whenever you are around, we need to talk about some testing with the browser and 7 digital10:50
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tsdgeosoSoMoN_: we don't support autorization requests in ewbbbrowser?11:11
tsdgeosoSoMoN__: we don't support autorization requests in webbbrowser?11:16
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popeytsdgeos: not yet. known bug11:25
tsdgeosoki :)11:25
tsdgeosis it reported or shall i report it?11:25
popeytsdgeos: bug 142253411:29
ubot5bug 1422534 in webbrowser-app "No user name and password prompt for http basic authentication protected pages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142253411:29
oSoMoNrpadovani, hey, there’s a trivial conflict in debian/control when merging the latest trunk in https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/webbrowser-app/addressBarFullWidth/+merge/23903911:33
peat-psuwitExcuse me, can libandroid_runtime be built in Ubuntu Phone's tree? My device's GPS library seems to need it.11:36
rpadovanioSoMoN, fixed, thanks!11:37
oSoMoNrpadovani, thanks11:39
oSoMoNrpadovani, sorry, that’s incorrect, your branch re-adds the build dependency on qtdeclarative5-private-dev which was removed a few days ago, it shouldn’t11:41
rpadovanioSoMoN, oh, I see now, I was indeed a bit confusing, sorry. Fixed!11:42
rsalvetinik90: hey, sorry, just noticed I had one ping from you last friday11:56
elsewhois ubuntu touch a real native linux. can i run background services, have full acess to hardware and gcc?12:02
janimoelsewho, should be similar to a regular ubuntu device, yes12:03
elsewhothats awesome!12:03
elsewhothank you.12:03
janimoelsewho, although its similarity may be influenced by however the vendor will chose to restrict the phone it that happens12:04
ogra_it is a real native linux but you can not run background services by default (you can hack it though) and by design the rootfs is readonly ... you can access the hardware via the platform api and indeed can install gcc12:04
janimoelsewho, the default images currently flashed do not have the full archive at your disposal, only a subset, but can be solved by reflashing a custom image12:04
nhainesjanimo: err, that's not really true at all.12:05
janimoogra_, you can not run backround apps from the command line?12:05
janimonhaines, which part of it?12:05
ogra_janimo, you can ... thats what i meant with "hack it"12:05
nhainesThat the default images don't have the full archive at your disposal.12:05
elsewhook, crazy. i am still waiting for a smart phone that is like a real computer!12:05
ogra_you would want to create an upstart job in your home dir or some such12:05
janimonhaines, in my experience it does not12:05
nhainesYou just enable readwrite mode and update your /etc/apt/sources.list and you're all set.12:05
elsewhoubuntu touch seems to be the closest thing, that also is stable and user friendly12:05
ogra_nhaines, except that you break upgrades12:06
nhainesogra_: sure, but there's nothing to be done about that.  There's no custom image to reflash.12:06
ogra_elsewho, you wont find a phone like that :) even in the future ...12:06
janimonhaines, well, that means the default image does not have the full archive at your disposal. Changing to another apt target qualifies as modifying the default12:06
ogra_elsewho, but yeah, ubuntu is as close as it will get12:06
nhainesjanimo: I disagree with that.  That certainly doesn't equal "flashing a custom image".12:07
ogra_the "default image" ?`12:07
nhainesYou might as well say that a default Ubuntu install doesn't have the full archive at your disposal because multiverse isn't enabled.  I don't remember whether universe is before you run Software Center.  :)12:07
janimonhaines, true. I ignored the change apt sources step as it may be risky to dist-upgrade there but indeed it is valid12:07
ogra_note that the "default image" is a roling release ... while the curent phones are pre-installed with a special build, this will just change to standard vivid soon12:08
nhainesogra_: I'm looking forward to that!  :)12:08
ogra_nhaines, 80% of the touch packages still live in universe, so indeed that is enabled12:08
nhainesogra_: I was thinking of the desktop system, not the phone.12:08
elsewhowhen using ubuntu, i always tried to use LTS version, actually im gentoo/arch user and i advice people to use ubuntu wgen stepping away from windows. is ubuntu roling release now?12:09
