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knightwisemorning peeps07:41
mappmorning knightwise07:51
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SuperMattmorning all08:06
mappsmorning SuperMatt08:06
MooDoomorning all08:13
mappsmornin MonsterKiller08:15
mappssup mate08:16
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:16
MooDooit's monday :(08:17
mappsim going to Ukraine in July lads08:17
mappsMalaga -> Moscow -> Kiev :D08:17
MooDoonice :D08:17
MooDooholiday or work?08:17
mappsfriend off betfair forum lives there08:18
MooDoobrill :)08:18
mappshopefully meet up with him08:18
mappssays on wiki the average wage is $8k usd - so i plan to go to a club buy everyone a drink and girls shoould fall in love;p08:18
MooDoopmsl good luck08:19
mappsim serious lol08:19
mappsif average wage is $8k08:20
mappsil go in a bar buy a shed load of drinks08:20
mappsgirls be like 'woah hes mad rich'08:20
mappsmarry a hot ukranian:P08:20
MooDooor get mugged for being a cocky git08:22
mappsi should be ok i hope08:22
mappsive managed in the uk:P08:22
mappslived in Portsmouth for 4 years.lived in Elepehant and castle..lived in Brixton08:23
mappsas long as you're ok there's nevera problem08:23
mappsand it's not cocky MooDoo i just want a nice ukranian girl lol08:24
SuperMatthow's the new XFCE?08:27
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davmor2Morning all09:14
MooDoomorning davmor209:16
mapps15c here09:17
mappsalmost sleep time for me09:22
bashrcnight shift?09:24
mappsas usual09:24
mappsbut i was off last night09:24
mappswent into spain:)09:25
Resupinehello plz can you help me09:34
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:35
Resupineis there anywhere i can paste it pls09:35
Resupineis there anywhere i can paste the image please09:37
Resupinei forgot the site09:37
Resupinethanks popey thats the one09:38
Resupinedoesnt appear to be workin09:40
foobarryimgur.com is up09:41
Resupineit keeps failing09:41
SuperMattsounds like you might have a networking problem09:42
Resupinei got the usual problem of not enough disk space09:42
mappsits only 16c :( i feel cold09:43
Resupineempty your trush and stuff09:43
SuperMattnot enough disk space for what?09:43
Resupinefor the software updater09:43
SuperMattthen you need to delete files09:44
SuperMattyou may have some in your trash09:44
Resupineit actually worked this time09:44
popeyResupine: sudo apt-get autoremove09:45
popeyshould clean out some old kernels09:45
Resupinei think i tried but ill try it again09:45
foobarrydoesn't the unity-tweak package help clear out kernel pacakges in a noobish way?09:46
Resupineim not sure how to do it i think i tried09:47
popeyfoobarry: no09:47
mappswhat can i do to avoid roaming charges? beyond dont do it- when i go from gib -> spain they charge me09:48
popeyturn it off on your phone09:48
mappsnothing i can do i dont think09:48
mappsit's the same place its so stupid09:49
Resupinei still get the same message09:49
mappsmy phone connects to orange es some days09:49
SuperMattwhat size is your /boot partition?09:49
Resupinehow can i check thanks09:49
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SuperMattdf -h /boot09:50
Resupineits 236mb09:50
Resupinebut ive used 21009:51
SuperMattah, a nice sticky little situation09:51
SuperMattmy question would be who set the size so small?09:51
popeythe installer09:52
Resupinei dont know how it happened09:52
popeyit defaults too small09:52
Resupineoh ok09:52
popeyit was discussed at length recently on ubuntu-devel09:52
Resupineis there anyway to change that at all do you know09:52
popeyyou can, yes.09:52
popeyyou can resize it, or just keep on top of it.09:53
Resupineis it easy to do09:53
popeyis brain surgery easy?09:53
popeyfor those that know how to do it :)09:53
Resupinesounds difficult the09:53
popeyits not that hard, but there are risks09:53
