cmaloneyIT's late enough that I've moved to wine. :)00:31
cmaloneyFinishing off the remnants of a Pinot Grigio00:31
cmaloneyand reminding myself that the only white wines I really like are Chardonnays, Reislings, and Piesporters00:31
cmaloneyAnd Ice Wine / White Port00:33
cmaloneyYeah, I don't recommend the Leopold keyboards anymore because I've had to send mine in for service a few times00:33
cmaloneythey get chattery00:34
jrwreni haven't had a peisporter in a long time.00:45
gamerchick02yay wine, keyboards, and coffee01:38
cmaloneyWe'll be starting in 5 minutes01:55
cmaloneyHello everyone02:01
cmaloneyFirst off: I really hate that lady who has to let everyone know that she likes Masterpiece.02:01
cmaloneyCan I get a quick show of hands for everyone who is here?02:01
gamerchick02i'm here. and Downton is on in the background02:02
cmaloneyFigured as much02:02
gamerchick02are you referring to me as the "lady who let's everyone know that she likes Masterpiece"?02:03
cmaloneyNo, I mean the lady  that has to show up on every fucking Masterpiece thing02:03
* waldo323 shows hands02:03
gamerchick02OH the Darlene Shiely or whatever her name is?02:04
gamerchick02howdy waldo32302:04
cmaloneyYeah, whatever she is.02:05
cmaloneyAnywho. we only have a few things to cover.02:05
cmaloneyNamely 1) Penguicon and the Release Party02:05
cmaloneyI've contacted the Penguicon Tech Track to see if we need to get anything special from the Hotel Liaison02:06
cmaloneySo that should be underway02:06
waldo323more signage for the event would be helpful02:07
gamerchick02signs are always a good idea02:08
cmaloneyThat might be helpful though folks do tend to find us.02:09
cmaloneyAnywho, that's coming up02:11
cmaloneyso please keep that on your calendar02:11
cmaloneyOnce we have confirmation I'll put it up in the upcoming events.02:11
cmaloneyNext up: Apparently there's an Ubuntu Online Summit in May02:15
cmaloneyMay 5-702:15
cmaloneyDrop that on your calendars and participate accordingly02:15
cmaloneyThat's all I have for now. :)02:16
cmaloneyAnything else?02:16
gamerchick02i've got nothing02:18
gamerchick02unless anyone has a recommendation for an 11-13 inch cheap laptop that will work with ubuntu02:18
cmaloneyOK, we'll call the meeting over then. Thank you everyone!02:22
rick_h_gamerchick02: selling my xps 13 developer edition :) came with ubuntu on it.02:23
gamerchick02for real?02:23
gamerchick02wow. how much do you want for it?02:23
rick_h_gamerchick02: yea, went back to thinkpad with the new X1, have a few power cords for it and such02:24
gamerchick02does it require special drivers?02:24
gamerchick02or is everything in the kernal?02:24
rick_h_$650, got it in june02:24
rick_h_so I reinstalled with 14.10 and didn't have to add anything02:24
gamerchick02you, me, and jrwren should meet somewhere and exchange tech.02:25
gamerchick02wow that's new then! i thought it was one of the older ones, when they started the dev editions02:25
rick_h_CHC every wed night :)02:25
rick_h_no, it was a second or third gen developer edition02:25
rick_h_high res with teh touch screen and ssd and such02:25
gamerchick02nice, so they ironed out a lot of the issues02:25
rick_h_just not a thinkpad02:25
gamerchick02how's the battery?02:26
rick_h_so it's just been sittingon the shelf the last month02:26
rick_h_it was good, I don't run the normal unity/etc so I have to manually do the battery power mgt, think I would get 4-6hrs depending02:26
gamerchick02if i ran unity, i'd probably get about the same or slightly less?02:27
rick_h_I think more02:27
rick_h_because it auto dims the screen and such02:27
rick_h_where I have a shell script I use to put thing in lower power states/etc02:27