ogra_multiverse isnt and would be pointless ... there isnt much arm stuff in there12:09
nhaineselsewho: no.12:09
ogra_elsewho, the phone is, yes12:09
elsewhoah ok.12:09
ogra_desktop will follow suit when convergence is ready12:09
ogra_i would assume around 16.0412:09
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janimonhaines, multiverse contents is not usually what someone using the term native linux environment thinks of first, but acces to something like git is :)12:09
nhainesjanimo: I don't think so.  VLC is the first thing I want to install.  :)12:10
janimoa developer point of view at least12:10
nhainesogra_: I'd be curious to see documentation about release cadence and so forth then.12:10
janimonhaines, ok, I was thinking what a regular command line user or tinkerer would want from the phone when asking is it regular linux12:10
ogra_nhaines, just follow snappy :)12:10
ogra_nhaines, eventually snappy will become the base of everything12:11
nhainesogra_: but at the moment I'm very curious to see what Will Cooke is up to over at MWC.  Is there any way to follow along with that this week?  :)12:11
ogra_beyond G+ posts ?12:11
ogra_not sure12:11
lotuspsychjetwitter shows some usefull stuff12:11
ogra_i doubt they have much time to take videos and share them etc12:11
nhainesYeah.  I'll have to keep a closer eye on insights.ubuntu.com maybe.12:11
ogra_right and G+ and twitter will occasionally get pics and reports i guess12:12
popeyyeah, the booth is usually rammed busy12:14
popeythey work >12 hour days12:14
nhainespopey: they should block out 15 minutes of every hour to update the social feeds.  :)12:14
popeygood luck with that12:14
ogra_we should pay some community stalkers to do that ;)12:15
nhainesSCALE a week ago was insane and that was only 3000 or so people.  Lots of fun though.  :)  Happy I didn't get sick this year.12:15
nhainesogra_: +112:16
VishnudevHi guys n12:32
matv1_Vishnudev just ask what you want to know. if ppl know they will respond12:34
VishnudevIs there any official ports of ubuntu touch for nexus 6?12:35
nhainesNo, and there never will be.12:35
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:35
k1l_because we hate the nexus6, its to biggy ;p12:36
Vishnudev@nhaines why are you saying ther never be? Its good for the dev community to allow the12:37
VishnudevOS intalled and tried in multiple devices12:38
popeynhaines: why never?12:38
nhainespopey: it's what Canonical has said over and over.12:39
Stskeepspopey: it's incredible anybody survives this environment12:39
nhainesIf I had to guess, the Nexus 4 would be replaced by a retail Ubuntu device in the future.12:39
nhainesThat's, naturally, mere supposition.12:40
Vishnudevthe link https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/ looks promising :)12:40
VishnudevDon't know how tough it will be12:40
nhainesVishnudev: the OnePlus One got ported in a week after that guide was published, and is looking very promising by all accounts.  I'll bet someone has a Nexus 6 build before long.12:41
popeyStskeeps: hmm?12:41
k1l_look at xda-developers if someone already got it working12:41
popeynhaines: just seems a bit final to say "No, and there never will be"12:41
k1l_no as in no official nexus6 dev device, afaik12:42
popeyStskeeps: oh, the mwc environment? :)12:42
Stskeepspopey: yes. just on my first break since the morning12:43
popeyStskeeps: Keep your fluid levels up! :)12:43
popeyStskeeps: good to hear you clearly have a busy stand!12:43
nhainespopey: no sense in purchasing a N6 or waiting around hoping for it.  My advice is either get to work on a port or consider an already supported device, and don't expect supported devices to remain supported long.  And over the past 2 years it's been pretty good advice!12:44
matv1_jgdx fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/142700912:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1427009 in ofono (Ubuntu) "cellular data connection only gives 2g when 3g is positively available." [Undecided,New]12:44
Stskeepspopey: yeah.. i need to go check out the canonical one at some point12:44
nhainesVishnudev: I can't promise that there will never be an official Nexus 6 port.  But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Google to port it.12:44
ogra_Vishnudev, only if there are kitkat trees for the N6 (or if someone backports an N6 tree to kitkat)12:45