Resupineha ha09:53
Resupineill take a  look09:54
Resupinethanks for your help09:55
foobarrymy son's school has this thing called a focus week09:57
foobarrywhere they ask one child per week for a few things they would like the class to study that week e.g. dinosaurs, etc09:58
foobarrythey asked my boy (who is 5). he said "i'd like to learn more about how to build stable buildings"09:58
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Dr. Seuss Day! :-D10:12
foobarryis it?10:13
* zmoylan-pi breaks out the green eggs and ham. and calls 999 in advance...10:13
foobarryremind me not to check reddit today10:13
zmoylan-piczajkowski... you didn't watch the rugby... my twitter feed was strangely silent over the weekend :-)10:15
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: I was in the car coming up from Dorset and I was getting tweeted so I could follow it10:23
czajkowskiI LOVED THE GAME!10:23
zmoylan-piwasn't the same without a twitter feed going bonkers... :-)10:26
* MooDoo doesn't want to think about the rugby10:34
zmoylan-pi♪ a nation once again... ♫ :-)10:35
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davmor2JamesTait: http://img.pandawhale.com/post-10623-Grumpy-Cat-in-a-Happy-Birthday-cehB.jpeg cat in a hat11:09
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JamesTaitdavmor2, where did you find that photo of me?11:19
davmor2JamesTait: It was your birthday profile pic ;)11:21
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loptaI'm wondering whether to try Ubuntu 14.10 or 14.04.214:17
foobarrytry = how long for?14:18
loptaProbably a month or so.14:18
jpdslopta: Try both?14:19
loptajpds: Hmmm... that's a possibility I hadn't considered.14:19
jpdslopta: Spinning up a VM takes a few minutes.14:20
loptaI'll try 14.10 first.14:20
loptajpds: True enough and that's what I do on my work laptop. I'll be running this test on bare metal though (an old desktop PC at the office)14:20
popeyI'd go for 14.04.214:36
loptapopey: I'll download that next then.14:39
lopta(once this torrent's in).14:39
loptapopey: Is that because it'll be around longer or because there's newer (less tested?) stuff in 14.10?14:41
popeylonger support14:41
loptapopey: Thanks for the insight.14:41
foobarryhence my question about "a month or so"14:44
loptaThinking about it, I should break out my laptop.14:44
lopta...think I'll let it thaw out a bit before I power it up though.14:45
popeywas it buried in snow?14:53
jpdsMaybe took it skiing?14:53
popeyone per foot?14:55
daftykinsLTS is where it's at14:55
daftykinsi have a £208 Lenovo 15" intel i3 laptop coming this week :O14:56
popeylike this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKP7jQknGjs14:56
daftykinssuper cheap deal! free printer too O_O14:56
popey(best video I have seen this week)14:56
foobarryi have a video of me doing the same thing14:59
foobarryon a snowboard14:59
popey3min54 is good14:59
popeyalso 4min1515:00
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jpdspopey: 3:54> what the hell.15:05
popeyyeah :)15:05
daftykinsheh some neat bits in that15:08
jpdsHa, that poor person at 1:30.15:09
loptapopey: I left it in the car overnight.15:11
loptaIt get's a bit chilly here.15:11
loptas/overnight/over the weekend/15:12
loptaLet's plug the charger in, that'll warm it up a bit.15:12
* zmoylan-pi could always tell when a pc for repair coming in had been in a car over night this time of year. metal to cold to touch for a few hours.15:14
jpdspopey: 4:40 is just obscene.15:14
foobarrysomebody put sl;eeping pills in my lunch15:21
foobarryeither that or its cos i'm 40 yrs old now15:21
loptafoobarry: Welcome to your forties! ;-)15:22
daftykinszmoylan-pi: that must add many hours to the job :/15:22
moreatibigcalm: you got name checked by the register http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/02/ubuntu_15_04_flavours_vivid_vervet/15:23
