holsteinmhall119: im listening to your session on JB21:47
mhall119on JB?22:00
mhall119was this the Linux Unplugged from last year?22:00
NegativeFlareI'm going to be posting a thread today22:01
holsteinmhall119: yup.. i had missed it somehow live22:04
holsteinNegativeFlare: try and not say what you are going to do22:04
holsteinNegativeFlare: just either do it, or dont.. no need to plan it22:05
NegativeFlareholstein: Oh, I won't.22:05
holsteinNegativeFlare: i assure you, i dont mean to be abrasive.22:05
NegativeFlareOh, its fine.22:05

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