popeyor we move to lollipop12:45
ogra_the android bits ubuntu uses are 4.4 based atm12:45
ogra_and that wont change until there is a vendor requiring us to move12:45
Vishnudevogra: why there is a kitkat dependanct?12:45
jgdxmatv1_, thanks, that's a well filed bug. I'm looking at the output and seeing that the Connection is bore by edge. One way to dig deeper is to 1) get APN data from your cellular provider and 2) compare this to the current APN settings (easily found by running /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-contexts12:46
nhainesMy Nexus 5 running Lollipop is running kernel 3.4.0.  I don't remember what it was running on kitkat.12:46
Vishnudevnahaines but you downloaded a prebuilt version of ubuntu touch12:47
nhainesYes, an unofficial Nexus 5 port.12:47
nhainesIt's probably the best way to run Ubuntu if you hate Bluetooth.12:48
ogra_Vishnudev, we (have to) use the android binary drivers https://developer.ubuntu.com/static/devportal_uploaded/136981fa-6287-49d3-9874-06f40b2e4eb7-cms_page_media/380/ubuntu_touch_architecture.png12:48
ogra_Vishnudev, see the blue box there12:48
matv1_jgdx ok i will add that to the bug soon!12:48
ogra_this is all based on a kitkat tree currently12:48
popeythat diagram needs work12:48
ogra_if you want to do a port you have to merge a kitkat tree for your device into that12:49
popeyalso, 14.04.12:49
ogra_for the N6 there is no kitkat to my knowledge12:49
k1l_popey: tell the design team ;p12:49
nhainespopey: vertical text is highly overrated.12:49
jgdxmatv1_, though, you do say that 3g has worked before? Then it's a bit less likely that the APN settings are wrong.12:49
k1l_wasnt 4.4.4 kernel 3.4 too?12:49
popeyogra_: where'd you get that image? Is it linked in a page somewhere?12:49
simosxI am on Ubuntu 14.04.2 and got the ubuntu-sdk-team PPA enabled. "apt-cache policy sdk" shows only a package from 'universe' at version "1.126.1". Is that right?12:50
Vishnudevogra_ did you tried to port ubuntu to any phones before?12:51
matv1_jgdx no I didnt. I used to run rtm images. I switched to 15.04 proposed a couple of days ago. I did a --wipe so that should be considered a clean install i guess12:51
ogra_popey, its from a talk rsalveti12:51
popeysimosx: should you not use apt-cache policy ubuntu-sdk ?12:51
nhainessimosx: no, the package you want is 'ubuntu-sdk'12:51
ogra_Vishnudev, yes12:51
simosxpopey, nhaines: my typo, I used 'apt-cache policy ubuntu-sdk' earlier.12:52
VishnudevI was going through the porting guid12:52
matv1_jgdx so i meant that it did work on the rtm images.12:52
popeysimosx: thats only one package, there's others.12:52
popeysimosx: what about qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu ?12:52
Vishnudevogra_ I am still not getting why we need kitkat rom for nexus 612:53
simosxpopey, Here is the output of the command: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501219/12:53
ogra_Vishnudev, you dont need a rom ... you need a code tree12:53
popeysimosx: what about qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu ?12:54
ogra_Vishnudev, the lollipop tree will not cleanly merge with the ubuntu kitkat tree12:54
Vishnudevbut in older devices they ported it even before lolipop12:54
simosxpopey, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501229/12:54
popeysimosx: so you're missing that, it seems12:55
popeybzoltan_:  zbenjamin ^^12:55
popeybzoltan_: zbenjamin we support sdk from ppa on 14.04? simosx has issues - above12:55
bzoltan_popey: yes, we do support12:56
bzoltan_popey: simosx: but the ubuntu-sdk might not be up to date... what is missing?12:56
simosxbzoltan_, popey: I used to have ubuntu-sdk working, and I assume that some related PPA caused the issues. Have a look at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501239/12:57
jgdxmatv1_, right. It could also be that kpn uses ipv6. Ofono does not support that, but will know when we've looked at the contexts.12:57
simosxwill purge other related PPAs.12:57
Vishnudevogra_ I am still getting confuced. In which step we need them to merge? I thought ubuntu repo is completly independed of android. it only taked the kernal/driver files to make the build12:58
bzoltan_simosx: I guess I know the problem12:58
bzoltan_simosx: would you tell the apt-cache show qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu12:58