zmoylan-piand so cold the hard drives couldn't spin up in time.  would take a few attempts to warm them up15:25
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:28
bigcalmmoreati: heh, nice. Sometimes tempted to change my surname15:28
MyrttiI've not yet had a day when I've not regretted doing it. The only bit I'm feeling bad about the wedding. I can only hope it gets easier once all the paperwork is finally done.15:37
MooDoohow do all15:38
MooDooare we all changing names?15:38
foobarryirc or irl names15:39
zmoylan-pican i still be me? :-)15:39
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lauracaloha :)15:39
MooDoolol just reading scroll back and not properly i might add lol15:39
MooDoolaurac: ??15:39
zmoylan-pigee willikers15:39
zmoylan-pinow the usage of my z key bill drop to 0... :-)15:40
MooDoopopey: ignore that, lol15:40
MooDoolaurac: congratulations by the way :D15:41
LaneyC Z TAB noooooooooo15:41
lauracnope not laura F yet15:43
lauracbut will so be changing my name when we do the deed :)15:44
MooDoowon't be long :D15:44
lauracexept on irc and on twitter as well everyone can do tab complete :)15:44
MooDoojust as i've learnt to say it you'll be changing your surname lol15:44
daftykinsMooDoo: hahaha :D15:48
davmor2laurac: prod15:55
loptaI might go across the road for a fancy coffee while this is installing.16:00
* zmoylan-pi misread that and wondered what a fancy toffee was like...16:01
zmoylan-piprobably not a scots clan...16:01
bigcalmlaurac: I think Jon should change his name16:02
diddledanI'm not gonna get used to laurac's new nick :-p16:03
davmor2laurac: prod16:16
davmor2at some point laurac will snap and then we'll know it's still her16:17
lauracbigcalm: eh why ?16:17
lauracI never get that when men change their names to the wifes but each to their own tbh :)16:17
lauracI do like tradition16:17
directhexthere's no paperwork for a wife to change her name, or keep her name. just do it. any other choices require deed poll16:18
directhexdouble-barrelling, or husband changing to wife's surname, deed poll16:18
directhexwhich is a PITA16:18
zmoylan-pii prefer mononyms.  there's only one me16:19
directhexeveryone should use a GUID to identify themselves?16:19
directhexworks until we colonize other planets & need to switch to UUID16:19
zmoylan-pican i use klingon characters in my guid? :-)16:19
lauracloth double barrelling!16:19
daftykinsamusingly a mate just messaged to tell me my name was written wrong on the funeral attendance list for his dads funeral the other day16:20
daftykinsi even spelt it for this church guy!16:20
Myrttiin Finland you need to fill a form to choose a last name when you're getting married. Both need to fill it, even if they keep their own names, which is the default.16:21
bigcalmlaurac: only suggested it to be contrary16:21
bigcalmlaurac: a cousin of mine and her fella both changed their surnames when they had a baby together.16:22
bigcalmBut aren't married16:23
daftykinsthat's a cunning way to do it16:23
foobarrywhy not marry?16:23
zmoylan-pididn't want to fill out the forms :-)16:23
loptaAh poo. It was looking promising until the reboot but now I have a black screen.16:25
daftykinsreboot after having done what? :)16:26
loptadaftykins: Installing 14.1016:26
lubotu3A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:26
daftykinstry that16:26
daftykinsunless you know the exact hardware of the machine16:26
bigcalmfoobarry: they have their reasons. One might be that they've just had a baby and don't want the expense of a wedding16:28
bigcalmWho can say16:28
loptaLooks as though a cold reset helped.16:29
Azelphurkinda tempted to buy http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/mini-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-39-99-maplin-2155783 any thoughts?16:29