rick_h_and don't always run that script/etc02:27
gamerchick02wow nice ok.02:28
rick_h_but you can try it out and see02:28
gamerchick02no UFEI and crap to mess with then02:29
rick_h_it's got the modern boot loader stuff but it works.02:30
* rick_h_ isn't up on UFEI sucky stuff?02:30
gamerchick02ok. so if i go clean install everything will work straight away and i won't have to muck with wifi.02:30
gamerchick02that's what i'm mostly worried about02:30
gamerchick02and UFEI is a HUGE pita02:30
gamerchick02from what i've read02:30
gamerchick02so let's see, i'd have the mac, the windows desktop, and this if i get one. hah02:31
rick_h_well it's the developer edition so came with ubuntu02:31
gamerchick02i've got a decent refund coming back so i'd be able to get it (i'd be able to get it anyway but something that i don't have to screw with is +1)02:31
* rick_h_ types on his system76 desktop, looks to his left at his air for photos, and back to his X1 for work laptop use, then up at the 5 intel nucs, and wonders where that old x230 went off to lol02:31
rick_h_cool, let me know and happy to bring it out to CHC and make sure it's got a clean install on it.02:32
rick_h_comes with bonus bookie sticker lol02:32
gamerchick02LOL rick_h_ you are hilarious!02:32
gamerchick02i have a chromebook but i'm trying to dump that off on a friend because it's just what she needs.02:33
gamerchick02unless someone in here wants a chromebook to muck about with?02:33
gamerchick02we'll see how i feel on wednesday. like i said earlier, i've been insanely exhausted after work lately and i've been going to bed like at 10 on the dot lately.02:38
gamerchick02ok thank you for the information. i'm going to watch a bit more of downton and go to bed. work tomorrow, blergh. see everyone later!02:41
cmaloneyGood morning14:41
cmaloneywoo woo14:41
greg-gI hate going back to work on a Monday after a weekend mostly dominated by a migraine and it's after effects16:14
greg-gweekend? what weekend?16:14
=== mthx|laptop is now known as mthx
rick_h_greg-g: :(16:26
cmaloneyPyOhio was announced16:28
cmaloneyHotel: acquired.16:28
dzhoany of y'all planning to go to libreplanet?21:03
cmaloneyNo current plans21:04
rick_h_never heard of it21:04
greg-gI have a few friends going21:12
greg-gI'm not though21:12
greg-gjoey hess, for one21:12
dzhoI'm scheming on if and when and how to go21:12
greg-git's a good event, from what I've heard (never been)21:15
dzhono pun intended21:18
cmaloneymodel.app.last_ruin <- pretty sure this isn't the model's file. ;)21:55
gamerchick02probably not!21:57
gamerchick02hey rick_h_ thanks for answering my questions about the XPS today on hangouts. i was typing on my phone so that's why i was slow. :)22:08
* cmaloney is listening to Pop Will Eat Itself - PWEI Is A Four Letter Word22:08
rick_h_gamerchick02: np, sorry I was curt with replies, was on a conference call at the moment22:09
gamerchick02oh no i'm sorry i was interrupting you!22:09
gamerchick02i figured you were busy22:09
rick_h_yea, fire after fire wheeeee22:09
gamerchick02sounds like my job! i'm trying to keep the fires to a minimum.22:09
cmaloneyAnd the sad realization that this album is old enough to drink.22:10
gamerchick02what draws you to the thinkpad instead of the Dell?22:10
gamerchick02lol cmaloney22:10
cmaloneyand is ineligible to stay on its parent's insurance22:10
rick_h_gamerchick02: me?22:10
gamerchick02so it's 26?22:10
cmaloneygamerchick02: yep22:10
rick_h_the trackpoint, I just can't seem to like touchpads.22:10
gamerchick02oh! ok.22:10
rick_h_on the air, the dell, anything22:10
rick_h_so back to a trackpoint for me is <322:11
gamerchick02wow one feature that is on the thinkpad. hah. i have a trackpoint thingo on my Zbook but i never use it22:11