ogra_Vishnudev, did you look at the picture i gave you above ?12:59
matv1_jgdx but ofono doesn't support ipv6 in rtm either. And i never had any problem in rtm. So that doesnt seem likely to me12:59
ogra_Vishnudev, it is drivers and the services that make the drivers work ...12:59
simosxbzoltan_, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501266/12:59
ogra_Vishnudev, everything inside the blue box13:00
Vishnudevogra_ i red "This is a working gerrit server with everything needed to build the Android images used by Ubuntu Touch. The reference tree in there is based on AOSP (4.4.2 specifically), so make sure your device specific repositories are compatible with AOSP at least."13:00
ogra_Vishnudev, exactly13:00
ogra_so either you need a backported N6 tree for kitkat or you need to wait til we switch our tree to lollipop13:01
ogra_"just merging" wont work13:01
Vishnudevthe issue will come if there is any driver level change happend for kitkat to lolipop13:02
ogra_or any of the services/daemons changed13:03
bzoltan_simosx: the unity-control-center is not sdk related... but he webapp-container is strange. Would you check why it does not install?13:03
ogra_or the format of init.rc files ... etc etc13:03
jgdxmatv1_, good point. The syslog would be useful too, so we can take a look at what NetworkManager is doing. NetworkManager received a lot of relevant changes in vivid.13:03
simosxbzoltan_, I had this PPA, https://launchpad.net/~didrocks/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu-developer-tools-center which I just purged.13:04
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popeydidrocks: ^13:04
matv1_jgdx ok will have a look at that and add to the bug13:05
jgdxmatv1_, awesome, thanks.13:05
didrockspopey: I strongly doubt that this ppa ever had a qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu package :)13:05
bzoltan_simosx:  I do not see anything in that PPA what could conflict with the SDK13:06
bzoltan_didrocks:  ^ you have nothing to do with this13:06
bzoltan_simosx:  let's check that webapp-container13:06
didrocksbzoltan_: yeah, I'm back at blaming popey anyway :p13:06
bzoltan_didrocks: that is always a good strategy :D13:07
simosxbzoltan_, also had this PPA, http://chrismwayne.com/?p=277 which I purged.13:07
simosxbzoltan_, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501349/13:08
nhainesOh, I had the Ubuntu SDK installed on 14.10 and tried to run the Telegram app (which I compiled and runs great in ubuntu-desktop-next from a vivid live image) and got the following error message after './run.sh':13:08
nhainesfile:///home/nhaines/app/telegram.qml:226 Type GroupProfilePage unavailable13:08
nhainesfile:///home/nhaines/app/ui/GroupProfilePage.qml:4 module "Ubuntu.Contacts" is not installed13:08
nhainesI poked around a bit but couldn't find the missing package name.13:09
bzoltan_simosx: does it install?13:09
simosxbzoltan_, 'ubuntu-sdk' does not install, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501355/13:10
janimonhaines, qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-contacts0.1 ?13:10
simosxbzoltan_, qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu does not install: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501363/13:10
bzoltan_simosx:  I know that one ... would you try to install the webapp-container13:10
nhainesjanimo: not installed but there's a candidate.  :)13:10
simosxbzoltan_, webapp-container does not install http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501367/13:11
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nhainesjanimo: and now it launches and runs perfectly.  Thanks so much!  :D13:12
Vishnudevogra which picture?13:12
Vishnudevogra_ can you please put the link again?13:13
bzoltan_simosx:  As I see your system is bleeding from more than one wound13:13
bzoltan_simosx:  I am really not sure what is going on there. I would recommend to to first bring your packages in a state where a simple apt-get upgrade returns without errors13:15
ogra_Vishnudev, https://developer.ubuntu.com/static/devportal_uploaded/136981fa-6287-49d3-9874-06f40b2e4eb7-cms_page_media/380/ubuntu_touch_architecture.png13:16
ogra_Vishnudev, it is in the porting guide13:17
simosxbzoltan_, 'apt-get upgrade' shows all clear, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:17
simosxbzoltan_, will check any remnants from other PPAs. Thanks.13:17