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daftykinsdon't dog sit, i've seen a nasty picture of what happens when someone with a robovac looks after a dog16:30
Azelphurcan't anyway, tenancy agreement doesn't allow it :P16:31
* lopta runs the Software Updater16:32
loptaThat's a curious font. Not bad, just a bit strange.16:32
daftykinsi prefer to just apt-get dist-upgrade ;)16:33
zmoylan-pimy childhood cat used to assinate vacuum cleaners by pushing them down the stairs till they broke16:33
zmoylan-pishe wasn't a fan of hoovers16:33
loptaWe used to have a little spherical hoover that floated on a cussion of air.16:34
loptaI wonder whatever happened to those.16:35
loptaDoes Ubuntu ship with bash?16:35
daftykinsyes bash is the default16:35
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: I remember I fell down the stairs onto the family hoover when I was a kid :P16:36
loptaHas it been patched against "shell shock" (in case corporate IT ask me)?16:36
Azelphurmanaged to Karate chop a chunk of it off on the way down16:36
zmoylan-piwhatever happened to dysons wheelbarrows with a ball for a wheel?16:36
daftykinslopta: ages ago, yeah16:37
loptazmoylan-pi: I had one of those when I was a toddler. Ballbarrow. Wasn't from Dyson though.16:37
daftykinsbut feel free to confirm16:37
loptadaftykins: Great, thanks.16:37
loptaMight try our computer-based training thing on this desktop once the updater's finished.16:39
daftykinssome web based thing?16:39
* lopta nods16:41
loptaI'm tempted to max out the RAM on this but we really shouldn't spend money on it.16:42
daftykinsis it old?16:43
* lopta nods16:43
loptaPentium 4 something-or-other.16:43
lopta3 GHz16:43
loptaXubuntu works on it ...as does MS Windows 10 Technical Preview.16:46
daftykinshaha, i think people have very different definitions of 'works' :D i couldn't stand anything single core now16:46
loptadaftykins: I have a dual-core Atom box at home and Mrs. lopta has a quad-core Phenom II.16:47
loptadaftykins: I have a shelf full of single-core desktops at the office though and if we use them at all, it'll be mostly as RDP terminals.16:48
daftykinsmmm makes sense16:48
daftykinsthe College i used to work at and teach at gets donated even quad core systems now16:48
loptadaftykins: We're not that fortunate. ;-)16:49
daftykinsi need to get in touch actually, there was talk of hundreds of laptops being offered 0o16:49
loptaTime to try another reboot.16:49
loptaI'd like to try one of those 8-core Atom chips but I don't have ready access to one and it's not a priority.16:50
daftykinsi think of all atoms as being glorified calculators :)16:51
diddledanis this bad taste? http://newsthump.com/2015/02/28/william-shatner-steals-space-shuttle-to-search-for-reborn-leonard-nimoy/16:51
loptadaftykins: Aren't all computers glorified calculators? ;-)16:51
daftykinssome have some actual beans :D16:51
loptaI think our application server must be a VM16:53
loptaXeon X5550 but Task Manager only shows four cores.16:53
diddledanyeah I don't suppose anyone uses real iron these days16:54
diddledanexcept for hosting vms16:54
daftykinsnot if they're sensible + sufficiently funded :)16:54
intrbizX5550 is a quad core chip is it not16:54
loptaHmm... might be bare metal. Apparently the X5550 is quad-core.16:55
loptaMight be a single-socket server.16:55
intrbizor old one CPU installed16:55
daftykinsquad core with HT16:55
daftykinsso 8 logical16:55
intrbizonly* not old16:55
loptadaftykins: HT may be turned off.16:55
daftykinsor VM as you said, whichever goes16:56
loptaIt's slow enough at times to be a VM.16:56
* lopta shrugs16:56
czajkowskifolks may find this interesting http://www.couchbase.com/press-releases/unity-couchbase-mobile-improves-game-development-with-sync-and-offline-support16:57
loptaWell, it's able to play video.17:00
