dzhoanyone planning on hauling over to libreplanet?21:18
paultagI am21:42
dzhopaultag: oh, hey, you know the area and the drive.  If I roll in on, say, I-90, do you have any recommendations for/against stopping somewhere between Worcester and, say, Wellesley for a park-and-ride experience on in the rest of the way by commuter rail?21:59
paultagI grew up in Wellesley, so I can give you tons of recs there22:00
paultagotherwise that's basically framingham22:00
paultagbut nothing great there22:00
dzhoThere's a Holiday Inn Express within walking distance of the Worcester Union Station so I'm considering that.22:00
paultagYeah; I think LP is at MIT this year22:00
paultagso getting from South Station to MIT kinda blows22:01
dzhoyeah, I'm thinking I'd get a place somewhere in town for Sat night22:01
paultagIf you go north of the city and get the line that stops at Porter, you might be able to take a shorter route22:01
paultagah nice22:01
dzhoPorter.  OK, thanks, I'll give that a look.22:01
paultagPorter is like 2 stops from MIT22:02
paultagon the Red Line22:02
paultagso it'd be a short Commuter Rail ride and a short hop on the red line22:02
paultagif it was nicer out, I'd suggest the walk22:02
paultagbut Porter -> Harvard -> Central -> MIT22:02
dzhofitchburg line22:04
paultagThat's the one22:04
paultagI took that daily for a while22:04

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