bzoltan_simosx:  I am not sure, that last paste shows about a dozen of broken packages in your system. Most likely you have some packages installed from non supported PPAs and they block official packages. I would suggest a major purge session :)13:19
popeyI would "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" and see what else you're missing13:19
Vishnudevogra_ to be precise current lib Hybris is for 4.4.2 ,13:20
ogra_Vishnudev, and rild, and openmax ... and other services13:20
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simosxbzoltan_, popey: error on install of ubuntu-desktop, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10501538/13:24
simosxwhen purging 'ubuntu-sdk' in order to reinstall, I got "E: Release 'trusty' for 'ubuntu-sdk-qmake-extras' was not found".13:25
popeysimosx: no, i said ubuntu-desktop^13:26
popeysimosx: assuming you use unity :)13:26
popey(the caret on the end is important)13:26
DanChapman popey what does the caret actually do? It's saved me a few times but i have no idea how it's magic works13:27
popeyinstalls the task13:27
popeynot the metapackage13:27
popeyover time some people add/remove all kinds of crap13:27
popeyand sometimes core packages get removed by accident13:27
popeythat re-installs them.13:27
simosxpopey, okay, with 'ubuntu-desktop^' I it's installing packages, X.Org related.13:28
DanChapmanah that makes sense. Thanks :-)13:28
simosxpopey, also unity, webapps. looks good.13:28
popeyso you probably had something missing which was causing all this nonsene13:29
ChloeWolfieGirl"something missing" "nonsene" oh Popey you, I hope that was on purpose!13:30
simosxin the process I reverted to the 3.13 kernel of trusty ;'-(13:31
popeybzoltan_: what's the framework we should use for 15.04? I don't see ubuntu-sdk-15.04* ? only ubuntu-core-15.04* ?13:32
bzoltan_popey: whatever your device likes .. my likes 14.10 most13:32
popeybzoltan_: no good for people on vivid - qt5.413:33
popeyif someone makes an app that is binary, needs 5.4, then puts in the store with 14.10 framework, it won't work13:34
popey(this has happened)13:34
bzoltan_popey:  I know, we have talked about it with mzanetti and others ...13:34
popeysimosx: not really reverted, but pulled in as it's a dependency, you have a newer kernel too, right?13:34
mzanettipopey, I guess the issue is that we allow building with 15.04, yet using a framework of 14.10 in the manifest file13:36
popeythat, and I see no framework for 15.0413:37
popeyis ubuntu-core-15.04 our new framework?13:37
popey(I thought that was snappy only)13:37
mzanettihmm... indeed13:37
mzanettiso far I've only been using 14.10, didn't even notice yet13:37
simosxpopey, I installed the utopic kernel on 14.04.2 per the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:38
popeysimosx: ok.13:39
simosxpopey, it's good now, ubuntu-sdk is working. thanks all.13:39
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seb128what would be the right project to file a bug about a "impossible to go back in webapp, gets user stuck" ... webapps-applications?15:31
seb128oSoMoN, alexabreu, ^ do you know?15:31
alexabreuseb128, webbrowser-app, ... mark it w/ a [container]15:31
seb128(I guess that might already be reported but I didn't find it)15:31
seb128alexabreu, thanks15:32
alexabreuseb128, for whic webapp?15:32
seb128alexabreu, e.G googlemap15:32
seb128if you click on a place, on the "get more details" it brings you to a google search view15:32
seb128and you can't go back to the map15:32
alexabreuseb128, ok, add it to webapps-core then15:32
seb128got the same in google translator15:32
alexabreusince it is rather specific15:32
seb128I got an auth page15:32
seb128can't go back to the previous page15:33
seb128alexabreu, k, thanks15:33
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peat-psuwitExcuse me, /var/log/syslog on my device disappear. What is the possible causes?16:19
ogra_a bug16:19
ogra_what device is that ?16:20
peat-psuwitogra_: It's LG L90 Dual. I16:20
ogra_ah, so you dont use a proper image yet16:20
ogra_did you ever apt-get update ?16:20
ogra_or rather upgrade16:20
peat-psuwitI re-run rootstock-touch-install once, to upgrade preinstall tarball.16:21
ogra_well, if you used apt inbetween that might have caused this16:23
ogra_is the dir actually gone ?16:23
peat-psuwitWhat directory?16:23
ogra_and if not, if you ls -l /var ... who owns it ?16:24