diddledanlol @ spam - "Brandie k. wants Daniel to EXPLORE her B***S"17:02
diddledanyeah, I'm a financial advisor in a different life17:03
daftykinsthe US version of you :)17:03
diddledanblinkbox have so far given me 3 half-price offers in the space of a month17:11
loptaI wonder whether I am the U.S. version of me.17:12
loptaIs it lunch time yet?17:29
diddledan17:30. methinks you missed it17:30
loptaOnly 11:36 here.17:36
loptaAlmost lunch time.17:36
diddledanmy spidey sense is tingling. I think we might have an interloper :-p17:36
daftykinsafty mapps17:40
loptadiddledan: Hopefully I'm allowed in. I'm a UK Citizen, if that counts.17:46
diddledanlopta, lol, sure you're allowed17:46
daftykinsthough offering us chocolate is always a good move17:46
diddledandaftykins, +117:47
loptaCan't get real chocolate over here ;-)17:49
daftykinshmm, diddledan note to UK customs... must install chocolate vending machines on other side of border17:50
diddledanmust be in amerrycar17:51
diddledanonly amerrycar does evil chocolate17:52
diddledanthe recipe of the damned hershey's method17:52
diddledanthe rest of the world is sane17:53
diddledanespecially belgium17:53
diddledanbelgium is the most sane in terms of chocolate17:53
daftykinsany fave type from them? i don't think i've had much17:53
daftykinsi forget where Lindt is, swiss?17:54
diddledanyeah, switzerland is pretty good too17:54
diddledanI think you're right about lindt being swiss17:54
diddledanthose chocolate balls are divine17:54
daftykinshuzzah \o/17:54
diddledanI love sucking on a chocolate ball17:55
diddledanI usually just bite it tho17:55
* daftykins wonders where diddledan is going with this17:55
diddledanI hadn't decided on a destination yet17:55
diddledanbut. innuendo is always a good idea17:56
loptaRight, I've decided that it's lunch time.17:56
diddledanlopta, \o/17:57
daftykinsi didn't want to stop eating today17:57
loptaI was able to use Ubuntu to complete one computer-based training course.17:57
daftykinsi had a bowl of cereal and then a pasta snack from M&S for lunch17:57
diddledandaftykins, you have real M&S over there?!17:58
loptaThat's done, so it's time to buy windscreen wipers, washer fluid, sarnies etc.17:58
diddledanwow, and there was me thinking you were in the stone-age17:58
daftykinsin fact, i know of at least 3 shops in the island17:58
davmor2diddledan: bet he doesn't17:58
loptaThink I'll go to K-mart.17:58
daftykinsthe town one has a little food hall, the other two are full size supermarkets17:58
daftykinsbut their food is too fancy to be of the likes i'd buy ;)17:58
loptaK-mart, at least it's not Wal*Mart[tm]17:58
diddledanlopta, nah, go to the quickie mart17:58
daftykinsthe lunch stuff though, ooooh yes17:58
diddledanaye, m&s snacks are wow17:59
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diddledanso gog.com just emailed me about a massive sale they're having on digital downloads of games "until stock runs out"19:13
daftykinsdiddledan: all bits must GO!19:15
zmoylan-pimaybe they're selling bitcoins, the game known as 'steal the parcel'? :-P19:19
ali1234gog doesn't accept bitcoins19:53
mappsSO SO quiet and is only 10;2221:16
mappseveryone must just sit in and watch tv here21:16
shaunojust about to try this 'last man on earth'.  it sounds like it should be about as stupid as I feel21:19
daftykinsa film?21:21
shaunonew series21:23
shaunolast man on earth finds the last woman on earth.  and discover they don't quite get along.21:23
daftykinsi'm still amazed they're letting Halle Berry do a second Extant season21:23
mappsim watching that night ast the museum new one21:24
mappsprob gonna suck21:24
mappsjmm dont recal extant i gather first season was garbage daftykins?21:24
daftykinspretty damn terrible yep21:25
daftykinsbut then anything with a baby in tends to get ruined ;)21:25
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