tsdgeosSaviq: somebody infected trunk with tags08:11
* tsdgeos runs the script08:11
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* popey tickles mzanetti with bug 139681710:34
ubot5bug 1396817 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Device locked timer doesn't decrease if the screen is off" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139681710:34
popeyoh, Saviq got it :)10:35
mzanettipopey, ack, noted10:35
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dandradertsdgeos, ping12:22
tsdgeosdandrader: hi12:22
dandradertsdgeos, Do you run unity8-dash on your desktop to test it?12:22
tsdgeosdandrader: yaeh12:22
dandradertsdgeos, so you pass -mousetouch to it?12:23
tsdgeosdandrader: yeah12:23
dandradertsdgeos, ok12:23
tsdgeosotherwise can't pull up the manage dahs12:24
dandradertsdgeos, yeah.12:24
dandradertsdgeos, do you also use run.sh?12:24
tsdgeossometimes, not usually12:24
dandradertsdgeos, I'm thinking that things like "make tryShell" & friends mostly replaced run.sh12:25
tsdgeosnot really12:25
tsdgeosrun gives you unity8 and unitt8-dash12:25
tsdgeosand you can play with the interactions between them12:25
dandradertsdgeos, as least I personally never used run.sh since the make tryFoo stuff came up12:25
dandradertsdgeos, hmm, that might be. I don't do any unity8-dash development12:26
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paulliuI got Xorg Segmentation fault when run "make testXXXXX". Anyone havethe same problem? I'm using intel_drv14:39
dandradernever seem that before14:39
Saviqpaulliu, probably best to make xvfbtestXXXX14:41
Saviqpaulliu, unless you need to see what's happening14:41
paulliuSaviq: yeah. xvfb works great.14:41
Saviqpaulliu, I have seen that happen, the window creation/destruction seems to cause compiz to panic, and sends Xorg down the drain sometimes14:41
Saviqdandrader, a small one for you https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-parallel-build/+merge/251455 :)14:44
dandraderSaviq, have you tried that with Ninja? that looks strinkingly similar to the ninja fixes tsdgeos did a while ago14:47
Saviqdandrader, yup, that's how I found the issue14:47
* Saviq using ninja by default14:47
tsdgeosyeah you can't do MockLightDM14:47
tsdgeosi'll break the mock tests14:48
tsdgeossince it links to it directly with rpath14:48
Saviqok so in this case makes sense14:48
* Saviq reverts14:48
tsdgeosand thus the magic we do of changing the mock with LD_LIBRARTY_ÂTH breaks14:48
dandradertsdgeos, btw, now with the unified lightdm mocks there's only a single mock lightdm library. so less lib path juggling is needed14:49
dandradertsdgeos, so maybe this could come back in now?14:50
tsdgeosif it works both with and without ninja sure14:52
Saviqtsdgeos, so this was a run-time problem?14:53
* Saviq will let jenkins to run on that then14:53
tsdgeosSaviq: make testsomething yes14:54
tsdgeosdont' remember exactly the one that failed14:54
Saviqtsdgeos, fine, will rely on jenkins14:54
Saviqdandrader, can you merge trunk in lp:~phablet-team/ubuntu-keyboard/shellRotation please?14:54
dandraderSaviq, ok14:55
dandraderSaviq, hey, what about that silo with the port-to-mirevent.2.0 stuff?14:55
Saviqdandrader, oops, coming right up14:56
dandraderSaviq, lp:~phablet-team/ubuntu-keyboard/shellRotation is now up to date15:04
Saviqdandrader, thanks15:05
dandradertsdgeos, so I will let you review https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-parallel-build/+merge/251455 , ok?15:09
tsdgeosdandrader: ok15:10
Trevinhomterry: hey... aren't there deb's for amd64? as my WM was not amrhf...15:34
mterryTrevinho, oh huh -- I thought it used to make those too15:35
mterryTrevinho, but you're right, it isn't making them now15:35
Trevinhomterry: well, I can build them...15:36
mterryTrevinho, yeah...  I guess that's the way forward15:36
mterryTrevinho, sorry :-/15:37
Trevinhomterry: no worries at all15:37
Trevinhomterry: thank you for looking into that...15:37
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mterryjosharenson, I've added some details to the checklist items...  and mentioned some tests16:13
mterryjosharenson, I don't think we need to deliver anything like testability mocks for other components to use (we'll reuse unity8's existing --testability flag and such)16:14
mterryjosharenson, though maybe someone would like a way to mock the users on the system in greeter-only mode?16:14
mterryjosharenson, would would mean loading our fake liblightdm even in greeter-only mode as an opt-in I guess16:15
mterryjosharenson, I could see autopilot tests wanting to do that16:15
mterryjosharenson, OK.  Captured that in card16:16
mterryjosharenson, I think that's good enough for testing purposes?16:16
greyback__mterry: anyone ever complain (before me) that in the welcome wizard list of Wifi APs, you need to tap the checkbox to select it, tapping the rest of list item does nothing?16:18
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mterrygreyback, yeah I think that is a bug that Cimi was looking at at some point16:19
greybackok, glad it not just me16:19
Cimigreyback, was annoying me too16:20
Cimigreyback, can you check is the same on system settings or just wizard?16:20
* greyback wants way to kill the welcome tutorial too16:20
greybackas I never get it right first time16:20
greyback"you almost got it" - I did get it you dumbass16:20
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kgunngreyback: isn't it phablet-config edges-intro --disable16:58
greybackkgunn: sure, but that's less fast than tapping the "skip intro" button screen16:58
kgunngreyback: you sir, obviously need more edge training16:59
greybackkgunn: make me a card then ;)16:59
dandraderCimi, talking about  welcome wizard's wifi selection page: is there a bug report complaining that after you select and connect to an access point, the list doesn't scroll all the way up to show it?17:27
Cimidandrader, yeah... I think is a bug also for indicators17:29
dandraderCimi, so we do have a bug report about it17:29
Cimidandrader, somewhere...17:29
Cimiif i remember17:29
Cimidandrader, we probably want to google for it17:30
Cimicannot find it...17:32
dandraderCimi, yeah, I don't think there's one17:33
dandradergonna report it them17:33
Cimidandrader, I think is desired behaviour O_O17:35
Cimibut let's see17:36
dandraderCimi, no sense in that. maybe I didn't explain myself properly.17:36
Cimidandrader, I understood17:37
Cimidandrader, not sure though it should scroll up or not17:38
Cimilike I see valid points on both :/17:39
CimiI dislike both :/17:40
dandraderCimi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/142731117:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1427311 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "welcome wizard - no feedback that wifi connection succeeded" [Undecided,New]17:41
dandraderCimi, scrolling up or not, it should give an immediate visual feedback that the connection succeeded.17:42
Cimidandrader, that probably would be solved if we did have a panel17:42
Cimidandrader, where we show the indicator with the correct connection17:42
Cimidandrader, I agree though that the feedback is almost absent17:43
Cimidandrader, only thing we do is setting label to "continue"17:43
dandraderCimi, is "Ubuntu UX" the correct project to add to this bug?17:44
Cimidandrader, yes17:45
dandraderCimi, ok, done17:45
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