ogra_(log that is)16:24
peat-psuwitdrwxrwxr-x 11 root android_input 4096 Jan  4 06:34 log16:25
ogra_thats your breakage then16:25
ogra_needs to be root.syslog16:25
ogra_chown it and you should be fine again16:26
peat-psuwitOh I see. Thank you!16:26
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peat-psuwitExcuse me, what does "session type" mean in context of RILD?17:02
ogra_abeato or awe_ should be able to tell you17:03
awe_peat-psuwit, can you give me some more context for your question?17:08
peat-psuwitParticularly at line 803-804.17:11
Chipacarsalveti: whenever you're around, i need to go over the sound volume thing with you again (if it is still with you)17:13
Chipacarsalveti: because bug #1426418 is a thing17:13
ubot5bug 1426418 in ubuntu-push (Ubuntu) "push notification ignoring silent mode" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142641817:13
Chipacapmcgowan: nice bit of user-feedback there17:15
Chipacapmcgowan: always nice to hear from users :)17:15
pmcgowanChipaca, there is a fair bit :)17:16
peat-psuwitawe_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10503804/ from "sudo /system/bin/logcat -b radio"17:21
awe_k, gimme a minute...17:22
peat-psuwitawe_: Take a look at line 803-80417:23
awe_yea. got it17:23
awe_peat-psuwit, http://androidxref.com/4.4.2_r1/xref/hardware/ril/include/telephony/ril.h17:24
rsalvetiChipaca: right, the silo mode is a thing that would need to be reimplemented at some point17:25
awe_the parameter give  to a RIL_*_GET_IMSI request17:25
awe_is an application ID17:25
rsalvetiChipaca: the way I see it, it would just mean pulse would mute one specific audio role17:25
awe_I'm certainly no expert on SIMs17:25
Chipacarsalveti: the "silo mode"?17:25
Chipacarsalveti: not sure what that is :)17:25
rsalvetiand anyone could try to play17:25
awe_but they basically have the capability to run different apps17:25
rsalvetiChipaca: *silent17:25
rsalvetiChipaca: right now it's up to the client to read the silent mode config value and then deciding to play or not the notification17:26
rsalvetiwhich is kind of dumb17:26
Chipacarsalveti: um17:26
rsalvetibut it is what it is :-)17:26
Chipacarsalveti: months and months ago, i asked how to do this, when we were planning roles and stuff, and after some work you told me to set that env var and it would just work17:26
rsalvetiChipaca: so for that bug, you'd need to query the silent mode value and then deciding to play or not the notification17:26
rsalvetiChipaca: that is for the right role17:27
rsalvetiChipaca: not for the silent mode17:27
peat-psuwitawe_: So, "session type" in this case is application ID in the SIM?17:27
rsalvetithat is for one sound to not interfere with the other one17:27
awe_peat-psuwit, that's what it looks like to me17:27
rsalvetiallowing you to have multiple volumes per audio role17:27
rsalvetiChipaca: but yeah, in theory that would indeed be enough17:27
rsalvetibut then when silent mode was implemented, they made that just a config, not really using pulse17:28
Chipacarsalveti: but volumes do do it by role?17:28
rsalvetiChipaca: yup17:28
rsalvetiChipaca: it's just that silent mode has nothing to do with volume current17:28
awe_peat-psuwit, so in our ofono rilmodem driver17:28
rsalvetiChipaca: it's just a flag17:28
rsalvetiwhich is wrong imho17:28
awe_we grab the aid_str when the SIM is intialized17:29
rsalvetibut well, it's how it was done17:29
awe_and we then use it later when we send the GET_IMSI request17:29
rsalvetiso you can still have the alert volume to be 100% even when silent mode is enabled17:29
rsalvetibecause there is no connection between both17:29
Chipacathat's ... fucked up17:29
awe_peat-psuwit, checkout: https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/blob/master/drivers/rilmodem/sim.c17:30
rsalvetiChipaca: in theory, what I would like silent mode to be, is simply a mute on the specific role17:30
awe_and look for 'aid_str' and GET_ISMI17:30
rsalvetisilent mode on -> mute alert role17:30
rsalvetibut not how it got done17:30
rsalvetithat's why I said it would need a rewrite at some point17:30
rsalvetiso for now the only way for you to fix that is client side17:31
rsalvetibut we need to rewrite it to make it system side instead17:31
peat-psuwitawe_: Well, why RILD complains that session type is not proper, then?17:32
peppelakappahello! did anyone tried to port ubuntu touch to moto x 2013?17:35