gamerchick02(for work)22:11
gamerchick02i'd never buy a Zbook for myself.22:11
gamerchick02HP CAD laptop22:11
gamerchick02tis a beast22:12
gamerchick02i've got the G2 version... the one with the nVidia graphics card22:13
gamerchick02it's HEAVY22:13
gamerchick026 pounds and the charger is at least 2-3 pounds22:13
gamerchick02i carry it in this: http://www.everki.com/products1/backpacks/glide-laptop-backpack-fits-up-to-17-3-detail22:15
jrwrenwhen people mark bugs as invalid, do they realize how infuriating it is?22:23
gamerchick02probably not. or maybe they do and just want to piss off the devs.22:23
jrwrenyou mean piss of the users.22:23
jrwrenthe dev marked it invalid.22:23
rick_h_it's a personal attack upon yourself, you should find out where he lives and take out attack ads on facebook and reddit22:24
jrwrendoxx and swat 'em.  Nah, not my style.22:25
jrwrenFork and move on is my style, and I'd normally trash the project to anyone who will listen... but when the project is ubuntu... :(22:25
jrwrenmight be MOTU, not sure.22:25
cmaloneyjrwren: You should stop reporting invalid bugs. ;)22:26
cmaloney(yes, that's one of my pet peeves)22:26
cmaloney(along with "This bug is over XX days old and will be automatically closed")22:26
gamerchick02the dev marked it invalid? ugh.22:27
gamerchick02what about going "hrm, this might be related to this OTHER thing" and then link the two?22:28
* jrwren says in his lamest squeeky nerd voice "its not an invalid bug. its real!"22:35
gamerchick02of course it's real. they wouldn't have reported it if it wasn't!22:36
jrwrenI reported it.22:36
jrwrenhence the rage.22:36
gamerchick02who here uses Hadoop? there's a 50% off on it for oreilly.23:11
gamerchick02eee it's apache23:11
greg-gwe (WMF) have a hadoop cluster23:13
greg-gour analytics team uses it23:13
gamerchick02it's the deal of the day23:13
gamerchick02down to 21.4923:13
gamerchick02who came up with "hadoop"? sounds like something someone uttered when they tripped over the server and unplugged it.23:14
gamerchick02http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920033448.do?code=DEAL&imm_mid=0cdbb3&cmp=em-data-books-videos-product-dod_hadoop_the_definitive_guide_deal use code DEAL23:15
greg-gHadoop was created by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella[12] in 2005. Cutting, who was working at Yahoo! at the time,[13] named it after his son's toy elephant.[14]23:15
gamerchick02thank ya. interesting23:16
gamerchick02but yes that book might come in handy. feel free to snag and buy and use the coupon code23:17
gamerchick02_phoHey my phone works!23:29
gamerchick02LOL it looks like i'm eating pho on my phone23:30
gamerchick02i'll fix that23:30
=== gamerchick02_pho is now known as GC02_phone
GC02_phoneAndroirc is kinda nice!23:36
mrgoodcati like androirc23:46
mrgoodcatbut i don't like having to connect every time23:46
mrgoodcati want to be able to see backlog and stuff23:46
rick_h_juicessh to irssi running on a server ftw :)23:46
mrgoodcatthats what i do :)23:46
mrgoodcator you can set up an irc proxy that saves backlog for you and sends it when you connect23:47
mrgoodcatbut that's suboptimal23:47
GC02_phoneI guess I could just let it fun all the time..23:55
GC02_phoneRun. See,  now you get to see what a terrible phone typist I am.23:56
rick_h_heh, I don't irc on the phone. Too evil, just my tablet23:56
rick_h_and even then I try to do it from the BT keyboard23:56
rick_h_nothing worse than trying to have an irc conversation where one person is behind their computer and you're on a mobile device with a trouchscreen keyboard. lose every time23:57

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