peppelakappathe hardware is capable of running it with ease17:35
=== Topic unset by peppelakappa on #ubuntu-touch
awe_peat-psuwit, yea it doesn't like what's being sent17:37
awe_what device are you working on17:37
awe_are you working on a port?17:38
ogra_yes, hje is17:38
ogra_LG L90 Dual17:39
peat-psuwitI'm porting to LG l90 dual.17:39
awe_got it17:39
ogra_does the dual mean two sims ?17:39
* awe_ shudders17:39
ogra_might be you simply get info from the wrong one by default17:39
awe_so a couple of comments, and then I have to leave to go get some lunch17:39
awe_I'd happy to spend more time with you later today, or tomorrow as well17:40
awe_so first problem is that if an OEM17:40
awe_doesn't use stock android17:40
awe_they like to make variations of standard RIL messages17:40
awe_( addtl parameters, different valid constants for some parameters, ... )17:41
awe_also, some OEMs like to use non-std RIL requests17:41
awe_( ie. not defined by AOSP's ril.h header17:41
awe_and finally, most dual-SIM implementations were done before AOSP supported dual-SIM17:42
awe_so there's yet more custom control of the device required17:42
awe_if you feel brave, and want to dive into Ubuntu's ofono code17:42
awe_take a look at ofono/plugins/ril.c17:43
awe_and mtk.c17:43
awe_( the latter is the device plugin that supports krillin; which is a MTK-based modem )17:43
awe_you also should take a look at ofono/drivers/rilmodem/ and /mtkmodem/17:43
awe_as mtkmodem leverages rilmodem, but handles many of the quirks I mentioned above17:44
awe_if there's a Cyanogenmod port, that would give you a good blueprint for what needs to be quirked17:44
awe_otherwise, it might require some reverse engineering17:44
peat-psuwitThere is cm port for this device17:45
peat-psuwitIn fact, it is the base for my port.17:46
* peat-psuwit feel unlucky17:48
abeatopeat-psuwit, as awe_ says one way of doing the port would doing reverse-engineering, which here means printing the full hex traces if the rild messages in cm and compare with what is being sent by ofono17:48
abeatoalso, compare cm code with ofono's rilmodem plugin17:49
awe_peat-psuwit, don't feel bad... telephony unfortunately is one of those areas that OEMs feel the right to do whatever they want17:51
Chipacarsalveti: i was already somewhat upset on friday with having to check settings wrt vibrate; this mute thing is more of the same, but worse. Rage-inducing for me. Hope none of it got your way, and if so sorry.17:52
peat-psuwitabeato, problem is that I don't know where should I look in CM.17:52
awe_peat-psuwit, looks for RIL.java to start17:52
awe_but yea, I feel your pain if this isn't something your familiar with17:52
awe_in general, Ubuntu works great with devices that run stock AOSP17:53
rsalvetiChipaca: yeah, I share your pain, we need to improve those things for sure17:53
awe_and if not, someone has to do the grunt work to make the modem work properly17:53
awe_peat-psuwit, http://androidxref.com/source/17:53
awe_is helpful for browing AOSP source17:54
awe_( hope that's not something too obvious )17:54
awe_and you can do searches for stuff17:54
* awe_ wonders if there's a browsable xref for CM online17:54
awe_anyways, gotta run17:54
awe_again feel free to ping me later if you have more questions17:54
abeatopeat-psuwit, yeah, it can get tricky, especially for dual SIM devices... but fortunately you have a qcomm modem, which usually do not deviate too much from AOSP18:00
abeatopeat-psuwit, one additional reference:18:00
abeatodescribes the ril messages18:01
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DonkeyHoteiping ChickenCutlass rsalveti18:44
rsalvetiDonkeyHotei: pong18:45
DonkeyHoteianything i should do to prepare for the interview in just over an hour?18:45
DonkeyHotei^^ ChickenCutlass rsalveti18:48
rsalvetiDonkeyHotei: nothing specific for now18:49
DonkeyHoteii've been doing reading on snappy core18:50
DonkeyHoteiand the hardware enablement layer18:50
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Vercpopey? Are you here?19:08
Verc*You've asked me which websites make my browser reboot the entire telephone Nexus 419:09
VercWell, it's not only the browser. The clock too. And the sound settings too.19:09
VercWhen I tried to set an alarm I changed an hour and during swiping to change the minutes the telephone rebooted19:10
Vercand when I tried to play my current ringtone the telephone rebooted19:11
Vercactually it really reboots when it wants to19:11
Vercand it is really annoying19:11
VercAnd I am not informed about received SMS. I just apperars in Messages19:13
VercI've just reflashed and it is the same19:27
VercWhen somebody's calling to me the telephone does not ring19:27
xtr-stuffI am trying to port to international HTC One and the boot process seems to stop because of: pid:473(ureadahead)(parent:471/sh)  (debugfs) umounted filesystem, does anyone know what this might be due to?19:35
xtr-stuffI can provide more logs if it helps however I haven't managed to get adb to work yet (which would probably help)19:37
xtr-stuffI guess I'm asking at a wrong time19:44
VercI've got angry and switched back to stable19:49
kenvandinemandel, what's the status of rtm silo 9?19:51
mandelkenvandine, hello! I was going to ask you to take it for a sping19:51
mandelkenvandine, before I accept t19:51
kenvandinemandel, cool, i can test the settings update portion19:52
mandelkenvandine, that was exactly what I needed19:53
kenvandinei need to refresh my memory on how to run that test server, i think i documented that in the bug report19:53
xtr-stuffhey mariogrip, I saw you were making progress on your port, how did you get adb to work? I tried using ogra_'s adbd and adbd.conf files but no luck20:12
Isotop7hello...i have a problem regarding the twitter app...if i want to connect with my phone number, the app keeps working (shows loading screen) but it doesnt do anything...can somebody help me? i reinstalled it several times...20:16
kenvandinemandel, good news... settings is now getting the onErrorFound20:31
kenvandinebut, the retry button isn't getting disabled20:31
mandelkenvandine, hm... weird.. I'll take a look after dinner20:32
kenvandinemandel, i'll look at it, hang on20:32
kenvandinethis is part of that fix we could never test before20:32
littlegreenGuys can I get some help resolving a minor issue I'm experiencing atm? I am at a friend's place and I'm trying to get a couple photos out of my phone (It's running the latest stable build on a Nexus4). I hook it up to a windows computer and windows being windows sees the device, but the phone doesn't mount MTP or something like that, the device appears to be "Blank" .. adb sees it, but I'm not familliar with the file structur20:35
littlegreene to attempt to pull the files out. Do you have any advice?20:35
FishsceneI wonder if I have an old script that can do that… standby20:36
FishsceneNope. I don't. :(20:37
kenvandinemandel, wait... is said that wrong... i was thinking the retry button looked disabled, but it actually isn't20:37
Isotop7do you have enabled the developer mode? dont know if it makes any differences...is it detected in device manager?20:39
Isotop7if you have access via adb you can also pull files...20:39
littlegreenBefore I enabled developer mode windows didn't even recognize the device... sadly adb shell doesn't work :/20:39
littlegreenanyway - I am creating a linux live usb to boot up and do things the proper way ;-)20:40
Isotop7maybe another usb port if you use usb3.0?20:43
littlegreentried both USB3.0 and 2.0 it's the same thing20:44
littlegreenhmmm funny thing - a different usb2.0 port actually works like a charm!20:45
littlegreenthanks for the tip! :)20:45
Isotop7no problem!20:46
kenvandinemandel, the real problem is the progress bar is still showing after the error, and the error isn't being shown20:52
kenvandinemandel, probably something wonky with those installed, installing and retry variables in the delegate20:53
kenvandinemandel, if you could take a look, you can base it off my backport branch21:10
kenvandinemandel, the good news is it's getting the error from udm now21:11
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DonkeyHoteiTassadar: is there some way i can help coding bluetooth for hammerhead?23:55
Tassadar...code it?23:56
DonkeyHoteiwhat exactly is missing?23:56
TassadarI dunno23:56
TassadarI don't think anybody actually knows23:56
DonkeyHoteino one has looked into it?23:57
TassadarI don't know23:57
TassadarI just set-up a server to build the images23:58
DonkeyHoteiwho contributes?23:58
Tassadarpretty much nobody fixes stuff on hammerhead23:59
TassadarI fixed some minor issues and rsalveti did the initial bringup, but that's about it23:59

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